Monday, July 11, 2011


Author Unknown

I recently went to this bar party which was called 'fetish night'. There are all kinds of dominant females and people into this scene at the club. My girlfriend, Donna, introduced me to this friend of hers' at the bar named Shawna. Shawna was a co-owner of this fitness centre and looked really good. I was a part-time fitness instructor and looking for part-time work. Donna said this Shawna was quite dominant and was really into the scene. She was pretty, about 5'10", 120lbs, short brown hair. I had heard about dominant females, but she sure didn't look like what I thought a dominant female would look like. She was really pretty, and had fantastic body. We talked most of the evening about domination and our interests. My girlfriend was getting really pissed off by the end of the evening, as she's really jealous of any other females talking with me. Don't get me wrong, my girlfriend's gorgeous, but the real jealous type. We've done some mild domination together, like tickling, but nothing much really serious as I was just experimenting with it. I could tell this Shawna liked me, as she was hitting on me every time my girlfriend turned her back. I felt awkward about this, and tried to avoid her. This Shawna said to me when my girlfriend went to the washroom "Hey, listen it sounds like we have a few interests and I like you, I'll give you a call next week and we'll get together" she said. "You know that I'm dating Donna? Huh?" I said. "Yes, so, can't we get together to talk? Besides, I may have a position for you part-time at our fitness club. And I'd like to show you some new weight loss material I

.0might introduce at the club" she replied. This got me quite interested as I was needing extra cash.

A few weeks later the phone rang one night and when I answered I was met with
"Hi, Jason, it's Shawna. We talked some small talk. "Listen Jason, I really like you, and would like to talk to you about work at the club, and get your opinion on the material I spoke of" she said. I did not want her coming on to me or anything, because I sure didn't want Donna knowing I was even talking to her about a part-time job. "When can you come over?" Shawna said. I thought, great, at least I'll make contact through her and maybe other contacts too. "Anytime, what about tomorrow night?". She said "You're on, see around 7pm. Oh, bring some shorts with you, I must admit, if you're going to be an instructor at our club, I do want to see your build and physique". In my line of business, I didn't see too much wrong with this.

When I first got there and entered her apartment, it was really, really hot in there. I mean it was July, in the middle of a heat wave and the humidity was unreal in her apartment. "No air conditioning?" I said. "Oh yes, I've got it, but tonight I want it really hot in here". A bit strange I thought, but Oh well. We talked a bit and all of sudden she said "You've got a cute face and nose!" I thought this was kind of odd too, but didn't pay much attention to it. "Well, let's get started she said" "Get stripped down to your shorts, and I'm going to try out this industrial plastic wrap on you" she said. She then pulls out this large roll of plastic saran wrap type stuff. I was kind of shocked at first, as she was really to the point and seemed quite anxious. "I just w0ant to try wrapping you up in this plastic wrap to get your opinion if you see it working out at our club, and I'll cut you out of it once I've tried wrapping you up in it" she stated. Gosh, cut me out of it? I thought. This stuff must really securely bind someone up. "It will be just for a few minutes to see how it works, I promise" she said.

I was really getting nervous. But she was quite convincing. "Ok, stand straight up and keep your hands at your sides" she said. Hesitantly, I stood straight up with my hands at my sides. Shawna then starts wrapping this plastic wrap around me starting at my neck and wrapping it around me all the way to my ankles. "Wow I thought, this stuff is unreal!" She had just wrapped me once from my neck to my ankles, and I couldn't move at all. Then, she starts wrapping me again with a second wrapping starting from my ankles to my neck. "There, all done! How does it feel?, Do you feel securely bound up?" she said. "Words can't express it" I replied. I couldn't move an inch, my arms were pinned and wrapped at my sides totally. It was like being mummified. "What's this going to be used for at the club?" I said. She didn't answer me. "Excuse me, what's this being used for?" I asked again. "Oh, weight control I think" she replied. Shawna then immediately grabs me and lowers me down on my back on to her living room rug. "Do you feel helpless, Jason?" she said. "Yes, why?, this is awesome stuff, I can't move at all, but it feels so light wrapped around me. "You feel completely helpless now?" she continued. "Why are you asking me that" I said. "Great, that's what I want to hear. There's no way you're getting out of that plastic wrap" she added. "So, just hang there a few minutes, I'll be right back" she says.

She walked out of the living room and I heard her apartment door open and her leave. In a few minutes I could hear her apartment door close. All of a sudden, I heard a group of footsteps coming into the living room. I strained my neck to look up and there were two other females standing there, looking down at me. I was really embarrassed. I had no idea who they were. Shawna then walks into the room and says "hope you don't mind but your going to have a smelly evening with us, these are my neighbours Debbie and Rhonda" "Smelly evening?" I thought. What does she mean. Was I to find out!

These other two females were attractive too, just like Shawna. I felt embarrassed lying there, totally bound in this plastic wrap and with them all looking down at me with just my shorts on through this clear plastic wrap. This Debbie had a track suit on and Rhonda had on jeans and boots. Shawna just says "This is Jason!" This Debbie says "Oh, I see what you've been talking about all this time. I'm getting wet just looking at him". Shawna then went to the kitchen and returned to the living room and proceeded to sit on my chest. "Ah, ok, you can untie me Shawna" I said. She didn't say anything, just smiled at me. She pulls out this big strip of duct tape and then says to the two others "Ok, give me a hand, lift him up on an angle against the couch". I wondered what they were going to do. I tried to move, but couldn’t move a muscle. This plastic wrap was like super strong. It kept me straight, I couldn’t even bend. This Debbie takes the roll of duct tape and wraps a couple of strips around my shoulders over top of the plastic wrap, then another around where my elbows were, and another around where my hands were under the plastic wrap by my sides. "Perfect, now do his legs" said Shawna. "Shit, I thought, talk about in total bondage. What are they doing?" I contemplated. "Hey, ok, like ha, ha, get me out of this now! Joke's over girls" I said. Rhonda lifted my legs up, and Debbie then wrapped another couple of strips just above and below my knees, and then wrapped another few strips around my ankles. "There, he's with us till morning. No escape for sure" said Rhonda. Morning!, what are they doing? I thought. I was now back on the living room rug lying on my back. Shawna grabs the duct tape and sits on my chest and says "hold your held still, I'm going to tape your mouth over. I want you to breathe through your nose, and only your nose, understand". I noticed her tone very assertive now since these other two friends were there. She pulls off this strip of tape and proceeded to put it securely over my mouth. I moved my head quickly back and forth so she couldn't get it on, but this Debbie immediately jumps down and holds my head still. "Shawna, what are you doing here?" I said. "Are you serious about this?" I added. "Oh, I've been serious about you from the first time I saw you at the club" she replied. "Well your little game's over, so let me up, please" I replied again. She just proceeded put the tape on, "No, no take it offmpph, mmmph," she very securely sealed over my mouth with the tape.

