Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dominant BabySitter

The Dominant BabySitter

By Solestruck

In the sixth or seventh grade, when I was about 12 or 13, my parents, against
my wishes, thought that it would be best if I had a babysitter. Turns out, the
babysitter was a gal who was about 5 or 6 years older, maybe a junior or
senior, and the daughter of an acquaintance they made somewhere. Fortunately
for me she was very hot, a freckle-faced, brownish red head with a nice
figure. I remember I was laying on my stomach watching TV and she sat on my
back in a straddle and then asked if I want to wrestle. OK I figured, I can
buck her off no problem. But after I said yes, she executed this flim flam
wrestling move that someone must have shown her involving the looping of one
of my arms inside out, which flipped me over like a pancake and with what
seemed like very little force on her part. It was a little embarrassing to be
pinned that quick. She kept telling me, "Just say 'I give' and I will let you
up. Instead I struggled to re-assert my masculinity. This just ended up
causing her to move forward into a tighter pin higher up on my chest to the
point where she could sit upright. She kept repeating, "All you have to do is
say 'I give' . . . and that I am the boss." I of course refused and this
resulted in her keeping me in this pin for about two and a half hours while
she just watched TV.

At some point, I told her I was going to kick her ass. She replied, "Actually,
I think you are in a better position to kiss my ass," and she later
threatened, "If you don't give, I am going to make you kiss my ass." At some
point, I gave up struggling as I was exhausted and her shins pressing on my
upper arms had left my arms feeling weak and my hands tingly. After I had been
forced to give up struggling, she quickly flipped around to reverse the
direction she was sitting in, but still pinning me, and pressed her ass on my
face right over my nose and mouth, saying, "Time to kiss my ass." She lifted a
little and told me, "You can kiss my ass or say you give, you choose." I told
her she better get off. So she sat her ass back down. I began to kick and
flail when I feared passing out. She must have sensed this and lifted her ass
up slightly again. When I refused to verbally surrender or kiss her ass, she
sat back down again. I did not appreciate this dominant streak back then, and
would love to have found hundreds more women like this later in life. This
facesit smother and chance to worship or verbally surrender repeated itself
several times, each time meeting with a refusal from me. Maybe on some level I
did like it, even though I was really outraged and angry about being
dominated. I became intimately familiar with the site, or more accurately, the
seat, of her off-white Lee overalls that she was wearing. Eventually, we heard
my parents car in the driveway, and she hopped off saying, "The only reason I
let you up is because your parents are home." I said, "Next time you're dead."
She said, "We'll see."

I did not tell on her because it would have been a little embarrassing to tell
them I wrestled her and lost, and that I was dominated and helpless under her
for about four hours, just about the whole time they were out. As they were
paying her and asked her if I behaved, she said, "Oh, I managed to keep him
under control," and gave me a sarcastic grin. I was a little frustrated that
she was holding the cards, getting paid and in a position to get me in trouble
despite the fact that she sat on top of me the whole time, pinned me to the
point where my shoulders were still tender and sat on my face for hours,
repeatedly bringing me close to pass out condition.

My parents used her again a few weeks later and I had planned to get revenge.
My parents were downstairs, waiting for the babysitter and finishing up
getting ready, and I was in the upstairs den. I was laying down watching TV.
She came upstairs and I knew my parents were still home so I figured I was
fine. I heard my parents clanging around downstairs. It was a ballsy move on
her part but while my parents were still home, she grabbed the wooden chair
from its matching stained desk that was in the corner of the room, placed it
right over me and sat on it. I saw her grab it but I thought she was just
going to sit on it next to me and watch TV since my parents were still home.
She even still had her pocket book (really a shoulder sack) still on her arm,
probably just to help with the deception. Right when she did this, I said
"What are you doing? My parents are still here," while I ineffectively began
to try to push at the front of the chair from the awkward position my arms
were in. She easily pinned my arms by pressing her feet onto my upper arms and
said, "They are just about ready to leave and I wanted to get the jump on you.
If they come up, I will just move the chair. And if you yell for them, I will
tell them you hit me." As she was talking I heard "Bye" from downstairs
punctuated immediately by the sound of the door slamming shut. She then
laughed out loud and set her shoulder sack down on a nearby piece of

It was one of those chairs with four legs, open underneath, with four support
bars connecting each leg to its adjacent legs. The front cross bar pressed on
my chest a little but not too uncomfortably. The rear cross bar was a little
lower and that was over my lower abdomen. The two front legs landed right
outside my armpits, and I always lay with my hands behind my head so my arms
were trapped up in a position where I could not try to push the chair up from
my sides like a bench press using my chest and shoulder muscles. I would only
be able to bring my arms down near a 90 degree angle off my body before my
upper tricep hit the chair leg. That is mainly why she was easily able to pin
my arms with her shoes in no time flat.

It was after the door shut that I realized I was probably in for a long night.
I tried pushing a little but she just pressed lightly using her thigh muscles
and said, "Yeah, right." She said, "Now. I am in a superior position, and we
can do this one of two ways. You can struggle and try to get me back, even
though you have nothing to get me back for, or you can give up now and agree
that there is no need for fighting, and we can have fun watching TV or playing
cards or something." I did not answer at first but reminded her that she had
suffocated me last time and I almost passed out. She was not in a mood to
concede any ground since she was again enjoying a superior bargaining
position. She explained to me that I had brought that on myself by refusing to
just give up after a simple wrestling match that I did agree to and lost fair
and square. She went on to explain that it was I who threatened to "kick her
ass." I argued that her logic was weak since a simple threat that I was not in
a position to carry out does not justify suffocating someone to near death.
She immediately pounced on that saying that it was not "near death." Using
that phrase was a bad choice on my part since I thought I was winning the
argument. But I soon realized that given our physical positions, she was not
going to give in at all and she was going to stay there.

