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Such a Willful Boy

Such a Willful Boy
By Amber K.

Eddie was in his room listening to the radio when he heard the front door slam.  He reached forward to turn down the stereo and heard the crash of his mother throwing her keys onto the kitchen table.  She was busy cursing under her breath and stomping about.  Eddie’s pulse quickened with each muttered profanity, clunk and slam emanating from the kitchen.  Obviously she was in one of her foul moods, which boded ill for Eddie.
            He contemplated climbing into bed and feigning sleep, but decided against it.  It was only 5:30 and he doubted she would buy the rouse.  His mind raced, trying to recall any chores he’d neglected that would aim her ire towards him.  The mental list drew a blank and he began to heave a sigh of relief when his bedroom door burst open.
            “Did I, or did I not tell you to pick-up in the living room?” 
            Eddie’s stomach knotted as he peered up at his enraged mother.  She cut an imposing figure hovering in his doorway; nearly six feet tall, all hips and chest.  In her prime, Judy Denton had been a woman most men would have killed for on looks alone.  Now well into her middle years, and though it was still possible to consider her quite stunning, her sour demeanor overshadowed her looks rather profoundly.  According to Judy, the best years of her life had been stolen by Eddie’s now absent father. 
Eddie was afraid to speak.  He was sure she’d never mentioned cleaning the living room, but he dared not voice his complaint.  His lack of an answer seemed to agitate her further.  She still wore the regiments of a secretary: white blouse, gray skirt, tan stockings and high-heeled shoes.  Her clothing appeared disheveled and wrinkled; presumably from her sixty-minute commute home, amidst the hottest July the valley had seen since the 1920’s, in a car bereft of air-conditioning.  Strands of her walnut colored hair usually neatly brushed and in a tight bun, had come loose and cascaded along her jaw line. The fact that her hair was mussed and she had yet to change out of her work clothing spoke volumes as to her present state of mind: she was too mad to care at the moment.  Her arms crossed under her breasts and her high-heel encased foot began to tap. 
“Well, I’m waiting …”
Still Eddie was at a loss for words.  This looked as if it would be a bad one and he feared the worst.  It had been well over a month since her last episode and daily he’d contemplated the result of her bottling up her angst for so long without an outlet.  He tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat and grimaced at the metallic taste in his mouth.
“Don’t you make that face at me, you little shit, you look just like your damn father when you make that face!”
Not a day passed in which she forgot to mention Eddie’s similarity to his wayward father either by look or action.  Eddie was the living testament to her hatred of the man.  Having the misfortune of his father’s looks stamped in likeness upon his face, and the ghost of his father’s voice in that of his own, Eddie bore the brunt of her ruminations of loathing and regret.  He was a constant reminder of the man who had abandoned her with a three-month-old son.  Throughout the thirteen long years of Eddie’s life, he’d been forced to take the directionless punishment his mother was unable to deliver up to the man who had spawned the resentment.  For that very reason, sometimes Eddie felt he hated his father even more than his mother did.
“Ughhh, you make me sick … I can’t even look at you!”  she finally announced before storming back out into the hall.  Eddie listened to her heels clunking down the hall into the living room.  More cursing followed as she shuffled magazines on the coffee table and fluffed pillows on the couch.  “Get in here and pick up your damn clothes!” she shouted back down the hall.  Eddie nearly fell as he tested his wobbly legs, before trotting into the living room.
His eyes scanned the pristinely clean room in search of his offending clothing.  All he found was a jacket, his mother’s in fact, that had fallen from the coat tree.  The most likely turn of events was that it was dislodge as she stormed past only seconds ago.  He gingerly picked up the coat, making sure not to wrinkle the fabric, and returned it to its hook next to her umbrella.  “Was that it, Mom?”  Eddie asked sheepishly.  When she turned to look at him, he knew it had been a mistake to speak.
