Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan
 By Author Unknown

Dave went to Japan for a busniness trip. When he got there he was lovin all the asin women around. Little did he know how much asians like white men. So when he was done with his work, he would go out at night and find women to slepp around with. He was very sucessful with his attempts. That was until one night he ran into one asian woman who brought him to his doom.

On his 4th night in town he found this one asian woman who was dress in a nice tight top, a short skirt, fisnets and calf high black boots. Now normally Dave did all the approaching, but this time it was different. She went up to dave at the bar and started to make conversation with him. She was absolutely beautiful!!!! He was very excited to be talkin to such a goddess. She bought many rounds for him and they talked all night. After the bar had closed she asked Dave if he wanted to come over to her place. He obviously said yes.

Once back to her place, she opened the door and they both went inside. Once inside he was surprised to see 4 other asian women sitting on the couch watching movies. All were just as beautiful as her, if not more. "WOW", Dave thought to himself, I hit the jackpot tonight! She brought dave over to the living room where the other ladies were at and said "Ladies, This is Dave. He's a really great guy I met at the bar" and then she winked at them. All of them got up and they started to grope him and grab him places that turned him on instantly. He was so hard in his pants he was ready to blow. One of the ladies said "WOW, what a big boy you are." then they all started to strip his clothes off. He was so excitd he started to help them get them off. Once naked he thought he was in for a treat.

All of a sudden on lady from the back tripped out his legs from under him makin him fall to his knees, then another stuck her knee in his back diggin him in the ground pulling his arms behind his back. "What the fuck! What are you doing?" one of the ladies started to speak Japanese to her friends while holding him down. Dave had no clue hat was goin on. Another lady ran to the other room and came back with some rope. Dhe instantly tied his hands tightly behind his back flipped him over and wound his legs and feet together tightly. He was totally helpless and not to mention totally humiliated. They all laughed and chatted back and forth in Japanese so he had no clue what they were saying. Once flipped on his back they brought over a wooden harness that they placed him in affixiating his legs strapped in and secruing his head so he couldn't move. Dave was so scared, he wasn't even hard anymore, he wanted to get out of there. He screamed to be let go. Then one of them took duct tape and taped his pleaded mouth shut. Now he was totally unable to move or speak.

The all pulled up chair and sat down. They poked his naked body with the heels of there boots leaving marks and welts all over. Then one spoke to him in english. "All you Americans think you can come over here and have sex withh any woman you want. Were sick of you all thinking your Mr. Big Shot over here. Now you will pay like all the others. I hope you have a strong stomach. HAHAHAHAHAHA" They all laughed real hard

Next the lady that brought him home started to take off her boots. She unzipped one of them and pried it off. It made a loud thud as it hit the floor next to him. She picked it up and held it over his nose. He began to cunvulse but couldn't move. "Smell good American? Do you like my Asain foot stink" They all laughed. Then she put her fishet foot on his nose and gripped his nose tight, he couldn't breath. She help it for atleast 30seconds. Then she let go and held her foot on his nose. He began to breath in and out so deep and began shakin to get away. "Ha Ha, smell slave, no way your goin to get away so just take it all slave. We havn't washed out feet for 2 weeks and now you will pay for your perverted acts on our culture." Then the other boots came off and she wiped her sweaty slimy feet all over his face. It smelled of nasty viniger and cheese mixed together. He wanted to puke. "aww is out slave gonna get sick.

Then one of her friends took off her boot and revealed her thin white sweat socked sock. It was so sweaty it was dripping. LITERALLY. She peeled it off and dropped it on Daves face. she untaped his mouth and he gasped for fresh air. "I'll goive you something to be sick over you dirty American" with that she stuffed the whole sock into his mouth and retaped it clsed. It tasted so nast and foul he thought he would die. Then she dropped her other sock over his nose and tied it into place with her boots around is head so he had to breath the nasty sock plus the lingering boots musk around his head. four of them went back to the couch and went back to watching the movie. The other lady went into anothe room and cam back with more string.

When she came back she tight it tightly around his cock and balls. He moaned in pain through the sock gag. She then looped it up to the veiling thro an eye ring and ran the length of it over to the four ladies on the couch. She gave it to her friend and she gave it a nice tug. "MMMMMPPPHHHHHHHHH" "perfect" then she went back and placed 15 clothes pins all over his scrotum sac. He was in tears by now and she gave it another quick tug. "MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH" Laughter filled the room. "you have many night here b4 you go slave, you will feel the pain and stink b4 you go back to America. Now to seal the deal she returned with a lit candle and driped it all over his clothed pined cock and balls sealing in the clothes pins.

She returned back to the couch with her friends and all 5 watch the movie apying no attention to poor Dave securely tied down in some wooden contraption, unable to move, gagged with the sweatiest sock in history with a sock and boot over his nose smelling the nastiest foot smell he could ever imagin and then some. His cock and balls ached with agony. Once in a while the would give the rope a nice pull just to hear him moan and sniff harder into the Vinegery cheesy sock.

Poor Dave, what will they do after the movie.......................................................................

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