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The gorgeous 20 year-old Linda came dragging through the door of her apartment. She had been jogging for over an hour and was dead tired. Trying to cool off, she grabbed a glass of ice water and sat on the couch propping her feet up on the end table. Mike, her roommates brother, was sitting in the recliner watching a baseball game. Linda moaned "Boy am I tired. It must be
90 degrees out there." Mike just chuckled in the sarcastic tone that Linda had come to hate.

She didn't have much for men anyway and his sexist, arrogant attitude did not help matters. "Do you got a problem?"
Linda questioned. "Not at all," he responded "I just wish you chicks would stop trying be like men." With that, she
got up and walked over to the recliner. "Listen Mike, I am not trying to be like a man, I just like to exercise." Mike
just looked up at her and smiled. His smug self-confidence was driving her over the edge. All her life she had dealt
with arrogant minded men and she wanted to wipe that smile from his face.

"Tell ya what Mike, I challenge you to put your confidence to the test. I bet I can run from my apartment to yours
and back before you can." Linda loved the sound of this challenge. She wanted to humiliate this man and bring him to
his knees. "Fine with me," Mike responded "Of course I think the loser should incur some sort of penalty."

Their mutual dislike of each other pushed them into the bet. If Mike won, Linda had to give him her new television. If
Linda won, Mike had to be her slave for one day. Linda was emphatic about what that meant. "When I win Mike,"
she boasted "I am going to humiliate you like you've never known. You'll lick my shoes if I want you to."

The next day, the race was held. Mike's sister, Rebecca, was to wait at the finish line to declare the winner. As they
began the race, Mike seemed confident. He sprinted and built a huge lead. His confidence, however, was soon
shattered. He wasn't used to the heat and he started to develop muscle cramps. His lead soon shrunk and soon Linda
passed him. As he arrived back at Linda and Rebecca's apartment he was greeted with insults from both of them.
"Way to go Linda," Rebecca cheered "Its great to see a man put in his proper place."

"Time to pay up slave," Linda said gleefully. "You'd better obey her," Rebecca said spitefully, "otherwise I'll tell
your boss about that little fling you had with his wife." Mike was backed into a corner and he knew he had to obey.
He had a ton of debts and he couldn't afford to lose his job.

"Time to begin your service slave. Why don't you come inside and get us a drink." He obeyed Linda's order and
brought them a glass of water. "Now show your respect to us. Bow down and kiss our shoes." Mike felt humiliated
but he knew he had to obey her command. He dropped to his knees and began to kiss their shoes. "Now lick them."
Linda ordered. Mike began licking their shoes. After licking the tops of their sneakers, he licked the soles as well.

"I've gotta go to a meeting Linda. I'll see you later." With that Rebecca got up and walked over to the door. "Take
good care of the slave while I'm gone." "You bet I will," Linda said with a devilish smile on her face.

"O.K. slave, come over here and lie under the rocking chair." Mike obeyed and soon found the soles of her shoes on
his face. After using him as her footstool for awhile, she had him get up and bow down at her feet. "Untie my shoes,"
she barked "but don't use your hands. Untie them with your teeth." Mike lowered his head and untied her shoe laces
with his teeth. She then had him lie underneath the rocking chair again. She removed her shoes by catching the heel
on his head and pulling her feet out.

As each shoe came off, her hot, sweaty foot rubbed across his face. Next, she rubbed her feet all over his face. From
time +-to time she cupped her toes around his nose forcing him to inhale her aroma. He could barely stand their stench
but he soon grew accustomed to the smell that was filling his nose and lungs with each breath. After about a half hour
of this, she got up and went to the kitchen. She returned with a bag of cheese popcorn. As she munched and watched
TV., her feet were planted firmly on her new footstool. Finally, she looked down and asked him if he wanted any. He
said no but she insisted. She took a handful of popcorn and threw it on his face and chest. She then playfully ground it
in to his face and chest beneath her sock covered feet. "Open wide," she commanded.

She curled her toes around the popcorn and shoved it in his mouth. Grinding the popcorn into his chest and face had
put a layer of sticky cheese powder all over her socks. "You need to clean this off," she said with a chuckle. "Go
ahead, stick out your tongue." Mike obeyed and she wiped her dirty socks over his tongue until they were wet.
"Now, you need a drink to wash that down with. Let me go get you one." With that, Linda went to the kitchen and got
a glass of water. When she returned she removed her sweat socks and put them in the glass. While her socks were
soaking, she made him lie on his belly and lick and kiss her bare feet. She even made him clean between her toes.