Once this tape was on I said to myself "I can't breathe at all out of my mouth, this tape is strong". I also just realized that Shawna had this obviously planned out. I could only breathe through my nose. At this point they all were standing above me smiling down at me. Shawna says "Well jerk, you're going to discover what a woman's smell is all about. I hope you have good sense of smell". "Did you stick to your commitment Debbie? Rhonda?" Shawna asked them. "Of course, 4 days for me" said Debbie, "4 days and lots of workouts for me" said Rhonda. "Wow, excellent, 5 days and many stinky workouts for me" said Shawna. "Oh, I guess we should let you know what that means for you, asshole" Shawna said. "It means that for these number of days we have not had a shower during this humid heat wave, and have had lots of workouts with the same smelly sneakers, boots, heels and panties on!" she added. "Have you ever smelled female feet before Jason?" Shawna said. I shook my head no. "Do you think female feet smell? Again, I shook my head no. They all smirked and looked at each other. "Have you ever smelled really stinky feet Jason?" asked this Rhonda. Once again I shook my head no twice. "Excellent. That's what we want to hear. Well, you are going to smell some really raunchy feet tonight" Shawna said.

"Who wants to go first?" Shawna said. "You go Shawna" said Debbie. "Ok, Everyone else keep your feet sweaty and smelly in your sneakers, then make him smell your feet" Shawna added. "Ok, like it's been 4 days now with these sneakers and no socks, I guess a bit longer can only add to it, huh?" Debbie giggingly said. Debbie was quite petite, probably about 5'7" and about 110lbs, long brown hair. I had no idea what was going to go on. Shawna says to Rhonda, "Sit on his knees Rhonda, I'll sit on his waist". Then the two of them sat on me. Both were facing my head. I was nervous and actually started to get erect. Shawna and Rhonda starting laughing when they noticed it through the plastic wrap and said "Whoooo, look here, he's getting excited already, let's see in about an hour and a half". I thought, "an hour and a half, what are they going to do". Shawna, then looking down at me from sitting on my waist says "If you struggle at any time your balls will be squeezed real hard, do you understand?" She took a pair of scissors and cut a hole in the plastic wrap around my crotch, reached in and pinched my balls through my shorts. The pain immediately made me jump.

"Ok, Debbie, I get the honors" said Shawna. "I want to be the first to make him smell my feet" Shawna said. Smell her feet I thought, gross. "I've waited for this moment for some time dickhead! "Should've asked around about me before coming over here on your own" "You're going to be here all night smelling our feet" she added. Shawna then sat back on my waist with her legs stretched out with both her heels on either side of my head. I could smell her feet already, the odor was wafting out of her shoes encircling my head, and her feet weren't even in my face yet. I know this jerk will try to move his head once I get my smelly feet in face. So hold his head tightly" Shawna said to this Debbie. I could feel Debbie increasing the pressure on her knees against the top of my head. "Pull off my pumps will you, Debbie. I don't want to go near my feet once my pumps are off" Shawna said. This Debbie pulled off both Shawna's heels. "Oh, Shawna, gross!" said Rhonda. "Your feet are super smelly, do they ever stink" she replied. "Well I guess so, like I've worn these same pumps for 5 days, no nylons, no shower, just bare feet, what do you expect?" she said. "Make him smell your feet!" Rhonda said. "Put them in his face" Debbie excitingly said. "They are absolutely raunchy" said Shawna.

"Smell her feet!" Debbie said. "Stay on his legs Rhonda" Shawna said. I was looking up at Debbie and the next thing I felt was Shawna's feet being smacked down on my face "Smell my feet, you prick!" she said. She immediately started rubbing them all over my face. They were just rank, they smelled so sour and sharp, just putrid. It was hard to breathe the odor was so great. I tried to move my head to get fresh air, but Debbie was holding it really securely increasing the pressure to either side of my head with her knees. "Do my feet smell dickhead?" Shawna said. "Oh, Shawna, your feet are just gross. I love it" said Debbie. "Yeah, do they ever stink. I think I'll have to throw away these pumps now, they're likely ruined because of this smell" Shawna said. Her feet were wet, sticky and greasy, and she was rubbing them back and forth on my face and against my nose while she just sat there on me. I could see she had blue nail polish on her toes. The smell of her feet was just penetrating my nostrils, it was so overpowering. I thought what a terrible foot odor problem this girl has. Ahhh! I thought to myself of some smelly socks I've caught a whiff of in the past, but this Shawna's feet were beyond description they smelled so much. "Breathe harder between my toes" she angrily said. She'd grab my nose with her stinky toes and run my nose between her toes.

