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An Evening With Eva

An Evening With Eva
By Author Unknown

"Ok meet me at 7:00pm" Eva said
"where ev?"
"i 'll be waiting for you at the 4th street corneris it ok?"
"it would be fine ,ev"
"ok,hey are you sure you can handle it? There is nothing normal there i must warne ya"
"just try me baby,yes ev i am pretty sure i want to do it"
"ok ,then be on time"
"i will"
"see ya"
there i took a long breath with a moment of thinking, yes i really want to do that it was soething deep inside my mind tell me it's worth it i took a look to y watch it was 5 o'clock i dont have a plantey of time i got up and started to get y self ready for this evinig at 7:00 sharp Eva arrived ,she smiled at me and told me to get into her white BMW sport car, i get in and after a friendly kiss i said:"Eva,you look gorgeous,you always do" " stop flattering you, i need to get rid of soe pounds"
"oh no baby,you look great just the way you are" "anyway,we need to go , i dont like beeing late it would takes 20 mins to reach there, are you ready"
Eva is one of my best friends,she is 26 yrs about 5,7 feet green eyes fire hair and with the velvet voice she has she was almost perfect.
At 7:25 we were standing in front of the door of the one floor house after three regular knocks(they seem as a sign or something) a tall guy with black long hair wearing a maid uniform opened the door and started some greetings sentences
"hi,Mistress Eva Ma'am,hello sir , Mistress norma is waiting for you"
"oh,thank you jojo , i know my way " Eva said that while she passed him as he was nobody , i didnt know what to say ,so i just folowed my friend who turned to me and said"that's joseph Mistress norma's husband_slave"
as we continue to the living room , when we entered there i saw Mistress norma she was in the first 30th about 5,9 feet blue eyes with a perfect body
"hello Eva i really missed you hunny"she said that while she stood up and gave eva a big kiss on her mouth
"hello norma , it's been a long time , that's my friend A i told you about"
"hello MR.A , i hope you are going to enjoy your night with us"
"i am really sure Mistress norma, it's nice to meet you" i said that while i take her hand and kissed it
"you may call me norma,you are not my slave, yet"with a general laghter she invited us to set i could guess she is british at least that what her tone seemd to be after a short chat she took a bell net to her and rang it, as soon as the bell rang jojo was infront of norma kneeling
"go bring brian ,jojo"
"yes Mistress"
in a minute jojo was kneeling again with a white man about 6 feet with blind hair and glasses on "jojo you may leave"
"thank you Mistress"
"eva , what do you think of my new slave" norma asked
"i cant tell yet ,norma he looks good but we need to try him" eva said that with a smile
"of caurse hunny"
"MR A would you join us here?" norma asked
"oh thanks , but i am not into that i am here just for watching"i smiled at her then she took a scissors from the draw net to her and started to tease brian by passing it on his face slowly "you have a nice golden hair brian,i guess you like it" she said that while she smiled and look at Eva , i didnt want to belive what i was thinking about,is she going to do it,oh my god but why? ,when she caught my thoughts with an angry countenance on her face"but the only problem that it's the same color of my hair and i dont like you to have it, do you agree Mistress Eva?" looking at Eva
"you are abslotly right Mistress norma" said that while she was playing with his hair
"dont wory you will look better"(a laghter came out the both ladies) she started to cut his hair slowly , happly,and she was showing him each wisp while Eva was smoking a cigarret with a big smile and some jokes of the poor brian well,the bold brian now was kneeling infront of thoose tow ladies with tears runing out his eyes but he tried to keep them in his eyes,when norma said"stand up slut,and go bring the sweeper from the kitchen and clean this trash" he stood up and run into the kitchen while Eva turned to me and asked"what do you think?"
"i dont know , was it necessary to shave his head?"
"i am affraid yes it is"norma answered
"now he will belive that he cant control a thing in his life,he is not allowed to think,act ,or say anything without the approval of the Mistress"Eva said
"i see"
brian was back and start to clean the hair all over the floor and put it in the trash and get back to where he was kneeling here norma asked Eva about the dirt on her shoes and she replied"you know hunny it's raining out there"
"brian , clean Mistress Eva shoes"norma said,so he get up tp bring something he could clean the lady's shoes when norma stopped him with a slap on his face and leaded him to the ground againsaying"WITH YOUR TOUNGE SLUT" so he crawled to Eva's shoes and began to lick and i can till you it was really dirty ,Eva was looking at the pet_human under her shoes that victory look "i want it to shine shithead"Eva said ,he continued licking , when the shoes was clearly shining Eva gave him the sole oh my god what she was doing i thought to my self,i need to say something but no it's not my businiess , so brian licked her shoes sole
"remove my shoes slut"Eva said
"yes Mistress Eva" and he started to remove it,Eva was wearing a 2 inches , black shoes with a nylon stockings and to be honest i always dreamed to kiss her feet(damn i am jealous now i wanted to be at brian's position)then i noticed that i had an eriction
"do you want to kiss my feet ,brian"
"yes Ma'am,please"
"what are you going to do for that,slut"
"anything Ma'am"
"oh anything shithead?"
"yes Ma'am anything"
"then beg me" with a smile on Eva 's face
"please Mistress Eva may i kiss your feet,may i be your feet slave?"
"boring"Eva siad
"Mistress Eva please i will do any thing you want just let me kiss your feet and suck on each toe,they are a godess feet"
"bad try shithead"and countinued"shithead do you want to be my foot slave?"
"yes Ma'am"
"well,it's not my buisinis then, you should ask it"
"ask who Mistress?"
"my foot stupid,you want to be its slave dont you?"with a laugh came out the both women a really loud one
"go ahead slut"Mistress norma said while she continued laghing Eva raised her foot to his face "ask my foot nicely shithead"(laugh)
"call it Mistress foot"norma siad
"Mistress foot , may i be your slave?"
"what the hell is that beg it more shithead"Eva said
"please Mistress foot may i be ur slave,i will do what ever you want me to i will obey every command and i beg you Mistress foot to accept me as your pet,slut,pig just please say yes"
"what the hell are trying to do ?"Eva said and turned to norma"norma you didnt mintion that he is a stupid and a maniac,for god seak norma he is talking t
o a foot"and very loud laghter of Eva and Norma came,even me i couldnt keep my self brian 's face turned red with embarssment and he faced the floor "brian take off my stockings"
"yes Mistress Eva"and he took them off
"now lick my feet, the sole"
brian started to lick Eva's feet like a hungry animal while norma poured my a wine glass and gave it to me she got one to herself too
"shithead stop and go get a bowel full of water , cool water"
so he went to do what he was told "you are going to get used on that A"Eva said
"he got a hard erection Eva"norma said smiling
"w well i i am "i didnt know what to say
"come on norma dont push so hard"Eva said with a smiling and strange look at me brian get back with a water bowel "put it beside my feet shithead"Eva said brian put the bowel on the floor and knelt there
"now wash my feet"
"yes Mistress"
he began to wash her feet slowly and gently like he wants more of thoose feet and yes i dont blame him he continued to wash them for more than 30 min while we had a normally chat like nothing was happining there
"now stop shithead"
"yes Mistress i hope you like it"
"oh it was not that bad"eva continued"but you are not finished shithead"
"yes Mistress"
"you take this bowel,and drink the water you washed my feet with, i want you to drink every drop shithead"
and without hesitation brian took the bowel to his mouth and drink every drop while norma looked at him proudly i mean he is her slave in the last
"put my stockings and shoes on"
"yes Mistress"
after her shoes were on eva stood so i could guess that we are about to leave so i stood too
"it was a really nice of you norma to invite me and my friend to your house and let me use your slave" eva said thankfuly
"oh it's the less i could do for my best friend hunny"
"it was a pure pleaser to meet you norma and thank you for let me be part of your lovely night"
"oh you are wellcome MR A ,anytime,oh and here that is my phone number and my cell phone too i will wait for your call i have something to talk about with you"
"i will call you in a few days norma"
"you better do"(smiling)
"brian what a good boy says??"
"thank you Mistress Eva for every thing"
"oh you are wellcome"(laughing)
norma leaded us to the house door with her polite good_bys we got into the car without any word eva turn the car and drove back home , on the way she asked me
"A what do you think of me?"
"it's not what i meant"
"but you still gorgues""it was a great night thank you eva"
"you are wellcome in any time"and continued her drive when we were infront of my home i told her to come in "oh you know i love that but i need to sleep ,i got a job in the early morning"
"ok,then see you later baby"with a kiss i opened the car's door
"i noticed your erection too"
"well i am a man right?" said that with a laugh
"you like the feet slave idea dont you?"
"who doesnt?"
"and you like to be a feet slave? My feet slave?"
"who doesnt eva?who doesnt?" i said that and shutted the door with a blowing kiss i turned and went home opened the door and turned again eva turned the engine and waved to me , i waved back and said "who doesn't Mistress Eva?"

the end of part one

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