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Megan's Revenge:
by Amber K.

My sophomore year in collage introduced me to an enemy that I would have for the next three years. Her name was Tammy Myers. She made me madder than I've ever been in my life. As luck would have it, we wound up in most of the same classes and were always picked to be in the same study groups. After I'd had her over to my apartment she'd gotten an eye for my boyfriend (from a few pictures on our refrigerator) and attempted to steal him away. That was the first offense. Of course I had no idea about it until almost a year after it happened. There were plenty of reasons for me to hate her despite my ignorance to her original plot.
For starters, she was the most homophobic person I've ever met. She couldn't shut up about the fag and dyke jokes. Myself, being bisexual, took great offense to most of her slurs. She was also a die hard hick and absolutely loved country music. Now country music on its own is fine, if you like that kind of thing, but she bashed all other types of music ... most of which the ones I liked.
The biggest bummer was that I had a huge crush on her when we first met in our history class. She's a strawberry blonde with pale skin and has absolutely huge boobs. Her legs go on for days and she's in terrific shape. And what an ass ... my God! But, all of these physical traits couldn't hold back the tide of hatred that soon swept me away the more I got to know her.
Two things happened that sealed Tammy's fate ... and started my plotting for revenge. It all started the day I discovered her attempted play at my boyfriend. Tom and I were talking about "cheating" and he mentioned that at one of his frat parties Tammy had hit on him in a big way. He said she was drunk and all over him. He kept telling her that she needed some sleep and walking away. Eventually she cornered him in the bathroom and attempted to give him a blow job.
Of course I grew furious and asked why he hadn't told me. He replied that it was before I'd met Tammy and when he'd learned that she and I had become friends he didn't want to ruin our new friendship. Then when we became enemies he was afraid I wouldn't believe that he hadn't done anything. He had finally come clean because he was afraid that she would tell me and embellish the story.
I soon asked around and discovered to my growing horror that Tammy had seen the pictures of Tom and decided to steal him away. She had been quite open about it and told a number of or mutual friends. I love it ... I'm always the last to know!
I was trying to find a way to approach her about it. I was mad ... but not stupid. I'm sure she could beat me silly. Anyway ... what happened next was the last straw.
It was after track practice and a few of us were sitting on the bleachers cooling off. I'd kicked off my shoes and socks and was airing out my feet. Now a little bit of an embarrassing side note. I've always had a problem with the smell of my feet. All I have to do is wear a pair of shoes for an hour and my feet stink to high heaven. I've tried sprays and insoles but nothing seems to help. Well, I was attempting to keep my feet away from everyone so as not to embarrass myself.
Along came Tammy who sat right next to my feet. And started to look through her backpack. I had my eyes shut and didn't see her sit down.
"Good Lord!" she exclaimed, "Your feet smell like hell, Megan!"
I jumped up to she her plugging her nose and laughing at me. I turned and saw the rest of my team laughing as well.
"You could kill a small child with those!" she squealed and laughed some more.
Now I don't know about you, but for me ... being accused of smelling bad is really embarrassing. And considering I've had such an insecurity about me feet for so long I was mortified. Without thinking, I grabbed my gym bag and ran with tears brimming. Of course that made Tammy laugh even harder ... which furthered my humiliation.
That night I sat at home brooding over how to get even. I finally decided to make a list of all the things I knew about Tammy. I wrote all of her likes and hatreds and from that hatched my plan. At the time I was renting an art studio on the top floor of a dance academy. It was private and I had 24 hour access. The school was literally empty after 9:00pm. It was there that I prepared for the night. I searched the rest of the building, finding many useful things in the attic. I also paid a visit to my boyfriend at his lab and liberate a few items when he was out of the room.
The first step was to lure Tammy into my clutches. I called her dorm room and told her that we had to have a talk.
"About your stinky feet, maybe?" she laughed into the phone.
"No, its about what you tried with Tom."
The phone line got very quiet.
"So what ... you want to fight me or something, girl?"
"No ... I just want to talk. Tom and I are splitting up and I didn't want you to think it was because of you. You know we used to be friends, you and I."
I then faked a hitch in my voice as if I were about to start crying. I didn't think she would come out of pity, but I knew see would come to see me cry over something she had caused. Yes, she's that cool.
