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how i got my fetish..

how i got my fetish..
Author Unknown

part one
It was Monday after school. Same as last Monday's routine. I got off the bus and walked home to find my neighbor Debbie doing her homework in the den. She had her books spread out on the couch so I decided to sit on the floor and watch TV. A few minutes went by when Debbie reached her foot over and pushed in into my face and laughed.."do my feet smell today?" I pulled away laughing and told her to knock it off! When I sat back down she did it again..and I yelled again saying "im not kidding, your feet stink Debbie!" She laughed and went back to her homework. Debbie was 15 and I was 11. Her mom worked so she had to stay at our house till her mom got home. Debbie was pretty and thin but was athletic. She played sports and was smarter than most kids her age....she kind of grew up faster I guess. She was average height and weighed about 110 lbs. Her skin was tan like her mom who was Puerto Rican with dark eyes and thick lips.
Tuesday came and the same thing happened, when I sat on the floor, because her books were all over the floor she again shoved her feet into my face but this time she had wrapped her led around my chest to hold me there as she pulled her foot hard into my face. I struggled and did get away again but it was harder this time and I definitely did smell her rank foot! Of course I yelled at her to quit doing that but all she did is laugh and say she was sorry. I told her in no uncertain terms that she was NOT to do that again...she agreed and went back to her work.
Wednesday , wouldn't you know her books were all over the couch again...I sat down and said "DON'T even think of it!" She said don't worry, Im too busy for that today". I was watching TV for a while when Debbie got up off the couch, pushed me down and sat on my chest! I yelled at her but she didn't stop...she sat there and brought BOTH feet to my face and shoved them into my face HARD this time and said "smell my feet you big baby!, all you do is complain so suffer!" I had no choice this time..she had me down and I couldn't move. I was a small kid, probably about 65 lbs and she was about 110...she had me and I couldn't do a thing about it. I trashed my head back and forth but her sweaty feet followed my nose...she was MAKING me smell her feet when I obviously didn't wan to. She finally got off my and stood there laughing at me. She said I was a baby and had to be punished, and said that next time it would be worse if I didn't listen to her....I was freaked out.
When I was walking home on Thursday, I already KNEW she would try her stunt again, so when I got hone I didn't sit by the couch...instead I sat on the bean bag chair on the other side of the room. I must have fell asleep because I woke up having a hard time breathing. When I finally got my wits about me, I realized it was Debbie's feet limiting my air! She was sitting on the arm of the chair, hanging her feet over onto my face pressing so hard, I thought she was standing on me! She said with a mean voice..."I told you yesterday that it would be worse if you didn't listen...didn't I! So suffer you pig and smell my feet!" I was pined, worse than yesterday. I was pressed down into the bean bag chair, my arms were at my side and Debbie was practically STANDING on my face! She stayed there for a while. Longer than she had ever done before. I was actually having a hard time breathing...and I was actually scared this time, more than mad.
When she finally did let me up, she could see I was scared and confused. She then said "you better listen to me! When I tell you to rub my feet you better rub them, if I tell you to smell had better listen! Understand me?" I said "ok". I was really scared!
When we got home the next day she looked at me as I came in the door. I didn't go to the den that day, instead I went to my room and closed the door. Not long after I heard a knock on the door. Yes, it was Debbie! She asked me to come into the den for a min, she needed a hand with something. I know my mother would have yelled if I didn't go to "help" her so I went in ready to give her a fight. When I got there Debbie closed the door and said "what are you trying to pull! I TOLD you that you had better listen or I would have to REALLY be mean to you, now sit down!" I was surprised. I didn't know what to I sat down. I was thinking I would be strong but I was actually scared of what she might do this time! So I sat down. Debbie held her foot up and told me to take her sneaker off. I did. She told me to smell the sneaker when it was off her foot, so I did. "How is it today, RANK? I didn't have to say a word, she could tell by the look on my face. She told me to smell her foot now. I went a few inches away and sniffed and she told me to REALLY smell them or she would stand on my face I sniffed it harder. As soon as I was close to her foot, she RAMMED it hard into my face and held it there pushing and said " I SAID SMELL IT"! Then the other one, same thing...took it off, smelled her sneaker and then her foot but this time I knew what I had to do. I held her ankle with my hands and pulled her foot into my face and smelled it...and it smelled strong today! She said "I hope you like them today, I didn't wash them this morning and I had gym today"! She obviously got off on making me smell her smelly feet.
