Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Bet with “Sweetfeet”

A Bet with “Sweetfeet”
By sniffer

This one starts out with me running into "Sweetfeet" at a bar. She's a beautiful young woman in her 20's, brunette, shapely, and gorgeous legs and feet. A size 8 with smallish toes and beautiful soles. Feet to die for is what you might say. She wore burgundy nail polish, and always kept her feet looking good. Smooth rounded heels with soft fleshy soles...the kind you just want to bury your face in. Anyway, before you know it, we get into a heated discussion about who's a better tennis player, me or her? Well, we've each had a few drinks at this point and we decide that we should settle this out on the court and we set out to arrange a wager for our little match. Well, like I say we're both feeling a little loaded at this point and she says "I'll tell you what - if you win, then I'll buy you drinks for a month at the bar". "Okay," I say, "that's sounds good". "And if you win?"
"If I win, then you have to be my footslave for as long as I tell you to". I look up from my drink realizing how serious she is about that and say "Okay, you've got a bet. When shall we play"?

We set up the match for the upcoming Saturday and finish our drinks and vow to meet each other at the tennis courts three days from now. The next morning I wonder what's involved in being her footslave and what have I maybe gotten myself into.
The day arrives and we play our match which is real close and in fact comes down to the last point to decide. "I'm gonna be mighty thirsty this entire month you know, so you better get this shot in bounds", I say all cocky-like. She looks ever more determined and lets loose with this smashing serve that I barely catch up to and return, but it knocks me off balance and she crushes a volley back at me which I can't even get a racket on, which brings on her laughter and my concern and fear. "Ha...take that," she says as she runs to the net to announce her victory and remind me of our little bet.

"You know what you've got coming now? You're gonna be my little footslave until I say otherwise. I hope you understand!!" "What does that mean?," I say with some fear and some excitement in my voice. "Well, to begin with, you're going to take care of all my foot needs. Like, cleaning my shoes, washing my socks and nylons, cleaning my feet, and basically doing whatever I say! Have you got that?" "Ya, I guess I do," I say.
"Good, now I think I'll begin your servitude by having you remove my tennis shoes with your mouth only and then smelling my socks until all the smell is gone from them. Do you understand?" I nod and lean forward to begin my service to her feet only to realize that there are some people off in the distance who will surely see me. "Don't worry about those people slave, you're gonna be doing stuff like this out in public from time to time, so get used to it". I have a hard time, but finally get her left sneaker off and she stands over me and places her bootie sock-covered foot right over my face and commands me to "Sniff...sniff she says. Get all the smell off of them!! They have developed quite a smell after all that tennis, but that doesn't matter to her. All she knows is that I lost the match and therefore the bet, and I agreed to do what she said as her footslave. So I do as I'm told....smell her tennis socks for what must be twenty minutes. It was so long that she had us move so that she could get a seat.

Then after my face is covered in sock lint and footstink, she makes me remove her other sneaker and do the same thing to that foot. But that's not enough, then she decides that I should take off her socks and smell her bare feet. So she teases me by saying, "You like the smell of sweat so much, remove the socks with your teeth". "Okay", is all I can say at this point as I know that I am toetally de-feeted. I remove her socks and her feet which she plants on my face are slightly moist from the sweat of our tennis match. "I hope you enjoy them! I haven't washed them since we made the bet the other night, just in case I won and you would be doing this for me. Aren't I mean?" And she laughs a little and then so do I realizing that she knew the whole time she was going to beat me in our match...that she was just playing with me, making me think I might beat her.

"You're good, I'll give you that", as I start inhaling between her moist bare toes and all along that space between the balls of her feet and her toes. "Ya, sniff in there real good and in-between the toes. That's where it should smell the strongest and I really want you to get the full effect of my wonderful footsmell. Aren't they just awesome? How good do they smell up under my toes and in between my toes? I see you haven't stopped smelling for even a second, so it must be good". I've begun to realize that it's the greatest thing I've ever smelled in my life and that's why I can't seem to stop. Not even for a second. "You're right, I can't seem to stop", I say. "They smell so good that I can't even share with you just how good it is".

"I bet you just love the fact that I haven't washed them in awhile and that I haven't washed my little socks either, you say. But you just go on enjoying 'em cause when you're done, I expect all the smell to be gone...and I mean ALL the smell". I keep taking the deepest sniffs I can and just shake my head to express my understanding. I back off a little and say, "Yes, I will. I'll sniff all the smell out of 'em". And the way I'm feeling at this point, I may just never want to stop. She seems to have got me hooked on them. At this point, it seems like an addiction and I can't stop.
After it gets dark out and seemingly hours have gone by, she tells me I've done a good job and that I can get up and get going home. But she throws me her tennis socks that she wore during the match and says, "Take these home with you and sniff them all night long. Bring them back to me tomorrow and I expect all the smell to be gone and that way I can wear them again for our next tennis match, which will be sooner than you think. I've got a lot more sniffing and cleaning for you to do before you're done with paying up for this bet. You got that?? There's some toejam in between my toes with your name on it! And you will be learning to love the taste of it...believe me!!

In fact, "here" - and she makes me eat some of it from between her little toe and her next toe. "Tastes good, doesn't it," she laughs as I swallow it down. And in fact, she's right. I find that it does taste good...just like the smell of her sweaty feet. Mmmm...more I ask for...more. "You'll just have to wait for the rest of it from between my other toes, but that'll give you something to look forward to, won't it?" But don't worry, I get toejam all the time, so there'll always be a full supply of it for you to feast on". Again, she laughs and turns away towards her car and home - conjuring up thoughts of what she's gonna do to me I'm sure.
I take the socks and put them in my pocket and head towards home letting her know that I understand that our bet's not over with yet, and that I'll have the socks scent-free by tomorrow. I promise!!
So off I head towards my car thinking about what I've just been through and also eagerly awaiting getting home to get to sniffing all the footsmell out of her little tennis socks, and thinking about our next meeting and what she'll put me through then. Gosh I think what a great bet that turned out to be as I reach into my pocket before I even get to the car.
I turn around and say "See ya tomorrow Sweetfeet"

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