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Eat Shit

Eat Shit
by shiteater
I had begged and grovelled in all my e-mails to Mistress Kandy to try me out as Her slave. Finally after several months of begging and pleading Mistress Kandy agreed to meet me at a local bar one evening after work.  She was absolutely the most beautiful woman I had seen in a long while. She wore a gray pin striped business suit and gun metal gray stockings.  Her skirt rode up about four inches above her beautiful knee, at least what I could see of it without being too obviously ogling. 
I expect my tongue was hanging out anyway.  On her feet she wore a pair of plain black leather pumps with about 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels.  Having somewhat of a severe foot fetish, I stole as many glances at her legs and feet as I felt I could without downright staring.
After about a half hour, she got up to go to the lady's room.  I felt my mouth go completely dry as she walked past me toward the restrooms.  I couldn't help but stare at her, my eyes always settling on her beautiful feet.  She had very high arches and the heels she was wearing genuinely enhanced the splendor of an already dazzling foot, to me anyway.  It felt as though it took hours for her to walk the distance between her seat at the bar, past me to the restroom.  She smiled but said nothing as she passed me.  I, being too shy to talk, simply smiled in return.
In her absence, I ordered another double Jack on the rocks and, noticing her martini empty, ordered her another also.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to find myself staring into a beautiful set of eyes.
"Thanks for the drink, did you buy me that other one also?"
"You're welcome and yes."
"Have the barmaid bring it over here, I'm Mistress Kandy." She offered her hand and I eagerly grasped it.
"I'm Joe Blow, please sit down."
"Is there something the matter with my shoes?  You seem to be fascinated with something down there."
She was facing away from the bar and stretched her leg out so I could get a better look.
"No, I uh, no, I think they're beautiful."
"Hmm, not too many men notice a woman's footwear.  At least, I don't find too many men appearing to be enthralled by a pair of heels."
I immediately found my tongue wrapped around my teeth and unable to put two intelligible words together.  I finally got across to her I had a kind of a fetish for lady's feet, particularly clad in a beautiful pair of high heels, like she was wearing. She held her leg outstretched a while longer, seemingly admiring it herself.  Then she turned around and took a sip of her martini.
"At least you've got good taste." She said half under her breath and into her glass. I didn't quite hear her and asked her to repeat herself.  She gave me a very nasty look and told me she was not used to repeating herself.  Then her look softened somewhat.
"I said, at least you've got good taste.  I realize I have gorgeous feet and I always wear as high a heel as I'm comfortable wearing, usually about this height.  Try to pay closer attention when I'm speaking."
"I'm sorry and I share your opinion 100%.  Not only are your feet and legs beautiful, but you are without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  I know that sounds like a come on of some sort, but I truly mean the compliment."
"Thanks.  Drink up and come up to my apartment and we'll see just how eager you are to serve Me."
"I'd love to." I gulped my Jack, paid the tab and followed her out the door.  We walked about two blocks and came to a high rise apartment/condo building.  The doorman greeted her and held the door for her as she walked toward the elevators.  I followed her in and she pressed the button to the 30th floor, the penthouse.
We rode to the top in silence with me staring at the floor on which her heels were firmly implanted.  I envied that floor.  When the doors finally opened, I noticed there were only two units on the floor.  I assumed, rightly, they were huge units. She unlocked the door to her unit and walked in, I following.  The walls were all glass and provided a stunning view of the city.  We were higher by about five stories than any other building nearby. 
She regally seated herself in a plush leather couch and told me to make her a martini and myself whatever I wanted.  She pointed to the bar across the room. I finished the drinks and brought them to where she was sitting.  She patted the couch beside her and I sat.
"I'm curious about this fetish for women's feet you were talking about." She crossed her legs so that her foot was dangling directly in front of me.  She bobbed it up and down, obviously enjoying my discomfort.
"I seem to attract people like you.  Most seem to be very eager to serve me.  Do you feel an urge to serve me?"
"Yes, Mistress Kandy, most men enjoy serving a gorgeous woman, I think."
"I mean S-E-R-V-E me.  I am a very demanding woman.  I expect to be catered to in every way.  I even, on occasion, like to cause my slaves extreme pain because that sometimes pleases me.  I'm very much a sadist and I'm spoiled rotten.  I mean to stay that way also.  Do you think you would be prepared to please me in that manner?"
"I think so, I know I would."
"Good, we may just get along fine after all.  Go make me another drink, you'll have none."
"Sure, Kandy, same thing?"
All of a sudden I was seeing stars.  She had slapped me harder than I've ever been hit.  I looked at her, tears stinging my eyes, and noticed she was very angry about something, I had no idea what I'd done.
