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Isabella's Feet

Isabella's Feet

By footman789

Me and Isabella were always close friends, ever since i met her at school she was always really nice to me and i was always nice to her. one Friday Isabella asked me if i wanted to go her house to watch TV and just have some fun (her parents had gone on a weekend holiday and wouldnt be back until Sunday night) i said yes and was very excited for it because i thought it would give me a chance to ask her to be my Girlfriend. But in my mind i thought Isabella was quite popular whereas i was not very well known by everybody in my year and i was almost like a background charachter.

it was 7:00 by the time i got to Isabella's house and by now i was feeling extremely nervous and worried that things wouldnt go to plan and that i would make a fool out of myself, but still i believed in myself and told myself i could do it as i knocked on the door. About 5 seconds after i knocked Isabella stood in the doorway and looked absolutely stunning, even without makeup i thought she looked absolutely stunning and the fact that she was still wearing her School Uniform made her look like an beautiful angel that had fallen from the sky.

"Hey jason come on in and make yourself at home" she said sweetly

"Thanks izzy" i replied as i sat on the sofa in her living room

She soon joined me and sat next to me as she grabbed the remote and flicked through the different channels, i was feeling almost ill and was extra careful that i didnt do anything silly.

"whats the matter" Isabella said as she was now looking with concern "your as white as a ghost"

"Its nothing really" i replied but i was stuttering with my words "I just trying not to make a fool out of myself"

"awww jason" she then said holding my arm and stroking it "your not going to make a fool out of yourself, its just you and me here"

she then did something that made me warm inside she gave a big hug and didnt release until 2 minutes later

i had a really goofy look on my face after she had hugged me all Isabella did was laugh, the moment seemed so perfect and we were both leaning in until a Barking sound could be heard from upstairs. "urrrgh thats just ruined the moment" i said to myself in my head.

"Will you excuse me for a moment jason, i have to see to my dog daisy" she said while standing up

"okay" i said as i was looking around and saw what was on tv, Two and half men was on the episode with Megan Fox in it the bit where she was painting her toes. about a few minutes later Isabella returned and looked straight at me.

"Whatcha Thinkin'" She said very cutely

"oh its nothing really" i replied trying to keep my cool

But Isabella then looked at the TV where Megan was painting her toes and she then turned back and looked at me in a curious manner.

"what are you looking at" i asked her politely

"Nothing" she replied

after she said this she started to take off her black knee high socks revealing her gorgous feet, her toes werent painted and a stench then started to rise from her feet, i turned to face Isabella but just i had she had thrusted her feet right into my face, her toes were wiggling playfully on my face.

"OHHH JASON'S GOT A FOOT FETISH" she said happily not even trying keep her voice down

Because of Isabella wiggling her toes on my face the smell had gotten a lot worse than before, the smell would have knocked a normal person sick. i tried to remove her feet from my face but she put them straight back on.

"uh uh uh jason, your going to do whatever i want you to do otherwise i tell the whole school about your foot fetish" she said with an evil grin on her face

"okay i'll do whatever you want isabella just please dont tell anyone" i replied almost begging

"good, wait here" she said before disappering upstairs again, she returned with what looked like black nail polish and a camera.

"now jason your going to Paint my Gorgeous toes and then im going to make you sniff & lick my feet and then your going to suck my cheesy toes clean" she said

"yes okay isabella right away" i said in an almost panic

i sat up straight on the sofa while she lay on the other side with her feet on my lap

"okay jason, paint my toes or everyone is going to know your secret" she said

I groaned as i started to paint her big toe and then the next toe and then the next toe

Isabella didnt make the job very easy because her toes kept wiggling away and the smell was putting me off

From out of nowhere i heard a flashing noise and saw that Isabella was holding her camera and taking pictures of me painting her toes, i looked at her in a confused manner she wasnt too pleased

"Uh jason did i ask you to stop painting my toes, i didnt did i? so get back to painting or these pictures are getting sent to everyone at school

Worried sick of the thought i continued painted her cheesy toes. after 1/2 an hour of painting she finally removed her feet off of my lap, i started to relax and lay down on the sofa my head now was resting on the armrest, i should have done this because Isabella jumped on the sofa at lay the oppisite way i was and her stinky feet were right in my face.

"Sniff those beautys" Isabella said trying hard not to laugh

i was going to regret it but nevertheless i moved my head forward toward her feet, the smell was absolutley horrible the stench of Vingear & Cheese came to mind when i started sniffing

"thats it jason, sniff the smell right off my feet" she said while taking another picture of me this time sniffing her feet

this went on for about 1 hour and was amazed how i wasnt knocked out when Isabella then said i had to lick her feet clean. I bravely stuck my tounge out preparing for the worst, when my tounge came in contact with her feet it felt like i was licking cheese off of a plate. The worst part of all was when i got near the top of her feet, Isabella would wiggle her toes near my nose to put me off even further.

Isabella was clearly having the time of her life while taking loads of pictures of me licking her feet clean, she then started teasing me whenever she wiggled her toes near my nose. "awww does Jason want to suck my toes, not yet my little foot slave you havent finished with my soles yet.

after an hour of licking her feet and after Isabella inspected the Saliva coating on her soles, she then said "when your ready you can suck my toes" trying hard not to laugh. Before i had a chance to speak Isabella had shoved her 1st two toes of her right foot into my mouth and started wiggling to get all of her toes from her right foot into my mouth, i tried to get them out but everytime i forced one of Isabella's toes out she would wiggle it back into place, her horrible piggies were then playing my tonuge and i swallowed some of the stink from her toes, my thoart felt werid and i thought i was gonna upchuck the stink back up

"oh no just surrender and suck my stinky piggies jason, it'll be good for you" she said with a smile on her face.
i had no choice, i couldnt force them out of my mouth so i started to suck on her toes, she kept wiggling them in my mouth so the stench would be fresh in my mouth and i had to quickly suck the stench down my thoart. Isabella was thrilled that i was sucking her toes "Go on Jason, see if you can get rid of the smell" as she took more pictures of me this time sucking her toes.

After two hours of sniffing and licking and sucking Isabella pulled her feet away from me and looked at them with a teasing look. "okay Jason i wont tell anyone about your foot fetish ONLY if you become my foot slave" she then said with a face of satsifaction.

"okay Isabella, ill be your footslave" i said my cheeks glowing bright red

"good boy" as she came over to me and kissed me on the lips for a full 3 minutes

"wow jason your face really stinks of feet, i really gave you a hard time didnt i?" Isabella said afterwards

"yeah" i said while laughing "so does this mean that you and me are" i asked hopefully

"together" she said finishing my sentinace for me "if you want to be with me and my smelly feet"

"HELL YEAH" i replied "Isabella i thought you would have thought about being popular more than about me" i said shocked

"nope, Jason i love you sweetie, i dont care if you have a foot fetish i think its quite cute" she said

there was a long awkward pause at that moment i broke the slicence "sooo i guess i should head home..."

"oh no you dont" Isabella said quickly, "i want to cuddle with my boyfriend tonight and you've got more work to do"

"what do you mean" i replied

"your going to give my feet some more attention and rub my babys and also your going to give your Princess some love" she said in a loving manner

"okie dokie" i replied cheerfully "btw if you ever want me to lick, Suck & Sniff your gorgeous feet sweetie let me know, it really doesnt bother me anymore"

"hahaha i will now im going to get into my PJ's and go on facebook" she said as she began walking out of the room

"why go on facebook?" i asked confused

"so i change my relationship status to in a relationship with you my sweet prince" she said sweetly
After she went upstairs i thought about what had just happened tonight thinking, This is the greatest day ever!!!

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