Was that it, Mommy!”  she mocked in a falsetto, nasally imitation while scrunching her face in mimicry.  “Was that it?” Eddie flinched at the venom in her voice, his feet yearning to carry him back to the quasi-safety of his room, but he knew better than to run from his mother.  “No that’s not it, you ungratefully little turd!  Do you have any idea how hard I work to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head not to mention clothing on your back?  While you lounge around, your mother is working her fingers to the bone!  Your mother doesn’t get a ‘summer vacation’ like you.  She doesn’t get to louse around all day doing God knows what all!  I ask you to do something simple, and can’t even do that!  You’re just like your father!”
Sometimes it seemed to Eddie that she ended everything she said to him with that line.
Judy eased herself onto the couch like a queen taking her thrown.  “Get over here and rub my feet!”  she commanded.  Inwardly Eddie flinched.  He wasn’t sure, he hadn’t been around too many older women and their feet, but he was almost positive his mother had the smelliest feet in the world.  He’d never been very close to them, he’d made sure of that, but numerous times he’d been trapped at the door to her bedroom as she berated him whilst pulling off her shoes and stockings, flexing her tired feet and filling the room with a wretched funk that would make his nose wrinkle. This was the first time she’d ever told him to rub them.  It was a terrifying thought. He’d never had a desire to get more within two feet of the smelly things or her footwear … but now it seemed he had no choice.  Trying to repress the grimace that fought to break free, Eddie crossed the room and knelt before his mother.  She lifted both feet from the floor, offering them. 
Eddie gingerly took both of her shoes by the heels.  He could already smell a faint hint of what lay waiting beneath the brown leather.  How stinky can feet be to reek clean through your shoes? he wondered. Trying to steel his nerve, Eddie slowly pulled the shoes off.  The stench was immediate and intense.  Before he could stop himself, he emitted a stifled cough and wrinkled his nose.
“How dare you!”  she shrieked, “Are you trying to say my feet are disgusting?!  Are Mommy’s feet too stinky for the little baby?” she mocked,  “God … you are just like your father!  Rub them!”
Reluctantly Eddie took hold of her left foot and began to knead the sole.  His skin crawled with the feel of it.  Her stocking encased foot was soaked with sweat … the sheer material of the nylon, crusty in places.  And somehow worst of all was how hot her foot was.  He imagined them going into a tub of cold water and steam hissing out. One of her leather high-heeled shoes had landed next to his bare leg.  Eddie could feel moist heat emanating from the shoe.  It was a loathsome sensation.  It could have been due to the almost constant stench of his mother’s feet, but Eddie hated feet.  There were few things in the world he found more revolting than feet … especially his mother’s … and here he was being forced to massage the stinking things!
“Do you know what your father used to call me?  Do you?  He called me ‘Stinky Toes’.  I’m sure you find that amusing just like he did … don’t you?”
“No mother,”  Eddie whispered.
“Don’t lie to me … I know you better than you think.  Do you think I like the way my feet smell?  Well, I do … does that surprise you?  I used to hate it.  Everyone made fun of me when I was a child.  I used to cry a lot.  My mother’s feet smelled the same.  She taught me to like it.  She said I was special.”
Eddie couldn’t image anyone thinking they were special because they had the stinkiest feet in the world.  That was just crazy talk.  It didn’t surprise him that it was coming from his mother’s mouth either.  Eddie lifted the other foot and began to rub it.  His mother rested her other foot in his lap, uncomfortably close to his crotch.  As she continued to rant, her toes would flex occasionally, nudging his penis through his loose fitting shorts.  He dearly wished he had worn underwear.  It felt as if those nasty toes were actually touching his penis.  It was hard to suppress a shudder.
            “Of course your father said he understood when I told him about my feet.  That was before we slept together. The first time we had sex I saw him flinch away when he got a nose-full.  Of course he was too happy to finally have gotten what he wanted from me to care at the time.  He just banged away on me and did his best to ignore my smell.”
            This time Eddie couldn’t help but shudder.  He hated it most of all when his mother would talk like this.  The thought of her having sex with anyone, even his own father, was almost too much to bear.  Lucky his brief externalization of disgust went unnoticed as she continued with her tirade. 
