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Sharing A Tent

Sharing A Tent
By Zarakynel

A few years ago, when I wa
s still in college studying countryside management we had to go on a camping trip which involved spending a week in a local forest. I dont like camping that much so I was quite pessimistic about the whole thing until I found that we were sharing tents. This at first made me even more irritated as I like to sleep alone. However, when it came to "partnering up" I was amused to see that Rex had immediatly asked to be in mine. His name was not really Rex but we called him that because he was a huge dinosaur fan, and more importantly a fan of the T Rex. But he diddnt earn this name untill Jurassic Park 3 where the Spinosaurus killed the Tyrannosaurus when he cried and basically had a tantrum about it. When I look back I was quite pissed off too. Anyway, I was amused at this because he was always hanging around in the background, watching me. After a few experiments I came to the conclusion that he was spying on my feet. Lots of people looked at my feet because they were fairly large but I got the feeling he stared for a diferent reason.

Most of the first day was spent erecting the tents and making a suitable camp site with fires ect. Later that eening at about 11pm we called it a night and returned to our tents to get some sleep. I left my boots outside and stuffed my socks indide them but covered them with a plastic bag incase it rained. I was aware that my feet smelled something awful and made sure that we slept top to tail with my feet as colse to his face as possible thinking "Ill show him for sleeping in my tent". Although this wasnt just to get back at him but rather to see how he reacted, I wouldnt usually have been as curiousas this but when I took my boots off I really did stink up the tent quite badly yet he said nothing. This led me to believe that he was either too polite to say anything or he was keeping quiet and silently enjoying it. I pretended to fall asleep almost instanly and was starting to drift of for real when about a hour later I was snapped out of my sub-conciousness by small dafts of cold air running up and down my soles. I thought I knew what was going on but diddnt want to move my head too much to get a look incase he thought I had woken up. My suspisions were later proved however when I felt his nose and lips come into cvontact as he layed there mussling at my soles. A few minutes later however, to my complete shock he started licking and sucking and getting really into it. This is where most girls would have woken up shouting and name calling and all that but I layed still and eventually drifted off to sleep, schemes and ideas filling my dreams.

For the rest of that week I acted completely normally, although Rex had a stupid grin on his face. The "I know something that you dont" kind of grin and was now quite jittery when around me. The only real diference was that fotr the rest of the week I slept with y head the same end as his, I did enjoy his badly hidden looks of dissappointment. The reason for doing this was not to keep him from doing it again, but hiding the fact that I was wearing my boots to bed. I kept them on all day and night Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, obviously with Monday's socks. On Friday, which was our last night being there, I made sure Rex was in the tent before me and as he was no longer trying to get at my feet, went to sleep properly. I crawled in half a hour later, being careful not to wake him. Another thing he diddnt know, was that because of the rough, bumpy ground we had been camped on I was able to hide several lengths of rope. You may have noticed by now that I like the use of rope. I dont have some strange fetish for it but it is extremely useful at holding people still, and makes my job a lot easier.

Moving very slowly I reached under him with both hands and pulled out an end with each hand and tied the two ends much like a bow when tying a shoe. I did this at the ankles and kees before moving up and doing one around his stomach which also trapped his hands at the writsts and a second just under his chest, and getting his arms at the elbows. With him beingn indide a sleeping bag at the same time there really was no escape. When I was done I switched a lamp on and sat down hard on his stomach making sure it woke him up. I was a little worried about how far I sank in actually, I swear I could almost feel his sipne. It must have been quite painful, but that would soon be the least of his worries. He woke up with the most shocked and conused look Id ever seen before. Once he had recovered from the blinding light he said I was hurting him and tried to push me off but could only rock me side to side, realising this just hurt even more he soon gave up and asked me what I wanted. I told him I knew what he did on Monday night and he turned the funiest colour Ive ever seen. White from the horror of being caught, red from the emarassment and purple from the weight. He again asked what I wanted, in a more shakey tone this time, probably fearing blackmail or something pathetic like that. I told him that he should relax because I was going to give him what he wanted. He remained quiet and pondered over what I could mean by that and I took the oppertunity to lean forward and untie my right boot, both of which were resting either side of his head.

