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A Mother Daughter talk

A Mother Daughter talk
By Ogilthorpe

Janet Seymour was late getting home from the office. She was just taking off her coat when she heard her daughter’s voice from down the hallway.
"Mom, can you come here? I need you"
"Terri, Honey I just got home".
"I know, Mom, but I need you now".
"Well, I need to go to the bathroom". Terri heard the sound of her mother’s heels clacking down the hallway towards the bathroom just across the hall from Terri"s bedroom.
"OK dear,go ahead and tell me. I can hear you".
" It’s Billy, Mom, he won’t smell my feet right".
‘Yea, well, he is kinda smellin’ them, but he keeps turning his head away." "Well, did you tie him up right?"
" I think so,,, just like you showed me, but he still keeps turning his head."
" Well, dear, he has to be able to turn his head a little, If the rope around his neck is too tight, he won’t be able to breathe. You have to control his head with your feet."
" I’m trying, but I need your help." Terri heard the sound of the toilet flushing across the hall.
" Oh, OK, I’ll come in."
As Janet entered the room , She saw her daughter sitting on her bed. She was wearing her cheerleaders uniform. Her mother smiled . She knew how proud Terri was of that uniform, even if it was only junior-varsity. Janet looked at the foot of the bed. There was Terri’s younger brother,wearing only his pajama bottoms, sitting cross-legged at his sister’s feet. A length of twine wrapped around his chest and his neck, and then down holding his wrists together, behind his back. The twine then ran under
his butt cheeks, going under his privates, and finally firmly holding his skinny legs together just where they crossed in front. Terri was still wearing her gym socks, and her feet were resting lightly against her brother’s bony chest. Janet walked over to check Billy’s bindings.
" Terri, you tied him just right. He really can’t move much and he shouldn’t be able to pull away from you without falling over. As she tested all the knots , she noticed that her her daughter’s socks were rather soiled and a little wet. Billy looked scared and janet could see that her twelve year old boy had been crying.
"Billy, you haven’t been fighting your sister have you?"
"No, Mom, I’m trying to smell them just like she wants... But they stink".
"Stink, now Billy,is that any way to talk about your sister’s feet? I really don’t mind when you tell me how much my feet smell. I guess they really do stink. But you’ve always loved Terri’s feet".
"I know, and I’m really trying. I smelled all last night... and I sucked’em this morning...but her cheerleader socks, they smell so bad."
"Billy! I’m surprised at you. You know how Terri and her friends feel about her cheerleading, besides you need to get used to your sisters feet all the the time. You can’t very well expect to be under them just when they’re freshly bathed? can you now".
"No Mom, I know"
Janet just shook her head and sighed. She turned to her daughter.
"Well,Terri, let me see you do it, He’s really tied up right, Maybe I can figure out what’s wrong".
"Thanks, Mom". Janet wathed Terri’s feet move on Billy, She pushed her left foot into his chest, and placed her right foot on his face. She pushed her toes over his nose. Billy stayed still at first but then he started to cough and gyrate his head frantically.Finally her foot slid off.
"Damn!He got out again,"Terri pouted.
"Now Terri, there’s no need to be vulgar". Janet stood thinking a moment and then sighed again. "Well_?, I guess I'll have to show you myself`".
"Moooom! Pleeease,nooooo".Billy began to cry and desperately fight his bonds. Janet was angry.
"Billy! Stop that right now! You’ll just make it worse if you fight. I don’t want you to hurt yourself".
" But mom, you got them black shoes on".
"I know,son...these old high heels make my feet smell worse than any of my newer shoes, and I’ve been wearing these hose all week".
" Mooooommm"
"now, Billy, I have to teach your sister. You know that. Now settle down this instant and stop fighting...or I’ll put you in my bed and you can just be under my feet alll night!" Billy looked terrified for a moment, then seemed to slump down in resignation.
" I’ll try Mom".
"Thats a good boy. That’s the way to show respect for your mother".
Janet sat on the bed and slipped off her shoes. The sweaty smell filled the room. Terri giggled while Janet made herself comfortable on the bed. Then she slid her damp size tens into Billy’s lap.
" Now Terri I want you to watch closely. You were right to push into his chest. That tightens the ropes and keeps him from falling over. But see how I use the other foot. You have to push your heel hard against his chin. Then push back and down, so that he’s looking up and your foot is pressing down You have to have your body at the right angle. See. Now, look. The rope tightens into his throat. He can’t breathe at all. See him shake. That means he’s choking and starting to panic. Wait then, just the right amount of time... Aaaaahh...that’s just about right. Now, back your footdown.,but keep it firm to his face. His face comes forward and there-- he gasps in a breath. See how he sucks the air right through the stocking Now, that does feels good , See... After he finally stops fighting for air he is used to the smell of your foot and he will be able to keep his face there.
They were silent a few minutes as Janet relaxed to the rhythm of billy’s breathing against her feet . That and his warm little face felt particularly good tonight, for some reason. Finally she sat up and smiled.
" There Terri,Do you think you can do it?"
"Wow! Mom that was really great. Thanks. Yes, I’m sure I can get it down now. I think your’e just the coolest mother ever".
" Thank you dear, I’ll leave you to your practice. Good night".
"Uhh Mom?"
"Yes Dear".
"Well... It’s kind of late..I mean I could practice tommorrow... I just mean that I’d feel OK if you did take Billy tonight.. I mean I think you deserve to have some fun too, right.
Janet turned and looked at her daughter, and then at her terrified son. She watched for a moment as her foot sweat slowly evaporated from his face.

