Thursday, July 14, 2011


Author Unknown
It all started a when i was 14. My mother came into my bedroom and asked what colour she should paint her nails blue or red? I was not paying much attention so i said red and continued to play my videogames. She noticed that i was not paying attention and asked "are you listening?" I said yes and continued, thats when she came and sat next to me on the bed and said "great since you are so enthusaiastic i will paint my nails here". I didnt mind and focused back on the game. Out if the corner of my eye i saw her take her sock off "I didnt think you were going to paint your toenails" i shouted. She turned to me and gave me an angry look and said "turn off that game or your grounded" I quickly turned it off. She looked me in the eye and said " so you dont want mommy painting her toenails near you" She then placed the white sock on my shoulder and continued her speech " I have had enough of your smart-ass comments Kev and this time you will have to pay" She looked at her exposed foot and ordered me to remove her other sock. I did not like to see my mother mad so i did what she said. She then told me to place it on my other shoulder which i did. Then she said "What shall i make you do first Smell mommys feet or Suck on my toes" At that point i glanced at her feet and saw her chipping pink nail polish then looked back up at her. "You like what you see" She said. I shook my head thats when she said "ok have it your way" and she left the room.
An hour passed then she called me downstairs, When i went down her and my sister (16) were sitting at the kitchen table and she told me to sit so i sat. My Mom then said to my sister "Melissa today i was in your brothers room when her offered to paint my toenails" I frooze in my seat then she continued "I wanted to wait until you got home to ask if you wanted this done too" My sister then looked at me and said "How nice Kev, But i just painted them yesterday but you can massage my feet if you would like?" My mother then said that i will. Right when i went to open my mouth to say no my mother interupted and told my sister to wait up in her room for me. My sister then left and i was alone with my mom. " You better do as i say or no allowance and going out for you, This is punishment for earlier". I had nothing to say but i agreed. When in my sisters room i sat on the bed with her, she placed her white socked feet in my lap. I started to place pressure on the ball of her foot then made my way up to the toes, After repeating this for about a half an hour. My mother came into my sisters room and told me to join her in her room to watch some television. I followed my mother to her room then she ordered me to sit on the floor in front of her. She then placed her black fuzzy slipper on my lap and told me to sniff it until she says stop. My first inhale was the worst, it hit me quickly then i continued hoping it would get better which it did not. After about ten sniffs she slaped the slipper out of my hand. Then she told me to open my mouth when i did she stuck her right foot on my penis and stuck her big toe from her left foot in my mouth. I got caught up in the action and actually started enjoying this. She then reached down, Un-buttoned my pants and pulled out my penis. For the next 2 hours she was playing with my penis while i sucked on her big toe. After the fun had died down she told me to sleep and the foot of her bed so i can smell her feet while she was sleeping. When i woke up in the morning i was naked with my mothers gym sock over my penis and all of her shoes and dirty socks on the bed. I KNEW I WAS IN FOR A MORNING TREAT

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