Since the argument went nowhere and I would not agree to "Give" or to promise
that I would not try to go after her, she reached for her sack, and was
rummaging around. I asked her what she had in there. She said, "Oh a few
things I thought I might need," and then took out a book and started reading,
her white canvas sneakers still pinning my arms. About a half hour later, I
asked if she planned to keep me here all night. Without looking at me from
behind her book, she said, "You had your chance earlier to just say you give
and agree not to come after me." I said, "OK, I am willing to give up and
agree that I won't go after you." She replied, "I am not sure I believe you
and I will have to think about it." I asked what I could do to make her
believe me. She said, "You can start by untying my shoes for me." I said fine
and she had to hold up each of her feet so I could get my hands to them given
the forced 'up' position of my upper arms. I then asked again, "OK, I did what
you asked, now may I please get up." She put her book aside, reached for her
nap sack and said, "I don't know if I can trust you. You might just be saying
that." She then pulled a ball of something white out of the sack and said, "If
I tie your arms I will feel a lot more comfortable that you won't come after
me." It was that thin coated cord that they use to tie up stacks of

I reluctantly agreed, figuring that even if she did tie them, it was worth
getting up since I noticed that the bar pressing on my chest was starting to
ache a lot like Chinese water torture. So she had me hold them upright toward
the ceiling but crossed at the wrists. She then wrapped them around and around
sideways, then vertically in between the wrists, then sideways again, and then
looped the string in on itself, and tugged like some kind of slip knot finish.
She then used one of her feet to push one of arm arms down and of course the
other arm traveled with it. I said "What are you doing?" She said, "Just one
thing first." She then took the sneaker off her other (free) foot, peeled off
her tiny sock, and put her bare foot over my mouth with her toes over my nose
and said, "Smell my feet." I said, "W--," and was interrupted as she pressed
her foot over my mouth. I then involuntarily smelled her feet which were clean
but slimy and sweaty and had a bit of an odor but the odor was actually not
offensive. She then said, "If you kiss my feet, I will know that you are
honest about not wanting to come after me." When she lifted her foot, I asked
her why before all I had to do was promise not to come after her, then I had
to agree to her tying my arms, and now this?? She answered that I had my
chance each time and because I kept refusing her offers, she had to change the
terms to create rewards and punishments to modify behavior.

I then tried a different tack and told her the bar was really hurting my chest
and I needed to get up. She said, "Nice try! You have been there for almost an
hour and have not said a word about it up 'til now. You can stay here with my
feet on your face and smell my feet all night or you can just kiss them and be
done with it." I told her I was not going to kiss her feet. She said, "OK
fine," and then took off her other shoe and sock and began to rub her foot
sweat all over my face, eventually settling in with her toes all cradled
around my nose. I laid there, I think realizing that I actually was somehow
enjoying this, and lost track of time. She had been reading again. I wondered
how long I had zoned out for. I told her that the sweat from her feet was
getting all over my face. She then asked me, "Now whose fault is that?" She
went on, "Since you refused a perfectly reasonable deal before where you could
have given a peck and been free, the deal is now that you need to lick my feet
before I let you up." She continued, "Besides, you have been quietly breathing
away through your nose for about 45 minutes now, and it even sounded like you
were sniffing my feet a few times, so I am starting wonder whether you
actually like the smell of my feet and enjoy having them in your face." To
this I said nothing at first, but realized that I actually did have an
erection. She was right.

So about twenty minutes later, after pondering the thought of the bar on my
chest for another two or three hours, and wondering why I had an erection and
being somewhat interested the more I thought of her offer, I started licking
her feet. She moved her feet to enable me to get the whole foot, and even
dipped her toes into my mouth. During the process she commented, "You are
actually enjoying this aren't you." I did not answer. After about twenty
minutes, I said, "OK, I did everything you asked." She then said, "I want to
hear you admit that you enjoyed smelling and licking my feet." I did not reply
at first. She kept prodding me though and eventually I did say it out loud,
and she made me repeat it several times. When she still did not get up, I told
her she was being a liar and bitch for not getting up after I did exactly what
she asked. She then said, "You need to have your mouth washed out with soap
but I have a better idea." She then leaned forward, forced her little
mini-socks into my mouth, pressed the opening of her sneaker over my mouth and
nose and tied it there with more cord from her knap sack. This brought
extended laughter from her, as she said, "You look ridiculous like that with
my shoe tied to your face."

She then got down off the chair and sat on my chest and said, "How do my sweat
socks taste?" She then flipped around and watched TV while straddling my
chest. At some point she noticed the bulge in my pants and said, "You are a
naughty boy. Looks like you popped a tent from smelling and licking the
babysitter's feet." She stayed there until my parents car pulled in, at which
point, she began untying the sneaker from my face me while saying, "Now what
are you going to tell them, that you smelled and licked the baby sitter's feet
and got aroused by it? I might have to tell them I noticed a bulge in your
pants and that I don't feel comfortable babysitting anymore." She got off me
and I made a "Mmm" sound since her socks were still stuffed into my mouth and
my hands were tied. She started putting her shoes on without the socks and
said, "If I were you, I would run to the bathroom pretty quick before they see
you like that sucking on my socks." So I ran to the bathroom, and managed to
get the free of the cord with a dull scissors in the second draw down.

She babysat me after that but it was not as hostile since she had tamed me and
made me realize that I did enjoy her feet, so in the future she got paid to
have her feet smelled, licked and massaged, and rather than me being forced to
do it, I had to ask for it. Sometimes she made me smell her socks first or put
them in my mouth, or smell or lick her shoes.