Rex suddenly realised what I was talking about tried to tell me no and apologising for doing it in the first place. I obviously completely ignored his continuous verbal resistance. I gave a tug and pulled my foot free from it's soggy prison. As I did so I turned the boot and placed it so the inside faced Rex, as close to him as I could get it. "Oh! My god!" He coughed, turning his head away from it. Even I was a bit disgusted as it's hot, choking stench filled the tent. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Rex shouted, his head still turned as far away as possible without breaking his own neck. "With me? Ha, you'r the one enjoying this!" I laughed back, feeling confident in what I was doing now as I could feel something hard poking me in the small of my back. I looked at my sock, it used to be white but was now a grey/brown colour, the sole being dark brown. It also used to be thick and fairly loose but it had compacted and hugged my foot tightly. I relaxed my leg and rested by the heel on his neck just below his chin. I reached forward and removed the other boot, turning it to his face just like the other and resting my foot on his neck next to the other. It diddnt matter which way he turned his head, he could not the warm but foul embrase of my boots. And with his vision blocked by two huge dirty socked feet. They really were rank and his squirming was very frantic, but he'd pull himself in half before escaping me so I wasnt worried. "Please! I cant stand it. Your feet are so horrible! Let me go!" He continued. With my feet only inches from his nose the smell must have been overwhelming as I was having second thoughts myself and I was no-where near them. I extended my legs and planted both feet firmly on his face, both of then covering his nose and mouth and held them there. Rex's eyes were streaming and had turned red from the fumes. Dispite his objections he had stopped struggling and layed still with his nose buried deep in my reeking socks inhaling deeply, his eyes glazing over and shutting a little each time he hid so. Several minutes passed and I started to move my feet, rubbing my wet socks all over his face making it shine with sweat. I leaned forward again and slowly peeled off a sock. It gradually slid off to reveal my foot. I did the same with the other and as soon as the socks were removed it was like a bomb had exploded and the tent was instantly filled with an increadibly intense smell which suppassed the first by far. Rex, still entranced by the heavy, musky, sweaty stench of the socks and boots was abruptly awakened by the strong, sharp stink released by my bare feet. Even I brought my hand to my nose and coughed as the horrible stink penetrated my nose and thought about packing it in. But I soon came to a new desision and wrapped my trusty scarf around the lower half of my face and solved the problem. Rex however had no such luxury.

Rex was not happy. "Shit! No, no that's it. Let me up now!" I simply told him that I did not appreciate bad language and crammed my socks into his mouth. I smiled under my scarf as I felt the sweat ooze out when they were squashed in. He glared at me and screamed angrily, as best he could anyway. I then lifted my left leg and placed it back on his face with the ball presse on his lips but with my toes raised so they wernt arching over his nose. I joined the other one in the same position and wiggled my toes right under his nose. His eyes were stil red and watering and he was sweating profusely. I loved the sound he started making next as he kind of squealed, screaming at a very high pitch and shaking his head vigorously. After lowering my toes and holding him there for a couple of minutes I rested the left up on his forehead out the way and moved the right to be more central, pressing the ball pad gainst his nostrils with the toes arching over to just below his eyes and twisted it side to side, grinding the slimy sweaty toes and pad into his nose, almost flattening it. My feet felt greasy and slippery and I rubbed them both all over his face for several minutes until I removed the socks from his mouth and ordered him to lick and suck my feet like he had done the other night. He wasnt quite all there anymore and it was easy to shove parts inside and making him suck my heels and ball pads before forcing his tongue over and between my toes. I cant imagine what they must have tasted like but in a way Im quite glad I cant. For my last act I pulled out the soles of my boots and tied them to his fae with string. He feebmoaned and twisted his head but did not have the energy left to do much. I got off him and walked out to the toilet as we'd been at it for over three hours. I returned, intending to go to sleep this time and found Rex right where I left him. This supprised me as I thought he would have moved and tried to free himself. I moved in and crouched down beside him. I untied the soles and the rest of the bonds, packing the away in my bag again. I turned back and he still haddnt moved, his eyes were open though so he cant be asleep. I kicked him lightly and then poked him several times. Eventually I realised he was out cold. This struck me as odd because he was fine just now. I reached round and took up one of the insoles and smelled it. My head span and my vision blurred. "Oh. Thats why."

Its nice to say that after this incident we became better aquainted with eachother and were good friends untill he moved away 2 years ago....But it was fun while it lasted.

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