Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slaves Year

Slaves Year
By ;d

Chapter 1

The two sat at the kitchen table,
bored looks on their faces, playing cards.
The table was expensivley made, round hand
carved oak with a single colum in the center,
this branching intofour dragon claws at the base.
The woman, having long light brown
hair and haunting hazeleyes, was wearing
a purple nightgown which left her long, silky
legs showing with a beutiful golden tan.
the grinned slyly at her companion.
a pleasantg looking man, dark brown hair large
and fairly muscular, with just a bit of
a pillow forming around the mid section.
"Hey sebastian, I know how to liven
up this game" She said with her face lighting
up. "Let's split the poker ships back up,
and then whoever wins them all owns the
loser as a total slave for the rest of the year."
With a curious look he asked "Compleatly?
Anything goes?"
"cool. Susan. But if I win, you'll be sorry."
"oh? Shut up and deal."
And so they played the most vicious
game of poker either had ever seen. But in
the end of course, there could only be one winner.
"Yes!" Susan yeled as she triumphantly laid
her three aces on top of his three queens.
"Now you're mine!"
Sebastian let out a soft groan and leaned back.
"Now that you're mine, clean up this kitchen.
but take off your clothes first." She grinned the
broad open grin of someone who is about to have
her cake and eat it too. After all, she
now ownes him for the rest of the year, and
its only march.
The new slave stod washing dishes,
which would have been easy, except that his owner
stood behind him hitting his but, then reaching
around him to pinch, pull, and savagly twist his
nipples. Eveery now and then he would drop
something freom a sudden sharp increase in the
pain, so she would reach up between his leggs
and pull harshly on his balls.
When the dishes were finaly done, and
the counters shone spotless, the slave swept
the floor, then started to get a mop.
"Oh no, not that way. With this."
She then handed him a sponge, and a pail.
So he filled the pailwith warm
water and floor cleaner, then got down on
his hands and knees. Susan imediatly stepped
onto his calves, bounced a couple of times,
then twisted around and sat down on his back.
She then slapped his side and told him to get busy.
As he scrubbed the white tile floor totally
spotless, she sat upon him using his calves for
a footrest and casually filled her fingernails.
When he finaly finished the floor, she got
up and allowed him to clean the pail and spong,
then put them away.
"Get back down slave." He did and she
resumed the same position. "I want to watch tv."
So the slave crawled into the living room
and over to the tv. Susan picked up the remote and
ordered slave to the couch.
"Lay down on the couch with your head right
here." She said getting up and pointing to a well
worn spot on the couch.
As soon as her slave was in place, Susan
plopped down hard onto his face, then bounced around
for a few seconds to get comfortable. Then as she
turned on the tv, she flung her leggs up, slamming
her feet down on his balls. Susan felt her slave
jerk beneath her, and giggled. She kicked him again,
and began to laugh at the feeling of him squirming
beneath her but, totaly at her mercy. Unfortunatly
for her new toy, this was too much fun for any form
of mercy, so she kicked his balls harder and harder,
and continued till her leggs were tired. So, using
his balls as a foot rest, she ordered "massage my
As susan sat watching tv, and getting realy
into the show, she reached a handdown and casualy
played with his left nipple, pindhing and pulling
and making h8im squirm under her. And so she stayed
for the next several hours. Getting up occasionaly
to get a soda or snack. His struggle to breath,
only adding to her pleasure.
"Ok my dear slave, time for bed." She sat
upon his basck and he carried her off to the bathroom.
This was not an easy task considering that the bathroom
in question was up stairs. But after mush struggling
on his part they finally made it to the bathroom.
Susan stood on her slaves face while brushing her teeth,
and taking her tim about it. Then she sat down on his
face and said "Open wide." When he did, she proceded
to urinate in his mouth, then made him clean her with
his toung.
"This is gonna be so much fun. The best year
ever." So saying, she stood, stepped on his face and
slowly walked down his body to his stomach. She then
jumped as high as she could, landing squarley on his
balls. He let out a loud yelp, and tried to curl into
a ball. An impossible task since Susan was still
standing on him, laughing loudly. "Hold still." So
saying she jumped again. While she managed to land
on his balls, she had to step off becouse he was curling
up. She had to settle for kicking his ball a dozon times
instead. "We'll try this again tomarrow, and we'll get
it right, even if it kills you. Now crawl into bead with
your head at my feet. He did and she placed pillows on
his feet and leggs. She then layed down on top of him
with her feet in his face. "rub 'em till I fall asleep."
While he rubbed her feet, she grabbed the phone
and called her sister.
"Hey Shelly, what'cha doin' tomarrow?"
"Nothin why"
"Well, we need to go shopping, and I think you
may want to help me with a mew toy I've got."
"What kind of toy?"
"My husband lost a bet, now I own him as a slave
for the rest of the year."
"Yep. I've already used him as a toilet, rug chair
and everything. I'm even laying on him right now with my
feet in his face."
"All right. When do you want me to come over?"
"Around nine."
"Cool. I'll wear my boots."
"Good idea. See you tomarrow."
As Susan hung up the phone, she said, "You hear
that slave, you will obey her and be her slave anytime she's
around. Won't that be fun?" Susan shoved her foot in his
mouth as far as it would go before saying "If you have any
objections speak now. Well, you didn't say anything, so I
guess its ok with you. Good night."


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