She'd also play footsies with my nose, cupping her toes around my nose, and then running run her feet across my face and pushing the ball of her foot against my nose. "Breathe deeper your prick. Rhonda, pinch his balls hard if he doesn't start smelling my feet better" she laughing said. I immediately started to inhale a lot harder. All this time, which must be about 45 minutes, she has never once lifted her disgustingly smelly feet off my face. I felt absolutely beat, just lying there inhaling the smell of her feet. I could feel the motion of Shawna's fingers rubbing herself back and forth against my stomach where her pussy was touching my waist while sitting on me. "Hmm, you learn quick guy" she said. "I love the sound of him breathing in and out against your smelly feet Shawna" Debbie said. "Listen, the feeling of him breathing in and out against my feet is going to bring me to climax if I don't watch out. I'm so hot and wet" Shawna said. Her feet were atrocious! I was starting to gag through the tape on my mouth now a bit her feet smelled so much. "Too smelly for you? Too bad jerkoff! You're ours'" Shawna said. It was so hot in this apartment with the heat, and being in the plastic wrap, along with the smell of Shawna's feet was just overpowering. I could tell my body was just sweating in this plastic wrap. Every now and then she would put both feet in my face and cover it completely, rubbing her right foot then left foot against my face and nose. "Grab his nose with your toes Shawna and twist it" Debbie said. "Oh yeah, kewl", Shawna said. She'd grab my nose with her stinky toes and try to twist it, and push her toes right into my nose. "I gotta see this" said Rhonda. I could feel her lift off me and could see her looking down at me over Shawna's shoulder for a few seconds. Then she sat back down on my legs. I tried to move a bit, but there was no hope. I was totally helpless. It must have been about 1 hour I was forced to smell Shawna's feet. They were still wet and sticky as she kept rubbing them all over my face. "Oh shit, is it ever hot in here huh?" she said to Rhonda and Debbie. "How about it guy, find it hot too?, or just super gross and smelly" said Shawna.

Rhonda and Debbie were giggling and smiling as Shawna continued to rub her feet in my face. "I want to hear you smelling her feet, guy!" said Rhonda. Again, the intense and sharp pain to my balls was felt. "How's that, Shawna?" said Rhonda. Shawna just laughed at my response by sniffing as hard as I could breathing in her rank foot odor. When I moved the muscles in my face, it felt like I had a film on my face as the sweat from Shawna's feet was drying on my face. I was starting to feel dizzy from her foot odor. Shawna's feet were still moist and sweaty. "I can't believe your feet Shawna" said Debbie. "I can't stand sitting here holding his head with the smell of your feet rising in my face too much longer you know" she said too. "I'm still too hot, I need him smelling my feet longer" Shawna said. I immediately tried lurching my head up, but she just responded by pushing both feet hard down on my face "Smell them" she angrily stated. Her feet were still so ripe, they were just gaggingly smelly. "Like smelling my feet?" Shawna would say. "I must admit, wearing those pumps for five days with bare feet, my feet got so sweaty and greasy, they slid off my feet a couple of times when I was walking" Shawna said. "I also had to really watch where I was that I didn't have to take my shoes off for anything" she said. "Like the smell of my feet would have grossed out a whole room" she continued. "Hey, watch it, you'll give this jerk a complex; like he's got your smelly feet pasted right on his face, yet you were afraid of stinking out a whole room!" Rhonda added. "What about it jerk? Now that you're smelling my feet, you can make a fair judgment, think my feet would smell out a whole room?" Shawna said. I lay there and didn't make any acknowledgment of her sarcastic question. "Answer me!" she angrily said, lifting her left foot up and slapping it down on my face. "hmm, uhmm" I tried to agreeingly moan to her. "You may even get in the Guinness book of records for smelling the stinkiest feet the longest tonight" Shawna said. "Oh yeah, let's go for the record" said Debbie. My face was drenched with her foot sweat. Shawna was rubbing her feet around my face with a care-free attitude. "Oh Shawna, that's it for me, you're feet smell too much" said Debbie.

"Not just yet. Another 20 minutes until my feet are dry and not sweaty. Then I know I've rubbed the smell from my feet off on his face" she said. For the next 5 minutes or so, nobody said anything. Shawna was just rubbing her feet back and forth on my face and grasping my nose with her toes every now and then. Debbie had her finger down her panties touching herself as I could feel the motion of her hand on my hair. "Did you think my feet smell Jason?" Shawna asked me. I paid no attention. "Your nose fits perfectly under my toes" she added. She continued just slowly rubbing them up and down against my nose. She'd hold either the left or right foot pushed down on my face cupping my nose, positioning my nose under her toes, just under her second and third toe, with her big toe resting on my nose. My nose would be rubbed along her whole foot, and both feet would be often positioned covering my whole face. I was just lying there sniffing in and out, which seemed like eternity. Sometimes, she'd place her feet on the sides of my face and lean up looking at me smiling. "They really smell don't they guy?" she would say. "Keep smelling them" she would say covering my face again. "Shawna, I can't sit here smelling your feet anymore, please" said Debbie. Shawna pulled her feet off my face and sat up on my chest a bit more. "Ok, Rhonda, I'm moving up on him now so, you move up and get the chair" Shawna said. "Debbie, get on his legs, and if he struggles, smack him in the crotch a good one" she added.

"Ok Rhonda, your turn next girl" Shawna said. "Rhonda bring that chair over here" said Shawna. "Sit in the chair when you make him smell your feet. It was awkward sitting on him when he was smelling my feet. I felt sometimes my feet weren't pressed down on his face hard enough" said Shawna. "Great idea, for sure" said Rhonda. Smell her feet I thought. Oh please no, Shawna's feet almost made me sick. My feet are really gross smelling and wet in these boots. I want the crisp and sharp smell of my feet to start out on his dry face, and then rub the moist smell of my feet off onto his face" she said. "You know this means he gets a bit of fresh air" Shawna said. "It's ok, it's probably better with bit of fresh air as a contrast, then he immediately smells the smell of my gross feet" she said. With this, Shawna says "Your lucky, enjoy the few very few minutes of fresh air you're going to get" she said. My face was dripping wet, and it just felt raw from her smelly feet being rubbed in my face. My hair all along my forehead and on the sides of my head was wet with her smelly foot odor and sweat.