"You WILL call me Mistress or Goddess Kandy.  Do you understand?"
"Yes Mistress."
She slapped me again, though not quite as hard, and told me to get her drink.  I was embarrassed, but proceeded to make her drink and bring it back to her.
"Move the coffee table back about two feet and kneel before me."
"Yes Mistress." I'm a quick study and learned that lesson very well. She could give Mike Tyson a run for his money.
I knelt in front of her and looked into her eyes.  She was still somewhat miffed it appeared.  I felt I had better say something. "Mistress, I'm sorry for calling you Kandy, it won't happen again.  It's a pleasure to be in your presence, you're so beautiful."
She softened again, somewhat.  "You'll have plenty of time to be sorry and plenty of time to think about the way you should treat your Mistress and expect to be treated by her.  Now put your face on the floor between my feet."
"Yes, Goddess Kandy." I did as I was told.  I could smell the sweet odor of her leather heels commingled with her perspiration.  The effect, along with being humiliated at her feet, was devastating and I immediately developed a raging erection.
"Turn your head sideways.  Have a good close look at my beautiful foot. It never ceases to amaze me the power I have over the male of my species. All I have to do is wiggle my pretty foot a couple of times, and I have you groveling on your knees in front of me, willing to, I assume, do anything I tell you to do.  Am I right?"
"Yes, Mistress." She moved her foot closer to my face to where it was almost touching my nose.  I wanted to kiss it, but thought the better of that idea.
"I bet you would do about anything to kiss and lick that shoe in front of your face, wouldn't you.  No matter, you'll earn that privilege tonight. You'll definitely earn that privilege.  In fact, you might even get sick of the idea.  I'm putting you in charge of my footwear.  You will be cleaning every pair I own, inside and out.
"Are you prepared to accept your role as my servant?  Actually, my slave. Servants do have some dignity to their roles.  You will have no dignity in your role as my slave.  You will do as you're told without question.  You will accept any punishment I give you for any reason I choose and thank me for the pain I inflict upon you.  You will suffer under my unmerciful heels for hours on end.  I simply adore inflicting pain on you with the very object of your adoration.  I love crushing your neck like a bug under my heel, watching you gasp for breath as I steadily press harder and harder.  Your very existence is in my hands, under my feet, I should say. When you leave here, when I allow you to leave here that is, your body will be covered with my heel marks and welts from my whip.  Your tongue will be sore from my use of it, from cleaning my shoes to me stepping on it while I whip you".
"You will do as you are told without hesitation, regardless of how debasing the task I give you seems to you.  In my eyes you are merely something to be stepped on, dirt under my feet. Do you desire to serve me in this manner?  If not you may leave now and you will never savor the wonderful experience of kissing that beautiful foot in front of your face."
"Mistress Kandy, although I'm somewhat nervous about this, I'm willing to accept your conditions and submit myself to you as your complete slave."
She laughed at this and stood up.  She raised her foot, not the one in front of my face, and placed it on my head.  I felt the heel digging into my head as she put more and more of her weight on me.
"I pronounce you my slave.  You will answer to the name "Toilet".  I think you'll find the name suits you for at least one of your many duties. You may kiss my foot and accept your role."
I lovingly kissed her shoe even as she pressed harder and harder on my head until her other foot was off the ground.  Just then I heard the door open and close.  Mistress Kandy never moved from her position of crushing my head. When I tried to move, she kicked my face with her free foot.
"Do not move.  It's just my roommate, Ariel.  Mistress Ariel to you."
"What have you brought home, Kandy?  A new slave for us?"
"Looks like he's getting it."
She finally released some pressure off my head.  I started to move but was shoved back to the ground.
"I neglected to mention that, since you have agreed to be my slave, you will also serve Ariel.  You may crawl over to her and kiss the toes of each of her shoes."
I dared not look up at her, but crawled to where I heard her voice.  In front of my face was a pair of beautiful white, high heeled boots.  I very gently and reverently kissed the toe of each boot and backed up a little, awaiting instructions.
"Does he know his duties, Kandy?"
"He knows he is to follow orders immediately.  He doesn't have to know what we'll require of him, only to do as he is told."
"Why wasn't he lying at the door when I came in?  Doesn't he know that's his job?"
"I haven't gotten that far."
"What's his name?"
"How very fitting."
"Toilet, get your ass over here and clean the soles of my boots.  God knows what I may have stepped in walking around these streets."
