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Sister Foot Licker of the Gamma Gamma Gamma Sorority

Sister Foot Licker of the Gamma Gamma Gamma Sorority
by Frankenstein2009

 Hell Week was just that for the girls of the Gamma Gamma Gamma sorority house. Well, more accurately, it pretty much only sucked for the newbies. Life was grand as always for their already established sisters. They were pampered every hour of every day by their lowly pledges. Their favorite pledge was, of course, Foot Licker. Her top priority for the week was just as her name suggested; lick her sorority sisters’ feet whenever it was demanded of her, which was often.
The naming ceremony was just about the most humiliating experience the girls could handle. Theresa, the head sister, made her way down the line, assigning roles for Hell Week. Some were told to cook all of the meals, some were told to do all of the laundry, some were told to be the official masseuse for the week, and one was even labeled the official “Beer Bitch” for the week. Then, at the end of the line, she came to Sally; pathetic, old Sally, who looked completely out of place amongst all of these very attractive girls.
“Have you ever French kissed a guy before, Sally?” Theresa asked, with a smirk.
“Um, no. Not really,” Sally answered, embarrassed.
Theresa giggled and looked back at her sorority sisters. They all followed her lead and giggled themselves. Theresa then, once again, directed her attention to Sally who looked a little worried.
“Well, since you haven’t dirtied up your tongue yet, we have just the job for you this week.”
Some of the sisters started to laugh a little louder and a few of them glanced down at their feet for some reason. They were all wearing flip-flops since it was still warm enough to do so. And, as if on cue, they each removed a flip-flop and held it up with the inner sole facing outwards.
“Sally, I want you to make your way down the line and examine each flip-flop. Then, once you determine which is the filthiest, I want you to tell me. And, don’t worry. You’re not going to offend whoever it belongs to. In fact, you’ll be doing them a favor. Your sister will appreciate it. Okay?”
“Yes,” she answered.
“Yes, Miss Theresa,” Theresa quickly corrected her.
‘Sorry,” said Sally. “Yes, Miss Theresa.”
Sally slowly made her way down the line of sisters, stopping to closely examine each flip-flop. They were all grimy, but some were much worse than others. She wondered why they hadn’t bought new pairs for back to school. Eventually, she circled back to where she had seen the worst of the bunch. It belonged to Meghan. There was a gleam in Meghan’s eyes when Sally stopped in front of her. All of her sisters groaned, dropped their flip-flop to the ground, and slid their foot back in.
Sally gingerly turned towards Theresa. “Um, Sister Meg…”
“Uh, huh,” grunted Meghan.
“Sorry. Miss Meghan has the filthiest, I think,” Sally said.
Theresa smiled at Meghan, who was grinning to beat the band. Meghan was a slightly, plus-sized, freckled brunette who looked as though she had been some sort of an athlete in high school, but let herself go a little once she reached college. You could tell she was that class clown type who the popular girls always kept around to crack them up.
“Beer Bitch!” shouted Theresa. “Fetch us one of the barstools.”
The Beer Bitch nervously looked around and then spotted the row of barstools situated near the kitchen. She rushed over and then dragged it back over to where Theresa stood. She spun the stool around so it was facing her sisters.
“Okay, Meghan, take your seat.”
Meghan sauntered right past Sally and took her place on the stool. She dropped the flip-flop she had been holding to the floor, and crossed her legs, dangling the other flip-flop.
“Come over here, Sister Sally,” Theresa instructed.
Sally did as she was told; she was now standing directly in front of the beaming Theresa.
“Would you like to help your sister out with a problem she has?”
“I guess so,” said Sally.
“You guess so??” snapped Theresa.
“I mean, yes. Yes, I do. Sorry.”
“Good. Because that’s just what sisters should do, help each other out. I’m sure Meghan here would do anything for you. Isn’t that so, Meghan?”
“Oh, absolutely,” said Meghan, not at all sounding genuine.
“Well, then, I think you should help her out with her very minor problem, Sally. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes,” said Sally. “Definitely.”
“Very good. In that case, Meghan needs her feet cleaned, so she doesn’t have to embarrass herself anymore with filthy soles. The fraternity brothers don’t find dirty feet very attractive. Are your feet clean, Sally?”
“Um, yes, Miss Theresa.”
“How nice for you. You see, Meghan isn’t so fortunate, but you can certainly help her out with that. Can’t you?”
“Um, yes, I can. What do you want me to do?”
Unfortunately, Sally had forgotten all about the tongue reference Theresa had made earlier.
“Well, I would have you run and grab the foot bath and some soap, but I haven’t unpacked it yet and I’m so tired from carrying my clothes in. So, if you could use your tongue for now, we’d appreciate it so much.”
“Um, I don’t know about this,” said Sally.
“Oh, please. I swear, nobody will tell. It won’t leave this room. Come on. Plus, you can always gargle some mouth wash right after.”
Sally looked back at her new sisters who were all nodding along; hell, even the other newbies were nodding. She could tell that they probably would have done it if they were in her position. So, she figured, what did she really have to lose?
“Fine. I’ll do it.”
