Friday, July 22, 2011

The Black Street-Walker I picked up!

The Black Street-Walker I picked up!
 By RoyJoy
This happened back around August of 1992 and I was married and my ex-wife I had started to go our own way. I was out until late one night…morning I guess you might say maybe around 3:00am I was going home from a friend’s house and was to intoxicated to drive but I did anyway. I was driving home and saw a very big black woman walking down the street, I figured that she was a streetwalker and drove on by. This black lady was very tall and very big woman. She had on a white dress with multi-colored designs and white flats (sling backs). I drove by and thought to myself I should stop and she if she needed a ride, I decided what the heck, no one will ever see it is 3 in the morning.

I drove back around the block and she was still walking down the street. I drove past her and pulled off to the side of the road up ahead of her, she got beside the car and I said “ do you need a ride” She answered “Are you looking for a date?” I told her yes. So this Amazon Black Woman got into my car she said “What are you looking for” I told her “I just want to get off” She said $20.00. I asked her how tall she was she said “She was about 6’2” she asked me if I was a cop I of course told her no then she asked me to let her grab me and she grabbed me. I told her that I needed to grab to make sure that she wasn’t an undercover as well, she said “Go ahead” I touched her down there to make sure that she was not a cop of course she was not. So that being out of the way she said “Is that all you want to do is get off” I said “Yes but” She said “yes but what” I said “ I want to smell your feet” She looked at me as is I was crazy and said “Are you serious, you want to smell my feet” I told “Yes I just want to smell you feet and get off” She said “That is so weird no one has ever wanted to smell my feet, but hey if you pay me you can smell away but my feet get really funky when I wear these shoes” I told her that I had a foot fetish and I love female feet. She told me “Give me the $20.00 and you can start smelling my feet and jerking yourself off”

I’m 6’1” and to have this Black Amazon woman in my car and I was getting ready to smell her feet, I thought that I was in heaven. I asked her if she was really 6’2” she said yes, I would guess her weight to be around 180. I asked her what shoe size she wears and she said “I have huge feet I wear size 12”. Since my wife had only a size 7 shoe size that was a HUGE turn on for me.

She asked me “Why do you want to smell my feet” I told her again that I love women’s feet. She said “Sweetie my feet stink bad, these shoes make my feet sweat and these things smell really funky, they stink bad on I have had them on all day and I have been walking around for most of the evening are you sure that you want to smell my feet I’m warning you they will stink”

Then I asked her to sit with her back to the dashboard and I leaned my seat back a little and I was in a perfect situation to have her huge black Amazon feet in my white face. I asked her for an extra $10.00 would she verbally abuse me while I smelled her feet and got off, she agreed. I pulled down my shorts and pulled it out my hard penis. She asked me when I wanted to smell her feet and be verbally abused by her, I said I’m ready. She then took off her white sling back flats and said to me which I will never forget “Smell my big stinky black feet you white piece of shit, jack your short dick off”

Her feet were freaking huge and her feet stunk like a dead animal, they smelt like strong ammonia. Her feet were so freaking hot and sweaty and I was totally blind I couldn’t see because her huge black size 12 covered my face. Her feet stunk like no other feet, I had ever smelled. I was ready to cum but I held it so I could continue smelling her super funky feet. She started really saying things to me to degrade me. “Damn white boy how do you like smelling my big stinky black feet, smell them you white piece of shit” I sniffed and sniffed as hard as I could my penis ready to explode. “Jack that short dick off white boy, don’t you like smelling my feet, I own you white bitch”

Her feet were burning my face they were so hot, I sniffed and sniffed to inhale as much of this Black Amazon Goddesses Foot funk I could put up my nose. “You are going to cum aren’t you, smell them, smell them…..cum you little white bitch…jack your short little white dick, cum smelling my big stinky black feet. You love it don’t you, you love smelling my black feet”

I sniffed real hard I got my last nose full of Black Amazon Feet and then I came so hard I was shaking and quivering. She said “That’s my little white foot smelling bitch, how did you like smelling my feet” I was in almost in a trance, she removed her feet from my face and my face felt like a hot sweaty foot stool. My car actually stunk like her Huge Black feet. She said “How did you stand it smelling my feet like that, they stunk really bad?” I told her that I love female feet. We cleaned up and I asked her to see her shoes, shoe gave me her white flats and I looked down into the shoe and it was full of really funky feet trails and it showed size 12, it was actually caked full of black foot/toe jam. I asked her if I could lick them she said “Are you serious” so I licked and smelled her shoes for a few minutes. I begged her for them I even told her I would give her another $25.00 for her shoes. I didn’t get the shoes sorry to say. We talked for a few more minutes, she was really cool, she wasn’t some freak bitchy type of woman, she was really cool and not like her dominating words.
I asked for another smell of her feet she gave me another smell and she got out of my car and I went home. Hope you guys/girls like this actual event. This is true and I’m so glad it was.

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