Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jessica’s Big Foot

Jessica’s Big Foot 

By Author Unknown

First off Jessica my wife and my self have been together since we were in highschool now shes 6 ft 9 long brown hair brown eyes bronze skin now her feet are hugh size 22 long 5E(meaning width) shes forced to wear custom made shoes,sandals,boots shes 350 pounds which all of it is muscle shes an fitness fanatic i'm 5ft4 175 pounds also bronze skin and musclar. one flaw my wife has is her speed shes not a fast runner but i am now my wife knows about my foot fetish and very smart so she knows that footfetishist are also sometimes submissive so one weekend we were both off on friday night we bet whoever could run to the end of our block would win and the loser would have to be their slave i had no intentions of losing so first half i got their my wife asked me double or nothing run back for the full weekend winner has to sit on the couch first so we ran back we both entered the door at the same time but i stumbled and landed directly face first by her feet aww isn't my luck bad. anyway after that we were both very tired so we went to bed i was looking forward to being my wifes slave for a weekend .one point i may not have mentioned is that once a week she lets me indulg my foot fetish and be her slave so this isn't new to me.

I had awoken from my slomber jess was in the kitched making me breakfast we ate then jess said "kyle its time for our bet to be into affect" i answered "ok babe" she asked me to strip down to my bare skin i did so she said i'm going for a jog slave go get my old socks i gave her old socks to wear she put a new pair over them to lock in the sweat and stench she said i expect you to be hard when i return if not you will be punished (being hard wasn't the problem at this point) anyway after an hour she had returned she sat on the couch she told me to take off the first pair of socks and her sneakers i did as i was told she told me to lay down with my head next to her feet so i did she put 1 of her dirty sweaty stinky socked feet on my face ( my face not big enough for one of her feet they overlap it) then she turned on the TV while i layed with her foot on my face she told me to inhale deeply long deep breaths slave!! then after i was fully intoxicated by her big smelly foot she let me up slave take off my socks with your teeth then i smelled her wonderful feet again hmmm even better then the last time she told me to lay back down i did she pinched my nose with her big toes and when my mouth popped open to breath she shoved her 1st pair of socks and her dirty smelly ones in my mouth and covered my face with her foot again the taste of her stocks and the smell of her feet gave me a rock hard on which she noticed Slave i see your enjoying yourself you wont be shortly i assure you of that keep smelling my feet slave oh and how are my socks tasting i hope real bad my feet sweat like crazy but you already knew that she smiled wickedly we stayed like this for over an hour lost count of the time under her wonderful foot okay slave its time to use your wonderful tongue you may take out my socks now ...... kneel infront of your mistress slave she raise one foot to my face i place my hand under it she said lick my feet clean slave i started down at her heel slowly licking all th dusty grim and sweat and the sock lint from her foot gave it many kisses massaging it with kisses to let her know i'm moving on then began her instep very slow long licks then her instep was finished again kissing it many times in a massaging technique my mistress's feet always tastes good always but then again doesn't everyone's mistress's feet taste good? anyway then it was time for her toes Slave she said open your mouth and as i did she shoved her big toe into it and said suck it bitch now to give you an idea her big toe literally is the size of my mouth i can't suck any other toe with it in my mouth so i sucked her big toe swirling my tongue around it to get all the dirt sweaty grim off it and the toe jam mistress yelled suck it bitch harder faster thats it move on to the next ahh yes this feels soo good many many hours passed of me naked n my knees licking my mistress's feet and sucking her toes when she feel asleep since she gave me no time when to stop i kept licking her feet till i feel asleep with her toe in my mouth

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