Sunday, July 10, 2011


By Author Unknown

    My name is Heather K., and I am happy to report that I have
followed the direction that other Women (more experienced Women),
such as yourself, have given to my generation. I currently own a
pathetic slave of my own. He is my stepfather, or rather former
stepfather, Richard. Believe it or not, this scrawny bald-headed
"dweeb" used to be married to my Mother. That was old in itself
because Mom was always an in-control type of a person. Traditional
and old-fashioned, but in-control! The only possible qualities I
could imagine she seen in him were his money and his ability to
obey. They married 6 years ago when I was 14, but divorced last
year. Since then, I have truly owned him, and I love treating him
like the filth he is.

   I wasn't too happy when Mom married the fool. Funny, I really
didn't consider him a man at all ! He wasn't like my father.
Richard was tall-about 6'3"-but he looked like a fugitive from a
"Revenge of the Nerd!s" flick. He looked older than 38 back then
(he's now 43). His balding head, weak chin and sorry face made him
look like the classic wimp. Nevertheless, Mom made me promise to
try and get along with him, which I did, but only in front of her.

   Back then I was only 14, but I should've figured him out!
Richard was very successful and moderately wealthy (wealthy enough
to hire a maid or a butler), but he insisted on getting everything
done within  the family. He volunteered to do the laundry, the
cooking, the dishes and all the outside chores-not something a man
with his own business usually does. My Mother was happy, thinking
that he was just being a good husband, but I thought it was

   Richard was also always eager to help. At dinner once, when I
wanted the salt and was about to get it from the kitchen, he leaped
up. "Oh, I-I'll get it!" he muttered, and fetched it for me. Mom
simply smiled, but I thought he was just a nerd. But these clues
didn't mean much to me until I reached 16 and discovered Richard
masturbating in the laundry room one Saturday morning. He had a
pair of my dirty panties over his head and a pair of my soiled
knee-hi nylons in his other hand and was pressing them to his nose.

   I was shocked at first, but then just laughed as he stroked
himself to climax. He didn't see me. I don't know why, but I had
such a rush thinking about how turned-on a man could be by my
underwear! It was a power rush-and it was especially exciting to me
at only 16.

   All of a sudden, the man that I couldn't stand for two years
intrigued me. Rather than hide myself from him, I teased him to
near cardiac arrest. When mom was busy with her own little antique
shop on weekends, I made sure that Richard got an eyeful of the
body he so desired. I began walking around the house in just my
panties and a bra, or a cut off tee, or my bikini, or my leotard.
He was a babbling idiot when I did this. I even convinced him to
start exercising with me on weekend mornings. I would put on an
exercise video (along with my sexiest, skimpiest leotard) and made
sure that he was always behind me during the routine so that I
could give him a face-full of my leotard-clad ass. It was really
fun to tease him like this. To get my sweaty, leotard clad ass as
close to his face seemed like a mission to me, and if my ass
"accidentally" bumped his face or head during the exercise, I would
pretend I didn't feel it.

   Soon thereafter, Richard became enthusiastic about my morning
aerobics. He would wake me up and say things like, "Heather? I'm
ready for our workout." I just laughed to myself. "Yeah, you're
just ready to gaze upon my ass !" I'd think to myself. We continued
another 6 months before I made a discovery.

   Richard and Mom went to the symphony one night and I snuck into
his study. A couple of the huge desk drawers were locked, but I
found the key. In them, I found dozens of magazines and papers
about Female Domination and his journal. (men are so ignorant !
They have diaries, but call them journals because they don't want
to admit their sensitive side). Anyway, I read through them with a
renewed interest. He had some stories and articles highlighted, and
by these I figured out that he loved to be demoralized by Women. He
loved insults, name-calling and had a foot-fetish. I went through
his "journals" to confirm this.

   The journals were especially interesting! In them, "I" must've
been mentioned a hundred times. He wrote about how beautiful I was
(I'm 5'4", 110 lbs.. with a 34B-22-33 figure, long blonde hair, and
a pretty face), how much he loved living with me, and how he'd do
anything-give anything-and pay anything just to worship my feet. My
feet!? Of all things on my gorgeous body, he wanted my feet!
"Hmmm"...I thought, "maybe I am more beautiful than I think?" I was
anxious to see what I could get away with.

   The next day was Saturday. As usual, I exercised my little ass
in front of his stupid face. But, this time I purposely "let off
wind" in his face 2 or 3 times. He didn't protest or say anything,
and I simply smiled, pretending I wasn't aware of my little dirty
deed. Richard would later tell me that he was honored to accept my
fart in his face.

   By the time I finished high school, I had Richard so obsessed
with me that it was driving him bonkers. Sometimes, I would come
out of the bathroom in just a towel and paint my toe-nails right in
front of him. By 18, I had him painting my toenails for me, and on
my 19th birthday I had told him that I knew about His Female
Domination Fantasies and was going to tell my mother. The sap fell
to my booted feet and begged me not to, and I blackmailed him for
a new wardrobe and a used car.

   I had already been dominating him for 6 months before my mother
announced their divorce. I wasn't disappointed! Richard moved out
into an apartment, and within a month bought a new home. That is
when I arrived. I told him I was moving in. He was more than happy
until I explained it was conditional based upon his obedience for
the first month. He nodded in agreement, and I moved in

   That first test month was a blast! I bossed him around so badly
it was hysterical ! He ran around  fetching things for me, cooked,
and cleaned my panties by hand. I slapped him, whipped him, spit on 
him, kicked him and treated him like garbage-and he loved it so
much that he thanked me! I loved it too, so  much in fact, that I
invited a couple of my dearest friends over to join in the fun!
After dinner and wine  (prepared by fool, of course), we made him
massage out stockinged feet and lick our leather shoes clean.  Dee, 
my Hispanic friend, was really into it. She wore ankle-high black
boots and made him slurp them  clean before she gave him fifty
swift kicks in the ass with them Hee-Hee. I loved it! We made him
smell  and kiss our stinky nylon clad feet and  spit into his mouth
and face, and slapped him with a paddle  repeatedly. I made Richard
kiss ass one hundred times in front of  my friends, I used his hand
as an  ashtray too. Finally myt friends left. They didn't want to
go because we were having so much fun  humiliating the wimp, but it
was getting late and I wanted to go to bed.

    Things couldn't be better now! All I do is go to school 3 days
a week and live like a queen. Richard  does all the household
chores, including my laundry and my homework. He pays for
everything and  worships the ground I walk on. The pathetic moron
is my butler, my maid, and a foot wipe. His face has  been 
thoroughly slapped by my hand, panty and shoe, and his ugly ass
nearly beaten raw. I especially  love spitting in his stupid face
and mashing it with my stockinged feet. l! He's an obedient 
puppy-dog slave.

   Female Domination has always intrigued me. I know that we are
Superior to men, and I abuse the privilege. Funny how a tiny girl,
like me, can control such a big man so completely. I mean, my slave
is more that a foot taller, twice my size and weight, and more than
twice my age. Yet, I own him completely! He never disobeys because
he knows that I'll beat his ass to a bloody pulp, and I enjoy
threatening him with discipline too. I currently own an outfit for
everyday of the year, two cars, 3 dozen pairs of shoes and lots of
gold. Richard buys them all for me out of respect, which is what a
lowly male SHOULD do! I live like royalty and have a man to kick
around. What more could a girl ask for? Thank you, V., I am now
consistent reader of Corporal, The Dominant View, and Capitulation,
and I always will be!

   With Admiration,


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