Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Sisters Sick Torture

My Sisters Sick Torture (Part One)
By The MagicMaker:) AKA Dirtyfeetguy

Me and my little sister never got a long well, we always fought with each other. I was fifteen and she was twelve. My parents told us that they were going away to Florida for a week at the end of the month and I would be in change. This ticked my sister Tonya off pretty bad. I told her. Of course me being the mean big brother. I told her that I couldn’t wait to boss he around and such and she just gave me dirty looks. Tonya was a normal tomboy twelve years old, with friends just like herself. She told me that their was no way I would boss her around when our parent went away and I'll admit I did laugh at her.
Finally the day cam and my parents left. Tonya had invited about five three of her friends over and I told her that they couldn’t stay over night. She told me they could and would and I told her I would call their parents and have them pick them up. This didn’t phase her well and she grunted and they all walked away into her room. Now me, I
30 was ready to party, my parents weren’t how and the first thing I went to do was pop open a beer and get drunk watching a movie.
About an hour into the movie I was well into my third beer and a little bit tipsy. The girls suddenly showed up. There was Tonya, June, Kim and Becky and they all looked alike, only my sister looked the most vicious of all of the. "Hey Jim, Kim says the she can so fifty push-ups, Last time I checked you could only do thirty, a twelve year old can out do you." Tonya said taunting me.
"Shut Up," I said in my drunken haze.
"So your saying the Kim’s better then you." Tonya said laughing at me with the great of her viscous looking girl friends. I had to hold up my manliness so I stated that I could do fifty push-up to if I wanted to. Tonya laughed at me saying "yea right, how about we have a contest, you prove you can do fifty push up and then Kim will prove you down when you can’t do it." Tonya loved making me look bad in front of her friend and it always pissed me off.
"Alright,’ I said getting down on the carpet. Tonya waved at Becky to get their drinks from her room and the three remaining girls surrounded me. I started doing my push up[s and they all counted. "1,2,3,4,5…" When I was getting to about thirty it was pretty obvious that I was about to fall. I wasn’t strong enough to continue, but I tried with my sister begging to laugh at me in the background.
Suddenly, Tonya jumped on top of my back, making me fall flat on my face, " Alright Becky," she said calling for he to do something. The next thing I knew. Becky and June were tying my wrists together with extension cord and Kim grabbed my ankles doing the same.
"What are you doing?" I said trying to shake the Tonya off of me.
"Well, duh, we are tying you up and then your going to be our pet for the entire week!" The girls laughed. "How does that sound?"
"You better let me go now or I’m going to get you so bad!" I screamed not knowing what to say. I was to tired and out of strength.
"Are you now, well, I think me and the girl have more sway towards our side." The girls finished with the cord and it was so tight that they made my wrist hurt. "June make just that you put duct tape over the cord, we don’t want our little play toy to get out." June smiles and the girls took turns wrapping the duct tape around the cord, using the entire roll up.
"Lets turn him over girls." The twelve year old girls turned me onto my back and sat around me. "Who wants their feet licked first," Tonya called out. My eyes opened wide. All of the girls started jumping. "Well Becky you did get the extension cord, it’s only fair."
Becky smiled and got on my stomach. Tonya sat next to my head. We all came from outside Jim and our feet are totally disgusting just for you. "You can’t make me lick your feet." I said to her."
"We can always hurt your wee wee, Jim and believe me I would love to do that." Becky got herself comfortable. "Now Becky remember he’s only going to get to clean one of your feet, because we have a game for the other ones later.
"You got it Tonya," Becky gave me a wicked look, "I hope you like the taste of poop, because I think I found some in your backyard and I squeezed it real hard between my toes." She showed me her feet and they made me want to vomit.
"Just remember big brother, if you spit of bite, Becky gets to hurt you as long as she wants to." Tonya patted me on the head and nodded at Becky. June whispered about how gross this was to Kim and Kim told he that I deserved it.
