Monday, July 11, 2011

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim
by Marie
He was staring again.  I pretended I didn't notice.  I 
could only imagine the thoughts running through his head. I 
knew he was infatuated with me and I almost felt sorry for 
 His name was Tim.  He was a sophomore at my school, I was 
a senior.  I first noticed him in the lunch room while 
standing in line.  I caught him staring at my boobs but I 
acted nonchalantly about it.  I would never forget though.  I 
thought it quite funny that someone like him thought he might 
actually have any chance with me.  He could only fantasize, 
deep down he knew I was out of his league.
Tim was still a scrawny little boy who looked funny 
walking down the hallway amongst other men.  I wondered how he 
felt when he had to change for gym class with all the other 
guys that were bigger and more developed.  Tim was about 5'8, 
had blonde hair, and possessed a certain innocence. It was 
this innocence that made me want to do what I was going to do 
to him.  I knew I could get away with it and I couldn't wait.  
We had the same study hall together and I decided I'd start my 
plan there.  You might think I'm devious or cruel?c maybe I am.  
But I knew I was better than Tim?c and I feel that pathetic 
little scum like him should be subservient to such prominent 
people like me.  It's their role in life.  I was blessed with 
beauty and ingenuity and, not to put a finer point on it, Tim 
wasn't.  I felt it was time that he learned that his purpose 
in life, at least as far as I'm concerned, is to serve.  I see 
no future for him otherwise.  
 I was with my friend Denise when I entered study hall.  
And I saw him.  He sat in his usual spot in the corner 
 "Denise, play along with me.  See Tim over there?"
 "You mean the one that likes you?"
 "Yeah, lets walk over to the table next to him and just 
follow my lead."
 We sat down at the adjacent table well within ear shot.  
I noticed him glance up from his book.  He looked nervous and 
shifted in his chair.  It was time to start.
 "So Denise, how's your boyfriend?" I began loudly enough 
for Tim to hear.
 "He's great, I was over his house last night."
 "Did you guys watch ?eFriends' last night?"
 "Well the TV was on, but we didn't watch if you get my 
 Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tim's ears perk 
up.  He was already falling into my trap.
 "I need to get myself a boyfriend." I continued.
 "So why don't you?" Denise replied.
 "I don't know.  No one has asked me," I said, "Maybe I'm 
not pretty enough."  I almost laughed while I said this.  The 
truth is that almost every guy wanted to go out with me.  I am 
among the prettiest girls in my school and actually have a job 
modeling for advertisement magazines.
 "Of course you're pretty enough!"  Denise said not 
knowing exactly what I had in mind.
 "Do you like my hair?"  I had black straight hair that 
fell half way down my back.  I liked it because it always 
looks so clean and never static.
 "I wish I had hair like yours!" Denise said in shock.
 I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Tim 
pretending to read, but I knew he was listening to every word 
I was saying.
 "Well, if you like how I look, why hasn't anyone asked me 
out yet?"  Denise knew I was always being asked out but 
continued to play along.
 "I don't know," she replied.
 "Maybe I need a guys opinion."  Denise started to 
understand what I was getting at and she knew what to do.
 "Why don't you ask him?"
 I turned around and looked at Tim.  "Who?c Tim?"
 "Why not?"
 He lowered his book and looked at me.  "Ahh ahh... did 
you need something?" He asked trying not to give away that he 
was eavesdropping.
 "Yeah, I need your opinion.  It's Timmy right?  My name's 
 "No." He stuttered.
 "No my name is not Jennifer?" I asked confused.
 "I mean it's Tim?c just Tim, and I ahh, know who you are?c 
I mean everyone knows who you are."
 "Everyone knows who I am?"
 "Well yeah, I mean you're pretty popular."
 "Why do you think that Tim?" I edged him on.
 "I da don't know. I?c"
 "Do you have a stuttering problem Tim?" I interrupted.
 "Na Na ahh NO," he finally said boldly.
 "Are you nervous?"
 "No, I just didn't expect you to be talking to me."
 "Why's that?" I asked
 "Well, you never have before."
 "Well I didn't know you before.  Now I do.  You're Timmy?c 
I mean Tim."
 "And you're Jennifer."  He said half smiling, hoping he 
had somehow made a joke.  I faked a laugh.  How pathetic I 
thought to myself.
 "This is my friend Denise.  Denise this is Timmy?c I mean 
Tim?c Can I just call  you Timmy?  You look like a Timmy."
 "Well, I prefer Tim, I used to be called Timmy when I was 
a kid."
 "Timmy?c you are a kid."  I replied.
 "Well I mean my Mom called me that when I was younger."
 "Well you look like a Timmy to me!  When I think of a 
Tim, I think of a man.  You're just a little boy" I paused to 
see his reaction.  Denise simply said "Yeah, you look like a 
 Timmy's face turned bright red with embarrassment.  He 
didn't know what to say.
 After a moment of silence that seemed to last an 
eternity, I edged on.  "We were just talking and I need a male 
opinion.  Do you mind if I ask you some questions Timmy?"
 "I guess not."  He said surprised we would ask him 
 "Do you think I'm pretty?"  I said bluntly.
 "What?" He said in shock.
 "Do you think I'm pretty?"
 "Yeah."  He said weakly and in wonderment.
 "I want to know if you think I'm really pretty?"
 "I don't understand." He said dumbfounded.
 "It's not a trick question.  Don't worry, I'm not going 
to kill you (just humiliate you I thought to myself) I just 
want your opinion on a couple of things.  Just answer 
honestly.  I want to know what you think. OK?"
 "All right."
 "Do you think I'm really pretty, honestly?"
 "I think you're gorgeous,"  he blurted out.  His face 
turned redder than ever.
 "Why thank you Timmy.  See, that wasn't so bad."
 He felt a little more comfortable after me saying that.
"Do you think I'm sexy?" was my next question. I watched 
his eyes closely.  They fell to my chest.  I had on a loose 
silk blouse that was unbuttoned enough to see the top of my 
cleavage.  They moved up and down slowly as I breathed.  When 
he focused on them he darted his eyes back up to meet mine. 
 "Yes."  He said.
 "Yes what?"
 "Yes, I think you are."
 "Yes you think I'm what?"  I said back edging him on.
 "I think you're sexy!" He almost shouted.  A few girls 
sitting a couple of tables over heard him and started 
 I looked at Denise.  She was ready to join in.
 "I like her tits." she said. I almost lost it.  I thought 
I was about to burst out laughing.  But I kept up the act.
 "You wa what?"  He said puzzled.
