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Smelly Feet Revenge

Smelly Feet Revenge

By Chris
We are a group of girlfriends who hung out together ever since junior high. We went to the same high school and went to the same college back east where this experience happened. There was myself and three of my friends, Casandra, Delia, and Cindy. We could be considered babes I guess, I mean all the guys and most girls hit on us and wanted to hang with us. One thing we did have in common was a very strong fetish for smelly feet ever since junior high. We’d get together each weekend and spend time at one of our houses when our parents were away, and smell each other’s feet. We’d plan it, so this meant about 3 or 4 days with the same smelly sneakers or boots and no socks. By the time weekend came it was wonderful smelling everyone’s really smelly feet. We also indulged in making guys and females smell our feet. This usually was where we would get someone over, tie them up securely, tape over their mouth to force them to breathe through their noses, then all take turns rubbing our smelly feet in their face forcing them to smell our feet while we watched a movie or video.
While out drinking at a pub one night we met a friend of Casandra’s named Asha. She told us of her younger sister who had been dating this really cute guy at the high school when he dumped her and emotionally hurt her for this other bitch. We learned from this friend that this bitch (Melinda) was quite well known for taking girls’ boyfriends just for the challenge and then waving her ass in the girl’s face. This friend’s sister was quite sensitive and not very aggressive, so this went very hard on her and everything. We told Asha that we would love to be the ones to teach this little bitch a very smelly lesson in dating etiquette. We told her of our fetish and how we are somewhat experts at forced foot smelling. At first she looked at us with this gasping, blank stare thinking we were insane. Then she broke out laughing and thought it would be perfect. She, unfortunately, did not want to actually participate, but would help us set it up.
By this time we were all older at college and this little bitch was in high school. She worked at local Dairy Queen so we knew where to find her. The nice thing was we were in our second year college in a city where nobody knew us. It was perfect for what we had planned. Delia and Cindy lived off campus in an apartment downtown. This Asha told us that this Melinda was really into toking. She was apparently really petite, about 4’8", 97lbs or something. (We did our usual planning. No showers, same sneakers and boots for about 4 days. Played as much volleyball and walked wherever we were going).
One night we went over to this Dairy Queen with a another friend of Asha’s who didn’t know Melinda. This friend struck up some talk with Melinda and told her about some really good, potent smoke that was available cheap through friends (Delia & Cindy). This Melinda fell for the story and she was given Delia and Cindy’s address. At about 10:30pm Melinda arrived at Delia and Cindy’s. They gave her some samples as they were to get her fairly stoned first. After about a ½ hour Casandra and I knocked on the door and entered the apartment. This Melinda was sitting on the couch and stared up at us. I couldn’t believe how pretty and petite she was, I was immediately aroused thinking of my smelly feet in her beautiful face. She was obviously stoned, but just sat there.
Immediately we all went to the kitchen and got some cord that we got at the hardware store and sat down beside this Melinda. She knew something was up and got up and said she had to go. Delia grabbed her and pushed onto the couch where the rest of us also grabbed her and pulled her onto the livingroom floor.
She was kicking and swearing at us calling us lesbians and dykes, etc. Delia is quite strong and athletic and wrestled her onto her stomach. We tied her legs together securely at the ankles and above and below her knees. Cindy then pulls out some of this industrial stretch wrap she had from a factory and we wrapped her legs in it. We tied her hands behind her and arms at her sides, and around her chest also. Delia and I pulled her onto her back and sat on her as she was really kicking and struggling. We tore off a piece of duct tape and put it securely over her mouth sealing it completely. We wanted her breathing through her nose and only her nose.
Here we all were again, standing above someone bound and mouth taped, ready for a long night of smelling our feet. In one way this was not that exciting because we had such a long history of doing this back home, etc. However, it was also really exciting because here was this petite, pretty femme who had no idea that she was going to be smelling our feet. And nobody knew us, we could do what we wanted. She continued to moan and attempt to talk through the tape.
Cindy got a big chair brought it in the living room and tried positioning it over top of Melinda with her head at the foot of the chair. She kept struggling, so I sat above her head and held it tight between the tips of my knees and told her to lie still or she will get slapped. Delia sat in the chair and Casandra sat on her knees. This bitch still struggled a bit even with us all on her. Delia now had both her sneakered feet beside the bitch’s head. You could now see some real concern on her face, as her eyes darted quickly around looking up at me and then at Delia. She kept struggling so I reached down, pinched her nostrils together and tightened my knees on her head. I told her that if she kept struggling I would hold my hand over her nose like I was doing until she fainted. I deliberately kept her nose covered until she was really writhing to get my hands free. I released my grip to a large inhale of fresh air from her, and told her I was not kidding about not struggling. She finally gave in. I just smiled at her, and told her she was going to smell some extremely smelly feet and to keep her head still and breathe deeply at all times. (If I only had a picture to catch the expression on her face when she grasped what I had just said about going to smell our smelly feet).