I dared raise my head enough to figure out she was seated next to Mistress Kandy on the leather sofa.  She was equally as beautiful as Kandy, and had on a white leather tube type dress.  Her boots were thigh high and she had on off white stockings.  She had crossed her legs and I crawled to her upraised foot and twisted my neck around to begin licking her sole.  She immediately stomped down hard on my face and ground her foot on my mouth.
"You asshole.  You never, ever come to my highest foot.  You always present yourself to my lowest foot.  Lie on your back, head at my foot. That's better."
She placed her foot on my mouth and told me to begin cleaning.  She did allow me to hold her foot and move it around so I could reach every part of her sole, but she continued to keep her legs crossed and the weight was becoming difficult to handle.  It didn't seem to bother her much as she and Mistress Kandy were engaged in conversation I could not hear, they were whispering to each other.
When I finished the gritty sole, I took her heel into my mouth and cleaned it as best I could.  I asked her if I could switch boots and she repositioned herself, crossing her other leg, without comment.  After some time I finished that one as well.
"Done Toilet?  Scoot up a bit and get busy on Kandy's heels."
As I moved up towards Mistress Kandy's feet, Mistress Ariel moved her boots to my chest, taking much delight in grinding the heels into my flesh.  At least I had a shirt on, which was some protection, though I felt this would be short lived.
Mistress Kandy enjoyed having me hold my tongue out while she wiped her shoe on it, like she would a carpet.  Her other foot was placed firmly upon my face over my eyes, holding my face in place.  Her heel was digging unmercifully into my cheek.  As before, they seemed to ignore my presence and were engaged in conversation.
I had apparently finished that shoe to her satisfaction as she moved it to my neck and placed her other shoe to my mouth without comment.  Other than telling me to keep my tongue out, she simply ignored me.  She was making it difficult for me to breathe as she was pressing fairly hard on my neck with her other foot.
I was getting a little concerned about my situation.  I had agreed to be Mistress Kandy's slave, but was somewhat bothered being a slave to two women.  I was a little nervous, wondering what kind of humiliation and pain two women could concoct for me.  Before I could dwell too long on this problem, Mistress Kandy finally noticed me.
"Take that shoe off and hand it to me so I can inspect your work." She lifted her foot somewhat and I removed her shoe and handed it up to her. She placed her stockinged foot back on my mouth.  I thought I was going to pass out.  The odor was magnificent.  She moved her foot, much to my dismay, to my forehead and looked down at me.
"This shoe looks like it was never touched.  Is your mouth getting a little dry?" Her shoes had leather soles and they sucked up the moisture in my mouth.
"Yes, Mistress."
"Maybe this will help a little." She spit on the sole of her shoe and held it over my mouth.
"A kiss from your Mistress.  Enjoy it slave."
I licked her saliva off the shoe.  She told me to hold it over my mouth so she could slide her foot into it.  She finally wiggled her foot into the shoe, placed her feet on the floor and stood up, eventually straddling my face.  I could see straight up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a garter belt and sheer black panties.  I could almost see through them, which did nothing to alleviate the strain on my own pants.
Mistress Ariel saw to that, however, by strategically placing her heel on my aching balls and grinding.  She was now standing between my legs and putting a great deal of pressure on me.
"Enjoying the scenery, slave?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Good, you'll get a better view shortly.  Ariel, let's take him to his new quarters.
"Toilet, you will crawl behind me.  If I stop walking, I expect to feel your slave tongue on my heels within one second.  You'll receive twenty lashes from my whip for every second you are late."
"Yes, Mistress Kandy."
She turned and started walking away but Mistress Ariel still had her foot on me, holding me in position.  She finally removed her foot and I hurried to crawl behind Mistress Kandy. From behind me, Mistress Ariel kicked me between the legs very hard.  I immediately fell to my face writhing in agony.
"When you leave a Mistress' presence, you are to kiss each of her feet and ask for permission to leave.  Get back here and beg my leave properly."
Still smarting from the kick, I struggled again to my knees and crawled back to her, forgetting, for the moment, about Mistress Kandy.  I gingerly kissed each of her boots and begged her permission to leave.  She granted permission after having me again kiss her boots and I turned to find Mistress Kandy standing over next to the bar.  I crawled as fast as I could to her feet and began licking her shoes.
"Well, you have successfully earned yourself 620 lashes, Toilet.  You must be very anxious to taste my whip."
"I'm sorry, Mistress.  But ..."
A well placed kick to my neck cut me short.  Choking and coughing I immediately went back to licking her shoe.  She said nothing, but turned and started walking again.  I followed, my mouth inches from her flashing heels, to the other end of the condo and through a door into a small room. The room had no windows but was brightly lit with several overhead lamps. It looked like something from the middle ages.