Meghan suddenly struggled to withhold her laughter. This was too good to be true. She was about to have her filthy feet licked clean by another girl. Normally, it was Theresa or somebody else who received this type of treatment. She was going to revel in it.
“Okay, then, Sally,” said Theresa. “Drop to your knees and lick Miss Meghan’s feet until they’re clean.”
Sally didn’t like the way that sounded, but she really needed to be a part of something like this sorority. Maybe then, the boys would take interest in her. With this in mind, she lowered herself to a kneeling position, with her face just inches from Meghan’s dangling flip-flop. She looked up at Meghan, who was sporting a devilish grin.
“Take my flip-flop off and start licking,” she ordered.
Sally removed her flip-flop and placed it on the floor next to the other one. Then, she took Meghan’s foot in her hands, stared down at it for a moment and began to lap away at it. She figured she’d get it over and done with as soon as possible. She could feel the dust from her heel collect on her tongue; she took a second to examine the shine she left on her heel.
“Can you see yourself in my heel, foot licker?” Meghan laughed.
“Ah, Foot Licker!” Theresa shouted. “I love it! That’s your new nickname.” Several of the sisters snickered when they heard this.
“Keep licking,” ordered Meghan. “You’re almost done with this one.”
Sally followed her orders. Suddenly, a cheer broke out amongst the group. “Go Sally! Go Sally! Go, go, go Sally!”
“You mean Foot Licker!” Meghan shouted joyously.
“Go Foot Licker! Go Foot licker! Go, go, go Foot Licker!”
For once in her pathetic life, Sally felt included. She was too blinded by the fake adoration to realize that she wasn’t actually accepted. She was their fool. I mean, what would her mother think if she saw her little girl licking some other girl’s dirty feet? She had only months earlier cheered for her at her high-school graduation.
While Sally was lapping away at Meghan’s big toe, she couldn’t help but notice the toe prints she left in her flip-flops; she especially focused on the prints her big toes left. Any dirt it didn’t leave on the flip-flop was being taken care of by Sally’s lowly tongue. When she finished with that foot – and after Meghan examined it to make sure it was satisfactory – Sally moved on to her other foot.
“Sally, I didn’t realize you were so talented,” said Theresa, as Meghan slipped her feet back into her flip-flops and walked back to her place in line, patting Sally, who was still kneeling, on the head. Theresa continued: “Talent like that can’t go wasted. From this day forth, you’ll be known as Sister Foot licker. Welcome to Gamma Gamma Gamma.” 

Well, Hell Week at Gamma Gamma Gamma officially came to an end and, boy, was it a success. There were no reported injuries, no visits from the campus police, and no girls needing their shoelaces and belts taken away from them. The only physical difference in any of the girls was that Foot Licker ended the week with a much dryer tongue. It wasn’t over though – the pledging that is. Initiation Week was now beginning.
“Okay, girls,” began Theresa. “Congrats. You’ve survived Hell Week. Your sisters are all very proud of you. Now, you just have to put up with Initiation Week and you’re in.”
Everyone cheered. Everyone except for Foot Licker. You see, she was under the impression that she was already in.
Theresa began talking again once the cheering died down. “It’s also Throwback Week here on campus, so we want all of you pledges to act like hippie chicks for the whole week. By that, I mean you’ll dance for our pleasure out on the lawn to 60’s music, you’ll take your favorite shirts and make them tye dyed, you’ll be barefoot at all times (Foot Licker gulped when she heard this), and, finally, you won’t bathe for the entire week.”
There was a collective “Eww.”
“Only one of you won’t have to take part in this ritual, and it is none other than Foot Licker. She’s not quite as worthless as the rest of you. In fact, Foot Licker, you don’t even need to hear the rest of this. I’ll just be talking about what else we’ll be expecting of these girls this week. Why don’t you head on out to the dining hall. We’ll catch up with you in a bit.”
Foot Licker proudly walked past all of her jealous fellow pledges and out the door. They each gave her a look of disdain as she passed by. Once she was halfway down the street, heading for the dining hall, Theresa addressed the other pledges again.
“Okay, girls. There’s just one more thing I wanted to fill you in on. Foot Licker will taste every bit of filth and grime that collects on the soles of your feet. Why else would we have you walk barefoot for an entire week without bathing?”
All of the pledges breathed a sigh of relief and immediately looked to one another with a devilish gleam in their eyes.
“But, you cannot tell her about this at all, or else it will ruin the surprise. Got it?”
They all nodded along like good little foot soldiers.
Foot Licker wasn’t completely relieved of her duties during Initiation Week. In fact, not much had changed. Her daily routine still involved going from room to room each morning, waking each of the sisters up with a thorough foot licking.
“Ah, there is no better way to wake up,” said Theresa. “Thanks, Foot Licker.” She then patted Foot Licker atop the head and sent her on her way.
Most of the sisters were appreciative for the gesture, and only some of them still found it funny. They led her to believe that they only laughed because they were ticklish on the soles of their feet, but, really, they found it amusing that this poor girl was happy to be licking their feet every morning. One girl was more than appreciative to receive this sort of wake-up each morning. It was Meghan, owner of the first pair of feet she ever licked. Meghan was also the only lesbian in the house. Thanks to her stern, religious upbringing, Foot Licker was a little weirded out by this.
