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MOLLY REED DISCOVERS HER FEET (and so does her little brother!)

(and so does her little brother!)
by Amber K

Hi. My name is Molly Reed. I ain't had much schooling ... but I get along OK. Point is ... my writing may not be up to par ... but bare with me all the same, K? Ok let's get this baby started: First off, I hate my little brother. He's 10 and he's a real pain in my ass. Secondly, I'm a bitch! I don't care about it either. I feel I've earned the right. Anyway, Mama's a bitch too, so I guess it runs in the family. Well, this is all about my dumb turd-head brother and how I finally showed him what's what. If you ever want to know how to deal with a little shit-head brother, listen up.
See, my Mama, her name's Sally-Ann, me, and my dumb brother Bucky live at the Twilight Trailer Park off the 90 between Sinclair and Yaboo City. Its a pretty crappy place but its home, I guess. My Pa split when I was four and left me and Mama high and dry. Grand-daddy Emerson had the Silverbullet trailer parked out behind his farm and Ma and I moved in when all the money ran out. Eventually we saved up enough cash to buy a trailer at Twilight and we've been there ever since.
Everything was OK until about 10 years back. When I was 8 I went to spend a summer with my Auntie Kimmy in Georgia. While I was gone, my Pa showed up at the Twilight like he was back to stay. I guess he and Ma nailed it that night. In the morning Pa was gone and so was our savings that had been hidden in a Folgers can under the porch. To make things even worse, 8 1/2 months later out pops baby bro. Cute, huh?
Well, Mom works full time at Buck's Juke which is a truck stop roadhouse kinda place. Ma named Bucky after the owner Big Buck Forbes. They were supposed to get hitched for a while there but I guess it just didn't fly. Anyway ... so here I am only 9 and I have to raise my baby brother all by myself. Mama was always working. So it was just me and Bucky. This went on until I was 13.
Man, that little brat would follow me everywhere. There was this guy named Tommy Redding who lived in a trailer down the row from us. He was 23 and cute as hell. I used to let him feel me up behind the old water shed. I even let him put his fingers in me once. Golly that hurt something fierce. He jammed three of his big old fingers right up in my pussy. I know he musta broke something in there cause it hurt like the devil! Anyway ... there was Bucky everytime; peering out from the bushes or from under a trailer or peeking around old MacReady's 67 Ford flatbed. That was my bro ... skulking around and spying like a little turd.
I couldn't stand it. Always, "where ya goin' sissy? Whatcha doing? How come you let that fella kiss on ya, sissy?" All innocent dumb-ass doe eyes staring up at me like some slack-jawed retardo. Like I said, by the time I was 13 I couldn't bide by it no more.
See, I helped out with money by cleaning some of the other folks' trailers at TT. Mostly just the old buzzards who couldn't dust cause of their emph'zema and arthritis. Well I was cleaning out old Mrs. Tasks' kitchen and I found a whole heap of money stuffed under the stove. They were all really old bills like form 1957. I just stuck it in my pocket and finished cleaning. When I got home I climbed up on the roof, cause Bucky's was too little to follow me, and counted my find. There was exactly $353.00.
I laid there on the roof baking in the sun listening to the little brat hollering to wake dead: "come down, sissy! Whatcha doin' up thar, sissy???"
I decided I couldn't stand another minute. I climbed down, went inside, packed my things, took Bucky to Mrs. Magruder's and headed for the bus stop. I went all the way to Georgia if you can believe it! I stayed with Auntie Kimmy and her new husband Bob Gants. I called Mama a week after I had left and boy was she pissed! All the while she was scolding me I could hear the little turd in the background "Is that sissy? Lemme talk, Mama! Where is she! Did she run away, Mama?"
AHHHHHHH!!!!! I hate him!
Well, I liked it in Georgia. I went back to school which didn't last long. Me and my PE teacher had a fling. He got fired and I got kicked out. Bum deal if you ask me. I heard him and his wife moved to California. HeHe ... I didn't even know he had a dang wife!
Well, like I said, I liked Georgia just fine. Auntie Kimmy is great. Uncle Bobby was kind of a pain though, at first. Everytime I turned around he wanted to show me his big ol' cock. I swear to you. Auntie Kim would go out to the HandleBrake Grocery and Uncle Bob's giant peter would pop out and he'd be trying to get me to suck on it. I ain't lying.