There were wooden crosses on the walls, several padded leather "horses", eye bolts recessed into the floor in various locations and one full wall covered with various implements of torture.  There were whips, chains, hand and leg cuffs, mouth gags, helmets and, what appeared to be, about a hundred pairs of high heeled shoes and boots, some much higher than the 4" heels Mistress Kandy was wearing.
From the ceiling hung several trapeze looking devices below which could be seen more eye bolts in the floor.  I surmised the purpose of these were to help the Mistress balance herself while she covered her slaves body with bruises and cuts from her heels. There was, what appeared to be a portable toilet in one corner of the room, and several pieces of furniture with holes cut in the back and a bench running back from the holes.
One thing glaringly missing, if this was to be my quarters, was a bed. There was nothing in the room which could be mistaken for a bed of any sort. I didn't allow myself much time to drink this all in, just a quick glance around, as Mistress Kandy had stopped moving again and I fell to the task of groveling at her feet.
The floor was plain concrete and very cold.  I heard Mistress Ariel's heels clicking behind me as she walked into the room.  I continued to clean Mistress Kandy's shoes as I was instructed.  Again, I was treated to a vicious kick between my legs.  This one nearly caused me to pass out.  I fell to the ground and attempted to continue licking Mistress Kandy's shoe.
"When a Mistress enters a room, you also grovel at her feet, Toilet."
"But, I ..."
Again I was treated to one of Mistress Kandy's well placed kicks in the throat.
"Greet Mistress Mistress Ariel properly, Toilet.  You will definitely have to be taught some manners."
"But, I ..."
Another well placed kick, this time to the side of my face with the toe of her shoe.  I could feel and taste the blood inside my mouth.
As quickly as I could, under the circumstances, I crawled on my stomach to Mistress Ariel's boots and reverently kissed the very toes of her boots. Unfortunately, there was a little blood on my lips and I left a mark on one of her boots.
"Lick that off, you asshole, and be quick about it."
Naturally, since I was still bleeding, this only made matters worse. Mistress Ariel was becoming angrier by the minute as I tried, without success, to clean her boot.
"I believe we're going to have to wash his mouth out.  If that blood stains my boot, he'll wish he was dead.  May be, for that matter.  Get your clothes off, Toilet."
"Yes, Mistress."
I was somewhat uneasy undressing in front of two fully clothed women, but I moved as quickly as I could and put my clothes into the corner of the room.  I crawled back to Mistress Ariel's boots and tried again to lick the blood stain from the toe.
"Enough, you're just making matters worse.  Get his new outfit, Kandy."
The new "outfit" consisted of a dog collar and a leash, cuffs for my hands and ankles. Mistress Kandy and Mistress Ariel busied themselves "dressing" me and when finished dragged me across the room to the corner where the portable toilet resided.  Mistress Kandy kicked me over onto my back and made me slide my head into the hole in the front of the contraption.  Mistress Ariel pulled my arms above my head and fastened them to, I guess, hooks on the wall behind the toilet.
The inside of the toilet was plastic lined and Mistress Kandy was busy fixing the plastic around my neck, essentially isolating my head inside the waterproof compartment.  I felt my legs being pulled and my leg cuffs being attached to additional hooks on the floor.
The toilet seat was down and I was in total darkness.  I heard their heels clicking as they both walked out of the room.  I was left to contemplate my predicament which was beginning to look rather bleak. After what seemed like hours on the cold floor, I heard their heels clicking back into my "quarters".  There were more than Mistress Kandy and Mistress Ariel's voices and heels.  Now I was nervous.  The seat above me suddenly opened and I was greeted with Mistress Kandy's beautiful face looking down at me, joined immediately by another beautiful darkhaired woman.
"What do you think, Nyne?"
"It'll do.  How long have you had it."
"Just a couple of hours.  Toilet, I've decided to have a little get together this evening with a couple of my girlfriends, and you have volunteered for the "seat of honor".  Isn't that wonderful?"
"Yes, Mistress, thank you."
"Very well.  You are to obey any of my friends as though I was giving you instructions.  Is that understood?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Unfortunately, Nyne, I haven't had the time to train him properly in the service of a woman.  You'll have to use regular toilet paper tonight.  The next time you're over he will be able to serve you directly without you having to sit on this cold seat.  But for now, we'll just get him used to the idea of serving women properly."
"That'll be fine for tonight.  Though I'd rather have a nice soft tongue clean me, I don't want to mess up your beautiful carpeting.  Let's go have a cocktail, shall we."
