Friday, September 2, 2011



By smfyoucreep

I have to learn to keep my big mouth shut. Last week, my younger sister's best friend was over at our house. She's 15 years old, long red hair, 5'9", named Sandy. Both she and my sister cantered into the den, where I was watching T.V. They sat down on the couch near me, and Sandy proceeded to kick off her tennis sneakers. She propped her bare, sweaty feet up onto the coffee
table, and the stench almost incapacitated me. I mean this girl's feet smelled so bad, you could probably have smelled them 100 yards away. I immediately protested, albeit in an admittedly obnoxious manner. I said, "Sandy, your feet stink to high heaven! Where are your fucking manners? Put your goddamned sneakers back on now! The smell of your disgusting feet is killing me!" My sister was mortified by my comments, and her friend looked absolutely livid. They cursed me out big time and left the house.

The ambush took place three days later. As usual, I was sitting in the den watching T.V. when my sister walked in with 14 other girls, including Sandy. Before I knew what the hell was happening, they were all over me. All 15 girls began beating me up. These girls knew me from school, and they all consider me to be a complete loser. They are all really beautiful (including Sandy and my sis), and they'd been waiting for an opportunity to beat up and humiliate me. Attractive teenage girls take umbrage when an unattractive geeky loser (which they all consider me to be) attempts to socialize with them, or even looks at them. My sister told them how obnoxious I was to Sandy, and so they all decided that it was time to give me my comeuppance. They beat me up pretty thoroughly. "Beat him up girls" instructed my sister, "he's a total loser, so let's beat him up good."

Half an hour later, as I lay on the floor beaten and helpless, my sister spoke. "How dare you insult my best friend like you did! You're nothing but a loser and a creep. Just for being so rude to Sandy, me and my friends are going to humiliate you like you've never known. You deserve it. You think Sandy's feet stink from across a room? She's gonna make you smell them up close, you fucking jerk."

With that, some of the girls brought in some rope, and they all began to tie me up. They
tied me up from head to toe. Then my sister pulled out some duct tape and sealed my big mouth shut. "Later, me and Sandy are gonna thoroughly wash out your filthy mouth with soap, 'cause of the things you said to her. How do ya like that, you creep? But first, we're going to punish and humiliate the hell out of you. Let's do it to him girls."

They placed a chair right above my chest, and then they worked me over. Sandy went first. She stepped on my face, sat down in the chair, and kicked off her sneakers. Just as before, the stench was hideous. With a very determined expression on her beautiful face, she slapped my face really hard with the sweaty, stinky soles of her bare feet. She spread her toes right over my helpless nose. "Smell my feet, you fucking jerk! Smell between my toes, you total loser! Smell between each and every toe, asshole. I'll teach you to insult me. You think my feet stink from across a room? How do you like smelling them up close, boy? You big-mouthed, ugly, geeky fucking loser! Smell my feet! I'm gonna use your ugly face as a foot sweat wipe, and you can't do a fucking thing about it. Just smell between my toes, you obnoxious loser. How do you like my feet right in your face? Huh? Your face is just where my sweaty smelly feet belong, you know that? <Slap!!!> Take that, you asshole! Smell my feet, you creep. Smell 'em good. Smell underneath my toenails too, you loser. Get your nose in there boy, and smmmellll."

This girl sure was teaching me a lesson. She was torturing and humiliating me like I'd never known. When she wasn't taunting me, she was laughing hysterically at my predicament, as were all the other girls. She just used my helpless face to massage her feet. She kept one foot planted on the side of my face, while firmly rubbing the other sweaty, smelly foot over my tortured nose. Up and down she rubbed her feet. Each foot traveled its full length over my nose, from the heels to the toenails, and back again. She made me smell her feet thoroughly. As she could see that I found the odor between her toes to be the most disgusting, she focused on just that area. She used my nose to massage between her smelly toes. She rubbed my poor nose between each and every toe, and took her time about it. "You're getting exactly what you deserve, you piece of shit" said my sister. "Work him over Sandy. Show the loser who's boss. Make him smell your feet. Smell my friend's feet, bro. Smell her foot odor, you obnoxious smart-ass loser."

And on it went. Sandy made me smell her feet until I was cross-eyed. The copious amount of sweat which had been on her feet, was now all over my humiliated face. I'd never even dreamed of being so thoroughly degraded. Sandy, my sister, and the 13 other girls laughed at me constantly. All the girls were holding their noses as I was forced to smell Sandy's feet up close. They all laughed at me, taunted me, insulted me, called me names. That damned tape over my mouth forced me to smell Sandy's stinky feet with every breath I took. I had to smell between her toes, or not breathe at all. "Smell my foot odor, you fucking creep!"

When Sandy was finished teaching me a lesson, every other girl there took her turn. Every single beautiful bitchy girl used my face to massage her sweaty stinking feet. I lost track of just how long I was being tortured. These girls made me smell their feet so thoroughly,
I think their foot odor will be with me permanently. The stench is still inside my nose, and it's as strong as it was when they were working me over. The girls have told me that I'll be receiving a repeat performance. They won't inform me as to when it will happen, or who else will be invited to participate in my degradation...


  1. dudeee im 15 too man... totally jealous

  2. Fuck that hot as hell man!
    You are very lucky to have that happen!

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  4. Its all about the attitude. You can behave as dirtiest motherfucker out there, but if you don't actually embrace it, you stay hot.
    Or you can be a sinless virgin, but ugly and disgusting as hell because your median are freaky perversions. Your median = your face.
    Nobody will dig up your kink unless you bring it up!!! Then you have to eat shit you have spired, with no reward in the end, but just to stay afloat. So think before doing something unpresentable publicly!

  5. U are so lucky I wish I was in ur shoes when that happened