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the black widow

the black widow
by cameryxle

Mark Echelon was one of the top industrials of his day. He had swindled stole and forced everyone of any great threat on out of business. He had to finally retire at the age of 65 due to a mild stroke and was frustrated because he didn’t know what he was going to do now that he didn’t have the challenged of his high profile job.

One evening, he was invited to a party by a couple of friends and was introduced to the pretty brunet diva named Lisa Sirens. She was a nock out. She had strait black hair down to her shoulders; green eyes a narrow face, pouty lips, and long slender athletic legs. She had some black leather pumps on that fully complimented her narrow flawless feet.

When she found out that Mark had millions she became very interested in Mark from a financial side. She made it a point to flirt with Mark as she began to gather information on his finances and his hopes and dreams for retirement. She was planning on hooking him in. She was tired of working as a nurse with all her crazy hours and was looking for someone to take care of her. Or in this case someone she could take care of.

As time went on Mark would take Lisa out to fine restaurants. He would invite her on trips to Europe. She hated the slack jaw of age and the crass demeanor in which he would paw her but she put with it for now.

One day as they were watching a movie in his theater room she decided to take off her pumps and relax. As she scooted back and put her feet on the chair in front of her she noticed something interesting. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Mark was staring at her feet. He had that hungry look of longing. She thought” oh my God I can’t believe it he’ into feet”. She turned her head and looked at him but he quickly turned his head back to the screen blushing.

She asked his casually what his fantasy was, he gave her some lame scenario, ashamed and hiding his true fantasy of bondage and foot fetish. She asked him, wanting to play with him, what part of her body that he liked the most. He immediately looked at her feet but said her breast. She found his soft vulnerable underbelly and was ready to exploit it.

During the past months she was looking for a weakness, trying to find out some way to leverage power over him and she did. She wanted to find out how far and desperate she could make him. So as time went on in various visits she would expose her feet to him as often as possible. Making out like she didn’t know the effect it had on Mark and the feeding of his secret little obsession. She would put her feet on the table in front of him when they would talk and she would sweat him when she would put her fine shaped feet in sexy black pumps in his lap at fine restaurants. She was loving every minute of it as Mark did his best to hide his foot fetish with her.

She decided that she would use disgusting old Mark to put her up for life, She never wanted to work again and at this point in her relationship with Mark he was putty in her hands. So eventually Mark asked her to marry her and with a wicked smile she accepted. The only problem was he made her sign a prenuptial agreement leaving her with nothing if they divorced for any reason. Mark was up to his old tricks again; his plan was to use her physically at home and making her dependent on him for her lively hood and then cheat on her at his leisure. She had other plans.

She wanted Mark’s money but without Mark and since she couldn’t divorce him for it she had to come up with other ideas. She went along with his charade of not noticing his foot fetish. She wanted to save this little weakness for just the right time and opportunity.

Well, one day Mark fell down in the kitchen clasping his chest but managing to hit 911 before he fainted. He was rushed to the hospital. In recovery the doctor warned them that Mark would have to take it easy no major excitement or it would certainly trigger a fatal stroke. He said he should limit physical activity and excitement.

When they got home from the hospital she began to think” finally I have my opportunity to get rid of Mark for good and in a way no one would ever suspect her”. She started her plan.

The next night she surprised Mark with a candle lit dinner. She was dressed to the hilt red skin tight dress, his favorite perfume, black nylons, and clear coat toenail polish. She spiked Marks wine to hurry on to the next stage of her plan.

Mark awoke groggy, tied spread eagle and naked in his bed. He thought “finally she was getting creative” and smiled. She came in dressed in her nurse’s uniforme. She had some baby oil next to the bed she opened and sprayed a little on her palm.

She had the I-got-a-mouse smile on her face. It was her big night and Mark had no Idea what she planned. She began to stroke his shaft slowly getting him excited. He started to speak but she put her delicate little finger to his lips to quiet him. She stopped for a moment and to his surprise pulled out a electrocardiogram (measures heart activity). Mark was thinking “ wow I didn’t realize she was so kinky and smiled.

Lisa put the sensors onto his chest and resumed messaging his shaft. Just as he was about to come she stopped, and marked the read out. Then when he calmed down she would continue. Mark was beginning to sweat now as his heart began to increase with every tease and denial. She noticed this and decided to turn up the heat. She slowly slipped off her heels and sat the heels next to his face. At this point Mark was really beginning to sweat. She rolled off her nylon and gagged him with it. All this time she was slowly stroking his shaft but to slow to make him come. Her goal was to keep him on the edge of desperation and tension as long as possible.

Mark tried to yell at her to stop it and just make him come but he couldn’t get much more then a mumble form the nylon gag. She gave him a knowing smile and continued to tease his shaft occasionally marking the graph on the machine. She moved her head next to his and said “ I know your secret and you are all mine”, then giggled.

Marks chest started to have a slow burning sensation at this point he new what it was and began to struggle. She gave him a wicked smile and said what’s wrong is your ticker running down. Then she pulled out her trump card. She slowly moved her foot on the bed toward Mark’s face then anchored her heel and arching her foot above but not touching his face. She continued massaging him. She put her hand on his chest and said “I can hear your heart and it’s saying you want more” lol. She bagan to tap the ball of her foot on his forehead while frustrating the now-blue helmet of his shaft. She wanted to humiliate him as much as possible before he died. She started and stopped for what seemed hours knowing she had all the time in the world. After all, the only thing that the cops would note was that he had a bad heart and died during sexual excitement.

Between the smell of Lisa’s pumps on either side of his face and the frustrating tapping of her bare foot on his forehead and the tease on his shaft he didn’t know how long he could take it.

She slowly looked down at him and said you are so pathetic, being turned on by my smelly feet. She pulled off the gag and put his nose between her first and second toe and started to take pictures. Mark struggled but couldn’t stop her. She laughed saying “when you die I am going to send these pictures to every tabloid I can find. I may even right a book and make even more mony sharing your secrete little fetish to the world”. Imagine how people will remember you then, lol.

His heart started to really pound hard, it felt like it was about to burst. At this point she put the gag back on and started to roughly rub her feet in his face. Lisa smiled and said I wish your tong could reach my toes I sure could use a good cleaning haha. I will tease you but you will never come. She continued on for a few more minutes then suddenly the graph marked way off the chart. He struggled to clench his chest but couldn’t, He started to buck, she just laughed and screamed who-hoo way to go mustang lol, as she pushed his head down with her foot. Then suddenly he stopped, breathing laboriously and feeling her hand on his chest the last thing he saw and heard was her foot waving at him saying nighty-night and laughing as he passed away.

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