Saturday, July 9, 2011

True Spitting and Footworship Story!

True Spitting and Footworship Story!

By Footlove

Here is a true story that happened to me a while ago:

First of, my girlfriend knows i have a foot fetish, as well does all of her friends. Now a few
months ago one of her friends, Sarah had a Girls party, in other words, there were only girls
there. I was working until 8pm that night. Around 9pm i got a call from my girlfriend. She was
at Sarah's house along with her friends, they were all drinking. They asked me to come over, so
I stopped at the liquor store and got some rum. Anyways after being at the party for a while I
soon became really drunk. We were all sitting around and we got on the topic of feet. BTW, all
the girls there(6 of them) were barefoot. Jokingly I said that if I had a camera I would take
pictures of their feet. Then Sarah said "I got a camera downstairs, I'll go get it" And before you
knew it, I was a photographer, taking pix of these beautiful feet. First my girlfriend, then
Sarah, then Renee, then Michelle, then Heather and finally Megan. Then a few group pix. I was so
drunk i didn't care, usually I am shy about my foot fetish, but this night I just didn't care at
all. I should mention I also went out with Sarah before and it was with Renee that I cheated on
Sarah with, prompting our break-up. Anyway, I was rock hard from taking these pix, I mean there
it was, 6 pairs of beautiful feet inches from my face as I was clicking away. My girlfriend was
cool about it all, hell she was the ringleader. I untucked my shirt in fear of them seeing that
i had a hard on. A while later I missed my chair when returning from the kitchen and fell right
on the floor, And they all started laughing, When I tried to get up, my girlfriend pushed me
back down with her foot. Foot to the forehead and I fell backwards. Then they started laughing
again, before I knew it, I had all of them standing above me, poking at me with their feet. Now
normally I could have gotten up, but I was so fucking drunk, I was disoriented. Sure enough as
Renee pushed her foot at my stomach, she missed a few inches and hit something hard, Yeah my
cock was rock hard.
"He's got a hard on" said Renee, "Oh this should be fun" Sarah said. Michelle and heather were
laughing like crazy. Megan was almost crying from laughing so hard. Then my g/f stuck her
barefoot in my face and said "sniff it motherfucker", so I did. Once again they all laughed, I
was starting to enjoy this, I love being humiliated by girls with sexy feet. "sniff it harder" she
said. "Sniff mine too" Megan said, as she smooshed her foot in my face. I couldn't take it, i
was so aroused, just wanting to blow my load. Then My g/f spit in my face, she let a long drool
land in my eye. This was so arousing, I couldn't help it, I was so turned on. Then before I knew
it, Renee spit on me, Sarah spit on me, Michelle hacked a big one in my mouth, Megan kept
rubbing her foot all over my chest and heather was smooshing her foot on my groin area. It was
so hard, then as they were standing above me, me lying on the floor, looking up at them, all
laughing and pointing and laughing some more, spitting all over me, I was covered in their
saliva, feet rubbing all over my body, I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. I began to make
strange noises, whick made them laugh even more. My g\f pulled down my shorts to reveal my hard
dick ready to blow. I didn't care what the others thought, after all I was with two of them
before. My g\f then wrapped her beautiful feet around my dick, and started stroking like a
madman. It was out of control, I was covered with spit and feet and I was being totally
humiliated by these 6 girls. Standing above me, pointing and laughing at me as my g\f was giving
me a footjob. It was so intense, I couldn't see anything, my face was so full of spit and feet,
it was blurry and dark, as she stroked harder and faster with her feet, I blew my load all over
her feet, she said it shot right up in the air. So there I laid, all soaked in the girls saliva,
wallowing in my own cum, girls standing above me laughing, my g\f just smiling, as if she had
this planned all along. It was a night I won't ever forget. The strange thing is that whenever,
we have another party, no one ever talks about it, like it didn't happen. No one else knows
either. They never told anybody.



  1. Today, Divina Artemisia, she wants to dance. There with her slave Andy. He has never been accustomed to do for dancing cube human, especially not with the sharp heels of the shoes of Artemisia. But she has no mercy and began to dance about him to the rhythm of rock music. When she is tired, she rests, and particularly wants humiliate him by making him sniff her feet and her sweaty and smelly socks after the fatigue of the dance.

    1. Lucky lucky guy.....Damn! That's so hot

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