 "I wish I had tits like hers.  Mine are small, but hers, 
hers are perfect.  I mean, look at them.  What size do you 
think she is?"
 Timmy was now a shade of purple.  He looked at me as if 
he needed my approval to reply.
 "Do you think you can guess my size Timmy?"  I said.
 He looked at my eyes and I watch his as they slowly moved 
down and focused on my mounds.  "Here, let me help you.  This 
blouse is a little loose."  With that, I pulled the sides of 
my blouse back, tightening the front so the fabric stretched 
across my bossom.  I stretched back so my tits would extend 
out as far as they could.  And I sat there in front of him.  
His eyes almost popping out, I think he came right there in 
his pants.  "So what bra size do you think I wear," I said, 
"when I wear a bra."  I added.
 "I don't really know much about bra sizes."
 "You don't," I asked, "haven't you ever tried on one of 
your sisters or mothers before?"  I asked with a smirk.
 "No."  He said, but somehow I didn't believe him.  He 
wanted to move on and so he answered.  "I guess you're 
probably a 34C."
 "Wow, I'm impressed.  That's pretty close.  Actually, I'm 
a 36C."
I had to seem a little positive, or I might lose him.  
But he was pretty mesmerized by me already.  I had him 
trapped.  His little boy brain wouldn't allow him to stop 
answering our questions.  This was probably the longest time a 
beautiful woman ever spent talking to him.  I decided to go 
I cupped the bottoms of my tits and pushed them up so 
that most of my cleavage showed through the top of my shirt 
and I bent over slightly.  "Do you like my tits?"  I asked.
Timmy's jaw dropped, and I could swear I saw some drool 
drip down the side of his lip.  "Yes, they're very nice."
"Do you think their firm enough?"
"Why are you asking me this?"  He looked questionably.
"I told you.  I want a male opinion.  If you want I could 
ask someone else."
"NO!" He almost shouted.  "I'm sorry.  I just thought it 
was a little personal?c I mean?c"
I interrupted him.  "Look Timmy, I'm female and I have 
boobs.  There's no hiding that.  You know that every guy looks 
at girls boobs and I just wanted to know if they liked what 
they saw.  If you don't think you can be man enough to answer 
my questions I'll just ask someone else.  God, your acting 
like such a wimp.  I just thought you might be able to help 
"I'm sorry.  I'm just not used to being asked questions 
like these.  I'll help you."
How funny, I thought to myself.  This little boy in front 
of me would probably do anything for me if it meant that I 
thought he was more of a man and less of a wimp.  I had 
already manipulated his mind.  Denise looked at me in 
disbelief.  She couldn't believe how naive he was.  He 
believed our sincerity.  And the one thing he feared was for 
me to think he wasn't man enough to help.
"So your willing to help me?"  I asked in reassurance.
"Yes.  I'll help you.  If you really want me to"
"Yes, I do"  Turning to Denise, I continued, "Where was I 
"I believe you asked him if he thought you had firm 
tits." Denise replied.
"Oh yea, that's right.  So Timmy, what do ya think?"
"They look firm."  He managed to answer.
"How can you tell, you never touched them before."
"I don't know, I can just tell.  I guess, I don't know, 
it's embarrassing to say..."
"Just say it!"  I interrupted him once more.
"Well I can tell because they're so round and they don't 
seem to sag."  His face was now deep purple.  I thought he was 
going to explode.
"Thank you Timmy.  I glad you think I have nice boobs.  I 
hope all the guys think the same way." He looked relieved to 
know he did something right.  "I think you have a cute face."  
I lied
"You do?  Thanks"
"It's cute in a little boyish sort of way." He didn't 
know if I was making fun of him or complimenting him.  Denise 
just laughed.
"What do you like best about me Timmy?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, do you like my hair, face, boobs, legs.  What's 
your favorite thing about me.
"I guess your butt.  I like your butt best.
I turned to Denise and she smiled back.  "Did you hear 
that Denise?"
"Yeah, he likes your ass."
I looked at Timmy.  He couldn't understand if he did 
anything wrong.
"How do you know if you like my ass if I've been sitting 
down the whole time?  Unless, of course, you've checked me out 
in the past.  Have you checked out my ass before?"
"I... I guess so.  I hope you're not mad."
He was so sad.  I just wanted to crush him.  Soon?c "No, 
why should I be mad.  I'm flattered."  His eyes lit up and he 
felt confident once more.  "So you like my ass.  What do like 
about it.  Do I wiggle it somehow while I walk or something?"
"No, I just... I just like butts.  And yours, well, it 
just looks nice."
"Maybe he's a fag." Denise blurted out.
Timmy quickly turned to her and wined, "No I'm not!"
"You only think of girls then." I said
"Yes."  He said defensively
"So you've been with only girls before?"  I couldn't wait 
to hear his response to this one.  I knew he must be a virgin.
"I dated a girl named Kim for a few months."
"Yeah, but did you guys fuck?" Denise retorted.
Timmy sat in silence.  I thought he might start to cry.  
 "It's OK, Timmy.  I don't think you're a fag."  This 
seemed to bring his spirits back a little.  "Did you sleep 
with Kim though?"
"Well, we fooled around some but no, I never slept with 
"Who have you slept with?"
"That's none of your business." he replied. I must admit, 
I was shocked at his response. But I knew I could lie on the 
guilt trip.  And I did.
"None of my business!  I just told you my bra size!  I 
let you look down my shirt!  You can't even tell me who you've 
been with before!  I thought we were having a good 
conversation.  I was just beginning to like you.  If you can't 
talk like a big boy, maybe you shouldn't be in high school.  
Let's go Denise."
"Wait!" He shouted.  "I'm sorry, I'm just not used to 
this.  I didn't know people talked like this."
"What do you think people talk about in study hall... 
"It's just... It's just... I've never, you know, done it 
with anyone before.?
"You mean you're a virgin?" Denise replied.
"Wow, I'm sorry." I said.  He looked so pathetic sitting 
there telling us everything, not even knowing how I truly 
felt.  Not even knowing how far I planned on going.  He was 
mine.  He would be my toy.  My play thing.  My amusement.  So 
gullible.  So vulnerable.  I couldn't wait to crush him.  He 
was putty in my hands.  I wondered how far I could go here in 
study hall.  I decided I'd find out.
"I didn't realize there were still virgins left in this 
school."  Denise replied.
"Well, that's because you've fucked everyone Denise."  I 
snapped back jokingly.  "You see Timmy, we make fun of each 
other all the time.  It's no big deal."  Denise gave me a 
glare.  I'd apologize later for it.  Timmy laughed.
"So what do you do to get off," getting back to the 
subject, "do you masturbate?"  Timmy's face was red again.  
"It's OK, you can tell me.  It's no big deal."  And I thought 
to myself, right it's probably not that big.  "We're having a 
great conversation," I stressed again.
"Doesn't everybody masturbate?" He said rhetorically.
"I don't," said Denise, "I don't need to, I have a 
Timmy blushed even more.  "So do you masturbate?" I 
"Yeah." He finally said reluctantly.  "Do you?"
I was almost surprised he asked me.  "No, I think it's 
silly."  I lied.  Timmy swallowed hard.  "How often do you 
whack off?"  I said teasingly.
"I don't know.  Maybe once a month"  I could tell he was 
lying through his teeth.
"When you jack off, do you think of Jennifer's ass?"  
Denise sprang out laughing.
"Shut up."  Tim said rather weakly.  I began to think 
that he probably did think of me while he masturbated.  I 
laughed at the thought.  In his dreams.
"I'm curious Timmy, what size of shoe do you wear?"
"What size of shoe do I wear?  Why?"
"Geeze... you know what my bra size is, I just wanted to 
know your shoe size."
"I wear a size 5 and half."
I almost died.  "Damn, you have small feet."
"My boyfriend wears a size 12."  Denise added.  "You know 
what they say... ?eSmall feet, small dick.'"
I could tell Timmy was getting angry at Denise.  "What's 
your problem?"  He turned to her.
She looked at me and I stared back.  "I have to go.  I'll 
call you later Jennifer."  And Denise got up and left.
"Don't mind her," I said to Timmy, "It's her time of the 
"So what are you doing this weekend?"  I asked.
Interested in what I was getting at, he replied, "I don't 
know yet.  My parents are going away for the weekend."
"Who's baby-sitting you?"  I half-joked.
"You're joking, right?"
"Yes Timmy.  Do you have any brothers or sisters?"
"You mean your parents are leaving you all alone for the 
weekend?  Aren't they afraid you'll throw a party or 
"They trust me."
"Man, if my parents left me alone for the weekend, I'd 
probably invite some guy over to stay with me.  We'd have some 
fun all right."  I waited to see if he had any balls what so 
"Well, ah... if you want to... you could come over 
sometime this weekend."
"Really.  Wow, maybe I will.  What did you have in mind?"
"I don't know.  we could order a pizza and watch some 
"Would you rent a porno-movie?"
"A porno-movie? Really?  I guess so.  I've never..."
"You never rented a porno-movie either!"  I interrupted.  
"Rent one after school today.  If I have a chance to come over 
I will and we'll watch it together."
"OK!"  He said enthusiastically. "I can't believe you're 
coming over to my house."
"I may come over.  If I have the time.  You act like you 
never even had company before."  He probably never had a girl 
over.  "Well, I have to go now."
"All right.  Thanks for the conversation."
I couldn't believe he was actually grateful.  He didn't 
even realize how I just utterly humiliated him.  But it was 
nowhere as bad as what I planned to do to him later.  What a 
"Yeah, I'll see you later, Little Timmy"  His smile 
disappeared when I said ?eLittle Timmy.'  And I got up and 
walked away, all the while intentionally wiggling my ass as I 
left.  I glanced over my shoulder briefly.  Sure enough his 
eyes were fixed to my bottom.  I couldn't wait 'till later.  
He had no idea what was about to happen to him.


 I gathered what I need from home, told my parents I was 
staying at Denise's house, and headed for Timmy's.  I thought 
about him on the way.  I imagined him at the video store 
trying to rent a porno-video.  I wondered if he even had his 
own account.  I'd have to remember to ask him what happened.
 I stopped by Denise's first.  I apologized for my comment 
earlier but she didn't care.  I told her what I planned on 
doing and she became excited.
 "I can't believe you Jennifer!" She said.
 "The kid's pathetic isn't he?"
 "That's what makes it so great." She replied.
 I looked in her mirror to examine myself.  I had on a 
tight black T-shirt that showed off every curve and a loose 
flowing skirt that fell right above my knees.  I twirled 
around and watch the skirt rise in the air, showing off my 
black panties.  I felt myself already getting wet with 
anticipation.  It was perfect.
 "I'll call you later Denise."
 "OK.  Have fun."
 "Oh, I will, don't worry about that... but I know a 
certain someone who won't."  I giggled and Denise laughed.  
And I left.
 I found Timmy's house OK and made sure there wasn't any 
cars in the driveway.  "Good, his parents are gone." I said to 
myself.  I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.  The 
door opened slowly.
 "You're here!"  Timmy shout out in surprise.
 "Yeah, I decided to come over.  Is that OK?"
 "Yes, yes... come in."
 Timmy had on a pair of jeans and a dress shirt.  His hair 
was perfectly combed and parted on the side.  He looked like a 
nerd.  "Thanks Timmy."  I entered.  We walked into the family 
room and I sat on the couch by the TV.
 "Can I take your bag?"  he asked.
 "No.  I'll just leave it here."  I didn't want him to see 
what was in it.  Not just yet.  I placed the bag next to the 
 "Can I get you something to drink?"
 He was trying to be nice.  How sweet.  I felt like 
puking.  "Sure, I'll have a beer."
 "A beer?"  He said hesitantly.
 "Yeah, you got any beer?"
 "Well, my dad has some Budweiser..."
 "Great, I'll have one.  In a glass too."  I interrupted 
him and he reluctantly went to the kitchen to fetch it.  I 
thought to myself: his father probably counted them before he 
left.  Oh well.
 "Should we order some pizza?"  I yelled to him in the 
 "OK.  I'll call for some now."
 I found the porno tape on top of the VCR.  I was almost 
surprised that they let such a little boy rent it.  I put the 
tape in and pushed ?ePLAY'.  Timmy returned after calling for 
pizza and handed me my glass of beer.
 "I rented a porno like you told me to."
 "Did you have any problems renting it?"
 "No, why would I?"
 "I thought maybe the people at the video store might 
expect you to rent a Disney movie or something."  I laughed.  
The sound of the movie interrupted us.  "It's about to start." 
I said.  Timmy sat on the other side of the couch.  I was 
hoping he wouldn't sit too close to me.  I kicked off my shoes 
and socks, lifted my legs, and put my feet on his lap.  I made 
sure the heels of my feet were on his crotch.  My skirt hiked 
up a little and he could see my inner thigh.  "Could you rub 
my feet?"  I asked.
 "Sure."  He started to rub them and I quietly moaned.  
 "Mmm... that feels good."  I could feel his crotch stir 
and shifted slightly.  I moved my feet back into position.  
"Keep rubbing."
The movie started.  It was a typical porno-flick and we 
were now watching some ugly looking guy fucking some bimbo 
with over sized boobs.  Definitely implants.  I could tell 
Timmy hadn't seen much of this kind of movie before.  I looked 
at the man of screen.  He had an average size cock, it wasn't 
small, rather on the larger scale.  "He has a nice cock, 
doesn't he Timmy?"  I couldn't wait to hear what he'd say.
"Ah?c I guess so."
I continued to watch as Timmy rubbed my feet.  The man of 
screen started to go down on the bimbo.  
"Oooh?c I like it when a man uses his mouth to please me.  
Have you ever used your mouth to please a girl Timmy?"  I 
could feel his small bulge in his pants.  "The truth Timmy."  
I added before he had a chance to answer.
"Not like that?c no."
"I think it's the best, probably better than intercourse.  
I just love it when a man uses his mouth to please me.  Would 
you ever use your mouth to please a girl?"
"If she wanted me too, definitely."
"Oooh?c good."  His eyes widened as he tried to 
contemplate what I had meant by these words.  "Now, you're not 
one of those guys who only like to receive pleasure and not 
give it, are you?"
"Oh no.  I'd feel better knowing that the girl received 
pleasure.  My main concern is giving pleasure to the girl, not 
It was a typical response by a guy who wanted to get it 
on with you but it was what I needed to hear.  The video was 
still playing, and the man on the screen was fucking the bimbo 
again.  "His cock is kind of nice, isn't it Timmy?"
"It's big."  He replied.
It was on the larger size but?c "It's not big!"  I shouted 
"What?"  Timmy said.
"It's nice, but it's kind of small.  Wouldn't you say he 
was small?"  Timmy didn't know what to say.  I knew he wasn't 
very endowed, especially with only a shoe size of 5 and a 
half.  His face blushed again and he stopped rubbing.  "Keep 
rubbing, that feels good."
"I'm sorry, my hands are getting tired."
"Well, if you're not going to rub them, would you suck my 
toes?"  I asked not knowing how he'd react.
"Excuse me?"  He said in disbelief.
"What, you never sucked on  girls toes before?  I love it 
when a guy sucks on my toes!"  I had said just the right 
"If you really want me to, I guess I will.   You really 
like it?"
"Yeah?c I love it."  With that Timmy lifted one a my feet 
and gently placed his mouth over my big toe and started to 
suck.  At first I noticed him frown from the initial stale 
taste, and this made it even better for me.  "Thanks Timmy, 
that feels gooood."
I made him suck every toe at least twice.  At one time I 
even had him lick the bottoms of my feet.  He was so pathetic.  
I had him right where I wanted him.  All the while we watched 
the Porno-movie and then we were interrupted by the doorbell.
"That must be the pizza," Timmy mumbled, one of my toes 
half  in his mouth.  I lifted my leg and kicked it out, 
pushing with my toe in his mouth, causing him to fall 
"Oww!" He yelled.
"Better go get it," I simply said.  I looked through the 
window beside the front door and noticed it was a delivery 
girl, probably a student from school.  As Timmy went to answer 
the door, I turned up the TV so it was blaring.  And then I 
crouched down behind the couch.  When the door opened, Timmy 
recognized Liz, a junior at our school.  The porno-movie 
continued to play and the moans of the actors blared across 
the room.  Timmy turned around and Liz looked past him.  A 
perfect view of the television.
"Oh my god.  What the hell are you watching.  That's 
disgusting, I'm getting out of here."
"Wait!"  Timmy pleaded.  "There's been a mistake, you 
"Here's your pizza.  I don't even want your money?c 
"But I'm with somebody."  Timmy cried in desperation to 
hang on to some ounce of dignity.
"Yeah right.  You were probably hoping I'd come in.  In 
your dreams buddy."  Liz turned and hurried to her car.
"You got it all wrong?c" But Liz was already to her car.
I turned down the TV as Timmy returned with our "free" 
pizza.  "Why did you turn it up so loud?c and where did you 
"I was looking for the bathroom," I lied, "and the remote 
control must have fallen on the ground and made it louder some 
how.  What happened?  You look mad."
"Never mind.  I'm fine.  Just a little confused maybe."  
He looked irritated.  It made me happy.
"I hope your not mad at anything I did.  I was just 
starting to enjoy myself.  In fact, I hope we can have a lot 
more fun tonight?c we have the whole weekend in front of us!"
Timmy looked up in shock.  "Are you going to stay here 
all night?"
"I was going to spend the night with you, if that's OK."
"Wow, I mean, yea!  That would be great."  I had restored 
his confidence again.  It was going to be a long night?c at 
least for him.  It was time to take the next step.
"What should we do after we eat Timmy?"
"I don't know.  It's up to you.  Whatever you want."
"Whatever I want?"
"Then would you do something for me.  There's this thing 
I like when guys do it for me."
"What is it?"  Timmy asked it anticipation."
"Would you masturbate in front of me?"


 "You want me to what?" he exclaimed.
 "You heard me."
 "I don't know Jennifer.  I don't know if I can do that."
 "I'd like to watch you masturbate before I fuck you."
 "Before you fuck me?"
 "You do want me to fuck you, don't you?"
 "Ah, yeah.  I'd love it.  I just can't believe it.  I 
can't believe this is happening."
 "Go ahead Timmy.  I want to see you.  Take off your 
clothes.  This porno's getting boring.  It's time for the real 
 "I can't believe I'm doing this."  Timmy said as he 
started unbuttoning his shirt.  "Aren't you going to get 
undressed as well?"  Tim questioned.
 "You want me naked?"  I asked back.
 "You're so beautiful, of course I do."
 "That's sweet of you to say that.  First I want you to 
masturbate while I watch, and then I'll take my clothes off, 
and I'll masturbate for you.  Finally, would you do one more 
thing for me before we fuck?"
 Timmy swallowed hard listening to me saying this.  He'd 
unbuttoned all of his buttons and was about to take off his 
shirt.  "Anything.  What did you have in mind?"
 "Would you please me with your mouth before I fuck you.  
I want you to pleasure me using your mouth.  Would you do that 
for me?"  I gave him the puppy dog eyes for an over-
exaggerated boost.
 "There's nothing in world more that I want than to know 
that I am pleasuring you."
 I smiled.  Just the answer I was looking for.  Of course, 
he didn't know what he was getting himself into.  He removed 
his shirt and exposed his boyish chest.  "OK Timmy, now for 
the part I've been waiting for."  And I looked at his pants.
 "Can you call me Tim from now on.  When you call me 
Timmy, it makes me feel..."
 "Timmy, just take your pants off, you're going to spoil 
my mood!"  With that Timmy started to unbutton his jeans.  I 
sat on the couch and waited.  "Go on."  I said reasserting 
 Timmy fumbled with his zipper and finally pulled it down.  
His hands were shaking uncontrollably.  I sat back on the 
couch comfortably and watched.  Timmy slowly pulled down his 
pants to reveal a pair of white boxers with blue stripes.  
Poking the fabric out, was his boyhood.  One by one he stepped 
out of his pants and tossed them aside.  Timmy was now red in 
the face and shaking all over.  He was nervous.  And this 
excited me even more.  I pointed to his boxers and drew my 
hand down.  "Time to show me that little thing you got hiding 
under there."  Timmy didn't know what to think.  How could I 
say such cruel things, but at the same time, give him the best 
gift he could receive?c the loss of his virginity.  Of course, 
I was thinking something different.  "Go ahead Timmy."
 Slowly, very slowly, Timmy edged his elastic down.  
Finally he pulled his boxers up and over his boyhood and down 
to his ankles.  And I stared in disbelief.  I couldn't believe 
just how small it was.  I uncontrollably coughed up a laugh.  
Thankfully he didn't notice.  His dick sprang up hard, 
exposing itself to a woman for the first time.
He started to move toward the couch.  "Stop.  I want you 
to do it on the floor in front of me."  I commanded.
"On the floor?"
"Yeah, eventually that's where I'm going to fuck you."  
Envisioning his near future prompted him to obey, and he lay 
down on the floor in front of me.
"OK Timmy, show me how you whack off every night."
Timmy frowned at the ?eevery night' bit but before he 
could say a word I spread my legs slightly and exposed a bit 
of my panties and he looked up my skirt.  I arched by back up, 
pushing by breasts out against the fabric of my already tight 
"God, you're gorgeous.  I can't wait until you're naked," 
he replied. 
"I will be soon," I said, "I promise."  And with that 
promise he started to masturbate.
I watched him in delight and I thought to myself how 
naïve he was.  What a fool.  How gullible.  I amused myself 
more by looking at his boyhood.  I guessed there were 10 year 
olds with bigger cocks than his.  He had a small patch of 
curly pubic hair, some under his armpits, but that was all.  
The rest of him was hairless.  Except, of course, his 
perfectly parted hair on his head.  He hardly had any muscle.  
I could break him in two, if I wanted.  It didn't take long 
for him to approach orgasm.  I knew it wouldn't.  It was time 
to act.  It was time to take the next step.  A leap indeed?c


 I quickly pulled out two pairs of handcuffs from my bag 
without him noticing.  "I want you to cum on your chest.  All 
over your chest."  Timmy was moaning with pleasure.  And then 
he erupted.  Small streams of cum shot out and dumped all over 
his lower stomach.  At the height of his orgasm I sprang up 
and landed with my knees on either side of his head and sat on 
his upper chest.  I grabbed one arm and slapped the handcuffs 
on attaching the other end to a section of the entertainment 
center.  Before he could recover from his orgasm, before he 
could react to my pinning, and before he knew what was going 
on, I had fastened the second pair of handcuffs to the other 
arm, attaching that to another section of the entertainment 
center.  He was trapped, and he was mine to do with as I 
 "What are you doing!" he screamed.
 I walked back to my bag and got out a pair of ankle 
cuffs.  When I reached for his legs, he started kicking.  I 
attached the cuffs to his ankles and put the other ends on the 
couch legs.  He was now spread eagle.
 "What are you doing!  Is this a joke!"  He continued to 
 "Shut up you idiot!"  I yelled back.
 "I don't understand.  Why are you doing this to me?"
 "Because I can."  I simply replied.
 He was about to start screaming when I reached into my 
bag and pulled out some hedge clippers.  "You see these!"  I 
screamed, "If you even make one little scream I will take 
these and cut off that little pathetic thing you call your 
dick!"  And for effect, I placed the blade of the clippers 
against his cock.
 "OK.  I won't scream.  Just tell me why you're doing this 
to me."
 "I'm doing this because I want to and because I can.  Did 
you really think that I would like a little boy like you?  You 
are the most gullible person I know.  I mean look at you.  I 
only date men.  You wish you could be as manly enough to date 
me.  Look at that little thing between your legs.  Denise was 
right, ?eSmall feet, small dick.'  You don't realize just how 
much I had to stop myself from laughing my ass off.  I nearly 
choked when you pulled down your underwear.  I knew it would 
be small, but I didn't think it would be that tiny.
 "Fuck you!"  Timmy cried out.  Tears started flowing out.
I stood over him.  One leg on either side.  "Poor, poor 
baby.  It will be OK."  I stood over his face and he looked 
straight up.  I moved so when he looked up, he couldn't help 
looking up my skirt.  I crouched down and my skirt surrounded 
his head.  My panties were just inches away from his face.  I 
imagined all he could see were my soaked panties, so close to 
him, yet so far.  While crouched I stroked his hair.  "It's OK 
Timmy.  Don't cry.  It's OK."  I continued while he whimpered.  
I could feel his breath on my crotch and I became wetter.  I 
could smell my juices coming from under my skirt and I 
imagined that's all he could breathe in.
I finally got up and looked down at my victim as he 
finally sucked down some fresher air.
"I'm sorry for doing whatever I did to you.  Please, just 
let me go."
His penis was still soft and the cum on his stomach began 
to run down his side.  "You liked sucking my toes, didn't you 
Tim?"  He didn't answer.  "I liked it too."  I caught some of 
his goo with my toes and moved my foot over his lips.
"That's disgusting.  Get that away from me!  Yuck."
"But you like sucking on my toes."  And I smeared my foot 
all over his lips and forced my foot in.  He almost gagged and 
tried to bite me to no avail.  "Timmy, I have complete control 
over you.  If you don't do what I want, I'll simply take your 
manhood away.  And don't think that I won't.  Just one simple 
clip?c and it's gone.  You'll spend your whole life wondering 
what it would have been like to have sex, you'll miss whacking 
it off every night?c  And, you'd be peeing out of a tube.  
Timmy started to really cry.  Tears were running down his face 
and onto the floor.
 I walk away to find his parents room.  When I came back, 
I had a pair of his mothers' panties and I used them to clean 
the rest of the cum off his stomach.  I decided to put his 
mothers' panties back in her drawer, without him knowing, for 
her to find later.  When I came back, Timmy was still crying.