Of course she fell for it and said she could come after a party she was going to. I left the back door open and waited in the darkness. At about 9:45 I heard the door open and bang shut and Tammy start to ascend the stairs. Once she reached the half way point she called out to me. I'd turned all of the lights off and she was probably wondering why it was so dark.
"Up here!" I yelled.
"What with the lights?"
"They turn off the power in the main building after 9:00. There's light up here though."
I heard her start to climb again. I was in fact crouched in the darkened room across from my studio door and not inside. I saw her silhouette pass by and approach the closed studio. As soon as she opened the door I fired the gun I gripped.
The tranquilizer dart from Tom's Veterinary lab worked wonders. Seconds after it pierced her tight butt, she dropped in a heap on the studio threshold. I approached her prone body and soon got to work.
She awoke an hour later.
I had cleared my studio leaving the center of the room bare. After finding an antique examination table in the attic I had transplanted it to my studio. It looked more like a barber shop chair. It could extend fully backward and had stirrups for vaginal exams. To this I had bound Tammy securely. There were six straps in all. One was across her throat, another her waist, two more on her wrists and two on her ankles. She could barely move.
As her eyes fluttered open she glanced about the room groggily. I popped a capsule of ammonia under her nose and she revived with a comic start.
"What the hell's going on!" she spat.
I just smiled and watched the dawning horror as she attempted to move and found herself imprisoned.
"What do you want?" she stammered.
"I'm going to kill you." I replied.
The color dropped from her face and she screamed.
"Scream until you're horse Tammy. Remember the drive? There's no one around from miles. The industrial section closes down at night. No one to help you."
She began to whimper.
"Actually, I'm not going to kill you. But you may wish that I would after I get started with you."
A new look dressed her face ... that of deep concern.
"I don't feel there's much of a reason to explain why you are here. I'm sure you can answer that question better than anybody. Better than me probably. I'm sure there are even more offenses that I have yet to discover. At any rate ... this is, simple put, my revenge."
As I spoke I put a disk into the stereo. After a push of a button Marilyn Mason blared forth. Tammy's eyes jerked left and right at the sound. She could see that both five foot speakers had been placed next to her head. I then moved a sturdy drafting table towards the side of her chair. I laid a pillow on top and climbed up. I sat crossed legged and once again faced Tammy.
"Not your favorite is it?"
"Let me go."
"How about a little louder?" I then reached over and jacked the volume. I smirked as she flinched.
"Don't worry, this isn't all ... I have a lot more planned."
"If you beg well enough I just might let you go."
The begging began. It was odd to see how fast she was broken. I expected at least another twenty minutes of taunting before she reached this level. Well, I let her prattle on for about ten minutes.
"You can stop now. I wasn't going to let you go anyway. I just wanted to see if you would beg."
"You bitch!" she half snarled, half hiccuped.
"Bitch, am I. Well, maybe so."
I jumped down from the table and removed her shoes and socks.
"Talk about stinky feet, Tammy! PeeeYuuu!"
I kneeled and took a series of deep sniffs of her feet while keeping eye contact with her. I buried my nose between her cute little toes ... sniffed her heels and her soft pink soles all the while taunting her about how bad her feet smelled. It had the desired effect. She was amply embarrassed.
"By the way, did you know that I was bi?" I said as I stood up.
She looked at me in genuine confusion.
"You know, bisexual ... dyke, lezie, carpet muncher ... I'm sure you can think up more colorful names. Well, ever since we met I've been dying to see your tits."
"Oh my god ... gross!" she started to writhe in her bonds.
I grabbed a pair of craft scissors from my supply box. First I removed her jewelry. She thrashed around yelling incoherently.
"If you keep this up you just might get cut."
I held the scissors open beneath her nose and snapped them shut. She grew somber instantly. I turned the crank that spread the stirrups until her legs were spread as far as they would go ... and slightly bent at the knees. I then started at the bottom of her slakes and began to cut. I left her panties and moved to her blouse. I started at the cuff and cut up the sleeves and to the neck. I did this on both side and then off came the shirt. Her glorious orbs of flesh were revealed ... it appeared as if they were straining to burst from her bra. I reached forward and popped the front snap and ... there they were in all of their beautiful, enormous glory.
