Monday, February 27, 2012

Punishment smelling

Punishment smelling
by morris474

My gorgeous 22 year old girlfriend, Georgia, loves to have her feet worshiped by me but last week she took this a stage further.
She asked me to pick up her dry cleaning and I forgot, she was not happy and told me sternly I was,
Going to pay for my mistake.
I like her being bossy and she is a beautifull blonde, with great legs and loves to be in charge in our relationship.
Ater her works Christmas party the next day, I picked Georgia and her best friend Emma up and we went back to our apartment. Emma is a stunningly atractive girl and when we got back Georgia told her I was in her bad books and needed to be punished I then heared lots of giggling as I made them coffee.
When I got back they pounced on me pushed me to the floor and put I dinning room chair over my stomach. Georgia then got some old stockings and tied my wrists to the front legs of the chair. She then dissappered and came back with some duck tape which they put over my mouth. Georgia then sat in the chair and laughing out loud anouncd,
time for some aroma therapy punishment.
She then eased off one of her 5 inch heels. She had been partying hard, dancing a lot in her stockings and heels and she casually flexed her toes above my face before lowering her foot into my face. She was laughing and deliberatly held her nylon covered toes over my nose forcing me to inhale the sweaty smell
Emma thought it was hilarious and said things, with mock concern in her voice, like,
Oh dear, doesnt that smell too good
and poor boy that must be torture ha ha.
Georgia was loving it and told me I should make sure I dont forget things in future as I would have to face the concequences if I did.
After about ten minutes Georgia asked Emma if her feet were sweaty, and would she like to help punish me. emma was all for it and qiuickly swapped palces with Georgia befor slipping one of her high heeled knee boots off. Emmas stockings were damp with sweat and she just loved forcing me to smell them. The smell was like vinigar and leather an d they were both laughing at my plight. after a short time Georgia decided she wanted her feet freshning up and pulled the tape off my mouth. she then sat down and with me at her mercy, forced me to kiss then lick her sweaty nylon soles.
The girls were loving it and Emma wanted hers freshning up too, Georgia didnt think I was licking Emmas feet properly and put her heels back on so she could jab the thin heel into my balls forcing me to lick as hard as I could at her friends very sweaty stockinged feet.
To be honest we all had a great time and Emma has asked if she can help Georgia punish me more in the future.
Georgia has been teasing me relentlessly saying I had better not let her down , even in the slightest way, with anything, because if I do they will dish out some more aroma therapy to me.
I know it won t be long

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