Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lost Bet

The Lost Bet
author unknown

This is the story of how I lost a bet to my cousin, and had to worship her feet...

It all started one night when my parents went out with my cousins parents. My cousin is 22 year old female, and lives down the street from me. We were both home alone that night, but at our own houses. As i was just lying on the couch, the phone rang, and it was my cousin, saying that she was home alone and had heard something in the basement, and was scared, so I told her to come over here until our parents came home. She arrived at my house, and we didn't really have anything to do. We watched tv a bit, and then decided to play some video games. We played a car racing game, my specialty, and she was not very good. I was a bit too cocky about it, and i picked the worst car there was, and gave her the best one. She realized my cockiness, and was quite sure of herself also, so asked if we wanted to bet on it. I was completely assure I would win, so i picked something extremely out of the open, i dont even know how i thought of this, but i told her that i would kiss her feet if i lost. She agreed to this bet, and suprise suprise, i lost. I was in shock, i wasnt prepared to kiss my cousins feet. I had never kissed anybodys feet before. She put her feet up on the table and said "get smooching". I looked at them in disgust, i was already sitting on the floor, i slowly walked up to them anticipating the kiss. I came 2 inches away from her feet, looked into her black socks, there was a small hole in the sole i mind you. I asked her if she wanted it sock on or sock off, and she took off her sock. She was spreading her toes, trying to tease me. She then said to me "you can take a whiff is you want, try to get prepared for the taste".
As she spread open her toes, i stuck my nose in between them, and took a whiff. The only thing i could hear was her whining, she was a foot hater, i knew she would be disgusted by it. With my nose still in her toes, i licked my lips, puckered up, and kissed, her smelly, stinky feet. I looked at her, with her still face looking into my eyes, and i looked into her foot, and wondered why i, was still smelling, and still kissing her feet. I licked my lips again, and intook the taste and realized, i had loved it. I dont know why, but i had. They were the greatest thing i had ever put in my mouth, and i wanted more. At that point, i was stuck, i knew i had to get more. She was disgusted by the kiss and laughed at me and said "how disgusting was it". I said to her, i bet it was more disgusting for you than it was for me", and she said " i bet it wasnt" This was my chance, i said to her, i bet i could make you give up in kissing your feet before i do, and she accepted the challenge, thinking that i didnt enjoy kissing, and smelling her feet. I took her feet into my hands, kissed them again, and sucked her big toe. OH...........MY.........GOD........i savoured the amazing taste, for there would be nothing better. I moved on from toe to toe, until i had realized, there could have been better, when i took my tongue and slid it up her entire foot, until both her entire feet were covered with my saliva, and then i looked into her face, and her face was scrunched up, i knew then that she could no longer take me licking her feet or sucking her toes. Until she looked at me, and i looked at her, and stuck out my tongue as much as i could, moved it closer to her foot, and slid it up all along it, and in between her toes, until finally, she screamed " i give up i give up" and i had won. As much as i enjoyed winning i didnt want it to end, but it had, and i knew, that someday, i shall worship her feet again, if it's the last thing i do............. (well not the last thing i do, but still, i want to)..... --

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