Tammy began to moan and squeezed her eyes shut. Spots of color bloomed on her cheeks in humiliation. I laughed and snipped her panties away as well. Her bush was neatly trimmed and the same color as the hair on her head. Very nice, I thought. I then reached forward and pinched one of her nipples. Her eyes snapped open and she launched into another torrent of screams for help. This time weaving in cries of rape as well.
I let her yell and reached into my supply box again. She was caterwauling too loud to hear the tearing sound of duct tape as I pulled a piece from the roll.
"TAMMY!" I yelled in her face. She stopped yelling instantly and looked at me wide eyed and tearful.
"Thank you," I said ... and smacked the duct tape over her pouty lips. Muffled pleas ensued.
" I was hoping to avoid that, but it doesn't look like you're willing to cooperate. Now let's see. "
I hopped back up on the table. I began to unlace my shoes as I spoke.
"Since you made such an issue about my feet the other day, I decided to let you sample something."
Her eyes snapped down in panic and became riveted on my hands as I finished undoing the laces.
"I'll have you know that these are the same shoes and socks that I wore the other day at track. I haven't taken them off."
This was no lie. Now remember what I'd said about my feet. It usually only takes an hour for them to get really ripe and that's no exaggeration. I'd been wearing these for two days straight. I'd been up and down the stairs at my apartment and the academy. A lot of walking ... not to mention the track practice as well.
I grabbed one of my shoes and pulled it off. OH MY GOD! I don't think I can even put it into words. I'm mostly used to my foot smell, but even I had to flinch. I've never smelt them as that bad before. I grasped the tip of my left sock with my finger tips and pulled it off. Even more foot reek was released into the room. Her eyes rolled like a spooked horse.
"Good lord, don't they smell!" I laughed.
I then pulled off the other sock. I inspected the large amount of sweaty toe-jam build up as well as sock fuzz. I stuffed both socks back into my running shoes and put them aside.
"I was going to have you eat my toe jam and lick between my toes but since you can't keep quiet I guess we'll have to regretfully skip that part of the plan."
Without much more ceremony I plopped both of my hideously reeking feet onto her terrified and disgusted face. I heard her strangled shrieks through the tape as she was forced to breath air through my slimy toes and soles. I laid back on my elbows and rubbed my feet all over her face. With my big toe I pushed up her nose, spreading her nostrils, and wiggled the toes of my other foot beneath ... releasing more gloriously wretched smell from between my stinky digits.
I did this for at least 30 mins while I sung along with the blaring music. Every once in a while I would drop my foot down to pinch her nipples with my toes or wiggle her clit with the ball of my foot or my heel. I always made sure to keep a stinky sole presented for her smelling enjoyment.
After a while of this torture I noticed that she had sunk to a shallow, rhythmic breathing and was staring at the wall, away from me. She was obviously trying to calm herself and pull some silly mediation thing so she could pretend this wasn't happening. Even with this effort I could see her eyes trying to roll up into her head and chills running through her body. She was in hell smelling my stinky feet and I was loving it!
"I'm sorry, am I boring you?"
Her eyes snapped back to attention. I hopped from the table and stood in front of her.
"Let me ask you something. Do you think I'm attractive?"
I then started to disrobe myself. She turned her head and squeezed her eyes shut again.
"Now, I know you want to see, Tammy. I know you want to do a lot more than look, don't you? Oh well, I guess we'll have to go back to my feet again..."
With my last comment she looked at me again in the cutest, pleading manner.
"That's a good girl ... now, where were we ... oh yes ... here we are..."
I untied my lace up blouse and let it fall open to reveal my breasts ... nipples both standing at attention. I ran my hands over them and teasingly pinched my nipples. I even licked my lips for her. I then undid my belt and let my pants slide down to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood before Tammy completely nude and horny as hell.
I approached her and every muscle in her body tensed. I turned the crank that leaned the chair back and I climbed on. It was kind of precarious but I straddled her chest and started to touch myself. I started by just rubbing my clit and then began to finger my pussy. The harder I frigged myself ... the juicier I got. Spatters of my pussy juice began to drip onto her upturned face.
"Keep watching..." I teased, "or its back to my stinky. smelly feet."
I continued to taunt her as I masturbated over her face.