Just for the hell of it I tried on New Years. Auntie Kim passed out drinking JD and Uncle B pulled out his dick and started pumping it right there in the yard. I can't say I minded when he did it. I mean, a girl can tell why Auntie married him. He's got one helluva peter. Anyway, as I was saying, I didn't mind watching him jack it. For some reason, I guess it was the booze, I tried to suck it like he always asked. I swear I could barely wrap my lips around the monster! As soon as I did though, he grabbed the back of my head and knotted his fingers in my hair and started to fuck my mouth. The harder he pumped the more that fat cock began to jam down my throat. I was gagging up a storm and trying to get away, but he was drunk as a skunk and none the wiser to my fidgeting. I did my best to relax my throat and let it slide down there. Finally he pushed all the way in and my nose was buried in his pubs. When I think about it I still can't believe that 9 inch cock fit in my throat.
The only thing was I couldn't breath. I mean not at all. Not even though my nose! I was seeing spots, but he just kept fucking my mouth and throat like crazy. Then I felt his whole body start to jitter like he was being shocked by a truck battery. Before I knew what was happening he was shooting his hot, heavy load down the back of my throat. I tried to pull away but he just pushed his cock as deep as it would go. My throat started swallowing on its own. Hell, if I didn't I would've croaked I guess. He started to pull it out and I choked a bit and some of his cum came out my nose. I guess he wasn't done, cause right after he pulled out his cock spit on my cheeks and lips at least four more times before it started to go soft.
I punched him in the gut and ran into the house. I was pissed, but I was really hot too! I didn't want him to know that though, at least the part about being hot. Well, I spent the next year playing around with Bobby. I let him fuck my ass on the 4th of July while Auntie Kim was downstairs making lemonade. Later that night I heard them messing around I peeked though their door and saw she was giving him head. It turned me on to know that Auntie Kim was tasting my ass as well as Bobby's cock. I finger fucked myself in the hall while they fucked.
I know I'm running on here ... but I'm gettin' there. Things all came to head on Bobby's birthday. We all got trashed in the yard with some of Bobby's buddies from the mill. Around midnight Auntie Kim stumbled inside to pass out. I helped her into bed and helped her get undressed. I pulled off her shorts and came face to face with her pussy. It was a hot June night and she was sweating. The aroma of her pussy seemed to fill up the whole damn room! I was drunk as hell and teetering a bit. It was like in those old movies where a guy hypnotizes someone ... it was like that except it was Auntie Kim's pussy hypnotizing me ... get it?
Anyway, don't ask me what I was thinking, but I fell to work on it. I mean in a real sloppy way. I was licking and drooling up a storm. Her pussy juice was all over my face and dripping down her inner thighs. The next thing I know someone's yanked down my shorts and jamming a fat cock in me. I was all sorts of wet so it slide in to the hilt with no prob. I could tell right away it was Bobby's meat hammering me.
The rocking motion just pushed my face harder into that juicy, pink, pussy. I slipped my middle finger up her hinny which made her really start to squirm even though she was out like a light. That got me really hot and started to jam it HARD! That was the big baddie that finished it all.
Auntie woke up just as she came. I saw her looking at me and at her husband all the while shaking from her cum. I guess Bobby had his eyes closed cause he didn't stop. My face continued to slam against her pussy. She tried to scramble away, but having just been passed out cold and also having cum, she was all rubbery and only managed to grind her pussy into my chin and kick her legs.
Finally she found her voice and screamed like a diesel horn! Bobby blew his load the second before she belted me and yelled out. The next thing she was flying at him all nails and teeth. It was ugly. We all tussled. I tried to give as good as I got but Auntie whooped me I guess.
I don't really have to say, but I had to move out right quick. I got a room over Benn's Bar & Lounge and had been there for about a month when I got a call from Bobby saying my Mama had gotten hurt and needed me to come home. I packed my stuff and borrowed some cash from Uncle Bobby and headed back to the Twilight.
I got home just in time to see a towtruck hauling off Ma's old Chevy that she'd had when I'd left. Come to find out that Ma had takin to drink in the last two years and turned into a real lush just like Granddaddy. She'd banged up the car something good and pulled her back all out of wack. She'd nailed a big-ass rock so no one else got smashed ... but she had to spend time in the jail. After she got out she called Auntie Kim and wanted me to come back and help out till she was on her feet again.
Bucky was staying with Auntie Carolanne and Uncle Craig ... but Mama still needed to pay the bills. I took over her job at the roadhouse all that summer. Boy that sucked! My feet have never hurt so bad in my life! But it would just so happen that working there changed my life forever!
