Friday, August 5, 2011

Billy’s Mistress

Billy’s Mistress
By Author Unknown

It was an average day in August. Billy was on his way to pick his girlfriend, Nicole, up for a date. He was taking her to the movies. He arrived at her house at 6:00 sharp. He stepped out of his muscle car and walked to her door. He knocked three times, with no answer. The mail slot opened slowly and a loud pop was heard. Billy fell to the ground unconscious. Nicole had shot him with a tranquilizer dart.
Billy woke up three hours later. It was 9:00. He was nude and tied up on the floor next to his girlfriends bed. He had ankle cuffs, and his hands were cuffed behind his back. Nicole walked in. She was wearing her patent black leather pumps, with a 5 inch heel, black fishnet stockings, a black thong, a red miniskirt, and a red top, with a red bra. She had legs that went all the way up to heaven, and her heaven, well, that’s a different story all together.
She sat on the bed, looking down at Billy. “Rise and shine,” she said. Billy looked up. “What the fuck are you doing!” he exclaimed. “Untie me you ungrateful little whore.” Nicole kicked him swiftly in the jaw with the hard toe of her pump. “What was that?”, she said. Billy moaned painfully. “From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress Nicole. You are now my foot slave. You will sleep on the floor next to my bed so that when I get out of bed my precious feet do not have to touch the cold floor. You are also my toilet slave. I will shit down your throat and piss on your face whenever I want to. Later on I will take pictures of you with a Polaroid camera so that if you disobey me I will show them to your Boss, your co-workers, your friends, and your family. I will ruin your life. I will also allow my Lady friends to use you and I may even rent you out to them. Of coarse I will keep the money. You will go to your regular day job but you will give all of your paycheck to me. I will own you physically, emotionally, and financially.” Nicole pulled out a sharp knife and her Polaroid camera. She took pictures of him with her feet on his face. She made him smile literally for the camera. She put the knife to his balls, “Do you agree to be my permanent slave? If not then I will happily remove your testicles, its not like you would be loosing much anyways,” she said emotionless. “Yes, Yes, Yes Mistress Nicole…I…I’ll be your slave, p.p.please don’t cut my manhood off,” Billy begged. She smirked at this and put the knife away.
And one more thing, you shall not ! jack off unless I specifically tell you too, or unless the Lady that I have rented you to asks you to masturbate. So until then, lay off the flagpole,” she said calmly. Nicole got up, stepping off of his face and left the room. “I’m going out, don’t go anywhere.” She knew he would not go anywhere, he was restrained. She had said that last comment for the effect. The next following days would be like a new world for Billy
Part II
Nicole came home late that night. She casually walked into her room, looking at her new pathetic male slave. She towered above him and lowered the heel of her shoe into her mouth. “Pull my shoes off.” Billy sucked the heel and her shoe fell off, landing on his face. He did the same with her other shoe. “You know…my feet hurt a lot, but that’s what I have a piece of shit like you for don’t I?” she said. “Yes Mistress Nicole,” he replied humbly. She put her nyloned feet on his face and told him to lick her soles and breathe deeply. She always wanted to hear him breathe when he worshiped her. Billy inhaled deeply, the stink of her foot literally invading his nostrils. His tongue glided up and down the coarse surface of the nylon. It began to rub his tongue raw. “Bite your teeth down on the tip of my nylons and pull them down,” she barked. He did just that. He struggled with the first one, but soon got the hang of it. She put her bare feet on his face and then told him to lick her soles, then between her toes, and finally to suck each toe. He did just that. Gliding his rough tongue across her silky smooth sole. Then swirling his raw, red tongue between each toe, and finally sucking each toe one by one. He then procedded to suck all five of her toes. She moaned and giggled at this, after all, most women are ticklish at their feet. She told him to stop and she climbed in bed and thus concludes this night of worship for Billy. Billy slept on the floor that night. It was very cold. Mistress Nicole had also left her nylons on his face and since he DIDN’T have a foot fetish it was very horrible to have to smell those all night.
To be continued...

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