            “He got me pregnant, you know …  that first time we had sex  …  he had to marry me … Daddy saw to that.  After that he made me wear shoes whenever he fucked me, the hateful man!  One night he insisted I wear my blue dress to one of his horrible business dinners.  The only shoes that went with that dress were my strappy heels … I didn’t have any clean stockings so I had to go barelegged.  What else could I have done?  Then during dinner that hateful man pinched me and whispered in my ear that everyone at the table could smell my feet!  He said they were starting to stare and that I was embarrassing him!  The nerve!  He told me to go into the ladies room and wash the stink off my feet.  I excused myself as best I could without further embarrassing myself.  Then, do you know what happened?”  Eddie knew better than to answer and interrupt … “The sink in the ladies room was broken.  I had to wash my feet in the toilet!  Can you imagine anything more humiliating!  Of course your loving father didn’t care … “  Eddie watched in mute fascination as her eyes began to mist up.  He’d heard his mother cry at night, but had never seen her do it … as strange as that may sound.  But the rank foot in his hands pulled his attention away, breaking his concentration, before he witnessed a tear shed …
            … Now the stink from her feet was getting to be more than Eddie could bear.  The sour effluvium wafting up from her stocking clad stink-machines stung his eyes and made his throat tight.  Her toes were going into overtime, flexing and stretching in his lap, almost to the point of kneading his balls and penis.  He dearly wished she would stop.
            “I’ve spent so many nights thinking about what I would do to that bastard if I ever found him.  I’d love to get my hands on him … tie him up along with that bitch of a secretary he ran off with … then we’d see how long they could last sniffing my feet!”  The sadness seemed to magically evaporate.  Here eyes assumed a cruel aspect as she fixed her stare on Eddie.  Before he could react, the foot resting in his lap was suddenly on his face.  “SNIFF IT!”  she commanded.
            Eddie felt his stomach roll over.  He coughed and gagged, his eyes tearing with the offensive thing so close. 
“I said sniff my foot!”  Despite his utter revulsion, he did that which his mother commanded … sniiiiiiffffffffff.  It was like an atom bomb detonating in his head.  The stink from her foot exploded through his senses like a runaway locomotive.  The smell was rank, hot and meaty.
            “Now just keep sniffing that foot while you rub the other one .. I want to watch.”
            Now she was quiet.  Her rant was over.  She slipped back on the couch, getting more comfortable.  After tucking her arms behind her head, she settled into watching Eddie endure her foot reek.
            Eddie continued to take shuddering sniffs of the rancid foot.  He knew better than to cheat by breathing through his mouth.  He knew that somehow she would know.  Besides, he figured the stench was strong enough to taste and he had no interest in becoming any more intimate with these feet than he had to by opening his mouth to take a breath.
            Quite suddenly the foot was off of his face and he heaved a quick sigh of relief.  It had been horrible, but he’d expected it to go on for much longer.  When he saw the reason for the respite, his spirit plummeted.  With a broad smile his mother was quickly removing her stockings.  They came off in a loose bundle, which she pressed to her nose and sniffed deeply.  Eddie watched as her body quivered.  After a few more sniffs she breathed a sigh of utter satisfaction.  “Mmmm, they sure are stinky today … what a lucky little boy you are.”  And then the feet were back.
            This time, both sets of toes settled over his nose.  It was much worse than sniffing them through the thin stockings.  The scent of her leather shoes, which at the time he thought was awful, was now less present and replaced with a more pungent foot-aroma.  She sighed as she wiggled her slimy toes on his face.  Her eyes never left him, glorifying in the sight of his features contorting under her cheesy feet.  Eddie knew she was picturing his father suffering at her soles and toes.  She was in heaven.
            “Thank me …”
            Eddie tried to respond with a “what?” but it came out as a muffled groan beneath the rank, slippery feet of his mother.
