Monday, July 11, 2011

The weekend from HELL

The weekend from HELL
Author Unknown

Ted was an average teenager who lived in a fairly small town that was full of rich people. Ted did not do well in school or play many sports. Ted had a major history project assigned in His 11th grade history class, they were all assigned partners to work on it with. Ted was ecstatic to be assigned to work with a super hot chick named Ashley, 5’ 6" long brown hair, a cheerleader with a cheerleader build. She hadn’t paid much attention to Ted before, he was just kind of a class clown that no one really talked to only made jokes with. Ted and Ashley worked on the project for a few days and got so into talking to talking to each other that they didn’t do much of their project. Ashley had asked Ted to come over and finish it on Friday night, so Ted was excited because he thought he was going to get some from one of the most attractive girls in school. Coincidentally Ted’s parents were going on vacation at the same time as Ashley’s on an Adult church trip to Tahoe for skiing. So Ted was super happy about it, so Friday night came around and Ted showed up at Ashley’s door "cmon in Hot Stuff" Ashley said in a sexy voice " S-s-s-so did u start on that last paragraph yet?" Ted stuttered. "Forget about that, I have something else planned" Ashley said with a grin on her face. They walked into the living room and sat down, by this time Ted was getting excited. He had a raging hard on already, Ashley said "lemme get something from the kitchen." Ashley returned with some Red wine. They started to watch a movie and drink their wine. Ted started to fall asleep after about 40 mins into the movie. When Ted fell asleep Ashley started laughing "I can’t believe it worked." She had drugged his wine. Ashley then tied Ted up with a lot of rope and set him pulled him onto the floor in front of the couch. She called a few friends to come over. " Hey Christy, it worked u and Kristen come over, k… O yea and don’t forget the stuff." So they arrive at Ashley’s house and they are all really excited now. So they start to wake Ted up. Ted wakes up and starts yelling, " what the fuck is going on? Let me out of this shit!" in a very surprised and pissed tone. "HA HA HA" the girls mock "there is no way u are getting out of that, we have been planning this for weeks now, u just happened to be the one that I chose to punish. U thought u were gunna get some tonight didn’t u?" Ashley yelled. "Well now u are going to pay for being so perverted, we are sick of guys always wanting to get some, they never care about anything but getting head and having sex. Well u are getting neither, and since your parents are out of town u will be our slave this weekend, this is going to be 3 days u will never forget." The girls all laughed. Ashley then asked Christy if she brought the stuff. She replied yes with a smile. "Well Ted I hope u have a strong stomach because u are going to be punished in the worst way ever. U are going to be our foot slave for the next 3 days." Said ashley. Christy handed Ashley the bags. Ashley started to laugh as she took the contents from the bags "Guess what these are, These are the individually wrapped socks of every girl on the cheerleading squad and from the soccer team. They even have names on them, We made sure that all the girls wore them extra long because we had a plan to punish someone with them this weekend." Ashley said. Ashley drew a hot bath and put all the bags in it, to keep them nasty and warm. Kristen yelled "CMON ASHLEY enough chit chat." Ashley replies " go ahead start" Kristen says "o goody" Kristen pulls a chair up to Ted’s head as he is in complete shock with this whole situation he screams" u will never get away with this ill tell everyone how u are sick freaks." Christy says " NO U WONT, we have a way to stop u from talking ", she pulls out a camera and takes a picture and says " well have pictures and well show them to the whole school if u say anything, we might throw some into PhotoShop and change your dick size a little after we get u naked: () but that’s for later." So Kristen sits above him then realizes she is missing something, she goes into her bag and pulls out a weird looking board with straps on it, she walks over to him and slides it under his head and straps it around his head "this is so u wont move " Kristen then takes off he old sneakers to reveal her grimmy looking barefoot with a cheesy smell to fallow it. When she pulls it all the way out she says "but wait theres more" she reaches into the shoe and pulls out a piece of bread with her toe prints in it. " so