Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poor Christopher

Poor Christopher
By Pedic

- Well Mark, according to your CV, your experience is not quite up to our standards.
- But surely Mrs. Monica, I would really appreciate if I was given a chance. We all start freshers…
- Thank you very much Mr. Wales, I’ll come back to you later…she coldly added.
She stood up, with an indifferent smile, ready to greet me out of her office.
‘Tough one’ I thought. She wasn’t going to give me any chances. I could just feel that she wasn’t even going to consider my application any further. What could I do? God I need the job. I stood up, getting ready to leave.
Suddenly the door opened and a young woman rushed in, apparently anxious.
- I’m sorry to interrupt Mrs. Monica but we seem to have a … slight problem, she said lowering her voice when she realized my presence.
- What’s wrong Eve, Mrs. Monica asked, really annoyed by this interruption.
- Well.. she hesitated, looking towards my direction. Miss Donna’s here for her usual treatment.
- Christopher will attend to her needs.
- … We, uhm, seem to have a slight problem Mrs. Monica…
- Can’t you handle a simple situation ? she really barked now, totally ignoring my presence.
- Ehm, … Christopher told me that she’s too much for him.
- He refused ? !
- … Sort of. He said something like ‘not in a thousand years’ I think.
- Tell him to get his ass right here!
- … He said he’s not going to do it, it’s against his dignity. He told me that you can suck him if you like, he won’t do it.
- But we can’t afford to loose her. She’s my best customer. She has lots of money and she leaves some of it here. What about George?
- Miss Donna doesn’t want to see him at all. Last time they didn’t go very well along
- Silly cow, she mumbled.
I could smell panic in the atmosphere now. Finally she remembered I was still there.
- Thanks you very much Mr. Wales. I do not want to take up your valuable time, she coldly said. Please close the door behind you.
I greeted her and walked out of her office, really depressed. She was a cold businesswoman. I was so disappointed that I didn’t have the power walking down the stairs. I sat in the lounge for a while, trying to regain my powers.
Suddenly the door opened and Mrs. Monica rushed outside towards the stairs. She almost missed me. When she finally saw me, she wore one of her best smiles and came closer.
- Well Mark, I thought about your case and I think I ought to give you a chance. After all, I do believe that I’m quite sympathetic with beginners. That’s my main problem. It seems that one of my employees decided to leave my company. Maybe I could give you a chance to prove yourself. What do you think?
- But of course Mrs. Monica. I’ll do my best.
- Very well then. You are on for today. You’ll be under test. I only keep the best in my business. Maybe you can be one of them. Eve will fill you with the details.
She disappeared in her office, and Eve came out telling me to follow. We went to the staff area, where I was given my uniform and my equipment.
- Miss donna is a very good customer. In fact she’s the best in our parlor. And she expects special treatment, she added meaningfully. We don’t have much time to tell you any more. She’s in there. Good luck, you’ll need it. She said meaningfully.
We both entered the small room, where a young beautiful woman was siting on a pedicure chair.
- Good morning Miss Donna, Eve said politely.
- It’s about time. She said. Why did you keep me waiting so long?
- Sorry about this Miss Donna… Mark here will serve you today.
- Mark? What happened to Christopher?
- He had to leave urgently for personal reasons. I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied with Mark, Miss Donna. He’s very good. I can assure you.
- OK. Just close the door behind you. And do change the music in this room. I’m not in a mood for Mozart today. Something lighter perhaps. ‘Four Seasons’ will be fine.
- Certainly Miss Donna, Eve said and quietly left the room, closing the door behind her. Soon enough, the relaxing notes of ‘Four Seasons’ filled the small room.
- Good day Miss Donna, I softly said, taking my place at her feet, only to realize that she was still in boots. ‘Strange’ I thought. Normally customers have their feet naked or at least wearing pedicure slippers.
- Hi, she said indifferently and opened a fashion magazine.
I was feeling awkward at the time. What should I do? What ever it is, I must do it right. I badly need the job. I can’t afford to fail.
- May I remove your boots ? I asked carefully.
- What else can you do? She answered in an annoyed voice. It’s the wrong place to be, if I needed a shoe polish, don’t you think?
- Certainly Ma’am. Excuse my ignorance.
- Go on then, I don’t have all day. I only came here for my pedicure, she said, putting a strange expression on her final word.