            “Thank me for letting you smell my feet …”
            Eddie tried to mutter thank you but again only a muffled groan could be heard.  She pulled her feet away and Eddie gasped in a gout of fresh air.
            “Say it … “
            “Thank you for letting me smell your feet,” he responded dutifully.
            Eddie couldn’t bring himself to say it.
            “Maybe there’s something else of Mommy’s you’d like to sniff?”
            Eddie didn’t like the sound of that.  Her voice had that sinister edge that always meant she had something horrible in mind.
            “Yes … let me smell them some more, please!”  he blurted.
            “What a nasty little boy you are,” she taunted before plastering her feet to his face once again.
            Eddie was forced to endure his mother’s feet for the better part of an hour.  He thought he would eventually get used to them, but he never did.  Each time he thought he was getting a handle on it, she would shift her feet, revealing a new pocket of stink that was subtly different from that of the last.  It kept his senses reeling.
            He began to notice a change in his mother’s demeanor.  Her face was flushed and her eyelids kept fluttering closed.  She was breathing deeply and almost appeared to be in some kind of pain.  He then noticed that her hand was quite busy under her skirt and before he could stop himself, Eddie pushed himself away and scooted across the floor.
            She abruptly jumped up scowling furiously.  “Where do you think you’re going … I didn’t give you permission to stop your punishment!”
            Eddie couldn’t believe what he’d seen.  He may not have been a worldly twelve year old, but he knew what his mother had been doing under her skirt and it repulsed him almost as much as her feet … but the revulsion had ridden on a wave of another deeply disturbing feeling that was utterly confusing and terrifying.  He could barely bring himself to look at her.
            “You heard me … strip … this instant!”
            Robotically Eddie removed his shirt and shoes.
            “But I’m not wearing any underwear.”
            “I know … I could feel it when I had my toes on your little cock.”
            Eddie’s heart skipped a beat … she’d been doing that on purpose!  Slowly he stood and pulled down his shorts.  He’d never felt so naked in his life.  He could almost feel his mother’s eyes crawling over his body. 
            “Come here.”  She pointed to a spot on the floor next to her.  On shaky legs, Eddie approached the spot indicated.  “Now close your eyes.”  Eddie did as he was told.  A sickly mixed scent of feet and leather assaulted him.  He jerked away involuntarily and felt his mother grab the back of his head.  His eyes opened briefly to see the dark opening of her shoe hovering in front of his face.  “Just smell that for a while,” she said breathily.  As always, Eddie did as he was told.  He sniffed the intense aroma of the shoe.
            Moments passed before he again jerked, though this time more violently than before.  His mother’s thumb and index finger took a firm hold on his limp penis and began to wiggle it up and down.  As he tried to pull away on instinct, her knee came up to nudge him back into position.  “Just keep smelling, and don’t move.”  Her hand encircled his penis; her palm and fingers, silkily smooth and cool to the touch. She squeezed and kneaded the pliant flesh of his penis, occasionally giving sharp, firm tugs.  Eddie continued to sniff the steamy interior of the foul shoe as she manipulated his boyhood. 
            Once again, though never having experienced anything of a sexual nature, other than things he’d done to himself, he knew exactly what was going on.  A conversation surfaced in his mind.  Months earlier he’d eavesdropped on his mother and his aunt Helen.  Aunt Helen was telling his mother that if she didn’t find a man soon she was going to lose it.  Helen said that Eddie’s Mom needed a good fucking or she was going to flip her lid.  Eddie bolted at that point.  The image was just too gross.  But as luck would have it, it seemed she finally had flipped her lid … and Eddie was here just in time to suffer the consequences. 
            Realizing that while his mind wandered, the stench of the shoe and the humiliation of his predicament took a back seat in his mind, Eddie tried to think on anything but what was happening to him.  He tried to think of school and his thoughts immediately focused on Claire Darnell … the girl that sat in front of him in Mrs. Felt’s Science class.  Claire had huge boobs and long legs and though Eddie was mostly the invisible boy at school, he had many dreams of kissing her.  He pictured Claire wearing nothing but her underwear and bending over her desk, coyly looking back at him as she wiggled her butt from side to side.