Friday I wasn't looking forward to coming home but knew better than to avoid her this time. I went int to the den, sat where I was supposed to sit and looked at Debbie. She looked at me and said " well, what are you waiting for...go ahead and do your job slave boy!" I took off her sneaker and smelled it, then her foot ,then the other sneaker and the other foot. Debbie said I was a good slave boy today and I would be rewarded. She told me she would LET me rub her feet for her today and not force me to smell them any I did. Was the torture finally over?
NOPE! Monday came and there I was again at her feet! This time I was sitting on the couch with her feet on my lap rubbing them. She told me that if I did what she wanted she would be nice to me. So I did what she told me to do..I rubbed them for a while, ans smelled them for a while. I didn't mind it as much now. Some how I was accepting it.
This went on for a while...every day after school, the same routine, sometimes smelling them a little more and sometimes being made to kiss them or even lick them! I guess I was actually beginning to enjoy it because I got a hard on. I was hard as a rock as I smelled her foot and I didn't have a clue as to what was happening to me! Debbie moved her foot on my lap and felt it. She practically yelled "you have a hard on!" She started to laugh at me and pressed her foot into it laughing louder and louder. She told me that she was going to tell my friends I got a hard on for her feet. And said they would all laugh at me! I was humiliated! I didn't even know what a hard on was, but knew she had something on me. Now things were going to change, I knew it right away!...........
part two
....This went on for quite some time. Every day she was at my house, and even more so in the summer! Her mother worked a lot and my parents were rarely visible so what we did went un- noticed for years. The first summer we spent together was good. All the training of her foot slave was out of the way now, and she could get down to business. At that point, anything Debbie wanted me to do, I would do without a hard time.
Things started to change that summer. Debbie was now over from early morning till late evening and with nothing much to do, especially on those rainy days, I was her foot slave. One of the first changes was that I actually found myself enjoying her MAKING me smell her feet. As a matter of fact, I remember one day she skipped it all together, not even as much as mentioning the foot thing, that's when I actually asked "aren't you going to make me smell your feet?".
Another thing that changed was that I almost always had a hard on, and Debbie knew and liked it. As many young girls are, Debbie was fascinated with the fact that she could make it hard and I didn't have anything to say about it. She was curious as to what was happening and told me to take off my pants one time as I smelled her feet so she could watch. I lied down on the floor, pulled my sweat pants down to bellow my knees and saw Debbie's eyes light up. I don't think she ever saw cock before, at least not up close and personal like this. My Cock was limp, I think I was nervous which would be understandable. And Debbie made a comment about it looking like something , I cant remember...but she had a smile on her face none the less. Then we went to our business as usual. I removed Debbie's sneaker, then her socks, then the other sneaker and sock..smelling each one as it came off her foot. [my cock started to come to life] Debbie dangled one foot right above my face and said "do you want it slave boy, do you?" and I did, I did very much want to smell her foot. [Now my cock was almost hard] She dropped her foot lower so I could smell it and slowly pressed it harder and harder into my face. [now I was rock hard] Debbie was amazed at how hard it got and how fast it happened. I think she was proud of what she had done to. She told me to stay there and NOT to move. She took her other foot and touched my cock with it. She giggled and touched it again. She said again "Don't move!" Debbie kept playing with it, picking it up and dropping it, moving it from side to side watching how it always sprung back to the original position. I told her that she might want to stop doing that [I had never let her see that I cum when I got excited and wasn't sure she would like that] and she just said "shut up and don't move", so I did what she said. It wasn't long before I came, it shot out up onto my shirt, and kept coming, pumping like a hand cream dispenser. There is a reason I mention that as an example. Debbie yelled out loud with surprise..."OH SHIT, you came!" I don't know what she knew about men at that point, but I do know that she was SURPRISED, and fascinated as I would find out later on.
The next few times it was like the last, pants down and me on my back. This was something new for Debbie and she LOVED to see me cum. There was one time I remember because I was actually in pain, She made me cum 6 times in one day. That's almost once an hour. Debbie started to put her foot in the line of fire and spread the cum all over her feet. She liked the way it felt and couldn't wait till I was ready to go again. She also made me clean her up with a towel, what the was after all MY cum on her foot. My favorite was when she PUSHED her rank foot in my face and she took the other sweaty foot and jerked me off. To this day, that's my favorite thing to do!
As Debbie got older, she came over less and less. Even when Debbie had a boy friend, she still visited me now and then for kicks. Debbie and her mon moved two years later. They moved to South carolina and accept for one phone call that I spoke to her about what seamed to be the weather, Debbie's feet were never mine again. Debbie, if you read this, PLEASE contact me..PLEASE!

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