Debbie at this time drops the chair over top of me, positioning it facing my face with my head at the foot of the chair. Rhonda was just standing there looking down at me. She was about 5'8", 130 lbs or so, shoulder length ash blonde hair, and a really pretty face. She had jeans on with those black, pointed toe style modern ankle high boots with the small square heels. She caught my eyes looking up at her "What are you looking at? In a few minutes you're going to be smelling my feet. You'll wish you weren't here for sure" she said. The other two were in the kitchen or somewhere. "Oh, I can smell the odor of our feet out here!" said Debbie from a distance. While they were waiting for my face to dry as they said, I tried moaning and in an attempt to communicate with this Rhonda while she was on her own. I figured if I could get one of them to pay attention to me, I might have a chance of getting one to either cut me out of this, or convince the other two to stop now. Especially with the conversation I heard when they were whispering. One of them, either Rhonda or Debbie, sounded concerned about having me here smelling them. Was I wrong. "What do want?" Rhonda barked back at me. "Shawna, Debbie, come on, he's ready, I want to make him smell my feet now. Come on" she said. She then sat in the chair with my head between her boots. "I'll hold his head" said Debbie. "Just for a bit, huh" I want to watch him smelling Rhonda's feet. Her feet will probably be the stinkiest" Shawna said.

Shawna sat above my head with the tips of her knees firmly placed with my head between them. "Oh guy, I feel sorry for you" she smilingly said. "Hey, his face is so red. I can still smell your feet on his face, eeecch" Debbie said, now sitting on my legs. "Thanks a lot Debbie" she replied. "Hey, my feet are like super hot and smelly in these sneakers. I can hardly wait for my turn" Debbie added. "Excellent, we all know how much your feet can smell too" said Rhonda. "Ready guy?" said Rhonda. "Don't worry, you're not, nobody could be ready for the smelly feet that I'm going to rub in your face" she said. "Noommph" Noompn, unmmmp, ummph" I tried to blurt out, with my muscles twitching and attempting to wiggle in the plastic cocoon that I had been encased in for 2 hours now. "What? You don't want to smell my feet?" Rhonda sarcastically said looking down at me. "Really, well you're wish will not be granted" she added. She then reached down and unzipped her right boot, and then left boot. Reaching down with her hand she pulled off the right boot, and pulled her bare foot out. She had bright red toe nail polish on that was really faded, likely from being in these rank leather boots of hers' for 4 days. "I've spent 4 days in these hot, stinky boots waiting for this moment. "Smell my feet asshole!" she said, and pushed her right foot hard onto my face pushing her foot right up against my nose. Immediately her left foot slapped down on my face too. The sharp and super strong repulsive odor of her wet, sweaty feet hit my nostrils. They were absolutely rancid! They smelled super sour and cheesy. It was stifling and making me feel nauseous right away. "Bare feet in leather in hot weather for 4 days tends to make your feet smell doesn't dickhead" Rhonda said. The other two were giggling. "Breathe harder you jerk" said Debbie. Rhonda was rubbing both her feet quite hard all over my face. They were so sweaty and moist. "Oh, Rhonda, I'm not sure how long I sit here you know. Shit, your feet are unreal" Debbie said. "I can't wait, let me see. I can smell them from back here" she added. I could feel Debbie get off my legs and then caught a partial glimpses of her standing above me as I looked up from beneath Rhonda's smelly feet. "Oh Rhonda, do they stink girl, absolutely nasty" Debbie said. "Rub them back and forth against his nose. The whole length of your feet" she added.

Rhonda was really rubbing them in my face. She'd cup my nose with her feet keeping my nose pressed against her toes, and then rub my nose along the ball of each foot. "I want to hear you sniffing, louder, do it!" she said, and slapped her right foot against the side of my face. Her feet were noxious. They were even smellier than Shawna's feet. Being in fitness, I've been in many locker rooms, and have caught the odor of feet from change rooms before, but her feet were unbelievable. Her feet were so hot on my face. The smell seemed to be fusing onto my face. The potent odor of her feet was unbearable, I tried really hard to move my head, but couldn't. "Oh right, guy, no way. Do Rhonda's feet smell?" Debbie laughingly said. I had to just lie here and endure her smelly feet. I was getting dizzy, maybe it was because of being here so long have to smell these odors. "He's got a beautiful nose, Shawna. You were so right" Rhonda said. Rhonda was busily working her finger on herself while using my nose to stimulate her feet. The aroma was just pungent. "Pinch his balls, Shawna. He's not breathing in the way I want." Rhonda said. I could feel Debbie sitting back down on my legs and fingers probing for my balls. "hmmph, hmmmph" I was attempting to say "Ok, I'll smell harder, don't pinch me anymore" but she didn't care. The pain was sharp again. "Oh, that's better, I love him breathing in and out against my toes, is it ever ticklish between my toes. Keep smelling hard guy, or else" said Rhonda. I was getting queasy inhaling her foot odor, she was really working my face with her feet. She was just mauling my face with her feet, clutching my nose with her toes, and contorting my face as her smelly feet were sliding all over my face. "I could also climax like real easy if I keep making this guy smell my feet" Rhonda said. "Oh, your feet smell so much Rhonda. Like did you wear these shoes to bed too?" Debbie said. "I told you, my feet smell super bad after a one day at work even when showering in the morning. I do have a major foot odor problem. So, you can see now what they're like after 4 days" she replied. "I think it was the third night when we were getting ready for this guy, I actually put plastic bags on my feet with elastics because my feet were stinking up my bed sheets" Rhonda said. "Well it was worth it, remember, you wouldn't get any guy, let alone one with a gorgeous face, nose and body like this to smell your feet in this condition except by having him here by force like this in total bondage." Shawn said.

