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A Question of Methods: Aunt Sally's Stink

A Question of Methods: Aunt Sally's Stink

By Amber

Seth crept through the silent house. He knew his aunt and cousin wouldn't be awake for another hour or so and he hoped he had time to finish with the letter. Once inside his Aunt's office room, he pulled a small key from his pocket and unlocked the roll top desk. Inside he found her computer and his parents' e-mail address, written neatly in his mother's handwriting on a piece of notepaper, taped to the monitor. Seth was far from computer illiterate, even though he wouldn't be 11 until December. His father worked for Microsoft, and had since 1987. Seth had grown up with computers so it was with little difficulty that he got on-line and accessed his aunt's e-mail account through Netscape. Lucky she had her password saved so he didn't have to attempt any guess work bypassing it.

Once in, he ignored the temptation to read some of her e-mails and clicked immediately on "New Message". After all, he didn't have that much time to waste. As fast as he could type with two fingers, Seth began his last hope of escape:

‘Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you said that I shouldn't bother you while you are on vacation, but you need to come back and get me right now! I want to go home. I have to get out of here! Aunt Sally is really mean. I hope you don't get made at me mom ... since she's your sister and all ... but I think she's crazy too. I hope that you will believe me about everything. I swear I'm not making it up Dad. Its not like the thing with my bike last summer. This is all true I swear.

The day after you dropped me off, I was outside playing with Sara. We came in to get some Coke or something and Aunt Sally was sitting in the Living room looking really mad. I could tell Sara was freaked because she got all pale and stuff. Aunt Sally just kept staring at her and I thought Sara was gonna start crying any minute. I guess she knew she was totally busted for something.

Then Aunt Sally says, "Sara, please tell me what you forgot to do last night."

Sara's lip was all quivering now and I new she'd be crying any second. So she says, "I'm sorry Mom!"

Then Aunt Sally says, "What did you forget, young lady?", all mean like.

Then Sara says, "I forgot to take out the garbage Ma'am."

Aunt Sally just kept staring at her not saying anything. Then I guess Sara couldn't stand it anymore and she starts bawling. I tried to leave but Aunt Sally told me to stay where I was. Then she says to Sara, "This is the second time you have forgotten, Sara Jessica Biehn. If you recall, the dogs got into the trash last time since there was too much to fit in the can come next garbage pick-up day. All that filthy trash was in my beautiful flowers. Do remember?"

Sara was totally bawling at this point ... then she started saying stuff like "No Mommy don't make me. I promise I won't forget again ... just don’t make me do it ... I'm sorry!"

Aunt Sally just said "Hush" and pointed at the floor in front of where she was sitting. So Sara gets down on her hands and knees and starts crawling toward her Mom. Weird huh? I had no idea what was going on either. I just had to stand there like a dope watching.

So then Aunt Sally kicks off her shoes. They were these big clunky black shoes with really thick soles. They thumped to the floor and I could see she wasn't wearing socks of anything. Her feet looked total gross ... all sweaty and stuff. Then I could totally smell them. I swear I'm not making it up ... they were that stinky. I could smell them from across the room!

So Sara finally gets there and she has this totally disgusted look on her face. Her Mom's feet must have been really horrible up that close. So then the grossest thing happened next ... Aunt Sally points down at her feet and Sara leans down and puts her nose right up against the top of her Mom's toes and sniffs really loud! I swear. Then Sara turned her face away and started gagging like she was gonna puke. Her face was all scrunched up and grossed out looking. Then Aunt Sally says "Again!" and Sara starts smelling her feet again. Everytime she sniffed her whole body shook and she started making these little sobby type sounds. The whole time Aunt Sally never moved. She just sat there looking mean with those nasty smelling feet on the floor and her hands resting in her lap. She made Sara sniff at her toes like that forever!

Then Aunt Sally says, "Now what have we learned?"

Sara totally jumped back and started rubbing at her nose and face, I guess trying to the get the stink of her Mom's feet off of her face. So Sara says, "Not to forget the garbage again!"

Then Aunt Sally smiled and said, "Now go get cleaned up for dinner ... both of you."

Sara ran from the room and I stood there watching Aunt Sally put those shoes back on and walk from the living room into the kitchen.

You might think that was bad but it got a lot worse. I guess it didn't really get worse since I guess its like this here all the time. Sara said it all started after her Mom kicked her Dad out. She said her Dad used to spank her when she was in trouble and that she wished he was still doing that instead of her Mom's kind of punishing. Everytime Sara gets in trouble she has to smell Aunt Sally's feet. I have to stand there and watch too. Its awful. I hate it. Its a total gross out! One time Aunt Sally said she had just taken a shower, so she made Sara smell her stinky socks instead.

So then last week I broke one of the green house windows by accident. Aunt Sally dragged me into the kitchen and told me to get on the floor. I know you won't be mad when I say that I tried to run. She tripped me and made me hurt my knee! The she pulled me across the floor and put a chair on top of me so I couldn't move my arms or get up. Then she sits on the chair and kicks off her shoes. I started yelling so she stuffed one of those clothe type napkins in my mouth and put her feet on my face! They weren't all slimy like I’d seen them before cause she was wearing these dirty looking house slippers, but they stunk worse than I can tell you! They were really stinky and sour. Kinda smelled like corn chips and vinegar and other gross stuff. She put her toes over my nose and made me sniff them. She said I had to sniff really loud so she knew I was taking my punishment. I tried to turn my head away but she pressed down with her feet harder and told me that every time I tried to get away I had to be under her feet for another ten minutes.