that’s what’s been in my shoe all day" The girls all laugh. Ted starts screaming. "SHUT UP" Kristen yells as she grabs his nuts and squeezes he opens his mouth more as she stuffs the bread into it. "Eat up, Ted be sure to chew before u swallow " says Christy from the other side of the room the girls ran to watch him eat it. Ted tries to spit it out but Kristen says " if u spit it out ill tear your nuts off" while she tarts to squeze a little to show shes serious. Ted realizes how serious of a bind hes in now. As he tastes the foot sweat and the foot grime that came from her shoe on this piece of bread he feels truly discusted. He almost puke swhile he slowly chews knowing if he doesn’t there will be hell to pay. He chews slowly and tastes the nastiness of this once good piece of bread that now tastes of pure foot sweat. " I was running today and it was pretty hot" as u know how it gets in Texas around April. Ted has a little bit of his lunch crawl up his throat after that comment. He tries hard to hold it back and barely succeeds as he swallows to keep it down. Kristen the says, "ok swallow it now, we have other things to do." He tries hard to swallow the bread and only succeeded in swallowing half of it, he almost pukes after feeling the grimmy piece of bread go sliding down his throat." Kristen screams " SWALLOW IT NOW DAMNIT" e tries and fails to swallow the rest which pisses Kristen off " u are not showing me the respect I deserve, Christy hand me that bag." She throws the bag to her and Kristen pulls out 2 Huge nipple clamps she then pulls Ted’s shirt up and clamps his nipples, then she twists them a little as he squirms and swallows the last bit of the nasty bread, he feels truly sick to his stomach now. And feels much pain in his nipples. "That’s for not obeying your mistress. Now u will smell my feet." Kristen reaches into the bag and pulls out a special kind of salt in a little cup and puts it under his nose, "this is a mix of salt and coffee bean to make your senses at there fullest." He inhales and it kind of burns but then he smells perfectly for a moment, till she slaps her sweaty feet on his face. " here smell under my toes." She positions her toes so they are right above his nose and he has his nose right in her toe crack. HE inhales deeply and starts to cough. Since Ted has not had anything to say that would get him out of this bind he says nothing till now " get your feet off of me I cant breathe" she says " yes u can breathe u just don’t want to breathe in what’s there" Ashley then grabs a pair of her cheerleading socks that’s he had in a bag from the bathtub and takes them out as she holds her nose, she undoes the sock so the toe end is inside out and she puts it in his mouth to keep him from talking. Kristen then rests her feet on his face again. The sweaty and salty smell burns his nose as his eyes start to water." Geez Kristen your feet really do smell" Ashley says " yea I haven’t washed them in about a month now." " yea we can tell too" Ted feels so sick now as he tastes Ashley’s foot sweat in her mouth and smells Kristen’s cheesy feet, he gets overwhelmed and passes out after about 10 mins. Ashley and Christy were watching TV at this point and Kristen notices he passed out after a minute, she gets really mad and kicks him in the nuts, he wakes up and starts to scream threw the sock in his mouth. "HA HA HA" Kristen laughs then she screams" don’t u ever disrespect me like that." This foot smelling goes on for about an hour then Ashley says I want a turn. They all take their turns making him smell their perfectly manicured and bad smelling feet. Then Kristen gets back into the chair and takes the sock out of his mouth " u are going to lick my feet and drink all of the foot sweat, then u are going to suck all of the toe jam from in between my toes." Says Kristen. She then puts her sole over his mouth "LICK" so he sticks his tongue out and tastes the foot sweat, he again feels really sick to his stomach like he is going to throw up. She says "yea that’s it keep licking" so he continues to lick up her nasty foot sweat that has been on there for a month and he tastes the salt and grime form it. Her feet were perfectly shaped size 6 feet that were covered in almost like a thin layer of grime. He licks up this grime for about 20 minutes. "Now suck on my toes and eat that toe jam in there." He begins to suck on her perfect big toe and he feels the little particles of toe jam slide into his mouth, as he tastes once again a horrible taste of foot sweat. He can still smell the cheesy smell her feet put off even after he licked them with