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 BY lafeetheat

Being the coaches son has many perks; but even being the equipment coordinator for the girls volleyball team, played an even bigger perk than Jason could have imagined.

Being in high school is tough with the hormones, peer pressure and trying to fit in. Jason however had it easy, being one of the top jocks at his school, he could have any girl he wanted and he usually set the bar pretty high.

Playing sports he got all the cheerleaders and helping out on his Dad’s volleyball team he got most of the players on the team as well. He especially was close with the star of the team Donna. She was far and away the most attractive girl trying out for the team this year, but one of the least talented.

Even though Jason only helped out the volleyball team by handeling the equipment, everyone knew he played a hand in who made the team and who was left off the roster. After weeks of preperation and tryouts they had to narrow the team to a full roster meaning a handful of hopefuls would be left off the team this year.

Jason’s dad finalized the roster nearly all the way down with only a few spots still open. Donna was usually late to team meetings, organizations and still seemingly was way behind in the pecking order of the other players. It was no secret however Jason and Donna were basically dating although they weren’t public with it because it would mean she couldn’t make the team since he was involved with the team himself.

Word got out of the final rosters and the girls realized there were still 2 spots open for a reserve role. Donna was still currently left off the list and had to work her way on the team but had a lot of ground to make up. This made a lot of the other girls jealous knowing how she would probably still make the team even without practicing or being dedicated at all like the rest of them were.

Jason and Donna would do their usual flirt after practice and run off together while the rest of the girls practiced after hours. They were becoming increasingly jealous – until one certain hopeful that was still not on the final roster as of yet, decided to take matters into her own hands!
Lena wasn’t as skinny, in shape and toned like Donna was, and in fact somewhat of the outcast of the team. She was just your average girl that Jason paid little to no attention too. She tried joining the team in order to meet more friends and to fit in but usually was ignored and turned away.

However, Lena was determined to not only make the squad but to take the bimbo Donna down and make herself stand out to the other players. So she did her research and found out through some of the other volleyball players that Jason was caught a few times sniffing the shoes of some of the volleyball girls after they had left them in their locker rooms after games and after practices. Nobody thought too much of it though as he would always play it off as a joke; but Lena decided to put that to the test in order to get what she wanted.

With only a few practices to go until final rosters had to be officially determined, Lena decided to make her move. The night was growing further as one of practices was coming to a close shortly, but before it was officially over, Lena ran up to Jason and asked him if he could take a look at something in the locker room with her. He seemed puzzled but agreed and followed her to the locker room; meanwhile Donna saw this from afar and looked just as puzzled as she see’s Jason walk out of the gym with Lena and into the back locker rooms. While some of the other girls look on with evil grins.

“So whats this all about?” Jason askes still curious and unaware.

“Well I know your only the equipment handler but I thought maybe you could help me with a training exercise or something?” Lena says

“What kind of exercise?” He questions back

“Well for over the past week or so my feet and ankles have been bothering me a lot – and I was thinking maybe you had some techniques for me … you know – seeing how you play sports maybe you have some advice?”
As she says this, Jason starts to look a little uneasy and begins to clear his throat. He clearly has a thing for feet and now being put on the spot he doesn’t want his cover blown but at the same time he is very intrigued.
Lena still in her outfit, was wearing the team practice gray no-sleeved volleyball jersey, with the dark blue booty shorts and long dark blue matching volleyball socks; to go along with all black sneakers and her hair up in a tail like all the other volleyball girls have.

“Yeah uhh … how about you take off your shoes and I can show you some exercise routines to take the stress off your feet.” Jason managed to say.

“Ok sure!” Lena says playfully, as he is falling right into her trap.
She sits on a fold out chair as he pulls up a chair and sits directly in front of her near the back lockers. As she slowly starts to untie her black sneakers she pretends that her feet and ankles are still sore by slowing tugging off her sneakers with fake groaning and moaning for added attention.

Jason clears his throat yet again , sitting up in the chair as ready as could be, he even peers around the locker room numerous times to make sure no one else is in their with him. He seems nervous but very fascinated at the same time.

Lena finally tugs both her black sneakers off her big size 7 feet. The sneakers fall to the ground as she folds one leg over the other, still sitting down in the chair directly in front of the attentive on-looking Jason. As one leg is resting crossed over the other, she begins to massage her socked foot in front of him, while moaning all the while.

“Ohhhh yaaaa , that’s what I’m talking about! It feels so good to finally get off my feet from a long, hard practice!” Lena moans with pleasure as she keeps rubbing her socked foot.
Jason sitting across from her in the other chair is almost to the point of drooling as he watches her rub her socked feet right in front of him while moaning.