            Suddenly Eddie was snapped back to reality by his mother’s voice breathing in his ear, speaking in lilting baby talk… “Ooooo, so you do wike Mommy’s tinky shoe after awll … you dirty, nasty wittle boy …you wike Mommy’s tinky feet?  Does dat feel good on your wittle cock?  Is Mommy’s doing it right?  Ooooo, sniff, yes, sniff that tinky ol’ shoe.”
            To Eddie’s horror he realized his cock was stiff as wood and standing at full attention.  His mother’s hand, slick with saliva, glided over the smooth surface of his shaft, up and down.  Her grip tightened and began to pull harder and faster.  His mouth and nose felt damp from the sweaty rim of the shoe now pressed firmly over his face …  his panicked intake of breath pulling all of the nasty aroma deep into his lungs.
            It was too late to hold back, she’d already taken him too far and his treacherous body had followed while his mind had been elsewhere.  With a sudden convulsion, his penis began to spurt and sputter, spraying his mother’s hand and forearm with semen as she continued to voice encouragement in his ear, punctuating each sentence with a flick of her tongue on his ear lobe.  Of course she kept the shoe tightly over his nose and mouth, each shuddering breath attuned to his surprise orgasm subjecting him the amalgamated stench of his mother’s smelly foot and stinky shoe.
            Finally his orgasm subsided … his body letting a few shivers go for good measure.  Eddie kept his eyes closed, too ashamed to open them.
            “Now when I tell you to pick-up the living room, you pick-up the living room!”  Eddie was stunned by her no-nonsense tone … as if what had just happened had not actual transpired.  She was still holding the reeking shoe over his nose and each breath was a torment.  His penis hung flaccid and sticky between his legs … his nakedness now seeming less important than it had moments before.
            “Don’t think I don’t know,” she whispered in his ear, “I’m onto you.  Now I know you like the way my feet stink.  You thought you could hide it from me, didn’t you?  You’re dirty and bad.  I’ll have to teach you just like Mommy taught me, James.”
            Eddie was then sent to his room.  He wasn’t sure if she realized it, but she had called him James.  James was his father’s name.  Eddie was horribly confused and wasn’t sure if he should cry or what.  All he knew was that his mother had finally lost it as Aunt Helen had predicted.  The only thing now was, what would she do next?  Sparing a last rueful look over his shoulder he found her hovering in the hall watching him.  Her eyes immediately narrowed and her pouty lips turned down in a profound scowl … “Oh, you’re such a willful boy!” she sighed.  Eddie quickened his step, but by the time he had reached his room she was right behind him, pushing him onto the bed … Eddie found to his dawning horror that he would not have to wait to find out what she would do next … the worst part was that his penis was inexplicably hard again and the realization was a humiliating blow.

Part 2

Judy Denton eyed her son’s erect penis with an unconcealed hunger.  “Mommy knows jus where to put dat nasty wittle pecker!”
Eddie shivered as his mother turned her back to close the bedroom door, shutting them both in the room together.  She turned and slowly approached the bed until the edge of the mattress touched her bare knees.  Turning her back once more the nightmare continued. 
Eddie, feeling numb from head to toe, tried to scramble backward as she lifted one foot onto the bed and then another.  On hands and knees she began to crawl in reverse over the top of her son, skirt clad ass growing closer to his face by the second. Eddie’s arms were soon pinned between his own body and the knees and calves of his mother.  He could catch the vague aroma of her feet from somewhere behind his head.  His only hope was that whatever she was planning, he would not be forced to endure those horrid things again.  He watched in mute horror, feeling as if he were caught in the throes of some terrible dream, as his mother hitched up her skirt bearing her bare cheeks only inches away.  The image of his classmate, Claire, sprung to mind as his mother eerily waggled her ass in much the same way his fantasy girl had.