" Why Thank you Terri. I think you’re right. I’ll change my clothes and be back to get him in a minute".

Mother-daughter talk the sequel


Janet Seymour marched down the hallway towards her room, when she abruptly stopped, stood for a moment in thought, and then walked back towards her daughters room. When she arrived she saw that Terri had untied Billy,and taken his pajamas. He was just slowly standing next to the bed. His sister came to stand next to him for a moment. Terri was still wearing her cheerleader uniform and dirty socks, and even without shoes , she towered fully two feet over her brother. She was tall and athletic, and Janet found herself thinking again that it a pity that Terri spent so much of her time on the cheerleader squad. Janet thought her better suited to the soccer field. She was nearly five foot ten, and was well aware of how her bossy manner affected most of the young boys in her class. Just then she was paying attention to the effect that she had on Billy. Janet measured her boy every month and knew he stood three foot nine and weighed but forty-seven pounds-really pretty close to what Janet wanted. He was entering puberty now, and it was pleasing to see that he had gained so little weight. He was small but perfectly formed and slender, save for the little scars that dotted his body and the needle marks from his daily "hormone" injections. His head was still a little too big for rest of him , but otherwise he appeared more like a delicate miniature adult than a boy just becoming a teenager. He stood naked, and trembling, the red rope lines still visible over his trunk and limbs.
Terri edged up to him and smiled down on his upturned face. She carefully placed her strong hands under his shoulders and lifted. She brought the boy slowly into the air till she could look directly over at his eyes. Both were silent for a moment. Suddenly she dropped him, and as his body stated to descend, Terri’s right leg shot out and intercepted him just between his legs, Billy made a pathetic weak noise as he curled into a ball and hit the floor at the same time. The silence was shattered by Terri"s laughter. Janet stood in the doorway, unseen by her children. She smiled and stepped back slowly,fascinated by Terri in action and wanting to watch a while longer.
Terri stood over her brother, who remained tightly curled as he whimpered.
"Oh,poor baby brother, I just wanted to make sure you were staying awake till Mom gets back. Stop that now. You are awake aren’t you? C’mon brother,talk to me. Open those eyes . That’s it . Now both of them, There that’s much better. Now look at me Billy. Now relax please", stretch out all the way. Now look, Billy I want you to... OK?"
"I’ll try sis, but it hurts so much... Is this good enough?."
"Almost. Now turn over on your back... That’s nice. But keep looking right at me."
"Terri, What are you going to do?"
"Why Billeee,... I’m going to step on you of course. Now stop squirming... You know my little tap took all the fight outa you, so just lay back and let’s get this over with. Whadda you say boy? Hmmm. You know how this works. You just lay there and don’t move... I’m gonna get up on you now, and keep those beady eyes on mine.... And when I get to your head... You can say you’re sorry to my little feets and those naaasty socks that you wouldn’t even smell before. Don’t talk. I’ll try to get done before Mom gets back... So maybe she won’t get too mad at you... OK?"
"Janet Noticed that Billy seemed awfully scared, but that he stopped trying to get away. He just stayed there and stared up at his sister as she started the trample. Her first step was right into his groin. Her heel rested on his quickly swelling ball sack and his little limp organ disappeared under her sole. She slowly shifted all her weight onto that foot and then stopped. Billy spasmed involuntarily for a second, but then gradually got control. He straightened out his legs and seemed to gradually relax despite the pain. Terri then resumed her walk. Janet marvelled at how sure-footed Terri was. She placed her foot slowly and then ground the sole in to his body, seeming to massage her way to a stable place to hold her weight. There was no hint of slippage, or loss of balance. She walked as if she were making her way across a sandy beach, pushing her feet into the sand as if hoping to make as deep a footprint as possible. Finally , with one foot high on the chest, she placed the other sole directly on his face. He remained still, and Terri stood,content, for several moments, as she gazed happily down towards where his eyes were now hidden under that foot. There was silence except for Billy’s desperate attempts to breathe under her weight.The sounds slowly lessened as Billy gradually lost consciousness. Janet finally spoke:
" My, Terri, that was just beautiful !" I’ve never seen a girl walk that well on a boy. Even I slip off sometimes without my high heels."
"Oh Mom, Gee thanks, but I didn’t know you were there... . He had to smell’em this time, didn’t he?"
" I think so dear, but sometimes if you flatten the nose too much, the smell won’t get in. The trick is to stand on his mouth with most of your weight, and then step down only a little on the nose, That actually forces the nostrils open even wider than normal"
"Mom, that’s a swell idea, do we have time to try it before you take Billy?"
" I don’t think so Terri. I hate to say anything to you,to spoil our fun, But I think You’d better get off. I’m pretty sure he just stopped breathing !!"

