Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Girlfriends Friend

My Girlfriends Friend

By Sibou

I was aboout 16 and had a girlfriend named jessica. Jessica had very pretty feet but I was afraid to tell her about my foot fetish.This particular summer a spanish family moved into our neighborhood. The daughter was our age and named maria. Maria had stunningly good looks and knew it and she became fast friends with jessica. Within a month she had most of the boys drooling constantly, all except me. She would boss them around saying things like " go get me something to drink from the store" once she made a boy mow the grass in front of her house and thanked him by letting him buy her lunch.She seemed irritated that I didn't jump at her commands and when jessica wasn't around she would say "you're not too good to kiss my ass " I told her I'm happy with jessica so she couldn't control me. That was until we were at jessica's house one day. Her mother called and said that she would be late coming home and asked jessica to pick up her little brother from the babysitter.She told me to keep Maria company.
All afternoon maria kept sliding her foot partly out of her flat, but not enough for me to see her toes. Every time her foot slid out just as the spaces between her toes appeared her foot would go back in. She saw me looking but pretended not to.

When jessica left I laid on the floor in front of the coffee table to hide my hard on and to look under it and watch her feet safetly. I inched under it a little to get a better look. What are you doing under there? she said. Nothing i replied. She then stood up walked around the coffee table to where I was lying looked down at me and said " look john, I've seen you staring at my feet all afternoon I know you want to see them don't you? Hell no I said. "Oh no? She then put her foot right next to my head and said with a smirk " are you sure?" I got really nervous then she put her shoe on my chest and said if you ask me nicely I'll let you see.She sensed my nervousness and began to coax the truth out of me.I won't tell jessica don't worry. That's where I made my fatal mistake OK ok can I see your feet? She threw her head back and laughed out loud then just as quickly looked back down at me stared me in the eye and said"I knew you were a foot boy now get up on your knees and admit it" . I got up on my knees then she said "You wanna kiss my feet don't you? She slapped me hard three times and said ADMIT IT,SAY IT NOW! " OK it's true" She slapped me again and said" NO, SAY IT. SAY MARIA CAN I PLEASE KISS YOUR SWEATY FEET.She reared back to slap me again and I quickly said it. " maria may i please kiss your sweaty feet? She smiled and took her shoe off to reveal the most beautiful toes I had ever seen in my life.she had high arches thick toes and long toenails painted blue, as i bent down to kiss them she put them back in her shoe and said NO you haven't earned that right but you will footboy, you will.Laughing at me she sat back on the couch and said "fetch me some soda". Yes Maria came the reply."I knew it was a matter of time before I'd have you kissing my ass like everyone else. I also knew I'd find a footboy in this town sooner or later, but it's even sweeter to see mister big stuff who wouldn't respond to me on his knees begging to kiss my funky feet! Hurry up back here with my drink footboy.As i handed her the soda she said "move this" pointing to the coffee table. "Down boy".I knelt and she smiled wickedly She took both shoes off and watched the lust in my eyes. She crossed her legs at the ankle and said You want'em real bad don't you? "Please maria" I said."Shut up and get your stupid looking mug under there and no kissing just let me hear you sniffin'em.If i feel one kiss I'll tell jessica everything.I got my face under there like she said and she began pressing her oily dirty soles into my face, then she began to rub then vigorously and said "SNIFF HARDER". I could see a look of satisfaction on her face from between her toes,not a smile but a smirk that said she was where she wanted to be and that I was where I belonged.My face was covered with sweat when she removed her feet and saed "GET YOUR TONGUE OUT, ALL THE WAY OUT. My feet are hot sweaty and dirty and you're gonna lick'em 'till I see them shine footboy.

she then began to systematically clean her feet off on my tongue. When i began to gag she thumped my head on the floor and said "YOU'D BETTER APPRECIATE THE DIRT ON MY FEET BOY, THANK ME." Thank you maria I mumbled from under her stinky feet."Now lick between my toes and show me the toejam on your tongue. I obeyed. "EWWWW " she said " swallow it and keep going till all the spaces between my toes are clean! She delighted in making me show her the toejam on my tongue and thanking her for the priviledge.She said "wait a second" removing her foot to inspect the bottom "TONGUE OUT, the soles aren't cleaned completely theres still some dirt on the ball and around the heels". With a giggle she started wiping her feet on my tongue again and said "I won't tell your jessica your little secret and I we'll keep up appearances for now but you're gonna lick my feet EVERY DAY,GOT IT?" Thats until I decide to go public.She laughed heartily,continued the harsh foot wiping. I knew my life had changed ,and for the worst.

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