            With both hands she spread her cheeks, revealing the puckered bud of her anus. A hint of dark aroma drifted from the hole, toying with Eddie’s nostrils.  With purposefully slowness, she began to lower her ass, laughing menacingly all the while.  The smell of her butt grew stronger and stronger until Eddie thought he would suffocate on the powerful aroma of her unwashed anus.  Wetly, his nose slide into her asshole. 
            Once she had impaled her anus on his nose she began to wiggle and grind, flexing her asshole, pushing his nose in and out.  The smell was intolerable … the experience utterly humiliating.
            “Mmmmm, smell dat ass you bad wittle boy,” she moaned.
            Eddie began to frantically drum his heels on the bed. He was drowning in his mother’s smelly asshole!
            “Yeeeesss,” she suddenly exclaimed.  Bending forward, she sucked the entirety of Eddie’s genitals into her mouth, balls and all.  His nose slipped from her asshole to instead grind against her sopping pussy.  Eddie moaned in revulsion.  He instantly preferred the feet to this wretched torture.
            Her tongue wiggled inside her mouth, battering the head of Eddie’s penis to and fro.  With a shift she spread her knees outward and lifted her ankles from the bed.  Her feet lifted from the coverlet, her toes thrusting between Eddie’s nose and her own pussy.  Instantly his nostrils were filled the pungent reek of his mother’s dirty feet.  The aroma of her ass and pussy intermingled with the rank foot stench making Eddie’s head spin with olfactory overload.
            Eddie’s toes curled and his fists clenched.  His mother’s mouth was now going into overdrive, sucking his penis with expertise, her tongue lapping his swollen head … her fingers tickling his balls.  Eddie felt like his body was one flexed muscle, tense and vibrating.  Suddenly she pulled his cock from her mouth and began to roughly jack it with her hand.  She was moaning something against his inner thigh and after a moment he realized she was repeating, “smell me, smell me,” over and over again.  And smell her he did.
            There wasn’t much choice.  Her pussy adequately smothered his mouth preventing any breath from passing his lips.  He tried desperately to breath anyway and received a mouthful of her juice.  Hungrily he sucked the tainted air through his nose for fear of suffocation.  The stink of her feet and ass battered against his reserve.  He wasn’t sure how much longer he could stand it.  Her thick toes wiggled and flexed against his nose rubbing their stench into his skin.  He could see her asshole winking at him as it loosened and tightened only and inch from his eyes.
            Revoltingly, Eddie felt her fingers wiggle past his chest to reach her own clit.  He could feel her nails occasionally scrapping against his chin as her fingers flew, manipulating her pussy.  Her body tensed and began to shake spasmodically.  Her moans of “smell me” became louder and louder until she was screaming the mantra.  Her fist tightened on his penis but never slowed the hammering.  Eddie felt his own unwanted orgasm approaching and fought with all his might to hold it back.  He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of humiliating him again in such a way.
            Only seconds before Eddie exploded her hand stopped.  His heart felt as if it were about to explode.  A single drop of semen oozed from his head which she brushed away with her thumb.  The head of Eddie’s penis was beyond sensitive and the quick flick of her digit caused his body to jerk violently.
            Roughly she climbed from the bed.  Her knees and feet kicking Eddie in the jaw and shoulders as she dismounted.  The moment he was free, Eddie bounded from the bed with thoughts of escape.  He felt the strong grip of his mother’s hand close about his forearm like a vice.  “I’m not done with you,” she said almost conversationally.  Spinning him around she placed her hand against his chest and slowly forced him back against the wall and into the corner of the room.  Eddie’s shoulders wedged against the walls, the feeling of claustrophobia almost overwhelming. 
            Without saying a word, she turned her back to him.  Instinctively Eddie glanced down and saw her bare bottom, the rounded cheeks slightly rosy in hue from her exertion.  Quickly he glanced away and squeezed his eyes shut.  With his eyes closed, Eddie didn’t have a clue what she had in mind but he feared the worst.  He could hear her panting and moaning and soon her fingers were again tugging on his cock.  With a shiver of revulsion he found his penis to still be rock hard.  The not knowing was almost worse than watching so Eddie finally opened his eyes and looked down.