"I noticed that you were yelling rape earlier. Well, that wasn't really rape was it? I mean really, Tammy. How could a woman rape another woman? Oh ... wait a minute ... that's right I almost forgot something. Now close you eyes, sweetie. Close them!"
She complied as I climbed off of the chair. What opened her eyes with a start was an 8 inch silicon cock plunging shaft deep into her waiting pussy! She looked down to she the thick dildo strapped to my waist with a harness. I grabbed her hips and started to pump her slow. She bucked and screamed under her tape gag. Tears squeezed out from the corners of her eyes. But she was completely immobilized and helpless ... in my power ... total and complete.
"So ... this is what it feels like to rape ... how does it feel to be raped, Tammy? Mmmmm, you like that big ol' cock in your pussy?"
I reached forward and began to twist and pinch her nipples. I then reached down and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I also pinched it between my thumb and index finger and watched her body jerk in response. I sped up my rhythm and fucked her hard ... rubbing her clit faster and faster.
At a lull between songs I noticed that she had grown quiet and wasn't screaming anymore. I looked at her face and realized a change. Her eyes were closed and her body was tensing as an orgasm hit her. She bucked and quivered as she cam.
"You bitch!" I screamed.
She opened her eyes and glared at me.
"What did you do ... fantasize you were getting fucked by a guy instead of me?"
I could almost see the grin of triumph in her eyes. While I had gotten carried away fucking her ... she had ruined the whole purpose. She made it so she'd actually enjoyed it and was able to cum. The bitch had ruined everything! In my anger I hatched a new scenario ... much more cruel than before.
"Is you ass virgin???" I screamed at her. "Is it virgin???"
I pulled out the dildo and slammed it up her ass! No preamble or niceties! I just rammed it in, grabbed her hips again, and started fucking her asshole hard and mean. She screamed louder than before, but to the same effect. I then reached over and grabbed the socks out of the shoes. I smothered her helpless nose right in the midst of a deep sniff. Her eyes popped open again and she made such a sound of bestial suffering that I had to laugh aloud.
"Smell my stinky socks while I fuck your tight ass! Yeah Tammy! Ohh I love your body, baby! You're so hot! I love to fuck you like this. Mmmmm, how do my feet smell? Sexy and stinky, huh? Oh yeah, you're Mommy's little girl! Mommy's good little girl! Does baby like it when Mommy fucks her good ... when Mommy fucks her tight little smelly asshole!!!??? Mommy's reaming your ass good isn't she??!!!"
I then shoved my tongue into her ear. I pushed it in and out fucking her ear with my tongue while I broke her ass in.
After a while I removed the cock from her ass and she lay in an exhausted heap. I took off the strap-on harness and climbed onto the chair again. With my back facing her and my vagina hovering over her chest I reinserted the dildo into her pussy and stared to fuck her again.
"Mmmmm, here comes a special gift for Mommy's little girl! All Mommys should give their little sweeties something gold."
Then I let go as a solid stream of my piss splattered her boobs. I'd never peed on anyone before and it was quit exciting. I immediately started rubbing my clit as I did so. I aimed some of the stream over her face and it beaded on the duct tape and trickled down her neck and into her hair. Now I could see the utter look of humiliation again and I was happy.
"My knees are getting tired." I said as I lowered my ass onto her face. I heard her frenzied sniffing and felt the air against my asshole. I stuffed the socks down there too, so she could get to experience the vinegar like stench of my feet along with my sexy smelling asshole. I reached down and tore off the tape ... she screamed as some of her skin was chaffed.
"Lick my ass bitch! This is the last part! Do good and you get to go home! Do bad ... and I wouldn't want to be you!"
Her tongue slipped into my asshole with serpent like grace. She licked and licked. She even eat out my pussy without being asked.
"Good, good girl! Mommy's pleased!"
I made sure I had my balance and I let go of the dildo, leaving it dangling for her pussy. I grabbed an ass cheek in both hands and lowered my ass even closer to her face.
"We've approached the final stretch, little girl!"
I heard her quick gasps beneath me and I knew she was finally broken and I'd had my revenge. There was just one more thing...
"Mommy is very pleased indeed! Now, my little sweetie, Mommy gave you a gift of something gold ... now its time for something brown. Open wide for Mommy!"
I could feel her jaw open beneath my ass. Revenge is sweet!


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