Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Girlfriend Christina

My Girlfriend Christina

By lovelystinkyfeet
I am going out with this girl named Christina. She is blonde about 5"6 and has beautiful body shape. She is on our college's soccer team, and she likes to play it so much. I do love her feet but not when they are very stinky and sweaty. I feel so lucky and excited because she's my first girlfriend, she's really sweet but sometimes she just become very bossy. Otherwise our relationship is going great and it's been about 2 month now.

One day, she's having this soccer game and she told me that their opponent is going to be tough. She asked me to give her a ride because she doesn't feel like driving that day. So I picked her up on time at 5:00 pm, as I arrived at her apartment and I went in (we both have each other's room key). She was still packing up for the soccer game, and so I waited. At last, she picked up her musty, and super worn cleats at the door, and I noticed there's a pair of very worn socks stuffed inside it. I could see that the pair of white socks were turning yellow and seems very crusty. Instantly I was like "ewww... don't you ever change your socks Chrissy?" She just ignored me and kissed me on the cheek, "it's okay honey, don't worry about it." Then she just stuff the shoes and her So we went out and had some fast food and go straight to the stadium. We kissed before she goes into the locker room and I wished her luck. Then I went back out to join all the fans since it's a home game. When all the soccer girls come out, I saw Chrissy with her musty socks on, and began to warm up with the other girls. Then the game begins and I'll skip that part (i know yall care more about what happens next ). At the end it turns out that we beated them. So I went back to the locker room and waited for Chrissy and she came out all sweaty. It's already about 9. "Well done!!" as I patted her, "Thanx, go to my apartment tonight! Will you?" She replied. So we went back to her apartment.

After we arrived at her apt., she just collapsed onto the sofa. Suddenly she asked:"will you give me a foot message hun?" I was stuned, but I couldn't refuse since I tried to be nice to my girlfriend. "mm... sure, anything for you babe" Then she's like "don't worry, you'll get something in return! " So I kneeled down in front of her and began to take off her cleats. The instance when they were off, the first thing I noticed is the smell. They smell HORRIBLE!! SMELL LIKE CHEESE AND VINEGAR MIXED WITH HER SWEATS! I almost passed out. She just laughed at the way I reacted to it.
-"hahaha... don't you love me hun?"
-"Yes I do, chrissy!"
-"Then you need to love everything that's on me, including my body odor!" Her tone changed; I dont' know what happened to her but she definitely becomes very bossy.
-"I ... I do love you ... it it's just that they smell so ..."
I couldn't refuse so I took them off. I was so stuned that moment because she had never been like that before. Then two perfect sweaty soles from soccer stand in front of me. She began to rub them all over my face. And I can't do anything but inhaling in these stinky and super super smelly odor. I was really going to pass out. Imagine her feet after soccer without washing her socks for one WHOLE week! "Smell them real good ... " so I took another whiff of her stinky feet. Next she moved her 5 little toes onto my nose. "Now smell these little cute toes of mine. Aren't they just cute?! HUH?" "Yes they are .." I noticed she pinked her toes purple blackish, and what impressed me is that there are so much toejams in between her toes. She slowly stick my nose in between her big toe and second toe. "Snifffff.." So I took on sniff and there I wrinkled my nose. Now I almost became immune to the stink of her feet. Then she began to stick her hands inside her soccer pants and began to masturbate. I couldn't believe what she's doing, you know it's my first time to see girls do this. And now I don't seem to notice the smell anymore and she just keep rubbing my face with her feet and keeps in the same motion and each single one becomes more violent. I realized she's almost there. She keeps fingering herself until she camed. Then she took her feet off my face and I finally took one fresh air into my lungs.

-"Did you enjoy it?" She asked.
-"Yeahh." I replied even though I almost died by her foot odor.
-"Yea me 2." she continued. "I promised you to give you something back hun. And I won't break my promise. Stand up."

So I standed up and I have no clue what's coming. This time she kneeled down in front of me and she opened up my pants. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I was in a panic because I have never done it before. "Do you want a blowjob hun?" Then she smiled at me and I just shut up because I dont' know what to do. She slowly took out my soft cock, and suddenly blood rushed through and my cock become erected. "WOW! It's like almost about 8 inches!" I just brushed. Then she putted her lips onto the tip of my meat. She took a sniff at my cock, and she wrinkled her nose too! I couldn't do anything but stand there and watch my lovely girlfriend become naughty. She took it in like half way then she slided it out. She said:"pick up one of my socks and stuff it in your mouth. I want your to taste me while I suck on your dick." I didn't know what to do, so I did what she said and half of the socks were like out of my mouth since it's her soccer knee high socks. It tasted very salty and I can still smell the ankle part of her socks. Then she standed up and pick up the other sock and she putted her toe end part of the sock on my nose and began to wrap it around my head and tied a knot behind my head. She tied it very tight so I have to smell her stinky sock again. Then she got down and went back to business. She sucks it and deepthroated it. It feels so GOOD. And I almost cummed before she took it out. "How does it feel hun? Want more?" She asked. I just mumbled since her sweaty sock is in my mouth. I began to like it. As a matter of fact I love it so much! Next she began to suck it all up and I almost gagged her with it. After only a few seconds, I couldn't hold on anymore and I began to release my white furry into her mouth. I cummed so much it all began to ooze out of the corner of her mouth. After I was done shooting my stuff, she opened up her mouth and showed me all my sperm and next she swallowed them all up. "Thanx for your sperms tonight hun!" She said it as she licked her lips. Then she began to untie her socks from my face. As I breathed in, I still smell the stink from the toe end of her sock. She handed me the socks. "Keep these, they are so worn and they are full of the smell of my stinky soccer feet. Remember me everytime you saw them." So I took these two nasty things, and thanked her for the blowjob. "Can we do this tomorrow night?" I asked her. "not tomorrow. Sometime next week when you have some more sperm. Next time I'll let you give a facial ." She smiled, and I smiled too. We kissed each other and I tasted my own sperm on her tongue. That night is the best night I ever had.

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  1. Amazing dude, wish I could too have such experience. Seriously It will be a dream come true to me