One morning, while Foot Licker was down at the foot of her bed lapping away at her feet, Meghan began to pleasure herself. Foot Licker noticed this and couldn’t hide the disgust in her eyes. Unfortunately, Meghan noticed this reaction. To punish Foot Licker for her close-mindedness, she pulled her left foot away, moistened the palm of her hand up with her juices, and then wiped it all over the sole of her foot. Then, she shoved it back down in front of Foot Licker’s face.
“You missed a spot, bitch,” she said, with a sneer. “Clean it all off, or else.”
Foot Licker was finally sickened. She’d been licking feet for over a week, and only now was she disgusted. But, being a member of this sorority did mean the world to her, so she did as she was told. Meghan just lay there, with her arms behind her head and her feet crossed at the ankles.
Her evenings weren’t much better than her mornings. All of the sisters sat around the television, eating snacks and gossiping, while Foot Licker licked their filthy flip-flops clean. After all, she was indirectly responsible for them being so dirty. They had to get them that way for the first night of Hell Week. They didn’t even look over at her while she lapped away. They had broken her in; they were used to it by now.
The only bright points for Foot Licker came whenever she noticed the other pledges dragging themselves into the living room, filthy, ragged, and reeking. She also noticed how disgusting their bare feet looked by the week’s end, and she was glad Theresa told her she wouldn’t be “licking” their feet because they were still only pledges.
A few of them snickered at her on their way by. She figured they were just jealous of her because she had been accepted long before them. So, she figured it was safe to roll her eyes at them. Unfortunately, though, she soon learned why they all snickered.
Theresa entered the living room, carrying a chair, and Meghan followed her in, carrying a bucket filled with water. Theresa placed the chair in the middle of the room and Meghan placed the bucket on the floor in front of it.
“Okay, girls,” said Theresa, gathering everyone’s attention. “It’s time the pledges have their feet cleaned. Foot Licker…”
Foot Licker suddenly got nervous. “But, you said…”
“Don’t worry. I said you wouldn’t be licking their feet and I meant it. All that’s going to happen is they’re going to each take a turn sitting in this chair and you’re going to clean their feet in this bucket. Then, you’ll dry them off with a towel. Your tongue will not touch their feet at all. It’s just that I’ve noticed they’re a little jealous of you and I wanted you to sort of extend an olive branch of sorts. It’s what’s best for everyone.”
Now, all of the pledges felt as though they’d been lied to by Theresa. But, they soon discovered that they hadn’t been. You see, Foot Licker would indeed taste every bit of filth and grime that had collected on their feet.
Once every foot was clean and dry, Meghan carried the bucket of now filthy water to the kitchen. Every time she glanced down at the disgusting foot bath water that even had a few unidentified things floating on its surface, she smirked and pretended to gag. Once she was in there, she grabbed a package of Rahmin Noodles from the cupboard, prepared them, and then drained them of all the juice. Then, she did the unthinkable when she took a ladle, scooped out some of the foot bath water and dumped it into a bowl along with the noodles. When she was finished, she placed it upon the long kitchen table and walked back in to the living room.
“Girls, to welcome you all into the Gamma Gamma Gamma sorority, I’ve prepared a lobster dinner.” All of the pledges cheered, bringing a smile to every sister’s face. They all hugged. “And, Foot Licker, I haven’t forgotten that you’re allergic to shell fish. We don’t want to have to rush you off to the hospital, so I cooked up some Rahmin Noodles for you. Now, in all fairness, it was my first time, so I hope I didn’t screw it up.”
Foot Licker smiled, thinking how sweet it was for Meghan to remember her allergy.
All of the girls piled into the kitchen and squeezed around the table. Everyone dug right in, except for Foot Licker for she had never seen Rahmin Noodles that looked like this.
“Is there something wrong with yours, Foot Licker?” Meghan asked, feigning disappointment.
Each of the pledges looked over at Foot Licker’s bowl and immediately noticed that her noodles were floating in their foot grime. A few of them could barely stifle their laughter. Theresa simply smirked.
“Oh, um, no,” answered Foot Licker. Then, she brought the first spoonful of filthy foot soaked noodles to her mouth. They all repeatedly snuck glances down to her end of the table as she ate every last noodle. She sucked the last noodle in, causing a bit of foot water to splash up onto her face, just below her eye. Finally, one of the pledges gave into her laughter. Foot Licker placed her spoon on the table next to her bowl. Everyone was pleased with the exhibition she had just put on. Only Meghan wasn’t altogether satisfied.
“Um, there’s still a lot of broth left in there. Aren’t you going to finish it? I always do. Just a force of habit, I guess.”
Foot Licker still desperately wanted to fit in, so she picked the bowl up with both hands, brought it to her mouth, and drank it all down; some of it even streamed down from both sides of her face. If she wasn’t so focused on the task at hand, she would have noticed some of her sisters gagging. 

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