Billy finally woke up in his mother’s room. He was wearing his pajama bottoms again and was laying on her bed. As he became more alert, he became more aware of pain and stiffness. His genitals burned fiercely, and there were sharp pains in his ribs that came with each deep breath. His nose ached and he tasted blood when he tried to open his mouth. He groaned as he turned to his side. He opened his eyes again and looked towards the head of the bed. His mother was there,reading a magazine, She was wearing a robe and appeared ready for bed. He glanced down at her feet, which were crossed not far from his body. She was still wearing those same stockings and had not even removed her heels. Billy swallowed hard and closed his eyes.

"Oh, my little boy is awake. Hi there, Billy."
"Hi, Mom." The voice was hoarse and not much more than a whisper.
I was so proud of you . Your sister walked right up on you, and you stayed right still for her. You didn’t grab at her, or yell. You just let her do what she needed to do. Terri was so excited that she just stood there and smothered you. She looked so happy. And you still didn’t move. It may not seem like much, but I know how hard it is to focus on doing what we say when you’re suffocating for real. Do you remember?"
" Not much, but Mom, I hurt all over.
" I know dear, but Terri did walk all over you."
" My privates hurt awful.’
" Yes, Billy She stepped on you there so hard ,,, well I thought she was going to just pop your little balls... It was soooo exciting. But Billy we have a problem to take care of, don’t we?"
" Mooooom?,,, "
Now we’ve both had a long exciting day, and I just don’t want to argue. It really does bother me that you haven’t gotten more attached to my footsmell. It makes me feel like a bad mother. I know it’s partly my fault. I’ve let you kiss your sister’s feet since you were small and we just haven’t worked hard enough on mine But let’s face facts. I just don’t see how you can be of much real use to me, if you haven’t truly learned to be devoted to me and to my feet. You know Billy If Terri and I can’t use you then sometime I’m gong to have to sell you to another woman, and what sort of price would I get if you’re not even fully trained.So we’re going to change that right away.
"Mom, I do love your feet...
" Yes, son just not enough. When I saw Terri smothering you like that ... And then I think about how you whine and complain every time I rub my feet on you... It just makes me feel sad. Now don’t cry, son "
"Mom, what can I do?"
" Well, I’m going to keep you down there all night, and every night until we’re done. I want you to spend every second tonight sucking each toe, one after another all night. And you’d better work hard... I’m not changing these shoes or these stockings until I can stand on you like Terri did tonight and smother you . Yea, toes tonight and I’ll come up with a different worship thing for tomorrow. And tonight if I wake up even once and you are asleep or not sucking, then you’re in awful trouble...
"What do you mean,Mom?"
I’m not sure.. I might just sell you to that Mrs. Smith who lives out in the country...’
" Oh god Ma, she's the one who stuffs all her boys when she gets tired of them,,, She has ‘em all lined up right in her living room!"
" So they say, but she pays well for boys...and isn’t too picky."
Poor Billy was so upset that he forgot his pain, crawled under her feet and went right to work. He pulled off a shoe and started hugging her smelly sole, and sucking her big toe furiously. Janet smiled and threw the blankets over him.
" Just one foot at a time billy, and leave the other shoe on... Keeps the odor fresh ."
"Yes,Mom. They smell really good"
Janet laughed to herself as she drifted happily off to sleep. Of course she was joking about selling her son....At least she was pretty sure that it was a joke... Wow, His mouth and tongue felt so good... She thought this could be a lot of fun for her... hate to leave Terri out, but she really did deserve some fun too... And Janet was really stirred up watching Terry... Reminded Janet of her and Billy’s dad, and how she used to smother him that same way... It was soooo nice... And he sure died a happy little man...Hmmmmm.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz