Friday, September 16, 2011

The Basketball Bet

The Basketball Bet
By: David Mendelson

    This is a true story. I'm am the middle child of 3 whose names ill call Michelle and Jon. My parents were divorced and this story takes place at my dad's house.

    Michelle was a junior in high school and jon was in 8th grade at the time. Anyway on with the story. We were coming home from getting ice cream (me,michelle,jon,

    and my dad), and we got to talking about basketball. Me and Michelle are huge basketball fans and we were arguing on a play in a college basketball game. I always

    made jokes about my sister liking noses because she used to grab mine all the time. She also knew I had a foot fetish and knew I hated it when she talked about it.

    We brought these points up in every fight we had. When we got home we went downstairs and before going on the computer to check who was right, we decided to

    make a bet. If I won she had to lick my nose (I said this joking of course) and she said if she won I would have to worship her feet for 5 minutes. Now my sister was a

    very attractive girl and as disgusting as it sounds got hard thinking about it. I tried not to let it distract me. We checked and sure enough she was right. I was leaving

    the room when she asked me why I was walking out on my bet. I told her that I thought we were kidding, but she didn't fall for it (Thank you). I pretended to dreadfully

    walk over there and lie on the floor. She told me I better get ready for some stink cuz she was wearing those shoes and socks all day. She took off her shoes and put

    them over my nose. The smell was terrible. Then she immediately took off her socks and shoved them in my mouth. She was enjoying every minute of my sucking on

    her cheesy sock. She told me to sniff her stinky, sweaty feet. I was beginning to get hard and I was inhaling deeply. With about 2 minutes left she took the socks out

    of my mouth and told me to suck on her toes. I stuck her toes in my mouth and got the taste of vinegar in my mouth. I was eating her toe jam and licking up and down

    her size 9 foot. I think I was about to explode, my dick hurt so much in my pants. "One more minute," she said make it good. I sucked on her feet as if I would never

    use my mouth again. When the 5 minutes were up I could barely give her back her foot. This being my first foot experience,  I then ran upstairs and jacked off. Me and

    my sister haven't talked about it since but I will always remember it.

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