Thursday, July 14, 2011



Author Unknown

Britney had just finished washing her long, strawberry blonde hair
when a knock came at the front door. She sighed with irritation,
slipped on a t-shirt, and ran downstairs to answer it. On the front
porch stood Ms. Kelly, one of mom's friends.

"Hi Britney, is your mom home?" Ms. Kelly smiled impatiently and
crossed her arms as she spoke.

"No, " Britney replied, barely disguising her own annoyance at being
disturbed, "she's at work still. She doesn't get home until after

"Oh, " Ms. Kelly was irritated to have to deal with - how old was she
now? - an 18-year old brat like Britney. "Well, I'm here because your
mother ordered some cosmetics, and I'm here to drop them off."

"Well she's not here," Britney explained again, looking off into the
distance impatiently. Why did she have to deal with this lady who was
like 50 years old?

"I understand that, " Ms. Kelly responded, unable to supress a
patronizing tone when dealing with such a rude teenaged princess. "Do
you think I could come in for a minute and leave a note for your
mother, along with the order?" Britney sighed, rolled her eyes, and
held open the door for Ms. Kelly to enter the living room.

"I do appreciate it, " Ms. Kelly said, stepping inside into the air
conditioning. "It feels nice to get out of that heat." Ms. Kelly sat
at one end of the couch. She reached in her shoulder bag and removed
a paper bag full of cosmetics and a notepad.

"I don't know why I wear these leather pumps when I have to walk
around and it's the middle of summer outside. They look nice, but
they sure make my feet uncomfortable. And sweaty!" Britney mostly
ignored her, looking out the window, popping her gum, wrapping her
finger in the fringes of her faded old cut-off denim shorts and
adjusting the shoulder straps of her baby doll tank top.

"Britney, why don't you come over here and give me a foot massage?"
This gave Britney pause; she looked at Ms. Kelly and raised her
eyebrows incredulously.

"No thanks, I'll pass," Britney laughed uncomfortably.

"Well that's no way to treat a guest," Ms. Kelly replied, her face
smiling but stern.

"Um, no way, lady. There's no WAY I'm giving you a foot massage."

"Britney, I think your attitude needs adjusting. I WAS mostly kidding
about the foot massage, but since you've been so rude and ungracious
to a guest in your mother's home, I've changed my mind. Now if you
know what's good for you, you'll get over here and take off my shoes
and rub my tired feet."

"Or what?" Britney laughed, sneering with disbelief.

"Or, oh, I don't know, your mother gets a call about how I showed up
on your doorstep and you were half-naked with a boy inside, and the
two of you had been drinking, and you get the idea Britney."

"You wouldn't dare," Britney answered, folding her arms defensively.
But even as she glared in silence, it began to sink in. Ms. Kelly had
been mom's friend at least since Britney was a little girl, and mom
HAD been suspiscious about Britney's behaviour lately.

"Okay, I'll rub your feet," she pouted at last. Ms. Kelly beamed with
quiet satisfaction.

"Now then, Britney, let's have you sit on the floor and here are my
feet, and why don't you help me off with these leather pumps off my
bare feet. I don't know why I wear these sweaty old shoes without
stockings, they just make my bare feet sweat like crazy. I know my
feet get kind of stinky but you don't mind, do you Britney?"

Ms. Kelly slipped off her size 6 mid-heeled leather dress pumps. They
were obviously stuck to her feet with sweat and came off with an
audible pop. Ms. Kelly's bare feet had the most incredibly horrible
smell imaginable. Britney wrinkled her nose and gagged. Her eyes
watered being so close to these rotten stinky sweaty toes. Ms. Kelly
had neatly polished pretty red toenails (the pedicure looked much
nicer than Britney's own chipped pale blue toenail polish) but the
rest of her feet were a dirty grimy mess, with bits of grit and sweaty
lint and toe cheese all over and between her rank-smelling toes and
grime and dirt sticking to her sweaty wrinkled footsoles. There were
clearly visible sweat imprints in the insoles of her freshly-removed
pumps, and well-worn patches of dirt inside the shoes, describing the
curves of Ms. Kelly's arches and balls of feet.

Britney was fuming with embarrasment, anger, and outrage, but made an
effort to relax, and take deep breaths, and just get this over with,
but ugh! these feet she held in her hands smelled so offensive and
nasty, they were worse than anything she could have imagined. She
couldn't believe that feet this smooth and petite could smell so
horribly stinky and gross! She had an obvious expression of distaste
on her face, but she dutifully massaged Ms. Kelly's sweaty toes and
cramped, achy soles as the older woman just smiled in silent triumph.

"Did you just wash your hair, dear? Here, you don't mind if I rest my
feet against your head, do you? Your cool wet hair feels nice against
my hot sweaty foot bottoms."

Ms. Kelly laughed with satisfaction as she wiped her stinky old bare
feet all over Britney's hair and then in Britney's face. She flexed
her toes and cupped the balls of her feet over Britney's nose,
pressing her sweaty soles firmly against Britney's mouth.

"That's right Britney, smell my feet. Let me hear you breathe in
through your nose. Smell my foot odor. Smell my stinky toes. Do as
I say.

"I think I'm going to be coming over here and using your face as my
foot wipe on a regular basis, Britney, so it's only right you get used
to the smell. I should warn you I've ALWAYS had people tell me my
feet stink, but that's just too bad, because you're a brat, and a
bitch, and now you had better OBEY me and let me hear you sniffing my
foot bottoms." Britney gave in and inhaled loudly, even though it
made her shiver with disgust to experience Ms. Kelly's foot odor so
directly and deliberately. "Breathe in through your nose, Britney,
that's right. Smell my feet.

"Now Britney, I want you to take that piece of gum in your mouth, that
I heard you popping earlier so rudely, and I want you to spit it out
into the toe of my pump, and I'm going to leave it there inside my
shoe, and then the next time I come over, maybe I'll be nice and let
you have it back to chew on, along with whatever dirt and grimy foot
sweat get stuck to it. Would you like that?" Britney wrinkled her
face further with disgust and looked like she was about to turn green.

"Now open your mouth and and suck my toes, Britney. They are all hot
and sweaty and need your pretty little mouth to cool them off and give
them a little massage." Ms. Kelly pushed her pointed toes firmly
against Britney's lips. The girl tried to twist her head away, but
finally relented and allowed the older woman's sweaty foot into her

"Lick the balls of my feet. Get in between my toes. Lick up all the
dirt between my toes. Lick the soles of my feet, Britney. They're
all wrinkled because they're all sweaty. Now how about you give my
tootsies a nice massage all over with your lips and tongue?

"After you're done sucking my feet, maybe you can touch up my toenail
polish for me, won't that be nice? That's right, get used to the
taste of my feet. I want your mouth to taste like FEET for the rest
of the day. Like MY feet."

Eventually, Ms. Kelly had Britney fetch her a glass of water, and
leaned back on the couch to watch TV for a little while. Ms. Kelly
had Britney lie on her back in front of the couch, and casually
pressed her dirty, sweaty footsoles over top of Britney's face.

"Breathe the smell of my feet, Britney. Get used to it." Ms. Kelly
relaxed for about half an hour, silently keeping Britney under her
footsoles. Finally, Ms. Kelly removed her feet - you could bits of dirt and
sweat on Britney's face now - and she slipped the stinky things back
into her elegant pumps.

"See you soon, " she smiled, looking down at Britney, before turning
on her heel and leaving without another word.




  1. this is my favourtie story, imagining a young blonde brat being humiliated and owned by a much more mature and accomplished woman

  2. the moment when she surrenders to the old wrinkly foot in her mouth