See, when I would get home and pull of my boots and finally peel off my socks ... my foot-stink would reek out the whole damn trailer. I could remember Mama's feet stinking but not this bad. It was a serious deal for me. How can a girl get dates with her feet smelling so God-awful, I would think.
I mean, I went home with a guy I met at the roadhouse ya know? We got to it in his van. I was on my back and I put my knees back which set my feet near his face. He adjusted in the middle of pumping me and my feet settled, accidentally, right over his face as he took at big sniff of air through his nose. He got all feet!
"Jezzzus, darlin'!" he yelled, "don't you ever wash those things, girl?"
"Not lately, cowboy!" I yelled back. I was pissed! "Since you don't know how to treat a lady you can take me home!"
"Oh common ... what if I say I'm sorry, sugar?"
I hate it when guy call me sugar ... plus I was pretty miffed. "Nope ... you can go home with the blue-balls ... or you can tell me my feet smell like roses!"
"OK, baby ... you're dang feet smell like roses! Happy?"
He started to fuck me again. The nerve! "Not so fast," I say. I put my feet back on his face. He tried to pull away. "Nope, this is how you're going to fuck me or you ain't fucking me a'tall, sugar!"
He was none too pleased, but he didn't want the blue-balls so he kept pumping. I pushed my heels hard against his mouth sealing off the air. I felt him pull breath between my toes and I moved my soles up to cover his face. I felt the air sucked past the slimy skin and I knew he was getting my stank-feet full force. His cock started to soften a bit so I reached up and began to flick and pinch his nipples. He got rock hard again much to my extreme pleasure. This guy was smelling the stinkiest feet ever and fucking me for all he was worth anyway. I'd never in my life felt in so much control over a man. It was fucking great!
"Ya, that's it stud ... fuck me harder! Harder! Yaaa ... smell my stinky feet ... don't you like?" I taunted.
I could feel my climax getting closer and I was so turned on I was getting dizzy. Either that, or it was the smell of my feet. You couldn't smell anything else in the van by now.
Anyway, the idea of him having to smell my feet was making me crazy. Not just because he was smelling my feet ... but because he was smelling my feet and my feet reeked! The fact that they stunk to beat the devil made it sexy. Well, with each thrust I started to chant the word "smell" basically under my breath. This wasn't for him to hear but to increase my enjoyment of the situation. As he pounded me hard I got louder and louder till I was screaming "SMELL" with ever damn thrust.
Finally he whipped out his cock and started pumping his cum all over me. I pressed my feet against his face still and chanted rapidly "smell em', smell em', smell em', smell em'" as rope after rope of his thick cum drenched me. I attacked my clit with pinching, pulling, rubbing and damn near tearing it off. I came like crazy watching him cum as he was forced to smell those hideous feet of mine.
I never saw him again after that night.
After that event I became almost obsessed with my feet and their smell. Hell, all foot smell for that matter... not just mine. Whenever the girls at work would catch a break for a minute in the kitchen ... they would usually pull off their shoes and rub their aching feet. I would purposely drop my pen or ordering pad, bend down to pick them up, putting my nose as close as I could to their exposed sole and taking in the aroma of stink. It got me soooo hot. I can't really say if it was the smell ... or if it reminded me of that night with the cowboy ... but it got me wet as a river. Even if they would complain about their feet or shoes stinking I would get wet. Funny how a girl can change so quick.
One night, a waitress named Kathy was complaining about how bad her shoes made her feet sweat .. and due to the sweating they would stink. I said that I'd had a pair just like that and they hadn't made my feet sweat. Actually I was being honest. She was sitting at the bar as we closed up for the night. She lifted her bare foot up and placed it on the bar.
"Oh ya," she said "tell me this don't stink!" she said in all seriousness.
Her foot was really sexy looking. Short pudgy toes and a wide foot with a high arch. The sole was incredibly pink and particles of her socks were gummed between her toes. I leaned forward and sniffed.. What a reek! They may not have smelled as powerful as mine, but it was more than enough to make me soak through my panties in a flash. As my nose touched her sole, before I could stop it, my tongue snaked out and tasted her sweaty foot. The taste matched the smell ... and my tongue brought it back into my mouth filling my senses with its salty and musky taint. She didn't seem to notice the quick lick, but she did notice my nipples sticking out like bullets through my thin summer blouse.
