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by cjjcjjc 
Part 1 Introduction.

Have you ever heard of Newton's laws of motion? Well one of them says “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is true in classical mechanics and it’s true in life. Others prefer to say “Karma” when talking about life but I prefer Newton's law as the sentence above sounds more poetic I guess than just “Karma” but call it what will this story supports.

Now every story needs a main character, Ours is Cindy Summers. Cindy is a typical teenage drama queen. She was also spoiled by her father. The fact she was daddy’s spoiled little princess caused problems with her mother Denise. Cindy was the type who never did any house work and was a complete bitch to everyone but her friends.

Cindy’s father passed away and Denise tried her best but Cindy was still acting like the princess and like a bitch. Denise worked hard to get money, She took a waitressing job after her husband’s death to pay the bills. Money was tight but she always did her best. She even insisted on Family Games night to try and make Cindy and her other daughter Crystal, feel like the family is still together. She even invited her sister, Cindy’s Aunt Irene.


“Oh come on Mom. If I don’t get a phone from this year I’ll be an outcast, a freak, a loser. I’ll have to sit with fat kids who don’t wash. Can you really do that to your own daughter?” Cindy whined to her mother. The blonde haired girl pouted as she begged.

“No we don’t have the money dear. It’s either Soccer camp for your Sister or a phone for you. We don’t have the money to pick both. Since you had that new music toy it’s your sister’s turn for a treat.” He Mother told her trying to do her job. She hated it when her daughters bothered her at work.

“It’s called Rock Band, It’s not a toy we learning to be a music group and soccer camp? SOCCER CAMP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I DON’T EVEN GET A PHONE AND THE LITTLE LESBIAN GETS TO GO TO SOCCER CAMP? GOD YOU HAVE BEEN HANGING AROUND THESE IDIOTS TOO MUCH. I HATE YOU.” Cindy shouted at her mother before dramatically storming off. (Hey I warned you she was a spoiled little drama queen so don’t even bother rolling your eyes in shock)

Denise felt so small. Everyone in the diner was staring her. She could hear the whispers too. People judging her, thinking she was a horrible parent and some even believing the lesbian comment. “That little cow.” Denise thought clearing a table of dishes. She had never been so humiliated in all her life.


That night was family games night. It may be a cheesy or corny concept but the fact of the matter is it was a single mother’s attempt to keep her family strong and together. The night was basically all 4 members (Denise , Cindy , Crystal and Irene.) would sit down and play a board game together from Monopoly to Clue it was game time. Each week a different person picks a game. This week was Crystal the youngest member of the family at age 12. You can usually tell the age or type of person by the games they pick.

Denise and Irene usually pick the classic type of games. Monopoly, scrabble, clue. The old time games. This writer personally thinks that is due to those been the games they are use to. After all if your choosing a game what would be a better strategic move than choosing a game you know better than your opponents?

Cindy the teenager tended to pick the games with more flash or games about pop starts or movies. Scene it! For example is one of her favourites and how perfect an example it is. A game that uses a dvd as well as the regular board and the questions are all about movies. You don’t get more different from the classics than that. I think that is her trying to cooler than everyone and so choosing the games with the most flair.

Cindy however was still basically a kid. She was at that Tween years. Not a child but not a teenager. Her games were usually the really interactive games like Twister or pop up pirate. Games that had something to keep her attention. This is because let’s face it at that age who could really not get bored playing a word game or a classic board game?

Today Cindy chose the board game “Who dares wins!” for those not familiar you draw a card each round and do what the card says. Usually these are simple stuff like “hop on one leg” but there were some harder dares mixed in. If you fail the dare you get a wedge similar to trivial pursuit. If you get 4 you are out of the game. There was other rules but I’m not going to sit here advertising a game to you. You get the point now.

The game had been going 30 minutes before Cindy’s turn that would never be forgotten. She had 3 of the 4 wedges needed to loose and if there is one thing Cindy hates it’s to loose. She rolled the dice and thanks to the roll moved forward 6 spaces. She reached down pulled up a card.