            His mother’s back was still to him and her arm reached from between her own legs.  She ground her pussy on her wrist as her fingers tugged and caressed his penis … her long nails tickling his balls.  After a few more flicks and tweaks, she grabbed Eddie’s penis with two fingers and began to tickle her butthole with its tip.  He wanted to scream, but his throat had closed up.  With surprising suddenness, she slammed her ass backwards, burying Eddie’s cock up her chute.  The heat inside of her ass was surprising.  Without much ado, she began to ram up and down, pushing and pulling Eddie’s penis in and out of her incredibly tight anus.
            Eddie closed his eyes and moaned.  There was nothing he could do but let her have her way.  She began a bumping rhythm that seemed to go on forever.  The worst part was that it was the best thing he’d ever felt.  His body quivered with shame and excitement intertwined.  His stomach turned over and for a moment he thought he was going to puke.  It was all too much.  At some point he’d placed his hands on her hips though he couldn’t remember doing it.  Slowly he realized that she had stopped moving and he was the one thrusting.
            Even with the startling realization, Eddie continued to cram his penis in and out of his mother’s butthole.  Sweat began to drip from his nose and spatter her lower back.  She herself was sweating enough for the two of them.  Her hips were slippery with it.  Inexplicably Eddie had a painful need to again have her feet on his face.  It made no sense … but he wanted to smell them!  He wanted to suffer!  How could that be?
            Eddie felt his penis pull free from her ass.  His mother turned and grabbed his hand leading him toward the bed.  It was then that he realized he’d spoken his thoughts aloud!  Fear gripped him.  Could he handle it again?  Why did he suddenly want to smell her horrible feet?  Eddie stumbled where his mother led him, a mixture of sexual excitement, shame and confusion battering him from all sides.
            She dropped backward onto the bed.  Pulling her knees to her chest, she guided Eddie’s penis back into her waiting ass.  Both of them moaned simultaneously as he entered.  With both hands she reached forward grabbing hold of his nipples with her thumbs and index fingers.  She pinched and then with a tug pulled him forward, her feet coming up simultaneously.  Eddie’s face settled into the valley created by her arches now side by side.  Her large feet once again adequately covered his entire face.  Eddie sniffed deeply as she began to pinch, twist and flick his nipples.
            Again the smell of his mother’s dirty feet was overwhelming.  Each deep sniff made his body convulse.  With renewed vigor he slammed his cock in and out of her chute as hard and as fast as he could.  It was as if he were alone with her feet and that intense smell.  He let it fill him.  Without warning he began to cum.  Eddie’s screams were muffled against the sweaty, rank flesh of his mother’s soles.
            “You came in my ass!?” his mother was shrieking, “I didn’t tell you you could do that!”  Eddie was roughly pushed away his penis already growing limp.  His mother’s face was a thunder cloud of anger and indignation.  “How dare you cum in my ass!”  Grabbing hold of his wrist she pulled him over her lap … ass up.  Her hand whistled down and Eddie jerked with the slap.  She began to spank him emphatically.
            Eddie knew she must be insane.  None of it made any sense .. .but then again he must be nuts too.  He’d just sodomized him own mother and actually wanted to smell her dirty, nasty, stinking feet!  He had to be crazy.
            When her ire was spent and the spanking subsided she pushed him from her lap.  Shaking an admonishing finger under his nose, “Don’t you ever cum in my ass unless I tell you to … understood?”  Eddie nodded numbly.  “Good … now go wash up for dinner … your face stinks like my feet … MOVE!”
            Eddie scampered to the bathroom.  He still couldn’t wrap his mind around what had just happened.  He could hear his mother humming in the kitchen.  She never hummed!  Eddie had a feeling things were going to be different … very different indeed….



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