"Did it just get cold in here, girl?" she asked with a smirk ... having no idea just what her feet had done to me. Probably for the best.
That night I went home to find Mama passed out on her bed reeking of whiskey. I pulled off her jeans and boots and was about to tuck her in when ... you guessed it .. I saw her feet. I don't mind saying my Ma has sexy feet. They're big ... bout a size 9 or 10 ... but they look right. If you know what I mean. Well, after the boost I'd had sniffing Kathy's foot I was a little crazed. I knelt down and sniffed one of Ma's feet. That was all it took!
I knew how Mama got on her binders. She'd be out cold till morning. A flash of Auntie Kim waking up flashed in my head ... but hell ... that was different. Ma's bed was up high on a platform in the trailer. I pulled up a chair to the foot of the bed. Siting in it my head was at perfect level. I positioned both feet side by side making a cup with her soles. I leaned into them with her toes coming to rest on my forehead. I held my breath as I slipped my finger into my panties and began to rub and finger my pooner. I held my breath until I started to see spots behind my eyelids and then I inhaled deeply though my nose.
I remember saying "oh Mama, oh Mama" over and over ... but I wasn't thinking about her ... I was thinking about the cowboy ... I was fantasizing that I was him as he fucked me having to smell my feet. Later I remembered half consciously repeating "Oh Mama" which I felt was kinda weird. Anyway ... I came like a thunderstorm in July. No kiddin'!
Well, now we come to the meat of the matter. What I promised y'all. How to deal with little turd head brothers.
Bucky showed up unexpectedly one Saturday morning. I was cooking breakfast for me and Ma and he just walks into the trailer bold as the Lord. I'd forgotten how much he bugged me until I laid eyes on him again. Ma was happy to see him. She hugged him and he all the while just kept staring at me like a deer in headlights.
"Got a problem, bratty?" I said.
"Molly Lynn Reed!" my Ma scolded me, "be nice to little Bucky he hasn't seen you in a long time!"
"No long enough." I said under my breath.
"Look how big he's gotten Molly!"
"Ya whatever ... there goes the trailer park!"
You see, you havta understand, I'd developed a kind of habit now. I would come home from work around 2 or 3 in the morning. If Ma was passed out I would have my way with her feet. If she was just plain sleeping, I would smell my own. The point is ... I was used to these little sessions. Now, brat was here ... and that spoiled everything.
The whole thing came to a head about a month ago. It was right after my eighteenth birthday. It was a Sunday and I hadn't smelled Ma's feet in over a month ... and I'd only smelled my own three or four times other then when I just took off my shoes. No matter what time I came in ... I'd no sooner think I was alone when: "Whatcha doin', sissy?" There'd be a sleepy eyed Bucky in his underwear lingering in my doorway!
When I was on a walk behind the trailer park I found a group of old junked out trucks, washing machines and such. There was an old matters between some of em. It was pretty gross but it gave me an idea. I went back to the trailer and got a blanket. Ma was already on her way to a pass-out and it wasn't even 3 in the afternoon. Go Ma! So, I get the blanket and I go back to the mattress. I spread it out and sit down.
Now, ever since I discovered my feet I had stopped washing them. They had since that time grown into such a powerhouse of smell that I can't even begin to describe them. I sat on that blanket staring at my shoes and imagining the hot sweaty, stinky feet within. I slipped my finger between my sock and shoe and my foot. My feet were slimy all right! I effortlessly slide my finger along my foot and hooked it under my heel. I pulled my finger out and savored the heady reek ... then sucked the scum like residue from it.
Now, the moment of truth. I was alone with my feet and I was sooooo hot! First I pulled off my jean shorts and started teasing my pussy. Making it as wet as possible. Spreading the lips ... tickling my clit ... almost inserting a finger but then at the last minute pulling away. I was driving myself crazy! With my free hand I reached down and began to unlace my shoes.
I looked up in panic at the sound. Then I saw him. The little fucking turd-head brat. He was crouching behind one of the trucks ... SPYING ON ME!
"BUCKY!!!!" I shouted. He nearly fell over. "Get over her right fucking NOW!" I screamed.
He came walking over knowing he was busted. But instead of most normal people, he didn't say sorry or nothin'!
"Whatcha doin', sissy?" is all he said.
You have to understand ... he's never asked that question as a joke ... he honestly can never figure it out even if he's lookin' at the damn thing. At least that's the way it seems. What a retardo!