"It sounds so kewl when he's smelling your feet. I love the sound of him breathing in and out" said Debbie. "This feeling of his breathing in and out against my feet is going to make me cum" Rhonda said. My eyes were burning again, I mean coming up to three hours now, this was unbelievable. The heat of the room, and her smelly and greasy feet being continuously rubbed all over my face was still creating sweat that was periodically dripping into my eyes. Every now and then she would hold both feet planted right on my face and hold them there saying "Smell harder Jason! Keep smelling if you know what's good for you, babe!" "Time to try the Squeeze Maneuver Rhonda! Squeeze his nose" Shawna said. "Get his nose in between you're big toe and second toe and squeeze is tight so he can't breathe. Do it, and hold it till I say when" she added. "Oh yes, this is what we talked about when planning to get him" she replied. With this, Rhonda's right foot groped around my nose until it was grasped between her big and second toe. She pinched it quite firmly. I couldn't breathe at all. It was like eternity, but after what must have been about 20 seconds, I started flinching violently trying to move my head, but to avail. Debbie was holding it tightly between her knees. I felt like I was about to burst, and was going "mnmph" "mmmph" again in a really panicked tone. Rhonda's disgusting smelling toes on her right foot had my nose firmly clenched, and her left foot was planted on the right side of my face. "5 seconds more, Rhonda!" Shawna said. "Now!" Debbie said. The grip of Rhonda's toes on my face released, and like a flash both her feet slapped down covering my whole face. In this same second I inhaled violently, sniffing in and out about 8 really quick and heavy breaths to gain air. They were all clapping and laughing. "Oh, that felt just awesome!" said Rhonda. She was really using her finger on herself while making me smell her feet now. "When you make him smell your feet Debbie, you've got to do this" Rhonda said.

They started whispering…………..and I heard someone say "What are we going to do in the morning with him? We have to let him go sometime tomorrow? "Who gives a shit about that now" I heard another say. "Do you think you would ever get some gorgeous guy like this to willingly let you make him smell your feet when they stink like this?" said Shawna. "Like no!" she added. "I've met guys at these fetish clubs before, and I have tried" she added. "I brought one guy home here about 3 months ago that I met at this domination club. I first tried to get him to innocently smell my feet that night while sitting on the couch, no bondage, I just raised my foot to his nose and asked him to sniff. He just started screaming at me how gross my feet smelled. And get this! I was showering regularly then and had a shower that night before I went out. Nothing like the 4 - 5 days we've spent getting my feet this smelly for this guy" she said. "So, yea, we've taken a risk getting this guy here and making him smell our feet, so enjoy it. This is a one time chance, particularly forcing him unwillingly to smell our feet" she added. "Yeah, like what's he gonna do anyway? someone else said. "Doesn't he date that prissy bitch Donna?" "Shhhh, talk quieter" someone else said.

Even though they were a bit quieter, I could still hear them. "Yes, how do you think I met him? Donna introduced us at the last domination party" Shawna said. "Well perfect then, what can he do, I think he's engaged to her too, and she'd cause major shit if she ever knew he was within a mile of your place Shawna" "What do you mean by that?" "Donna knows you like him, Shawna" someone replied, and she hates you for sure" "Yes, definitely, ok, that's what we use if he wants to take this somewhere" she said. "We'll just tell Donna that he was over here trying to hit on us" "That's perfect!, because he said to me at the club that night that he was paranoid of his girlfriend because she was insanely jealous". "Is he really engaged to her?" Shawna said. "Yes" another one replied. Just then I could feel Shawna tighten her knees around my head with this intense look on her face. "I'm not hearing you smelling Rhonda's feet to loudly guy, get sniffing her feet harder" she said with a distinct tone in her voice. I had been thinking of a hundred things to do when they untie me, but listening to them just burst my balloon. If Donna ever knew I came over here, for anything, that would be it for sure. What am I going to do? My energy was like drained. Every now and then I would wiggle under this restrained and pinned position I was in. I was just soaked under this plastic. I didn't want to submit like this. Sometimes in response to my wiggling they would all just rub their feet harder in my face. Another 1/2 hour must have gone by smelling Rhonda's feet.

My senses were almost gone now. It was like being under a spell having to endure the smell of her feet. They just didn’t get less smelly. The heat in this room and the fact she didn't wash her feet for 4 days in these same boots just intensified the smell too. I had no idea what time it was, I think this Rhonda was making me smell her feet for about 1 1/4 hours or more even, I lost all track of time. The intense smell of her feet being wiped on my nose was unbearable. Time just was like eternity with Rhonda making me smell her feet. They were all chatting and laughing at me. Likely another 45 minutes went by and Debbie says "Shawna, I'm just quenched, do you have any beer here?" "Oh for sure, come on we'll go to the kitchen, we'll take a bit of a break before you make him smell your feet Debbie" Shawna said. I could feel both Shawna release my head from her knees and Debbie get off my legs.

In great anticipation I was waiting for Rhonda to lift her feet off my face. But she didn't. "Ha, no guy, I know what you're thinking, am I'm going to the kitchen too? Not yet. You and I are here alone now" she said. It didn't matter that this Shawna and Debbie were off me, this plastic wrap stuff was like plaster. I was straight as a board and couldn't bend and inch. Even if I could move, I had absolutely no energy or strength left now. All I could do was lie there and submit to her smelling her feet even longer. I was totally drained and helpless. I couldn't believe it, here I was in some girl's apartment, nobody knows where I am, totally bound, with three females forcing me to smell their raunchy stinking feet. "Having fun Rhonda, do you want a beer?" I heard from the kitchen. "Yes" she said in a hurried voice. Rhonda was starting to quiver and shake a bit and really touching herself as she aggressively was rubbing both feet all over my face. My nose was really sore as she was really rubbing her smelly feet back and forth pushing my nose up and back again "Smell a lot don't they?. Keep smelling them asshole" she said.