She extended her right foot towards my face and I started pulling her expensive leather boot off. She rest her left foot against my shoulder, and started pushing, until the boot came off, revealing a slender, well taken care of foot. She then pushed me with her naked foot while I was holding the other boot, until it came off too. She stretched her naked feet towards me to release the tension. I hold her beautiful heels to support them. She had very beautiful feet, with pink painted toenails. They were a bit smelly and sweaty, but I didn’t mind at all. Her toes were just inches away from my face. I felt uneasy, not knowing what to do. Should I just put her feet in water to begin her treatment, or I was expected to do something else?
I felt like playing one of these adventure computer games, where the story is there, hidden and you have to figure out what’s next. The only difference was that now it was real and there were no ‘Save’ and "Restore" buttons, in case something went wrong.
I was given the test in a very short notice and no one bothered giving me detailed instructions. ‘Maybe they just wanted to prove me wrong", I thought. You’re on your own man, I said to myself.
The smell of her beautiful feet had a tranquilizing effect on me. I couldn’t think rationally. What happened next was simply based on pure instinct.
I drew my stool closer and placed her feet on my laps on a clean white towel. I started giving her a soft massage, occasionally pulling each one of her toes. This was against any professional practice, since every pedicurist knows that massage comes last, on a normal pedicure. But after all, I was told that Miss Donna expects special treatment. If only I knew what that special treatment meant.
Soon afterward I noticed her lowering the magazine and smiling at me with a satisfied expression. This lasted only for a few seconds, before she went on reading, totally ignoring my presence by her feet. But it was enough for me to understand that I was somehow on the correct way, at least according to her needs.
I went on massaging her lovely feet, trying not to distract her in any way. She had perfect feet, certainly top of most of my customers so far (not a lot I must confess, but still they were a few). She definitely outran them all. Her velvet soft soles were decorated by a few wrinkles on her skin, making the whole thing look like a work of art. Her toes were so well balanced in size, that a sculptor would die to have her as a model for a foot detail. Her ankles were so nicely proportioned, that I couldn’t find any imperfection at all. Finally her heels were so soft, that you would surely think you were caressing a baby, if you were blindfolded.
This went on for almost half an hour, me caressing her feet, while she was reading the magazine, paying no attention at me. My first move was right. But what next? What I was expected to do next? She didn’t give me any sign of how to go on. Maybe that’s the trick! I though. She actually waits for me to do what she wants, without telling me.
Fine, I said to myself. But this wont give you any clues for the next steps. To much for nothing.
I was beginning to get used to her foot aroma, and was able to think more carefully. I had to watch very carefully on the slightest move on her part, no matter how insignificant, to be able to get my valuable hints. I had to guess right. My job depended on that.
Suddenly she raised her right foot and ‘accidentally’ rubbed my lips with her toes. Anyone would think it was unintentional, if he didn’t noticed a slight delay, when her toes touched my lips. She momentarily left her toes touching my lips. But I managed to get the message, or at least I thought so.
Not wasting any time, I stopped the massage and held her raised foot gently with both hands, giving her a tender kiss on her little toe.
- How cute ! she remarked, lowering the magazine and raising her left foot as well.
I was beginning to get the general idea now. I had to go on, taking my chances. I pushed my stool away and knelt on the floor, holding her slender feet with my hands. I started giving soft kisses in each on of her toes.
- You have so beautiful feet Miss donna. I softly added. Feet that deserve to be kissed.
- Yes, I know, she said. Not a lot appreciate though…
- I surely can appreciate it Miss Donna. Thank you very much for the privilege.
- What was your name again? She asked.
- I’m Mark, Miss Donna, I answered between kisses.
- Well Mark, it seems that we’ll go along very well. My previous pedicurist was such an ignorant idiot !
- If you say so, Miss Donna, I carefully said. Would you like to try the water? Maybe you like it warmer?
- Water ? she asked showing some degree of disappointment. I don’t like getting my feet wet this way. Can’t you think of another way ? she asked meaningfully.
I was astonished by her reaction. What else could I do ? but then, maybe she was pushing me all the way to another dimension of my service. I’ve already started it, I thought. I must go on. For better or worse.
- But of course, Miss Donna. Please excuse my ignorance. I would be delighted if you let me wash your divine feet with my mouth.
- Very well then, you may go on. But you must clean you mouth first. Hygiene is very important in these places.
She offered me a glass of water from the little bar by the pedicure chair. I washed my mouth thoroughly. I was feeling a bit awkward. I wasn’t taught this procedure at the pedicure school. But then, you always learn as you go along.