“Kiss the feet of one player. You choose who.” She read. Her mouth dropped.

“Pick me Cindy.” Crystal laughed lifting up her foot. Her foot was pitch black from walking around all day barefoot.

“Gross.” Cindy said then looked over at her Aunt Irene and then to her Mother and back again. She had a choice to make and she knew she had too or loose the game.

“I choose …. “ Cindy said looking at her Aunt’s dirty shoes and back at her mothers clean slippers.

“I chose mom.” She finally managed to say.

“Are you sure?” Her mother smirked back at her smugly.

“Yes I’m sure.” Cindy told her.

“Perfect. Then I’m playing my little keepsake card, Use this card on one player to make them have to repeat the dare whenever you say.” Her mother laughed evilly. Cindy was in shock. She was going to have to kiss them whenever her mother said until the game finished. This game doesn’t end till there is no more players. It could last hours.

“Oh it gets better. I’ve not had a change to shower since I got back from work.” Her mother laughed more kicking her slippers off her feet. The second they were removed she could see how oily the soles of her mother looked. The smell started to fill the room.

“Ewww, those feet reek.” Irene mocked her sister as she held her noise in mock disgust.

“I bet you wish you chose me now.” Crystal roared with laughed at her sister.

Cindy sank down to her knees. The smell oozing out the feet made her nose wrinkle in disgust. Her mother wiggled her toes now inches from the poor girls face. She felt sick to her stomach. This game had quickly turned from family fun to the most humiliating moment of her life. It was officially hell.

“Wait don’t be so ready to kiss them. They want dinner and a movie first.” Her mother mocked as the family was again in a fit of laugher.

“Seriously Irene you have to take a photo of this. Let your Aunt get her camera out.” Her mother told her pulling her feet away.

“Got it!.” Irene said proudly holding the camera to her feet.

“Say cheese.” Her mother taunted her.

“It’s hard not to say cheese at your feet Mom.” Crystal replied making the group laugh again. Cindy however reminded quiet and leaned in placing her lips upon the soft oily wrinkled soles in front of her face. When the lips touched She saw a flash and heard a click. Again and again. Irene was wasting no time in taking photo after photo.

Cindy back away after kissing. Her face red with embarrassment. She looked at Mother for some change that it was over.

“Kiss my feet again. Cindy your never going to stop kissing my feet during this game. I bet your lips will be sore next games night.” Her mother told her in a oddly calm voice. Then it hit her, He mother was actually going to keep kissing her feet all night.

Cindy found herself kissing up and down the soles of her mother. She was right she hadn’t showered since work and working an 8 hour shift as a waitress and walking to and from work made her feet sweat so bad. The smell was impossible to escape.

It assaulted the girls noise in away Cindy never knew possible. But there she kneeled on the floor kissing up to the soles. It made it so much more humiliating the fact they had gone back to the game and were ignoring the kissing now like it was the most natural thing in the world. Worse still was the odd sense of powerless Cindy felt over fact she hated her mother, the smell of her feet was awful, yet their Cindy found herself kissing up to them.

After an hour of kissing Cindy saw the card out the corner of her eye “Use this card on one player to make them have to repeat the dare once whenever you say” Wait …. Once?!? Cindy realized.

“Hey the card says ….” Cindy started as her mother knocked her to the floor and wasted no time in keeping the feet pressed over her face.

“Ah much better. Shuts her up and because they are touching her lips it’s still kissing” Denise explained as they continued to play the game. It was Denise’s turn and she pretended to drop the dice. She bent down to pick it up.

“Awww you figure out it was just meant for one repeat? How do you feel? Small? Humiliated? That’s how I felt when you showed me up at work. You spoiled brat have had this coming for ages and I am going to savor every moment of this.” Her mother whispered with glee at the situation.

To Be continued ………

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