Delia now kicked off her sneakers and immediately put both feet in Melinda’s pretty and petite face. She also immediately tried to struggle and move her head back and forth. I had her head held firmly and there was no escape. Within about 5 seconds the smell of Delia’s feet was rising in my face. I was starting to get moist right away. Did they ever smell. It was great! This little bitch was struggling but to no avail, as we had her securely held. Delia was teasingly rubbing her greasy and smelly feet all over her face, cupping her toes around her nose and playing footsies with her nose. Delia had black nail polish on. Oh gosh, her feet were gorgeous! She was rubbing her feet back and forth on the bitch’s face from her toes to her heels. This little bitch was now whimpering and moaning going ‘mmph’ ‘mmph’, presumably trying to say no. Every now and then Delia would hold her left foot on the side of the bitch’s face steadying it while rubbing her right foot back and forth against her nose. The sound of this pretty girl breathing in and out against Delia’s smelly feet had me wet. I had to reach down and touch myself a few times while sitting there. Cindy was also now sitting on this Melinda’s legs and she had been trying to twist and thrash around.
After about ½ an hour Delia’s feet were now well dried from the this bitch breathing in and out smelling her feet and the sweat from her sneakers was dried. It was now my turn.
I first lent down and smelled closely to this Melinda’s face. She was whimpering and trying to sit up, and her face just smelled so much of Delia’s feet. I had to let Delia sit in my place and hold this pretty femme’s face still. She knew that there were 3 more sets of smelly feet to smell. My briefs were already soaked. She was looking up at me with these sympathetic eyes that I could tell were begging me not to make her smell my feet. I kicked off both sneakers and put both feet in her face. Unbelievable! She immediately started to try and move her head away. Delia had it held firmly though. What a turn on. Little did she know but, if someone moves their head around trying not to smell my feet, that makes me even more excited. I held both feet on her pretty face rubbing them around. They were literally sliding all over her face as they were wet and greasy from being in my smelly sneakers for 4 days. Feeling her breathing in and out between my toes and against my feet was ecstasy. I had blue metallic nail polish on and I pushed my right foot up against her nose cupping it with my toes and steadying her little head with my left foot. I was touching myself non-stop with Delia laughing at me. I couldn’t help it. Delia kept leaning over this Melinda’s face and breathing in trying to smell my feet as well. She told me my feet smelled so much. Looking down at this little bitch and feeling the coolness between my toes as she inhaled, and the warmth of her breath as she exhaled between my toes was unreal. Of all the many people I’ve made smell my feet, this pretty little girl was really turning me on. Like Delia, I would keep my right foot against her nose for awhile then switch to the left, rubbing her nose along my foot from the toes to the heel. I could tell she was really intimidated, every time I would look down at her and her eyes would meet mine, she would close them. She understandably had this sour look on her face and was frowning a lot. Delia was also touching herself every now and then. The whole room now smelled of our feet. I made her smell my feet for about ¾ of an hour until the greasy sweatiness of my smelly feet were dried. It was now Casandra’s turn.
Casandra had Docs on. Wow, no socks and smelly Docs for 4 days. I could hardly wait to see this little bitch with Casandra’s smelly feet in her face. Casandra started coming around to sit in the chair and this little bitch was really kicking. She hit Delia in the shins while she was moving around her. Delia reached down and pinched her boobs hard. This bitch started trying to swear at us again I presume. The tape was doing a great job of sealing her mouth. Once Casandra got the Docs unlaced, she slipped her right foot out and put the boot over this Melinda’s nose. Cindy was holding her head now between her knees. Delia was pissed and told Casandra to stop wasting time and get both her feet in the bitch’s face. She obliged. I was sitting on her knees and watching Casandra’s gorgeous, bright red toe nailed feet rubbing around in her face. I couldn’t believe it, this petite babe was actually still struggling every now and then. I guess it was simply testimony to how much all of our feet smelled. It was such a turn on listening to her breathing in and out against Casandra’s smelly feet. I reached down once and tried to rub her crotch, but she just started to flail around more, which pissed Casandra off complaining that it made the bitch struggle and not lie still. I got Delia to sit on her knees and hold her while I stood beside Casandra and watched. I knelt right down beside the bitch’s face about 6 inches away and just smiled at her. The smell of Casandra’s feet was unreal! This petite, pretty face just reeked of our smelly feet. I could tell by the way this bitch looked at us from between Casandra’s feet every now and then that she thought we were lunatics. After Casandra, Cindy made her smell her feet for about the same time. Cindy had on sneakers too, and kept her smelling her feet continuously. We never told this bitch why she was smelling our feet. That wasn’t the point. We simply capitalized on the chance to force a pretty face and petite nose to smell our feet. Especially someone who knew nothing of what was in store for her.
When we let her go she claimed she would get us and this stuff with her friends. We just laughed and told her we know where she could be found and she could easily end up in the same position smelling our feet again. But this time, we would take her away for a whole weekend and she would smell a lot more that just our smelly feet.


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