I carefully placed her left foot on the foot rest and took the right one in my hands. ‘You’d better be good’ I said to myself.
I started by sucking her beautiful toes, licking away any dirt in between the toes and underneath the nails. The taste was peculiar. A bit salty, that’s all I could say about it. But it wasn’t this bad. The procedure was to begin with the little toe, go on to the next and finish up licking the big toe, paying attention not to let my teeth touch her skin. I think it would annoy her. Then start all over again, till her toes were ‘surgically’ clean.
She went on reading the fashion magazine, watching me carefully from time to time. When I finished with her toes, I went on licking her soft soles with long strokes of my tongue.
- Hey ! it tickles
- I’m sorry Ma’am. I’ll be more careful.
- No! I like it, she smiled. Go on.
My face was now full of her foot aroma and sweat. As I was licking her sole, she started playing with my nose pinching it with her toes, squeezing it hard, forcing me to breathe through my mouth. That put me in a quite unpleasant situation. I found it really hard to breath from my mouth, while licking her sole with my stretched tongue at the same time. To make things even worse, she decided to use my shoulder as a foot rest for her other foot, occasionally pinching my ear with her toes.
Then I cleaned her heel and upper part, finishing with her shapely ankles.
- May I wash your other foot, Miss Donna ? I politely asked, having got the idea by now.
She only giggled at me, swapping feet.
The process was exactly the same as before. But now I got the hang of it. I licked her foot in an efficient way. I decided that her toes were the tastier part of her feet. The extra sweat on them gave this special taste I think. God! What am I saying ? am I going crazy ? who cares now, I assured myself. You’ve started it, now you have to finish. For better or worse, remember ?
When her foot was properly washed, I took both on my hands and touched my forehead on her toes, keeping my face down. I softly asked
- May I go on with your pedicure Miss Donna ?
- I’d love to, but I’m running out of time. I have to leave. You’ll finish me up tomorrow.
- Certainly Miss Donna! I replied and started kissing her feet again.
She let me kiss her feet for some time before adding.
- My boots need some cleaning as well. Be a dear and clean them for me, will you?
- Certainly Miss Donna, it’s a pleasure.
Judging the way I washed her feet, I gathered that her boots had to be cleaned in a similar way. I took one of her boots and started licking it clean, starting from the toes, going up to the ankles and calves, finishing off with the heels and soles. Yes ! the soles. I did lick the dirty soles clean, eating away any grit stuck on them. My mouth tasted like dirt now and my tongue was really aching after all this licking.
Soon after her leather boot was shinny and clean.
I repeated the process for her other boot, again paying extra attention to the sole. When I finished, her boots were spotless. Holding one of them in my hands, I asked
- Would you like me to put your boots on Miss Donna?
- Aren’t you forgetting something? She asked giggling.
- But of course, Ma’am, how silly of me! I quickly added and bowed down at her feet to properly kiss them
She offered me her right foot for kissing, while resting her left on my head, occasionally rubbing my hair with the sole. I started kissing her foot and didn’t stop, until she swapped feet. I kissed again and again…
She finally gave me a slight push, with her feet, a sign that the act was over for now. Very carefully I put her boots on, kissing the tips at the end. She stood up, while I stayed bowed to the ground, my forehead touching the toes of her boots.
- I hope Madam is satisfied with my service, I politely said.
- You did quite well. That’s for you, she added and rushed out of the room, throwing a small envelop on the floor.
It took me some time to put everything in place, before leaving the small room. After all I had to go back to ‘standard procedures’. I was so anxious to see if my test was successful. When I finished, I remembered the envelop, Miss Donna gave me. I opened it. God! What a tip. More than a week’s wages! It worth it, I said to myself and went outside, feeling really happy. Eve was waiting.
- Mrs. Monica wants you. She’s at her office. Hurry up.
I rushed to her office. As I was getting close, her door opened and Miss Donna came out smiling, followed by Mrs. Monica.
- And Monica dear, do call me Donna. let’s get rid of formalities between us.
- Certainly Donna. And don’t worry about anything. I could even send him at your house whenever you feel like it. Bye for now.
Miss Donna disappeared down the stairs.
- Mark. Please come to my office.
- Certainly Mrs. Monica.
I followed Mrs. Monica to her office. I smiled with satisfaction. Something was telling me that I got the job. Poor Christopher!


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