Tuesday, July 12, 2011


by Amber K.

When I was in high school I had a job baby-sitting two girls down the block from me. Sara was 13 and Summer was 15. We played a game called "Get the Seat or Smell My Feet". It was some game that Sara had played at a slumber party. When she told me about it I suggested we play. Little did I know previous to this...that both Sara and her sister had a foot fetish. Of course we never talked about it...but it was obvious to me. The rules were simple: A chair is set at the far end of a room. Everyone tries to sit in the chair. Those still standing are considered the losers...and must do some foot smelling. They lay on the floor, at the foot of the chair, and a smelly foot is plastered across their face...they must lay there and smell it for ten minutes.
We took their mom's chair from the den and set it in the rec room. I usually won due to my height advantage. Which was too bad for them...poor little things. I usually came over to sit after Drill Team practice...so my feet were pretty smelly I'm sure. Of course I let one of them win occasionally so I could do some smelling too.
When we played the game we would ware our socks...that way our feet would stay sweaty and the scent would be stronger. That was the point of the game. If you lost, you got a really smelly foot you had to endure. When the smelling began, the socks would be removed from the winners feet by the losers. They would kneel and peel off the socks...sniff them once to know what they were in for...then lay on their backs and prepare to be smothered. The bare foot would be placed mostly across your nose. Part of the game rules were that you were not aloud to breathe thru your mouth. So to make sure you were smelling the foot...you had to take deep breathes thru your nose. And you know the sound of someone sniffing loudly. It makes a distinct sound...you can also feel the airflow being sucked past your soles or toes. That's why I would get so hot when they were smelling my feet. It would be utter silence except for the sound of their sniffing and sometimes muffled moans or groans.
Usually, after playing this game all afternoon...the scent of my feet would be embedded in their skin. When their mother came home and kissed them hello...she would wrinkle her nose. Even their mother Claudia got a chance to smell my feet on her own daughters' cute little rosy cheeks. That really turned me on.
To this day I have fantasies about being tied up and forced to smell and worship Sara, Summer and their mother Claudia's feet. Those are three sexy women. All of which have really gorgeous feet!
I remember one time, when we were playing the game, I was warring shorts that I made from a pair of old sweat pants. The fabric was loose so I was able to pull up the one leg and reach my pussy. I switched between sliding my finger in and out and rubbing my clit ... and I also played with my asshole with the other hand. I think Sara knew what was going on because she had one leg crossed over the other and her hand between her legs...she was trying to be stealthy about touching herself but it was pretty obvious. I lost track of time and the smelling sessions went on significantly longer than the allotted time...I was about to cum but I knew I was going to make too much noise...so I claimed I needed to pee.
I finished my masturbation on the rug in their mom's bathroom. She had a clothing hamper and I dug out one of Claudia's pantyhose... I switched between sniffing the ass and crotch making myself wait till I could smell the feet. When I could feel my walls contracting and knew I was going to cum...I buried my nose in the toes of the pantyhose. To my horror...after smelling the strong smell of her ass and pussy...I could barely smell the lite scent of her sweet little feet. In a blind, lustful panic... I reached over...while continuing to fuck myself with three fingers and rubbing my clit with my thumb...and yanked the clothing hamper over...her clothes fell all over me and I rummaged thru them looking for a pair of her Gym socks. Finally when I reached a point of near sexual hysteria...trying to hold off my orgasm and not lose it...I laid my hands upon a pair of white ankle socks balled up together. I hurriedly unwrapped them. I could still see the slightly darker, sweaty imprint of her feet on the socks. I jammed them over my nose and inhaled. GOD!!!! They smelled fucking incredible! I could smell the mingled scent of her stinky feet and her well used gym shoes. Hours of her aerobics paid off for me in the deep reek of those socks. It was like a levee broke when my orgasm hit. I started convulsing...taking shuddering breathes thru Claudia's smelly socks. Images of her sweaty feet plastered across my face, and her shoving dildos up my ass and in my pussy while I was forced to smell, flooded my head. Thank God my squeals were muffled by her socks or I'm sure I would have had a lot of explaining to do when I got out of the bathroom. As it was, I had to explain why it took me so long to pee.

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