Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bad Bet

Bad Bet
By The Magic Maker : ) AKA Dirtyfeetguy
I remember when me and one of my friend Susie, but I called her Sus, went on a trip to traverse city together. It was during the time of the cherry festival and we had to find a hotel outside the city. We found a dirty filthy hotel room with two beds for fifty bucks a night. The room didn’t have a TV or radio or even a bathroom. The place was like a house, where you have to leave the room and walk down the hall to go to the bathroom.
Me and Sus never really felt anything for each other, but we like to play with each others minds every once in a while. The first night in the room was nothing but us being tired and going to sleep in our beds. I brought a lot of booze on the trip, because we were both under age at the time and couldn’t buy it in stores. We had a long day of hiking and such and got back to the run down hotel by about five. When we got back to our room. She complained about her feet being tired. Me, not really interested in such things didn’t think about it when she took her shoes and extremely dirty sock off (Sus had a way of forgetting to put on different pairs of socks for day to weeks at a time.
We began to drink vodka and eat the sandwiches we bought while in Down town. Sus suggested that we play pool downstairs. There was a grimy little game room on the first floor. We went down to play pool for a while bringing the vodka with us. Sus tended to get drunk really quick. As I was looking back at her when we were going down the stairs, I noticed that she hadn’t put her shoes or socks back on. I told her, but she waved her hand at me saying, "I like feeling of the dirt stick to my sweaty toes." She was drunk so a comment like that coming from her didn’t matter much. We started playing for a while. After when the second game was almost over I bet her that she couldn’t make the shot.
She said, "What do you wanna bet?" I told her I was just talking figuratively, but she wanted to bet something. I decided to be forward and said if she couldn’t do it with her eyes closed, I would get to sleep with her. I figured saying that would make her drop the idea, but instead she said back, "What do I get if I do make the shot with my eyes closed?" I assumed the alcohol was talking because the shot wasn’t that easy. I asked her what she wanted and she replied, "I want you to be slave for the night." I thought she was joking, but I could never tell with Sus.
She made the shot with her eyes closed and made it. She jumped up and down taunting saying that she won. I told her it was no big deal and decided that I was tired. She took another shot of vodka, then give me the bottle and told me that she’d be up in a minute. I went up assuming that she forgot all about the bet, because she was to drunk. I changed into a T-shirt and some shorts and got into bed. She got to the room she walked up to my bed. She hopped on top of me and wrestled me to the ground. I had drunk a little to much and she easily rapped me up with the bed sheet on the floor and quickly pulled some rope out of her bag, (Sus was a girl scout and tended to have the oddest things.) She used the roped to tie my body inside the tight blanket, smiling the whole time.
"What are you doing Sus?" I asked, seeing the wickedly drunk face she had. "Slaves must be punished when they forget about being slaves." There I laid, completely tied up, on the floor with Sus standing over me, not knowing what to do. On the floor next to my head sat her extremely brown soled sock. The smell entered my nose and like a drunk idiot, I asked her to move it away. It was then that Sus realized how she would punish me. She got down on my stomach and made herself comfortable. "What are you doing Sus?" She told me to shut up. She then picked he dirty sock and looked at it. He then sniffed it real quick and coughed. "You know, I’ve been wearing the same socks for almost two weeks now. I know what your going to do. Your going to smell my sock." She laid the dark brown part of the sock on my nose.
Me not wanting to smell it shaked it off my face. This did not please Sus. "You better hold your head steady or I’ll punch you in the balls." I agreed and let her replace the sock on my nose. I sniffed it and released how bad it smelled, vinegary, cheesy and just plain cruddy at the same time.
I thought I was being smart when I tired to breath from my mouth. But Sus caught me trying to do that and smack my head with her knee. She then grinned again. "So you want to use your mouth huh," She re picked the sock off my face. "Open you mouth." I refused and this time she didn’t threaten, she just punched me in the balls. I opened my mouth in pain and she placed the dark sole end of the sock in my mouth.
I was about to spit it out when she pulled out some duct tape and plastered it on my mouth. She then grabbed her other sock and placed it on my nose. "I want you to suck real hard, because if you don’t. Bang to the balls." She smiled as I subsides and sucked the dirt out of her disgusting sock. It tasted so bitter and damp. I wanted to throw up, but then I would gag on it, because Sus wasn’t sober enough to realize that I was choking. So I suck and sniffed, and when she told me to sniff louder, I did and she began to have to much fun with it.
After about five minutes, she told me she had to go to the bathroom and would be back soon. But if she came back and I wasn’t still sucking and sniff, she would punish me even worse. After a couple of minutes, I began to think that Sus passed out somewhere and shook the sock off of my head.
Of course she came back and found me trying to get the sock out of my mouth. "That was a no no, and I guess I have to be more yummy with you. You don’t like the taste of my sock, how about the taste of my feet". She sat down on my lap and pulled the tape off of my mouth. " I just went to the women’s bathroom and it was so gross, I bet that place hasn’t been cleaned in months, and guess who’s going to clean the dirty off of my feet."
I pleaded in disgust. This was so gross. She showed me her feet and they were pitch black. "I expect some amazing tongue action on these feet slave or it punch to the balls" and she punched them once to prove that she was serious. I slowly opened my mouth and she made me lick her right sole heel to toe. It tasted to sickening. The sock was heaven in comparison. The dirty and putrid bits of stuff that were on the floor and bathroom she walked on. I swear she must of walk in dog doo or some women’s from the bathroom or something like that.
When she discovered that I wasn’t get much off with my tongue she made me use my teeth to grind the muck off. "That’s right and you better swallow all of it too!" She said laughing at my sickened face. And when I finally got her grimy sickening dirty sole clean she announced that now I would suck her toes and eat ever bit of toe jam in between. She stuck all of her toes in my mouth at once and told me ‘no teeth’ like I was giving her a blow job or something.
When I stuck my tongue between her toes, big globs of gooey stuff fell into my mouth. "You better chew that stuff before you swallow," she commanded. When I finally finished her right foot, she ordered me to do the same for her left. After about twenty minutes I finished with her other foot, which was just as disgusting. "You should look at yourself right now, you mouth is black." She giggled and wasn’t sure what to do next.
She felt a fart coming on and told me to open my mouth. I listened now know what she had instore. She quickly pulled down her jeans and panties. She told me to close my eyes and I listens. While my eyes were closed she spread her cheeks lowed her but on my face. She then farted in both my mouth and nose. "Doesn’t that taste yummy"
I could hardly breath and the fart tasted awful, until she told me what to do next. "I was so drunk in the bathroom, I forgot to wipe, how about you lick it clean for me." I think she knew I would object and used her foot to kick me in my sore balls. I reluctantly stuck out my tongue and licked her ass hole. If I thought eating a fart was bad, licking a shitty hole is the worst. Sus passed out after that and I woke up in the morning to find her fast asleep in her bed. When she woke up she untied me and told me not to make bets I couldn’t handle. But that’s Sus…


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