"Take a break Rhonda, here have a beer" said Shawna. "Relax for five, and then Debbie's going to make him smell her feet" she said. "He'll get fresh air!" she said. "Oh no he won't" said Rhonda. She pulled her feet off my face. I couldn't believe the relief, not just from the stench of her stinky feet, but from the combination of smell and the heat of this apartment. I could hardly open my eyes, they felt pressed into my head. The room was still like an oven. It was so hot. My face felt like it was boiling hot. It almost felt like I had heat rashes on my face from their rancid feet. I watched as Rhonda stood and took her panties off, turned them inside out, and wrapped them over my face with her discolored crotch pasted right over my nose. "Enjoy asshole, while I have a nice, cold beer" she said.

"The beer's in the fridge Rhonda" said Shawna as Rhonda went into the kitchen. Gosh her panties were gross. They were ever so soggy with stench, just wet like damp facecloth, but one with a stifling odor. They were all sitting on the couch staring down at me firing bottle caps at me. After about five minutes my face was beginning to dry as air was coming in through the leg holes in Rhonda's panties. Shawna then says "Hey, grab those two chairs, let's keep him smelling our feet while we have these beers". "What about my panties" said Rhonda. "I've just got to make him smell my feet some more. I'm getting moist again thinking about it. Take the panties off his face" Shawna said. Rhonda put the chair over top of me, and Shawna said "No, no, I meant both of us make him smell our feet together" said Shawna. "Here put one chair there and the other here. Perfect. You sit there Rhonda and I'll sit here" said Shawna. "Hey, hang on a minute" said Debbie. "He hasn't smelled my feet yet at all. I thought it was me next" she said. "That's right, you're next. This is just while we have our beers. Our feet are already now dry from being out of our shoes for the past 6 hours. After our beers, your going to make him smell your feet just like we did for as long as you like, but yours' will be just coming directly out of your smelly sneakers after 4 days. This is just while we finish our beers" Shawna said" said Shawna. "Ok, for sure. I though I was getting passed by here or something. I didn't go 4 days with no shower for nothing" said Debbie, remaining sitting on the couch.

Rhonda and Shawna were now sitting in two chairs positioned beside my head. Both chairs were facing the right and left side of my head. Their feet were right beside my head and I could smell them just as they sat there. "Put them in his face" said Rhonda. Both Shawna and Rhonda put their feet in my face and immediately started rubbing them all over my face. Their feet were still really smelly. They were dry, but a bit clammy, and the smell was a combination of very sharp sour smell and cheesy smell. They were still gross. I moved my head a bit, and both pairs of feet would push my face from one side to the other manipulating my face with all four feet. "That's awesome" said Debbie. "Listen to him smelling them" she added. "Hold his head Rhonda. I want to rub my feet on his nose more" said Shawna. I had the left foot of Rhonda pushed down covering my mouth and her right foot pushed down on my forehead holding it still. Shawna then put both her smelly feet on my face with her left foot covering my eyes and riding on the top of my nose, and her right foot kind of angled pushing up against my nose playing footsies with it. She was rubbing her feet back and forth against my nose, cupping my nose under her toes and the ball of her foot, and then rubbing both of them back and forth across my face. The more she rubbed and they kept their feet on my face, the hotter it got. My face started get hot again, and their feet were getting that slimy, greasy feeling back. The odor was becoming greater and it was so smelly. I couldn't believe two females could get their feet this smelly. "Have you had this beer before" said Rhonda. "A few times" said Debbie. "Have you, Shawna?" said Rhonda. "No, that's why I bought it this time" she replied. "I've seen it at the club before, though" she added. They just sat there chatting like I wasn't there making me smell their feet. As they chatted both their pairs of feet would explore my face rubbing back and forth. There feet would probe around grabbing my nose and rubbing it, sometimes battling each other for the position of covering my nose and rubbing their left, right or both feet in my face. I smelled their raunchy and obscene feet for about 20 minutes. "Anyone want another beer" said Shawna. "Yes, for sure" the other two both said. "Ok, I'll get them, you guys get the one chair positioned. Debbie, make him smell your feet now" she added. "Alllright!" Debbie said.

When Shawna and Rhonda got up and lifted their feet from my face, it was slimy with the smell of their feet. It was unreal. They put the chair back over me facing my head again in the same position when I was forced to smell Rhonda and Shawna's feet. "Hey, I can smell our feet and odor out here, I'll have to get someone to come in deodorize this place after tonight" Shawna yelled in from the kitchen. Debbie jumped into the chair and sat there putting her sneakered feet on my shoulders beside my face. Shawna came into the living "Here guys" passing out another beer to each of them. "Who's sitting where now?" Shawna added. "I want to hold his head and watch Debbie's feet in his face" said Rhonda. "Ok, I'll take his legs" Shawna added. "I think he's kind of giving up now anyway" said Rhonda. "He doesn't have anything left to struggle" she added. "Yeah, if he does, I think my pinching his balls has convinced him I mean business too" said Shawna. "We'll see, I'd sure like to be able to sit up by his head with you Rhonda and just relax touching myself while I watch him smelling Debbie's feet" she said. I could smell this Debbie's foot odor just wafting out of her sneakers. This was going to be a total gross out.

Rhonda knelt down at the top of my head facing Debbie, and moved up a bit positioning my head between her knees like the other two did. Debbie reached down and undid both sneakers. She pulled off her right sneaker and put it over my nose pushing my nose inside her sneaker. "Smell this!" she said. The odor and heat from inside her sneaker was like a hard slap against my face. The foot sweat and odor was right in the fabric of her sneaker. My nose touched the bottom of her sneaker and it was wet in there. She then sat up, threw the sneaker aside, pulled off the other sneaker, and pushed both feet very aggressively into my face. "Smell my stinky feet" she said. The smell was strikingly sharp, it was just an overpowering smell of sour vinegary smell. They were wet and slippery, and the bottom of her feet were a bit dirty from these old rank sneakers. She was right away rubbing them back and forth against my face. I could see glimpses of what appeared to be purple or plum colored toe nail polish and a dangling anklet. On her right ankle she had an inch or so long tatoo of a moon, and two stars on her ankles on her left foot. "Shit, your feet smell so much Debbie, I'm surprised they haven't melted your tatoos" said Shawna. "What about it guy, has your nose melted yet?" laughed Rhonda. She'd wiggle her toes and cup my nose pushing her right and then left foot down pushing them up against my nose.

