Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bet With Rachelle

The Bet With Rachelle
By Maygusmaster

This is a short story of a bet between me and a very good friend of mine,

I first met Rachelle at an arcade (of all the places!). I was playing KOF '97,
and doing very well. I was using my favourite team of Benimaru, Shingo,
and '97 Kyo. I didn't really give it much thought, as she watched me from
the moment I first put in my token. Just watching another guy playing.

I had made it up to the fight with the Orochi Team, using only Beni, never
loosing a round. As the dialog was going across the screen, I looked over,
and was rather surprised. Not only was she still watching me, but she was
right next to me, at player 2's side!

She told me she was impressed with my winning streak, and had never seen
anyone get so far on any game with such speed.

I continued on with the game, but I was obviously distracted. I made a lot of
careless mistakes, on just the first fight. I was able to come back, with out too
much trouble. However, by the second fight, I was almost out. It was only
through repeated Desperation Moves that I came out. For the final round, I was
down to virtually nothing. I was able to send him back with a DM, & charge up
to unleash a Super DM for the win.

I looked over, and she was no longer there. I then looked back to the screen,
and saw her reflection, to my side. There she was, mere inches from me. She
seemed to be as entranced in the game as I was! I quickly glanced over this short
blond. She looked real hot. I stopped as my vision came to her feet. She was
wearing a stunning pair of silver platform sandals! I was rather annoyed that there
wasn't enough light for me to see what colour nail polish she was wearing. DAMN!

"Hey! The game's started!"

I looked at the screen, and I was too in shock to be embarrassed. I'm sure she
noticed me looking at her. But I don't know if she realized I was entranced by her
feet, or since I'm taller, if she thought I was dreaming about her boobs.

After probably one of my best come-backs ever, I just barely pulled off the

We didn't say nothing during the ending, and it wasn't until the credits that
she spoke again.

"You play that game pretty good."


"I'm Rachelle."

"Yaaah...I'm David."

It was obvious that she had my attention, and I was totally under her spell.

When it became available to the home system, we played it a lot. I always beat
her, although sometimes, I'd let her win a few fights. Not only in that, but in all the
games we played.

"You know, I hate it, how you always win."

"Not always! "

"The times you let me win, don't count."

"So, what's your problem," I said, mocking annoyance.

"I don't know...let's make a bet. We play a match. The loser is the winner's
slave for the rest of the afternoon. Deal?"

"I don't know. I mean, I don't want you to have to commit yourself..."

"What, afraid I may actually beat you for once!"

"Ok, you're on!"

We played teams of 4. I picked all of the weaker fighters, to give her a fair
chance, but I wasn't holding back for this one.

She picked all the best ones, and we went at it. It came down to the last one.
I really hadn't expected her to be so hard. I figured she could take one, maybe
two of them out. But three!?

She made a huge miss, and I was set to nail her with my super. But, I missed,
and she teleported right behind me. One MAX Super later, and my character's
kissing ground...Crap.

Rachelle had known about my foot fetish, and decided now was the time to go
for it.

She had black mules on, with a dark, navy shade of blue on her nails. She had
me kneel before her. Reluctantly (still mad that I lost), I did. Now, I'm actually
glad I did.

She placed each foot on my knees, and told me to massage her feet, shoe and

It was maybe five minutes, before she told me to stop, and to take her shoes
off. Then, I was to continue my work.

My hands were real sweaty, as they reached to take the shoe off at the heel.
That was all that was in my vision. Her foot, each detail of it, and the she that
imprisoned it. It was now my duty, and pleasure, to free her from her bonds.

Slowly, it slid off, with my fingers sliding down the smooth, soft, delicate
sole. When my fingers reached her toes, I gently rubbed them, each of us sighing
deeply. I began with the second foot.

After another five minutes or so of rubbing her feet, Rachelle had me stop
again. She told me to remove my shirt, which I did, too entranced by the magic
of her feet to do anything other that what her voice asked. She then brought one
of them just before my face, telling me I knew what to do.

As I started to lick on her heel, I felt the toes of her other foot playing
around with my hardness. MAN! I was ready to die! As I continued licking
toward her toes, her other foot continued pumping my penis, occasionally
giving it a squeeze.

Rachelle then planted her foot on my chest, and pushed me to the floor. Not
wasting a moment, she undid my pants, and my dick rose up, excited! She
pushed him back down on me, with her foot pressing my balls. Her other foot
was over my mouth, and minute by minute, all of her toes were in my mouth,
with my tongue exploring its new playmates! While I sucked and licked her
toes, she moved her other foot all over my private, turning me inside-out!
As we went on, her foot covered my face, and her footjob, became more
intense. I was going mad at her touch, and was nearly ready to cum. I was so
glad that she lifted her foot off of my face, and put her toes back in my mouth,
just in time for me to splirt over her sole.

She seemed as tired as I was, maybe even more. She brought her foot to her
mouth, to clean it up, smiling as I sucked the toes of her other foot.

Her feet were now on either side of me, and she moved to sit on my legs. She
then took her time to clean me up. She sucked up ever last bit on me. When it
was gone, she took my dick in her hands, smiled at me, and put it in her mouth.
She began sucking it like it was a straw in a thick milkshake, and I groaned, still
feeling hard from her special treatment.

She sat on me for a while, my mind still replaying what had happened. It
wasn't until I heard her giggle that I opened my eyes, to
see her on me, naked. A moment later, and I was inside of her and she was
moving like her life depended on it.

I admired her small breasts as the vibrated with her motion, her short hair
flowing around her, like something from a dream.

She slowed for a moment, but only so that she could get a good spot on my
neck. Slowly, she enjoyed the taste of my neck,
and the thrusts of my dick. After a few minutes, she sat up, and went
full-thrust. She began to moan louder and louder, as I
came closer and closer to unleashing my load in her. She was in such a wild
state, if we weren't in the middle of fucking, I would
have sworn she would try and kill me.

Almost on cue, when the thought ended, I exploded the second time that
afternoon, this time into her hot, wet, hairy pussy. She
slowed down, almost immediately. When she could do no more, she fell on me,
each of us gasping for air.

"I hope to be your slave again, Rachelle."

She smiled, and kissed me, and then lay down on me again, with my arms tightly
wrapped around her smooth body.




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