"What am I doing??!!!" I shouted. I then realized I still had my finger on my clit. My face I'm sure got even more red!
And that was when it happened. I lost it. I mean really, really lost it. I mean buck-crazy, blood-shit lost it!
"I'll show you what sis is doin' you little turd!" I said and made a grab at him. His eyes widened with shock and he tried to dodge me but I grabbed him. I wrestled him down onto the mattress and overpowered him in a split second.
I half pulled off my right shoe so that just my socked heel was sticking out. I jammed his face down there pushing his nose into the space between my heel and the inside of my shoe. I started to pump my foot up and down forcing the smelly air out like the bellows in Granddaddy's metal shop. That reeking, foot-foul stench was forced up Bucky's nostrils. He choked and gagged and tried to worm out of my grasp but I held him tight. It reminded me of when Bobby force-fucked my mouth while hold my head. Just as soon as that memory popped into my little head, my pussy started to drip onto the blanket. I was sopping!
I remember laughing really deep in my throat. I'd never heard myself make that kind of sound before but I was too wild to care right then.
"You're going to suffer Bucky! We're going to have this out once and for all. You're going to learn that I am the boss. No more sneaking and spying! No more "Whatcha doin', sissy". You hear me, bitch??!!"
Without giving him time to answer I flattened him on his back and sat on his chest. I ripped off both shoes and socks and even outdoors the force of my footsmell seemed to engulf the mattress and old trucks. I took my damp and reeking socks and hung them over his nose.
"Sniff em' bro. Smell sis's stinky socks."
I then stuffed one in his mouth and pushed the toe end of the other against his nostrils. He tried to pull away as he was overwhelmed by their smell. The crusty toe-end of the socks was rubbing his nose red. It was great.
I reached over and grabbed my shoes. I reached inside and pulled out the cushiony insole. It had a perfect imprint of my foot and toes. The imprint was nearly black in parts, but mostly yellow. It felt kind of greasy from my foot sweat too. I pulled out the other one and inspected it as well.
The socks were no longer on his face and he was starring up at me in confusion and fear. I grabbed an insole in each hand and began to rub them all over his face. They slide on his skin with ease making a sloppy sound. I laughed with glee the whole time!
"Stick out your tongue you little bitch!"
His little pink tongue poked out and I rubbed each of the insole from heel to toe over his tongue. The surface of his tongue was soon coated in yellowish slime just like his face. That gave me an idea ... so I reached down and hooked my finger between my toes and dug out all of my toe-jam. I put all of it in the palm of my hand and rolled it all together making a sticky little black ball.
"Open up!"
His mouth reluctantly opened and I popped the toe-jam ball in.
"2 points!" I yelled. "Now chew it all up and swallow! I want you to eat my toe cheese."
Bucky did just that. He chewed and grimaced and then chewed some more. While he did this I gave him another sample of my socks.
After he swallowed I just sat there for a minute panting and looking at him. Finally I started talking again.
"You know what's next don't you?"
I lifted both my feet and slowly lowered them over his face. I wiggled my toes and arched my soles as I brought them closer and closer to his twitching little nose.
"Oh God, your gonna love this, Bucky."
Then he was smellin' nothing but feet. I gave him the works! I rubbed my feet hard and then soft all over his face. I delicately tickled his nose with my toes. I mercilessly smothered him with my odorous soles. I used the heel of one foot to push his nose back, which spread his nostrils open and then laid my toes over his lips so he could get a real good smell. I have no idea how long I subjected him to my rank foot-stink. I was in a trance.
Now remember the whole time I'd been sitting on his chest without any underwear, my bare pussy was soaking through the chest of his shirt. I took my feet off his face and let him get some air. I didn't want him passing out on me. I wasn't finished teaching him his manners yet and he was starting to look kinda woozy.
A t that point I noticed the wet spot I'd made on his shirt with my pussy juice. He looked down and noticed it too. Then his eyes came to rest on my swollen pussy just inches from his face.
Once again I went and did something without thinking about it first. I grabbed the back of his head, slide forward and slammed his face into my pussy.
"Lick me you little fucker ... make sis cum!" I shouted.
I'm sure he had no idea what I meant exactly but I smashed his face harder against my sopping wet pussy and ground hard. I was literally siting on his face now with my hand behind his head holding him in place. After more orders he began to lick. It felt fucking great ... my pussy damn near covered his entire little face. Ya, part of me said "Molly, this is your brother!" But the other part said "Fuck it".