I wiggled my head a bit to just not lie there and take it, but I had no strength left to even move my head. This Rhonda didn't even react to it, she didn't need to. I was totally defeated and just lay there smelling her feet. "Breathe in faster you jerk" she said. "Debbie, your feet are terrible" said Rhonda. Her feet were acrid, they were so smelly. Again, I was just dumbfounded on how a female could have such foul smelling feet. "Debbie, your feet are great, I can smell them from here girl" said Shawna. "Thanks sweetie" she replied. "Like I jogged, did aerobics, wore them every day to work, everything in these sneakers. They are my oldest and most raunchy, so they are perfect" she said. "Your face is so pretty under my smelly feet, Jason. They stink a lot don't they?" she said. "Stink a lot? They're in a league of their own gal" said Rhonda. "Now I rest my case again" said Shawna. "You think your going to get a guy to simply come home with you, sit on the couch, kiss a bit, and then ask him to smell your feet like this? No way baby!" Shawna said. "This is the only way, and much more fun. There is nothing like making a good looking guy smell your feet" she added.

I could feel Rhonda's grip on my head lessening and lessening as time went on. "Hey, see, he's not moving at all anymore. Come on up here, Shawna. I don't know why your sitting on his legs anyway. He hasn't been able to move his legs since we first wrapped him up" Rhonda added. "Oh I know, but I like sitting on him and looking down at his body wrapped in this plastic. I guess it's the visual that gets me so hot. Seeing him wrapped, the smell of our feet and odor in the room, and the sound of him breathing in and out smelling us. It all goes together for me. Besides, I like the idea of us all sitting on him with our weight pushing down on him all over his body" Shawna said. "Breathe harder guy, I want to feel you inhaling and exhaling between my toes" Debbie said. "Do it!" she said slapping her right foot against the side of my head. I just sniffed in and out harder than before. Her feet were so smelly. My nose felt kind of raw, it must have been quite red. Shawna grabbed one of the chairs and sat down about 2 feet back from my head and started watching from this position. They were right, I couldn't move my legs at all, it didn't matter if anyone was sitting on them. "Can you get your toes in his nose Debbie" said Rhonda. "Not sure, but here, let's see" she said. Debbie was trying to push her second and third toes into my nostrils. She finally stopped and went back to cupping my nose under her toes and rubbing them all over my face. Her feet continued to be very potent and sharp vinegary smelling. "What time is it Shawna" said Rhonda. "Oh shit, it's 3:00 am" she said. "You're kidding, wow" said Debbie. They all started laughing and giggling. "We've had this guy here like almost 8 hours, do you believe it?" said Rhonda. "Who cares?" said Shawna. "Are we enjoying ourselves? She added. "YES!" they all shouted in unison. Again, I don't know, but I think I was smelling this Debbie's feet at this point for about 60 minutes or so.

"Come on Rhonda, grab a chair and sit up here. He's not going to move his head anymore" said Shawna. "If you do I'll be the next one to pinch your balls, and I'll do it about 5 times in a row. Get it jerkoff!" Rhonda said as she stood up. She grabbed the other chair and sat off to my right about the same 2 ft away as Shawna watching Debbie make me smell her feet. It didn't matter anymore. My face was theirs' to do as they wish. Debbie was just sitting there smiling at me while she mauled my face with her feet, pushing my face down to my left with her left foot, while angling her right foot up and rubbing it up and down against my nose. "Do my feet look small in his face?" she said all of a sudden. "Well yea, a bit, I mean you have size 6 1/2 feet don't you?" said Shawna. "Yeah" Debbie replied. "So what, the smell of your feet will make up for any lack of size, my dear" added Rhonda. "Hey, look, kewl huh?" said Debbie. She had both her smelly feet positioned flat down on my face covering it completely, and was moving my face back and forth to the left and right. Then she would just stop and keep them pushed down on my face. "No more talking for a bit" said Shawna. "Let's just enjoy the sound of him smelling your feet" she said. There was total silence. After a few minutes I could hear their breathing getting heavy and I knew they were just sitting there rubbing themselves watching me smell Debbie's feet. As Debbie was now moving her foul feet around on my face I could again look up at her as she was looking down at me with this intense look on her face as she vigorously was rubbing herself with her hand down her panties. "Keep breathing hard" she said. Shawna and Rhonda were also sitting there with their fingers down the front of their panties.

A bit more time went by smelling her greasy and rancid feet. They still were choking me. I couldn't get used to her foot odor it was so overpowering. The tang and sharpness of her smelly feet just lingered. I knew my face was again just caked with a film of odor from her feet. "Beer time" said Shawna. "Who wants one" she said. "Here I'll come with you" said Rhonda. They both left the room and went first down the hall somewhere as I could hear them walking off in the distance. It was just Debbie and I here now. She was looking down at me and still gently rubbing both feet in my face. "Your cute, you know that? I love your nose" she said. I didn't react, I just kept looking straight up to the ceiling. "So, do you think my feet smell a lot Jason?" she added. "Whose feet smell the most?" Again, I didn’t react at all. "Well come on Jason, you could at least moan, like once for yes, or twice for no" she said. "I can't believe you're engaged to that stupid bitch Donna!" she said. "Guess her feet don't smell like mine, huh?". She just sat there totally casual, chatting away to me as if we were friends with both her smelly feet planted on my face. She'd reach down, grab her beer, take a swig, and put it back on the floor, all the time playing footsies with my nose. I could hear the other two talking down the hall somewhere.