She then switches and crosses her other leg this time while her other socked foot hangs in the air resting over the other leg. This particular sock has a big hole where her big toe is now sticking out of. This really grabs his attention as he looks on in agony as Lena’s holey, volleyball socks are being rubbed only a few feet from him.

Then quickly he starts to pick up on something. It started off a bit faint but increasingly is growing stronger. It finally hits him – a distinctive sharp, sour smell comes floating past his nose. The smell is strong enough to make him rise up in attention even more now as he sits up completely straight in his chair. The more she rubs and moans the more the smell is lofted toward his direction.

She then slides her knee pad’s off her knees as she is no just down to her long dark blue and soaked volleyball socks, blue shorts and gray tank-top practice jersey.

The teasing and torment of watching her rub her tired socked feet and the lingering sharp smell that keeps floating past him is almost too much for his excitement. He quickly speaks up once the torment has gone on long enough …
“So uh yeah … let’s practice an exercise that could help alieviate your foot pain.” He manages to say without drooling.

“Ok anything that you think will help, my feet are killing me!” Lena says trying hard not to force a smile knowing how much he is loveing the torture and suspense.

“One leg at a time, stretch it out as far as you can, keeping your leg straight as possible and try rotating just your ankle and foot back and fourth in a circular motion – but be sure to keep your leg held straight out as you do it.” Jason was making up the exerices as he went along but figured this would be the best way to get her socked feet close to his face as possible.

She immediently did was he instructed as he one socked foot came inches away from his face. Still with both of them sitting down across from one another she rotates her volleyball socks around in motion in mid air one at a time but so close to his face that if she pointed her toes out they would come in contact with his nose.

He caught a big whiff of her sweaty, long, dark blue volleyball socks that almost sent him falling out of his chair – the aroma was that strong and pungent! He had to maintain his composure however and act like he was being professional by showing her specific exercies and how exactly to move her foot in place. She played right along with this knowing how much he was probably loving her sweaty sock in his face.

“Am I doing this right?” Lena questioned as she kept rotating her socked foot inches from his face in mid-air.
“Oh yeah, keep that up.” He managed to say.
“I’m sorry if they smell real bad, I hope you don’t mind. I obviously just got done practicing so I bet their real stinky!” Lena said with a giggle.

Jason stammers but tries to regain his composure, “Oh no – they don’t stink that bad at all.”

However, both knew full well that her volleyball socks absouetly reeked!
She then switched legs and feet, now moving her leg in the same position but this time it was the socked foot with the big hole in them. Her big toe stuck straight out of the sock as she wiggled it back and fourth in the air only inches from him still.

He locked eyes with the exposed wiggling white toe, which didn’t have any toe nail polish on. She flexed and wiggled her socked feet and toes in the air still, as Jason tried descretly sniffing the small patch of air that stood between her holey socks and his nose.
He was hooked on her wiggling exposed toe which had him in some sort of trance. He wanted despertly to shove his face in the middle of her socked soles but tried controlling himself as best as possible.

“I’m sorry but my socks are extra stinky tonight – you don’t mind if I take them off do you?” Lena questions aloud.
“No go ahead – WAIT!” Jason says as she begins to pull off her sock, but stops her,”allow me to take them off for you …” He quickly offers and before she even has a chance to answer he begins to tug at her volleyball socks, ripping them off as fast he could as now he wanted to see what was hiding inside of those stinky, dark blue volleyball socks.
With a huge smile on her face she had him hooked now it was only a matter of time.

In what seemed like his final breaking point – Jason could not hold in his excitement for her stinky socks any longer! Without another word, both her stinky, blue socks in the palm of his hands down; he brings them both up to the bridge of his nose and shoves them in his face, snorting and sniffing as wildly as he possibly could.

A rush of pure sour stink overcomes him as both nostrils are being rubbed all over her socks. Lena sits back and watches him indulge in his sock sniffing frenzy with a smile. He goes nuts over the smell making sure he rubs both socks all over his face while snorting louder and louder taking deep breath after deep breath.

“You like that smell huh?!” Lena says in a playful tone.
“I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT!” He proclaims still with her socks over his face.
“Well you better take one last big whiff – because your sock sniffing days are just about over…”
As he has both her smelly, blue socks over his face he can’t see anything that is going on around him; just then he hears a loud course of laughter and shreiking. As he removes the smelly socks from his face he’s surprised to see all the volleyball girls standing around them now in the locker room, laughing and pointing in his direction.
He is frozen solid as the smelly socks drop from his hands.

Lena pends down to pick them up, “you wont be needing these anymore!” She says sarcastically as she gets up from the chair and joins the other laughing and disgusted group of on-looking girls.
Jason is left sitting their with a big stiffy in his pants and his jaw dropped wide open in shock.

Lena's master plan had worked and she was about to what she wanted.

And with that – Lena was named to the volleyball team later that afternoon.


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