Monday, July 11, 2011


By Velmate

I was walking down a hall in the college where I work when a college
professor came around the corner. She was wearing sandals and she
must have got a rock in one of them because she was kicking her
sandal around like she was trying to knock something out of it. She
then tried to slip her foot back into it but couldn't quit get it
back on. Her hands were full so she continued squirming her foot
around her sandal.
As I neared her I made up my mind to assist her if she didn't get it
on. Luckily she didn't. I kneeled down before her and told her
to "allow me." I then unbuckled the strap of her sandle and placed it
on her foot. After fastening it again I stood up. She thanked me with
a surprised look on her face. She was probably shocked that I humbled
myself enough to do that for her.
As she started to walk away, she motioned for me to follow her. She
led me to her office where she took a seat at her desk. She then
ordered my to crawl over to her and beg to kiss and lick her feet and
sandals. I was shocked and a little embarassed so I said no.
She then told me I had no choice because I was obviously a submissive
male. I denied it and told her I only put her sandal on out of
respect. She continued to press the point almost yelling at me. She
went into a big lecture about how men were inferior to women and how
she admired a man who would realize this and worship a women. Finally
I told her I didn't see myself as submissive but that I just had a
thing for female feet. To this she replied that a foot fetish was
just a subconscious way for a male to submit to a women. She was a
pscyh. teacher so I knew it would be no use to argue further. Once
again she ordered my on my knees. I was now so excited over her feet
that I obeyed. I crawled over to her and lowered my head to her
feet. "Beg me to kiss them" she commanded.
Seeing her feet so close I couldn't resist. I started begging to kiss
her feet and continued for about 5 minutes. Finally she told me to
stop. She then glared down at me and said she had proven her point. I
had obeyed her commands to have a chance to kiss her feet. She said
all women have this power to enslave a man but they don't use it.
Feeling I couldn't argue I smiled at her and confessed she was right.
She then orderd me to lay on my back beneath her desk.
She placed her sandal clad feet on my face and made my lick the soles
of her shoes. She then removed her sandals and did the same with her
bare feet. I was here footstool for over an hour before she made me
get up. Before I left she told me to bring my toothbrush the next day.
As I entered her room the following day I noticed she was wearing
pumps with no stockings. She asked if I brought the tooth brush. I
told her yes and she smiled devilishly at me. Once again I dropped to
my knees and approached her. She slipped off her pumps and shoved her
sweaty feet in my face. She had obviously been barefoot at some point
because her feet were very dirty. I knew she gardened alot so it
appeared she had walked barefoot in her garden that morning.
"Time to wash my feet" she commanded. I was told to wet the
toothbrush in my mouth and use it to scrub her feet. I obeyed and
started to clean her right foot. As the toothbrush dried out I had to
return it to my mouth to wet it. It took about 15 minuted to get her
soles clean. As I went to get up she put her foot on my head and
pushed my face into the carpet. "I told you to clean my feet, not
just my soles, now finish the job slave." I once again began to clean
on her feet. I had to clean the dirt between her toes and since she
had long toenails I had to clean the dirt from beneath them with the
toothbrush as well.
With every few strokes, I had to put the toothbrush back in my mouth
to wet it and remove the sweat and dirt. After over 30 minutes of
cleaning she let me get up and leave. I was ordered to use that
toothbrush everyday as a symbol of my submission to her. Once or
twice a week I am ordered back into her office to clean her feet
after a long day's work. I find she always makes shure they are as
dirty and sweaty as possible. After cleaning her feet I must kiss
them over and over while thanking her for the priveledge of washing
her feet with my toothbrush.


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