 "I can't believe I trusted you.  You're such a bitch.  
You're a liar.  You're?c"
 "I didn't lie!" I yelled out.  Everything I said, I'm 
going to do."  I reached into my bag and pulled out a blind 
 "What is that?"  Timmy said, wondering what was going to 
happen next.
 This is something you're going to have to wear for me.  I 
went over to him and sat right down on his chest, my knees in 
the air, my skirt raised up exposing my panties again.  I took 
his head in my hands and slipped the blind fold over his eyes.  
"You could see my panties, couldn't you... well, not anymore."
 "I can't see.  Stop.  I don't like this.  Please don't do 
this to me.  Let me go.  Please!"
 I laughed.  "I don't think so Timmy."  I stood up over 
his body again.  "Remember when I told you I was going to take 
my clothes off after you masturbated."  No response.  "I told 
you I didn't lie.  I'm taking them off now.  I pulled my skirt 
down and they fell down to Timmy's stomach.  I stepped out of 
it and kicked it away.  "There goes my skirt?c now for my 
shirt.  I lifted my shirt off and dropped it on Timmy's penis.  
"I'm unsnapping my bra now."  I unclasped my bra and slid it 
down my arms.  My breasts sprung free into the air.  I took a 
moment to admire them.  "You're right Timmy.  You should see 
them now?c they are big and firm."  With that I threw my bra 
down upon his face.  "There's my 36C for you. Only my panties 
left."  I gently pulled down my soaked panties and let them 
drop to his chest.  I stepped out of them and stood before 
 "I told you I would be naked.  Bet you wish you could see 
me now.  Bet you never thought you'd be this close to me naked 
yet so far.  Do you want me to take the blind fold off so you 
can see me."  Timmy started crying again.  "I take it that's a 
no.  Oh well, I wouldn't have anyway."  I laughed.  I grabbed 
my panties and crouched down over his body again.  I knelt on 
the ground, one knee on either side of him and bent over so my 
tits were just above his face.  I whispered into his ear.  "My 
tits, the ones you're always staring at, they're right above 
your face now.  Don't you wish that blind fold wasn't on.  
Don't you wish you weren't tied down."  I gently brushed my 
mounds over his face and he shivered.  I looked down at his 
cock and noticed it start to quiver.  I picked up my shirt and 
threw it aside.  "It looks like that tiny thing of yours is 
waking up again.  Looks like Timmy is 
getting turned on by me being naked."
 "Please stop.  Please.  I'm begging you."  Timmy 
continued to cry.
 "But I said I was going to masturbate for you.  And I 
hope you didn't forget that I was going to fuck you.  Tell me 
you didn't forget."
 "Look, I'll fuck you if you want me too.  That would be 
great, just let me go, please."
 "You just don't get it, do you Timmy."
I then lowered my hips and straddled his chest and began 
to rub my sex all over his torso.  I knew he could feel how 
wet I was already.  I rubbed all around, up and down.  I 
started to moan.  I increased my speed and moved farther up 
his body.  I moved up and down the length of his torso, 
sometimes moving close to his cock, just enough to tease him.  
I crawled up his body, dragging my sex and reached his neck 
and chin.   I continued to thrust back and forth.  I started 
to scream in ecstasy, drowning out any sobs emanating from 
him.  And I came.  Juices dripped from my crotch and onto his 
body.  Timmy's cock was hard and a little ejaculate seeped 
out.  But he continued to cry.  "That felt wonderful Timmy."
I reached for my duffel bag.
 "What are you doing?"
"You'll find out soon enough.  So far I kept my promises.  
Here I am without any clothes and I just masturbated for you.  
Remember what you promised to do for me after I masturbated."
"You mean?c"
"Yep.  You promised to please me with your mouth and I intend 
to hold you to that promise."  I reached into my bag and 
pulled out the evil contraption.  "Are you ready?"  I asked.  
"Open wide."
 The contraption was quite crude indeed.  It was a sort of 
a double sided dildo.  One end was shorter than the other.  In 
the middle there was a buckle attached.  When I applied 
downward pressure to the longer end, the shorter would push 
out from the middle, buckle area, increasing the length of 
that end.  It was quite unique, and I guessed it must have a 
spring mechanism inside it.  I couldn't wait to use it.  "Come 
on Timmy, open wide for me.  I want you to please me with your 
 Timmy hesitantly opened his mouth slowly.  He was blind 
still, and this caused him to tense up.  He gently lifted his 
tongue in anticipation for what he thought was about to come.  
I could only imagine him thinking he was about to eat me out.  
He probably thought he would do the best job he could to try 
to win back whatever dignity he still had.  He was wrong.
 I smiled to myself as I looked at my helpless victim.  "A 
little wider."  I moved the contraption over his mouth and 
waited for him to open wider.  He looked like he was waiting 
for the dentist; he practically said "Ahh."
It was time.  I quickly pushed the shorter end on the 
contraption into his mouth.  Timmy instinctively closed it in 
defense but it was too late.  All he could do is suck on the 
latex that covered the device.  I took the buckles and wrapped 
them around his head, fastening the ends on the other side 
very tightly.
I stood up and looked down at Timmy.  I started laughing.  
He looked so funny the dildo device protruding from his mouth, 
strapped tightly to his face.  I admired my work.  All I could 
hear were Timmy's muffled screams through the contraption.  
"Calm down Timmy, calm down."  I said, "Or you won't be able 
to breathe."  It was then I noticed that the middle part of 
the device, which parted his lips had two holes in them to his 
mouth.  Breathing holes I imagined, right on the sides of his 
mouth.  I waited for Timmy to settle down.
Finally, after Timmy became used to the foreign object 
shoved in his mouth, I continued.  "You should see yourself 
Little Timmy.  Did you think that I might actually let you 
touch my cunt with your mouth?  Silly little boy.  You 
wouldn't have done much good anyway.  But I told you that I'd 
let you please me with your mouth?c and you will, you see, you 
have this long, smooth cock protruding from your mouth.  And 
you know what I'm going to do.  I'm going to mount your face 
and fuck it!  See, I told you that you would be able to please 
me with your mouth.  And I told you that I would FUCK YOU 
also!"  I laughed.  "And you will feel it.  You'll definitely 
feel it.  You see, each time I thrust harder on that little, 
innocent face of yours, the deeper the other end, that's in 
your mouth, will go.  It will be like sucking a cock.  And 
I'll know that the more pleasure I receive, the more agony 
you'll get.  And I'm going to fuck your face hard.  I'm going 
to cum so strong, and you'll know.  Oh?c and if you feel mad 
because you thought you might be able to taste my juices, 
maybe you'll be lucky and some will drip down into the holes 
on the side, into your mouth.  I'm sure it will taste really 
good.  With that I stood over his head and crouched down.
