Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She loves been in Control

She loves been in Control
by author unknown

Me and my girlfriend Laura had a normal relationship. Well, sort of. I was 16 when we first started going out. I had very little experience with girls, but I was head over heels in love despite that. I had dated before, but it was usually some puppy love sort of thing, and I could never really think of my different girlfriends sexually at all.

Laura was different. I was totally into being dominated by a woman, even at my young age. Nothing too extreme, just you know, being “whipped” as pop culture puts it. Laura was totally into this. During our first few conversations, I dropped hints that I like a woman in control. She had no problems with this. “I love being in control,” she would tell me. For the first time, I was both mentally and physically attracted to a girl.
It wasn’t a normal relationship in the beginning, really. She was convinced I had to prove myself to win her heart or something to that effect. So, yeah, I was pretty much her slave, but not in so many words. I would come over and pretty much do stuff for her – massage her, clean her room, whatever. One time we were riding on the school bus, and I had my discman headphones around my neck. As a joke, she grabbed the other end of the cord, and yanked on it like a leash. Later, when I asked her about it, she again said, “I love being in control.”
The little subliminal messages would continue. One time at her house, she threw something on the floor, and said, “pick it up, little slave.” Every time I completed a task for her, she would give me a “good boy.” If I did something bad, she even said “I’m gonna have to punish you” (although she never did at the time). And then one night we were sitting on her bed, and she put her feet in my face. Now, this was getting good. And out of nowhere, she’s says “John, kiss my feet.” I decided to play dumb, and say “why?” Then in her commanding tone, she says “Just do it. Kiss my heel.” ::kiss:: “Now kiss the ball of my foot.” ::kiss:: “Now kiss my toes.” ::kiss::. I repeated on the next foot, and I was in heaven.
I would never go on to tell her that I loved this and/or loved being dominated. But, it would get much better in the following months.

Part II

So where were we. Oh yeah, I had just kissed my girlfriend’s feet for the first time. The immediate months after this were pretty plain. It was just normal boyfriend/girlfriend stuff all the way through. Until all of a sudden, she just started acting plain bitchy 24/7.
One night at her house, we were sitting on her couch. She was being a bitch and ignoring me, even telling me to go home. I didn’t really wanna leave on bad terms and I was horny, so I persisted. Then all of a sudden, she places her bare feet in front of my face again. “Kiss my feet if you want to stay.” I was being rebellious, so I pretty much told her no, as a way to play hard to get. “What, you don’t like kissing my feet? All my other boyfriends did.”
Ooh, low blow. Now I was pissed. She didn’t really go into details about that, but she did tell me about one guy who used to bow down to her. “Why would someone do that,” I asked. “He thought I was a goddess,” she responded. Wow, this was cool. To be more of a bitch, she started talking about how she would leave me for a more devoted guy and all that stuff. Before I knew it, she had her bare feet in my face again and said this: “you better kiss my feet or someone else will.” I was all over that. Soles, tops, toes. She was actually directing her feet so I would kiss in the places she wanted. It was fucking cool.
Fun night, but before long, we were fighting again. We were really having a good argument. I forget over what. After a while, it got out of control. Out pure desperation and being a littler horny I said, “I’m sorry Laura. I know you don’t believe me, but I’ll prove it to you. How about I be your complete slave until you feel I’m worthy enough to be your boyfriend again?” She loved this, and jumped at the chance.
Wow, John. I don’t know what to say.”
What? You don’t want a slave?”
Well, of course I would.”
Haha, why?”
Because he would wait on me hand and foot.”
Wowww. I was in fuckin heaven. We did this slight little mistress/slave thing, but nothing ever really crazy. One time she grabbed my dick and said “This is my dick. I can do whatever I want with it. It’s my property.” That was cool. But being her slave really only came into play when we got into arguments. “John, you’re my slave. You have to do as I say” is what she would say if I didn’t want to do something. I remember one time in bed I got the best line. She wanted me to do some annoying chore or something the next day, and I really didn’t want to. I said “no” and she said “oh, I see. You’re making a choice. Well, slaves don’t make choices. They’re property of their master. And in this case, I’m the master.”
These little conversations were a lot of fun. We even had a contract that she would bring up every time I argued with her. But this was nothing. After our breakup, things got crazy…

Part III

Yeah, it was a harsh break up. I hated her, and she was not too fond of me neither. We still had arguments, but now I was fighting back and pretty much tossing the whole slave thing out of the window. Whatever, I hated her and wanted to move on. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen.
See, I have this problem. Some of you probably do too. Whenever I talk online, I always find myself flirting with girls about the possibility of me being their slave or whatever. You know, stuff like that. Well one night, Laura’s little sister, Amy, was the only one online. I flirted, but very carefully. She was talking about being in a band, and I told her I’d be her manager. I made all these promises. Then, of course, in my usual manner I asked her what would happen if I didn’t fulfill these promises. And damn, sisters do think alike.
You’ll be demoted to my butler.”
Damn, what could suck more than that?”
I dunno. You could be the guy who wipes my ass.”
What’s his job title?”
Umm.. Slave?” I went no further. I was being careful. I didn’t make any crazy offers to her. Just over time, I would ask her a few more questions about what she would do with a slave whenever the conversation would get boring. It seemed harmless. So basically, she would be addressed as “Queen Amy,” have a few slaves here and there, and they would do anything to her. When they bowed down before her, they would do it “gracefully.” After she said this, I went for the kill.
Would they have to do anything after they bowed down gracefully?”
Kiss my feet.”
To show they know their place below me.”
Wow. Holy shit. I had to be careful. And I was. You see, I was the queen’s “knight.” You know, just a little inside joke. Until one faithful day. I was giving her a ride home from school. It was a hot day. As a joke, she took one of my CDs that was lying around and started fanning me. Then she said, “wait, you should be doing this for me. I’m the queen.” Wow. I did it, and got a “good boy.” I thought that was it.
Then she asked me if I could give her a ride somewhere later on. I said yes, of course. But, I had a habit of falling asleep or not showing up when I was supposed to give someone a ride. Amy knew this, so she said, “John, seriously, right now you have a respectable position. You’re a knight. But if you forget this, I’ll make you the person who licks my shoes.” Holy fuckin shit. I re-evaluated my options. I wanted to “forget” really badly, but I didn’t want to get in over my head. So, I took the easy way out. I assured her I would pick her up later by offering to be her complete slave right there out of respect or whatever. She agreed (!!!), but told me I had to prove my loyalty by bowing down to her right there. I did. Sure, I wanted to go to the next step, but reality was hitting me hard, so I got up.
I had such a bittersweet feeling. Jesus, everything that happened was so cool, but with just one conversation between the two sisters, I could be totally fucked. I tried to hold back from there, but one night I couldn’t take it anymore. I IMed Amy, saying “I bow down before the queen.” Little did I know this was Laura on her little sister’s screen name. Oh shit.
And all of a sudden, I’m having a flashback of one time when Laura caught me staring at Amy the wrong way. “If you ever do anything with my sister, I will ruin your life.” Well, here I was with some bad evidence against me. What happens next…
To Be Continued.