After a bit I came hard all over his face. When I climbed up he had the look like he knew I was in power. Things were going to be different. I pushed him up to a standing position over the mattress. I laid back down and started to writhe around like a cat. I was way out of control.
"See sissy's body, Bucky? From now on ... you're my fucking slave." I continued to writhe around spreading my legs and feeling myself while I talked to him. "I need a lot to make me happy, Bucky. You're going to have to work hard and do everything I say! Now ..." I rolled onto my knees with my ass in the air pointing towards him... I arched my back which spread my ass cheeks wide giving him a grand view of my puckered anus... "... smell my butthole ... NOW!"
I then felt his nose tickling my asshole and heard the sniffs and groans of displeasure. I bumped my ass into his nose with a fucking motion. The whole while I rubbed my clit. "Lick it ... put your tongue in and clean me!"
While he reamed me I came again.
By this point we were both exhausted and we walked back to the trailer.
When we got inside we found Ma dead drunk. Bucky ran toward her and started shaking her trying to wake her up. He was trying to tell Ma!
"I guess you haven't learned, Bucky!"
I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him off Mama. Still holding the little shit, I used my free hand to peeled off Mama's house slippers and sweatpants. I pushed her legs apart with my foot until she was spread. She never even batted an eyelash. I pushed his face into her pussy and made sure he got a good sniff. He tried to pull away again but I held him good. I reached back and pulled his pants down.
"LICK!" I told him.
And then I began to swat him. I spanked his cheeks red while I forced him to eat out Mama. I think worst of all for him ... Ma started really liking it and moaned and bucked. Don't know what kind of dream she was having to go along with it but she was lovin' it.
I then pulled him back and pushed his face into Mama's stinky feet. I know she hadn't bathed in a few days so they had to be ripe. I continued to spank him while he smelled her foul smelling souls and toes. I made him lick out her toe jam and eat it just like he had done with mine.To make his humiliation even more hardcore, I went to reach under and grab his pecker. I was going to say something like "does this thing work?". But when I got a hold of it ... it was hard as a rock!
"What!" I hissed.
We'll fix that I thought. I was sitting on the floor, but I grabbed hold of one my ankles and lifted my foot up. I still had hold of his head so I spun him away from Ma's feet and smashed his face into the slimy sole of my foot and kneaded his nose with my toes.
"Deep breaths," I whispered " take it all in ... that's it." His body started to buck under the strength of my reeking stank-foot. Obviously they hadn't mellowed any since I'd taken off my shoes earlier. "Not like Mama's are they? Yaaaa ... take it all in, Bucky. Smell that stinky bitch..." For some reason calling my foot a "bitch" really turned me on even more.
After at least 10 minutes his little prick was still hard. I finally gave in. I climbed on my hands and knees again and brought my ass down low. I reached back and pointed at my asshole.
"Put it in right here..." I hissed at him.
He clumsily mounted me. He obviously had no idea what to do with an erection other than bat it around or what ever little boys do at that age. He had the worst time getting it in. Finally I felt it poke into my asshole and slide up my hinny. His little penis felt like a pencil after what I'd been used to from Uncle Bobby, but it felt good all the same. Now I knew for sure that I had him beat. Anything I could think of he'd do. Maybe I could make him fuck Mama one of these nights? I realized he was just sitting there with his penis in my butt, not moving.
"You've seen how the doggies do it ..."
He started to hump my behind in fast jerky motions. I pulled my upper body high and came face to foot with Mama's stinkers. Now I thought ... I'll be able to have Ma's feet when ever I want. So if you can imagine the scene ... here's my 10 year old brother ass-fuckin' me as I smell my own Mama's feet. Kinda sounds sick when you think about it like that ... but hey ... who said my family was normal? I found some toe-jam between Mama's toes that Bucky had missed I wormed it out with my tongue and started to chomp. It was salty and rank! Wonderful! It doesn't get much better than that.
I guess y'all want a moral to the story. Well, there ain't none. Maybe next week after I get Bucky to fuck Mama when she's passed out I'll think of one. One thing though that I've been thinkin'. Bucky's got a little friend named Tammy. I bet she'd like to smell my feet too ...HeHe. Maybe she could lick Mama too. That would be sweet. I could get a taste of lil' Tammy's asshole while she was at it. Ohhhh ... ain't life grand? I wonder how many fingers her ass can take. Or maybe toes. Hmmmmm....

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