"MMMM?c HHMmmm?c"  Timmy muffled as he thrashed his head 
back and forth.
"Shhh Timmy.  You should be happy, even grateful.  Let's see, 
wasn't it you who told me?c what were the exact words??c:
?eThere's nothing in the world more that I want than to 
know that I am pleasuring you.'
Yeah, that's it.  So you should be happy because that's what 
you're going to do.  Your going to pleasure me.  Of course, 
you're not going to get much out of it.  Oh well."  I 
 I grabbed his stupid hair, a handful in each hand, and 
steadied his head.  "Be still, I'm about to fuck you."  I 
opened my legs and lowered myself until I felt the tip of the 
cock on my crotch.  "I bet you would love to see me now."  I 
squeezed the clumps of hair even harder and Timmy tensed up 
and became still.  I lowered myself more, feeling the device 
fill me.  A chill ran through my body as I felt the pleasure 
and I could not help let out a moan.  I lowered myself more 
until I took the full cock in me.  And I sat on his face, 
impaled by the object in his mouth, my extremely wet pussy 
resting on his lips.  I sat there for a minute looking at 
Timmy struggle under me.  It must have been hard for him to 
breathe but I didn't care.  Juices dripped down into his mouth 
and this excited me even more.  "You wish you could be licking 
me don't you?"  I asked knowing he couldn't answer.  "Oh, I 
forgot, you can't really talk right now can you?"
 I started to move up and down slowly.  Little by little I 
became faster until a was thrusting and thrashing about.  I 
could hear Timmy gag every time I thrust down onto his face.  
I could only imagine the dildo inside his mouth sliding in and 
out.  And I fucked him more.  I bucked wildly upon him like I 
had never done before.  I came and came but continued to fuck 
his mouth.  I let go of his hair and freed my hands of his 
head.  I stretched my arms into the air and danced upon his 
face.  I felt another orgasm coming and I danced and danced.  
I moaned and screamed as I came and finally collapsed on 
Timmy's face.  I sat, impaled on the contraption, and rested.  
I looked down at Timmy and noticed a tear drip down from under 
his blindfold.  He was motionless.  I slid off the dildo and I 
removed the contraption from his face.  He still didn't move 
or speak but he was still breathing.  I guessed he lost 
I got dressed again and decided to remove Timmy's 
blindfold.  I reached into my bag once more and pulled out 
some pins and ink.  I examined Timmy's body again.  His penis 
had gone limp and was once again puny.  I went to work above 
his crotch and left my mark.  When he regained consciousness 
again he'd feel a little pain where I tattooed him but it 
wouldn't be until I unbound him that he would know and see the 
words emblazoned just above, and to the right, of his cock.  I 
had engraved ?eTiny Tim' with a small arrow pointing to his not 
so endowed member.  I decided to leave him on the floor and 
left in search for a bed.  I found Timmy's bedroom and crashed 
in his bed.  I slept soundly.


 I awoke in the morning and returned to Timmy who was 
finally awake.  I looked at the damp spot on the floor around 
his ass.  "Oh?c did little Timmy need to use the potty this 
 "You bitch.  How could you do this to me?  This is so 
humiliating.  I hate you!"
 "You know Timmy, I don't feel like listening to you 
ramble on this morning."  With that I reached down under my 
skirt and pulled down my panties.  They're still wet from last 
night."  I bent down over Timmy and looked at him in the eyes.  
"This should shut you up."  His eyes looked back at me 
pleadingly but I felt little sympathy.
 "I'm sorry.  Please don't hurt me."
 I laughed while I stuffed the panties into his mouth.  I 
took some tape out of my bag and wrapped it around his mouth.  
I was interrupted when the doorbell rang.
 "Hhhheeelmmmp!!!"  Timmy tried to yell.
 "Looks like we have company.  You can stop trying to yell 
for help.  I'm expecting them.  Anyway, if you did yell, 
remember, I'll give you something to really yell about when I 
go to snip off that useless thing you got down there."  Timmy 
looked at me in shook.  Who could be at the door he probably 
 I left him to answer the door.  "Hello Denise, hi ya 
Greg.  Come on in.  You're just in time."  Denise and her 
boyfriend Greg stepped into the house and immediately noticed 
Timmy.  Denise ran over to him.
 "Wow, you really did a number on him.  Did you do 
everything you told me you'd do to him?"
 "Oh yeah."  I replied.  "It was wonderful."
 Greg walked over to her.  "Holy shit!" he exclaimed, 
"That guy really has a small dick."
 "I told you he would."  Denise gestured toward me and 
 They both found the tattoo and laughed even more, Timmy 
oblivious to the cause.  I decided to introduce Timmy to Greg.  
"Greg this is Tiny Tim, Timmy this is Greg, Denise's 
boyfriend.  I believe you already know Denise."  We all talked 
for a while and continued to tease Timmy.
 "So where is there an empty room so Greg and I can have 
some privacy."  Denise asked me.
 I pointed to the Master bedroom which was right next to 
the family room.
 "All right, let's go Greg."  Denise turned to Timmy, 
"Thanks for the use of your parents room.  It's better than 
having to pay for a hotel room."  She laughed as she and Greg 
started to walk away.
 "I'm going to take a shower."  I said and grabbed my bag 
and headed for Timmy's bathroom.
 Timmy lay bound on the floor and heard the noise of the 
shower turn on.  Even though he despised her, he couldn't help 
but imagine Jennifer naked and in his shower.  And Greg and 
Denise, what were they going to do in his parent bedroom?  He 
started to cry a little.  And then he heard the sound of soft 
moaning.  It became louder and he could hear his parents bed 
creaking.  He could hear it moving back and forth loudly 
against the wall.  And even louder, he could hear Denise 
moaning with pleasure.  They were fucking in his parents bed 
and he could hear every sound.  Tim started crying more.  He'd 
wished that it was he in that bedroom.  He wanted so much to 
lose his virginity this weekend.  He thought he would.  But he 
lay bound to his own floor, completely humiliated and 
degraded.  It sounded like Denise was getting the fucking of a 
life time.  And he couldn't help but envy Greg.  He felt his 
cock harden as he listened to their sounds.  He couldn't help 
 The moaning finally stopped and he heard footsteps 
returning.  He look over toward the steps as much as he could.  