"Shawna really likes you" she said. "Wow, what a dream come true. If you were ever dating her, you'd be her foot slave. And that means I would get to make you smell my feet whenever I wanted too. We all share everything you know" she added. "That's why we planned to get you". "Oh, I could just sit here all night making you smell my feet" she said. Her feet were just reeking and my face was wet again and greasy from the ripe stench of her feet. For about 30 minutes more, she just sat there, chatting to me and playfully squeezing my nose with her toes and rubbing my nose along the length of both feet smearing her rank smelling foot odor all over my face. "Hey I wanna try something" she said. She took her chair and moved it around and positioned it above my head facing my body, with my face at the foot of the chair. "This will be kewl" she added. She was now sitting above my head facing my body. "Here, keep smelling my feet" she said, slapping both feet down on my face covering it. "This is nice, I get to look at your whole body while you smell my feet". Both her feet were plastered on my face, her heels were on my forehead and the ball of her foot and the start of her toes were just below my nose resting on my mouth. She'd rub her feet up a bit till her toes would curl over my chin and grab it a bit. "You look really hot Jason, I wish I saw you before Shawna wrapped you up" she said. "I like this position" she added. She just sat there comfortably caressing my face with these rank smelling feet.

"How's it coming Jason?" said Shawna as I could hear her and Rhonda coming back in the living room now. "Spending some smelly quality time with Debbie's smelly feet?" she asked. "What are you going to do" I heard Debbie say. "Take his picture. I think he's royally pissed at us, so if he has any ideas of taking this anywhere, his little bitch princess will get this picture" said Shawna. "Well move your feet off his face" said Shawna to Debbie. "I got to get a picture of his face, but leave your both your feet on the side of his face" she said. All of a sudden the light of the room hit my face and made my eyes squint a bit. Again, it was about 1 1/2 hours since I didn't have this Debbie's smelly feet in my face. "Look at me Jason" said Shawna. I wouldn't look at her, as she was aiming the camera at me to get a picture. "Who cares if he's looking at you. Just take the picture getting most of Debbie's body in the shot with her feet on the sides of his face. I'll sit on his chest, but make sure you get just the back of me, no face shots. If Donna ever saw this, he'd be history" said Rhonda. Rhonda then sat on my chest with Debbie's feet resting on the side of my face. "Great, done" said Shawna.

All this time all of them were just walking around with their tops on and panties, or sometimes nothing from the waist down. Shawna had this PVC type halter top on, Debbie had a t-shirt, and Rhonda had a tight fitting workout top on. "Grab your chair Rhonda, bring it in close to his head" said Shawna. "Debbie, move your chair back to where it was, with his face at the bottom of your chair looking up at you, but facing forward" Shawna said. Debbie moved her chair, and sat there with her feet on my chest. Shawna now grabbed her chair and brought it in close as well. My head was now at the foot of all three of them sitting in a triangle with my face right at the foot of their chairs. Debbie still had both feet in my face, but had both feet resting on the sides of my face. "Ok, make him smell them" Shawna said. With this all three of them put their smelly feet in my face. It was just gross. They were all distorting the features of my face as they rubbed their stinky feet against my face and nose. They would grapple around with their feet on my face laughing and giggling at my expense. The smell was out of this world, I could no longer tell whose feet I was smelling. I could tell Debbie's feet just because they were still the greasiest from being in my face out of her sneakers, and being in my face the longest. This was major raunchy. For about 25 minutes this went on, three pairs of stinky, rank feet in my face fighting over who would get control of my nose. After this, they relaxed a bit and just sat there drinking their beers with all three of their feet planted on my face. Once again, my face was wet and slimy. They finished drinking their beers and using my face as a smelly foot rest.

"Hey, it's like 5:00 am" said Shawna. "Listen, Rhonda and I were talking down the hall and she suggested you and I go in the car and get some coffees to bring back" she added. "Oh, yeah, sure" said Debbie. Although they were still all sitting there with their smelly feet still in my face, and I was exhausted and almost delirious from being forced to smell their odor for almost 10 hours now, I really perked up when I heard what Shawna just said. I thought, great, they'll release me now. "Nnnmppph" "nnmmpohhh" "nnmmph" I tried loudly moaning through this tape. This second piece of tape really held, there was no problem at all with it and the seal was still as strong as when they put it on. They all lifted their stinky feet off my face. "What do you want?" said Shawna. This was really the first time in about 1 3/4 hours that I haven't had super smelly feet in my face. Since Debbie started, I have had feet in my face constantly. I could hardly see them looking up at them all after having my face rubbed with stinky feet for so long. My face was wet again, and the sweat and smell was burning in my eyes. "Shit, for the past 3 hours you haven't said anything and were actually behaving yourself and smelling our feet the way you should" she said. "nnpph" "nnpph" I tried saying again. "What, you want a coffee too?" said Debbie laughing. "C'mon Debbie, let's go"

They all were walking toward the door. "Just get me a soft drink" said Rhonda. "Do you like being by yourself with me, Jason? You're going to smell my feet until they get back" she said. "Shawna and Debbie will be at least 1/2 and hour, so it's just you and me" she added. "You have no idea how hot you've got me tonight smelling my feet" she added. She then got the chair positioned over me with my head at the bottom of it. Her feet then just smacked down on my face. I couldn't move or even try and resist. She just sat there moving my face back and forth with both her feet planted on my face. They were still sticky and gaggingly smelly. "We may keep you here 24 hours, do you know that" she said. "Breathe harder, or I'll pinch your balls till your eyes water. Smell them! she said. "Nooomph" "noommph" I tried pleading. I just lied there and smelled her feet while she'd grinningly look down at me with her hand in her crotch rubbing herself. After about 45 minutes I heard the door open. "Is it every hot out, my feet are like wet again in my sneakers" Debbie said. "Jason!" I could hear her calling out from the door, "We've just happened to run into 4 girlfriends while getting coffee. More feet to smell guy!" she said. Rhonda moved her feet off of my face and positioned them on the sides of my face. All of sudden, four females came into view standing above me. "Wait till I get my smelly feet in your face" one of them said.

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