his tongue. He continues to suck on her toes while she sits back and relaxes, "how are those nipples feeling?" as she reaches down and twists them he opens his mouth to scream and she yells" don’t u stop sucking boy, or there will be hell to pay." His nipples were very red by this time. So Ted sucks on every one of her perfect toes and swallows her nasty toe jam and he really starts to get a stomach ache form both being hungry and all of the nasty foot particles he has swallowed. So the girls then go and grab a bag labeled – Christy soccer socks- they were a week old and had been used for a week every day she used them for her 4 hour soccer practice. Ashley laid one of the toe ends over his noce and the other toe end on his tongue." U better suck all the sweat out of that sock by the time we get back or else." They all walked into the kitchen while he was stuck smelling the sweatiest sock he could imagine, it was so wet u would have thought it was dipped in a pool of foot sweat and then put on his face. He couldn’t move because of the wood board they had tied to his head so he was stuck there. The girls went to eat some pizza that they cooked in the oven then they went to smoke a bowl of some good shwag outside. When they returned they decided to feed Ted. They went into the kitchen and got a bowl out and put some water in it then they got a few pairs of there nastiest socks from last week and put them in the water after they heated it. Then they rinsed the socks into the water making it a nasty yellow color after about 10 pairs of socks in it. They decided to put some cooked rice into the water and then they walked out into the living room and took the sock off his face " I hope that sock is clean now" Ashley said as she pulled it pulled it out and inspected it. " well I guess itll pass" he had sucked all the sweat he could out of it and swallowed it because he didn’t want to get in any trouble. By this time he was so discusted that he started to cry because he realized how nasty all of this was and how he couldn’t do anything about it. Ashley hit him over the head and said " shut the fuck up u stupid wimp, we brought u some food to eat." She picked up a spoon and took a little scoop of the rice and put it up to his mouth, he could already smell what the broth had derived from, "open up" he opened his mouth and she put the scoop of rice along with a good amount of water into his mouth as he chewed a little and swallowed his face expressed a discusted look, the girls all started laughing. "gourmet a la Ashley" they fed him the whole bowl. He could taste all the foot sweat in every bite and knew that they had put some socks or something in it to make it so nasty. Now Ashley and the girls by this time were pretty stoned and they decided to take a nap and have shifts with Ted. So since Christy hasn’t gotten to do anything with him yet she got ot go first. Christy was a beautiful 10th grade track star about 5’6" same as Ashley and she had a light brown color hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her feet were perfect size 6 1/2s and they were perfectly manicured, painted bright orange, they had started to turn a little dark because of the foot sweat, but over all looked great. She took off her trainers and laid him back down with the board back on his head and she put her feet on his nose and just laid there for a minute. She later realized that he was breathing out his mouth, she went and got another sock this time one of her track socks that she had worn for about a week and sweat in like crazy, they had become even worse smelling after sitting in the bathtub for so long. She took one out and put the toe end on his tongue and stuffed it in his mouth. "There u go" she said then she replaced her feet on his face and again started to relax and watch scary movie 2 with Christy because Ashley had fallen asleep already. "u better not fall asleep Ted!" she yelled. Ted was in pure agony and wished he was dead after what he had smelled and eaten already he didn’t know if he would last threw any more of this especially not 2 more days. It was now 230 in the morning and Christy was getting sleepy. So she took her feet away and replaced them with her other soccer sock and then fell asleep. No one else had a turn that night because they fell asleep. Ted was stuck smelling a horrible sweaty sock for the rest of the night in an uncomfortable position with a sock in his mouth and nipple clamps on his nipples, he finally passed out at about 4 after crying for an hour. The next morning…

To be continued…


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