He saw Denise, wrapped in his parents sheet like it was a 
robe.  Next to her was Greg.  He was carrying his clothes in 
his hands.  He was completely naked.  His arm was around 
Denise and they walked toward the front door.  They acted as 
though Tim wasn't even there.
 "I wish I could stay longer baby, but I have practice."  
He spoke to Denise.
 "I know.  It's OK.  We'll get together later."
 Greg started to put his clothes back on when Tim noticed 
Greg's cock.  It was huge, at least five times bigger than his 
own.  Greg finished dressing and planted a big kiss on 
Denise's mouth and left.  Denise turned toward Tim and walked 
 Tim was still gagged with Jennifer's panties and his cock 
had remained hard.
 "I take it seeing my boyfriend naked turned you on?"  She 
looked down at him.  "I bet you wish you had a mans cock like 
his.  It feels so good in me.  I doubt I yours would do any 
good."  Denise stepped over Tim's body so one foot was on each 
side.  Tim looked up at the girl wrapped in the sheet.
 "We just fucked like you could never believe or ever do.  
I had three orgasms before Greg came in me.  But now I have 
all his come in me.  I want you to clean me Tiny Tim!"
 Timmy looked in shock once more and started to cry again.
 "Shut up.  You need to learn that this is all your good 
for.  At least to me you're only good for cleaning my 
boyfriends gooey cum out of me.  Oh?c and if you do anything I 
don't like.  I'll kill you.  As simple as that.  And don't 
think I'm bluffing.  You wouldn't be the first person I 
killed!"  Denise looked down at Timmy with a scowl.  She 
reached down and ripped the tape off his face with one swipe 
and removed her friends underwear.  "Stick your tongue out 
 Timmy reluctantly opened his mouth and stuck out his 
tongue fearing what could happen.  Denise crouched down, the 
sheet she wore draped over Timmy's body.  His head found his 
way under the sheet into the darkness beneath.  And Denise 
lowered her body down upon his face.  Timmy's tongue found her 
hole and slipped in.  Denise sat on Timmy's face with all of 
her weight nearly crushing him.  She turned on the TV in front 
of her and started watching.
 "Now slurp it all up asshole.  I want to feel your tongue 
working inside me.  It better be clean after I'm done with you 
or else."  Denise continued to watch TV as Timmy used his 
tongue on a girl for his first time.  Little did he know that 
his first time would be to eat the cum of another guy out of 
this domineering woman on top of him.  He could not see a 
thing under the sheet and might as well have had the blind 
fold on.  All he could do is smell Denise's recently fucked 
cunt, taste the stale salting cum of her boyfriend, and feel 
the weight of Denise on top of his face.  He couldn't even cry 
anymore.  He was too defeated.  He continued to work his 
tongue inside Denise as she watched Television.  "I want to 
hear you slurping!  That's the only way you'll get every ounce 
of my boyfriends cum out of me.  And when he comes he comes a 
lot.  But you probably noticed that by now.


 I felt clean again and returned to the family room where 
I found Denise sitting on Timmy's face watching TV.  I decided 
to watch with her.  After watching our program, which lasted a 
half an hour, Denise finally got up.  Tim gasped for fresh 
 "You have some goo around your mouth.  Better lick it 
off."  Denise commanded.
 She was more forceful than me.
 "He's good at cleaning up my boyfriends cum Jennifer."
 "At least he's good at something."  I replied.
 I looked down at Timmy again and spoke to him.  "I feel I 
should give you some kind of reward."  I looked at Denise.  
"Don't you think so?  What was it you really liked about me 
again Timmy?"
 Timmy hardly could speak.  "I don't like anything about 
 "No, I remember," Denise said, "he liked your ass."
 "That's right Denise.  He liked my ass."  Turning to 
Timmy again, I continued.  "I'm going to reward you Timmy.  
Since you said you liked my ass so much?c I'm going to give it 
to you."  I had put on jeans after my shower but decided to 
forgo the underwear.  I turned my back to Timmy and started to 
undo the button on my jeans.  "OK Timmy.  I want you to do 
everything you just did to Denise, but to me.  The only 
difference is, since you have been such a good little boy, 
You're going to do it to my ass.  Aren't you happy, you get to 
see and touch my ass."  With that I lowered my pants and 
stepped out of them.  Timmy's eyes bulged out at the site on 
my perfectly round butt.  I started to back up as to not let 
him have the pleasure of seeing the front of me.
 As much as it excited Timmy to see my ass, he couldn't 
bear to think of the disgusting act he was about to be forced 
to do.  "Please don't.  Just this one thing please.  I can't 
do it.  It's disgusting.  I can't imagine."  He begged.
 "You won't have to imagine much longer."  Denise said as 
she looked on.
 I stepped over his body backward and got into position 
over his head.  "Open wide Timmy."  I lowered by body on top 
of his face and crouched down above his mouth.  I sat down on 
his mouth, my asshole spread across his lips.  I reached for 
his cock and squeezed tightly.  Timmy yelped in pain.  He knew 
he had to do it or face the consequences.  And he shamefully 
inserted his tongue into my asshole.  I wiggled around for a 
while.  "Keep licking it Little Timmy?c keep licking."
 As he moved his tongue around my orifice I warned him of 
what would happen if he told any one about what had 
transpired.  "Trust me Timmy.  I will not only kill you, I 
will torture you until you beg me to kill you.  You've seen 
what I'm capable of.  Don't make me show you more."  With 
that, I sat down on his mouth with all of my weight.  His 
mouth and nose were buried in my ass and he could not breathe.  
He started to convulse as he tried to find a breath, and the 
bucking only pleasured me more.  As he kicked uncontrollably, 
I came over and over again until he stopped.  He was 
unconscious again, still alive.
 Denise and I removed his bonds and collected our things.  
We decided to leave one last momento.  We crouched over his 
naked, abused body and squatted down.  We peed all over his 
body and face as he lay unconscious.
 "How will he explain to his parents how the floor got 
soiled?"  Denise asked.
 "Maybe he'll blame it on the dog."  I replied.
 "I don't think he has a dog."
 "Oh well.  He'll think of something."
 We left Timmy's house and I thought.  I thought about him 
waking up to the smell of urine, his body soar all over.  I 
thought about him going to his bathroom to take a shower and 
looking in the mirror.  And he would see it.  The one thing 
that will always remind him of me.  The one thing that will 
always remind him that he could never me a real man.  He would 
see the tattoo that simply read: TINY TIM.



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