"Open you mouth and don’t close your eyes, here comes a big surprise." Becky said as he left foot got closer to my mouth. "You better open you mouth," she made a fist, "I’m going to hit you private five times for my warning." I slowly opened my mouth for the twisted little twelve year old. "That’s good, and I expect my toes to be clean and poop free when they leave you mouth or you might have to smell my but for a while." He put her small twelve year old toes in my mouth and I wanted to throw up. They tasted my poop and we did have a dog. Our parents had taken Grunt when them on their trip. "Suck on my toes big boy." I slowly licked at the crud on her feet, it tasted so disgusting and sick. "I want you to do it faster Jim, there are other girls who want to do this too. I clean her sole and all the bottoms of her toes. She refused to take her foot out. "Keep swallowing that yummy food." When I gulped they all cheer and waited for me to do it again. "Now Jim, it time to get all the stuff from between my toes." I stuck my tongue in between on of her toes and she moaned, "Oh I bet your enjoying this too, that poop must taste so good. All of the girls laughed. I went between each of her toe getting every bit of the muck out and the swallowing. I was so sick and if I didn’t believe that fact that my sister and the rest of the girls would punish me I would of thrown up. After I finished Becky’s toes she smiled at me and pulled her foot out. "Since you did such a good job, you deserve a present, close your eyes." I did so and Becky pulled down her pants and opened her butt cheeks and farted in my face. "Now breath in real deep." I did so and feeling her clean foot pushing down on my crotch..
"Who’s next," my sister screamed. Don’t worry Jim we all have a different flavor on our feet so you don’t get bored." June was next to sit on my stomach.
"When Tonya told us you were going to be our dog, I decided that a doggie must be feed properly so we opened a can of dog food and I’m going to feed it to you with my foot, how does that sound." She looked to happy saying the. Kim came in the room with a bowl. And handed it June, "Now we couldn’t decide where you would like hard or soft food so we made some together so you can enjoy both. I think you should thank me." I looked at her with disgust. June gave me a mean face and punched my crouch real hard. "That’s a bag doggie not wanting you food you will be punished, but first its time to eat. She scooped some of the brown dog food onto her food. All of the girls watched in amazement as she moved it toward my mouth. "Better open or I’ll punish you real bad with a spanking." I opened my Mutoh and she rammed her clenched foot into my moth and let go of the dog food. She pulled her food out and said, "Now make sure to chew before you swallow. I did so and the salty groddy hard gross stuff in my mouth got grinded up until June told me I could swallow. All the girls laughed as I gulped down the disgusting dog food. "Now before you get a second bit you must make sure to clean off the spoon. She stuck her foot back in my mouth and I licked it clean. Tanya stopped June and went to the kitchen and came back with a warm glass of water.
"I don’t want you getting used to this," Tonya said with a bitter laugh. She made me drink and gargle the water, cleaning my mouth out. "There now you can taste the full flavor of the next bit. This went on until the bowl was clean. Kim whispered something in Tonya’s ear and Tonya nodded her head. Kim then left the room.
"I hope you enjoyed that doggie, " June said, " I bet you want your treat, open your mouth. June got off of me and then kneeled over my head. "Now open your mouth,’ I did so, now realizing that if I didn’t do everything they said, I was going to get it worse. She then halked up a loogie and spit it in my mouth. "Now say thank you," I said thank you and June went to sit on the coach.
"Now Jim, before Kim makes you lick on of her feet, she wanted to give you her present first." Tonya gave me a mean face. "Bring it in Kim!" Kim suddenly came into the room with a clear glass of yellow liquid.
"Guess what Jim, I made you a nice warm glass of my special Lemonade, and I even put a straw in it so you can savoir the entire glass." She put the glass next to my face and put the straw in my mouth. I hope you enjoy drinking it as much as I enjoyed making it for you. I sucked on the straw in disgust. I couldn’t believe that my sister was making me do such things. Kim’s pee tasted so acidic and bitter. The straw made it so I couldn’t just gulp it down without tasting it. I had to taste every drop.
"Hey, Jim," Tonya said, "maybe if your real good, you might get some of our special chocolate.. I wanted to be sick. Heck, I was already sick and they just got worse.
After I finished the glass Kim took her turn on my lap. She told me that she rubbed her feet all over the rim of my toilet. "I bet you love’d my lemonade so I knew you would love the left overs of yours." As she slipped her foot into my mouth I wanted to spit her foot out. But I didn’t because Kim would hurt me badly if I did. Kim was Tonya’s best friend and they were a lot alike. I sucked Kim’s foot clean and Tony took her place with a completely soiled foot of dirt. "I knew you would love the garden in you mouth big bro so I pushed big clumps between my toes and I hope some bugs are in their too, she smiled as I quickly had to open my mouth, because she just rammed her foot toward my face. She made me suck her ground-in dirty foot clean she then pulled it out with a smile.
"Now That you done with this tasty game, lets move one to another." Tonya said excitedly. I was ready for one horrible week.
To Be Continued


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  4. wish the dog shitty toes were excluded but 12 yr olds tying me up barefooted n sharing them with me ALL WEEK PT FEET N TOES N MY MOUTH N NOSE I COULDNT WISH 4 MORE!!!!

  5. wish the dog shitty toes were excluded but 12 yr olds tying me up barefooted n sharing them with me ALL WEEK PT FEET N TOES N MY MOUTH N NOSE I COULDNT WISH 4 MORE!!!!