So I had to lay there and sniff those nasty feet for almost an hour. She sat there reading a magazine like I wasn't under there at all. She just kept her feet right on my nose the whole time. She rubbed them back and forth when she would get an itch I guess. She used my nose to scratch it. A couple of times the calluses on her heels scratched my cheek pretty hard. It was awful.

Finally she let me go and no matter how hard I tried to scrub my face it still smelled like her gross feet. After that I had to smell her feet again for breaking a glass when Sara and I were playing hide and go seek in the house. That time her feet were all sweaty and slimy and smelled like battery acid or something. She sat on me and made me smell them while Sara watched. It was really embarrassing! She had bits of toejam that got on my eyebrows and in my nose! I swear! It was so dang gross!

Since then I've been scared to leave my room in case I do something wrong. But then last night I saw Aunt Sally tying Sara up and stuffing her head down into her bed so she would have to smell her feet all night long for cussing at the dinner table I knew I had to get out of here now! She even had her mouth taped shut!

So please, please, please come get me! I swear I'm not making any of this up. Please help me!’

Seth typed his name at the bottom of the message and clicked send. Closing the roll top desk he snuck back to his room, putting the desk key back in his Aunt's housecoat on the way.

The next afternoon Seth came into the kitchen to get a glass of milk and found his Aunt standing at the kitchen counter. She looked furious and was tapping her foot with her hands on her hips. Seth's first instinct was to run, but Aunt Sally had trained him away from ideas of escape. She pushed a piece of paper across the counter towards him and waited for him to pick it up.

Seth slowly pulled the paper from the counter and began to read:

Seth, this is your mother. I have asked Sally to pass this on to you. I am very ashamed of you, young man. Your father and I get one chance a year to go on vacation and you can't even allow us this brief respite. That is very selfish indeed. Your father is very unhappy with you and I don't feel much better about your whinny e-mail. And how dare you steal your Aunt's key and use her computer without permission! It is not up to you to decide whether her forms of punishment are acceptable or not. She is your elder and is to be respected. She has not once raised a hand to either you or your cousin. You should consider yourself lucky that she is such a compassionate woman. I already knew about the greenhouse window and I also know that you were specifically told to play with a wiffle ball and you choose to use a real baseball resulting in the broken window. Your father has offered to pay for the window but your Aunt wouldn't hear of it. Now does that sound like a mean woman to you? I have heard how affective her punishments are with you. You have been a troublesome child Seth and it seems your Aunt has finally gotten through to you. Your father and I have talked extensively about this and decided that I will implement this punishment as well as soon as we get home. So you better get used to it. And believe me buster ... I can get my feet just as stinky as Sally if not worse... we are sisters after all! Just ask her or your father if you doubt me! Now I'm sure your Aunt is waiting ... so go and take your punishment! I have given her permission to do with you as she sees fit. I figure with all of your willfulness that is the least you deserve! Happy sniffing, Seth!

That was it ... no "Love Mom" ... or anything. Seth couldn't believe what he had just read. Was it a fake? Would his Mom actually say "happy sniffing" and mean it? This was beyond all his worst nightmares. Seth thought for sure that he could have escaped the clutches of his Aunt Sally. Instead he was handed to the horrible woman by his own mother!

"I'm sure you've had ample time to finish reading your mother's message, Seth."

"Yes Ma'am," Seth replied sheepishly.

"Now I want you to go to your room and stay there until dinner. I would say you can go without, but it will be a long night for you and I figure you need all the energy you can get. After all, the Weather Channel says it may get up in the 90's tonight and the air conditioner in my room is broken.

That night Seth stood dutifully as his Aunt stripped him to his jockey shorts and bound his wrists and ankles. She laid him in her king sized bed, securing his wrists to the bed frame at the foot of the bed. Once he was laid out in this way, she delicately placed a broad piece of tape over his mouth and Seth's nostrils flared as he began to breathe since he had no choice but to do so through his nose. The sheets and blankets were then pulled over his body and Seth felt the bed jostle as she tucked the bedding securely in place. He was sweating in seconds and the oppressive stuffiness and darkness was claustrophobic beyond reason.

After a few moments of panic, Seth felt the bare legs of his Aunt sliding against his chest as she climbed in. To his utter revulsion, he felt the bare flesh of her ass cheeks settle against his stomach. They were cool to the touch and despite his revulsion, his flesh was thankful for the coldness of the skin to skin contact. Then the hell that was here feet, settled over her face. Seth knew better than to jerk away though it was his first instinct. Her feet were in fine form tonight. They were stinkier than he had experienced before. He figured it was due to the heat and the close confines of the bed. The heady reek was unbearable. In seconds his eyes were watering as beads of sweat gathered on his forehead and chest. Soon her feet began to sweat profusely and it was not long before his face was bathed in the smelly stuff.

The light sounds of her snores drifted down through the thick bedding and her bare ass cheeks again bumped against his belly. Seth began to realize that he was getting subtle whiffs of her ass scent as well. It was going to be a long sleepless night. A long night indeed. Sniiiiiiiiff!

The End



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  2. Aunt Sally's stinky feet sound delicious and yummy, and her toejam must taste amazing. I wish she was my aunt so she could punish me over and over again