"Be sure to get out all of that toe jam," she said as she playfully wiggled her toes in his face. He cleaned between
each of her toes getting out all of the dirt and sock lint. He could feel the sock lint in his mouth. Then, she handed him
a pair of fingernail clippers. "Do you want me to clip your toenails," Mike asked. "No!" she replied "I want you to
clean the dirt from underneath my toenails." Those old sneakers are really dirty and I like my toenails rather long so
they usually get a lot of dirt beneath them." Mike used the small file to scrape the dirt from beneath each toenail.
After cleaning each one, she made him lick the dirt off of the tip of the file.

"Time to wash all of that down. I've prepared a special drink for you."

As she spoke these words she removed the socks from the glass and threw them on the floor by his face. "First, stick
those in your mouth and suck the water from them." As he pushed the socks in his mouth he could feel the dirty water
going down his throat. He could not believe his humiliation. He chewed on her socks for several minutes, sucking out
all of the water and dirty sweat. As he removed the socks, she handed him the glass and he drank the dirty water she
had prepared for him. "Time for bed Mike. You can sleep in the laundry room on the floor." As she spoke she
motioned for him to follow her. She had him lie on the floor and then she went through the dirty clothes until she found
some dirty socks and pantyhose. She shoved a pair of dirty socks in his mouth and covered his face with the rest. He
was commanded to leave them there until morning. Exhausted and humiliated he fell asleep. He awoke with a sudden
jolt of pain. Linda had jumped up on his chest and knocked the wind out of him. She then removed the socks from his
face with her right foot. As he gasped to catch his breath, she smothered him with her right foot. She stepped on his
face with her one foot so that she could pinch his nose shut with her toes. The arch of her foot covered his mouth so
he couldn't breath. She did this repeatedly for 30 second time intervals. She loved watching him squirm under her feet.

Finally she stood on his face with both feet. Her 130 pound body made his head feel like it was going to explode. As
she peered down at him between her feet, a tremendous sense of power filled her mind. She had always wanted to
make a man suffer like this and she didn't want it to end.

Unfortunately she had to work but she left strict orders for him that day. First he was to call in sick. Then he was to
lick all of her and Rebecca's shoes clean. After she slipped on her heels, she ordered him to bow down to her and kiss
her pumps. "I only wish I could make you my insole. I could crush you beneath my feet all day." She then placed her
foot on the back of his head and pressed it into the carpet. As she stepped up onto his back he could feel her heel tips
pressing into his flesh. She trampled him for about ten minutes before stepping off of him. His back felt like it was on
fire. Before she left she went into the kitchen and got two slices of bread. She stuffed them in her shoes and them put
them back on. "After you lick all the shoes, you'll make Rebecca and I a steak dinner for supper. You, however, will be
having something else." She glared as she said these words and then left.

Linda and Rebecca returned from work together. They used him to clean their dirty soles on as they entered the
house. Dinner was soon ready. As they ate, Rebecca removed her pumps and made her brother kiss and lick her feet.
Every once and awhile she would drop some food on the floor, grind it in with her foot and then make Mike lick it off
of the floor and her feet. Finally, Linda ordered Mike to come over to her feet. "Its time for you to see what being my
insole would be like," she said. "Lie on you back beside the table." Mike obeyed and she placed her pump clad feet
on the sides of his head. Next she removed her shoes and took out the bread that had been in their all day.

He noticed it had been mashed flat and he could see that it was damp from her foot sweat. She had him open his
mouth and she put one of the bread insoles in it. As he began to chew it, it didn't taste like bread. All he could taste
was the mixture of leather and female foot sweat. The bread had absorbed the smell and taste of her feet like a
sponge. After swallowing the first piece, she placed the second "insole" in his mouth. As he began to chew it she
placed her left foot on his face. Balancing herself on the table, she stepped up on his face. Her weight made it nearly
impossible to chew. After about five minutes she stepped off of him and he swallowed to bread. "That was so much fun
Mike," she gloated "how does it feel to be a women's insole." Mike remained silent. They then had him lie beside
the sink. As they cleaned up the dishes they stepped all over him as if he wasn't there. Every minute or so, a foot
would descend on his face. Linda especially liked to grind her feet into his face.

After finishing the dishes, Linda looked down at her poor slave.

"Well your day is over. The only thing is, I enjoyed this so much and your sister did too. We think you should
continue to be my slave." With that, Rebecca nodded in agreement. "Were not heartless though," Linda added "We
will only make you serve every once and a while when we feel the need to put a man in his place." Mike could only
nod in subjection as he new they could get him fired if he didn't obey. He was learning the hard way about the agony
of da feet.



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