The lid closed and their heels clicked out of the room.  They were laughing at their own private joke on the way out.  Again plunged into darkness, I awaited patiently to perform my new "job" for Mistress Kandy and her guests.
Not too much time had gone by when I heard the door open and the lights go on.  A single set of heels clicked up to where I was bound.  The lid opened and a stunning blonde casually peered down at my face.  She stepped up onto my chest as nonchalantly as she would a carpet, ignoring my moans of agony.  She turned around, lifted her black leather skirt and pulled down her black sheer panties.  She also wore a garter belt and black sheer stockings.
She sat down on the toilet and carefully placed her heels, one on each of my nipples.  By this time I was almost to the point of crying from the pain she was inflicting on my chest.  The view, however, was magnificent. She looked down at me between her legs and smiled briefly.
"A word of caution, Toilet.  There are ten ladies out there tonight and we'll be using you regularly.  You would be smart to drink as much of our waste as you can.  We wouldn't want you to drown in there, we will be needing you for amusement later."
"Yes, Mistress."
She finally let go and I drank as much of the somewhat bitter liquid as I could.  She must have been drinking quite a bit, as her urine had very little taste.  While I drank quite a bit, I still remained in about an inch of her waste.  I was beginning to get the drift of her earlier comment. If ten women were going to be using me in this manner, I would surely drown at this rate.
She used toilet paper and cleaned herself.  She daintily handed down the paper and told me to eat it, which I did, of course.  She then stood up, heels still on my nipples, and straightened her panties and skirt.  She ignored my squeals of pain but told me to quit moving around.
"Don't you dare move while I'm standing on you, you asshole.  Do you want me to twist an ankle?  I would strip the skin off your back if you hurt me."
"I'm sorry, your Highness, it won't happen again."
"It had better not."
She closed the lid and carefully walked down my body, making sure her last footfall landed directly on my genitals.  I held my body rigid and sighed with relief as she finally stepped off me, walked to the door and again left me in darkness.
This went on for what seemed to be several hours.  Each woman more beautiful than the last.  I didn't think there were this many gorgeous females in the world, let alone gathered in one room.  They all seemed, however, to take extreme pleasure in humiliating me.
I hadn't seen Mistress Kandy or Mistress Ariel since they first put me into this toilet, however.  Finally, they both showed up at once.  Mistress Kandy walking directly up my body.  Mistress Ariel opened the lid and laughed.
"Are we nice and comfy, Toilet?"
"Yes, Mistress."
I wasn't really.  The urine, although I felt like I had drank over two gallons, still came over my ears.
"Good news, Toilet.  The party's over.  We'll each use you then you can doze off for a little while, until we need you again."
Mistress Kandy unzipped her skirt and let it fall to my chest.  She then slid her panties down, with Mistress Ariel balancing her on my chest.  By this time, I had so many women walk on me, I was pretty much numb to their heels.  She sat down and relieved herself and followed the procedure with the toilet paper, making me swallow it while she watched.  She was genuinely amused. She finally stood up and Mistress Ariel immediately took her place. 
She wiggled completely out of her leather dress and stepped out of her panties as well. Under her dress she wore a beautiful white, satin and lace bustier which accented her magnificent body.  She daintily sat on the toilet seat and carefully, as did everyone else, placed her heels, one on each nipple.  I had begun to feel what I was sure was blood trickling down my chest from my nipples.  No one seemed particularly concerned about my problem, however.
She immediately covered my face and mouth with her urine.  She had apparently been holding it for sometime.  It flowed into my nose, mouth and eyes and seemed as though it would never stop.  She finally finished, however, and sat there looking down at me, smiling.
"Oh dear, Kandy.  I'm afraid our slave hasn't had much in the way of solid food this evening.  That's rather rude of us, don't you think?"
"By all means, Ariel.  We want all our guests to enjoy themselves at our parties, don't we?"
"Unfortunately, we've eaten all the goodies.  I am willing to share, however.  What do you think, Toilet?"
I knew what was coming.  There was no way out of this without causing myself extreme agony.  I had no choice.
"Yes, Mistress, please share your food with me."
"I've already done all the work for you, Toilet.  I've eaten it and digested it for you." She laughed at her humor.
She moved herself ahead a little so she was situated with her anus directly over my mouth.  I had real misgivings about this.  I didn't know if I could do it without puking and I knew, if I did, I would surely drown in my own vomit.  I steeled myself to the task, hoping I could maintain my composure.
"Remember, slave, this is a gift from your Goddess, as is all waste from a female body. A male slave is privileged to receive and consume female waste.  A slave must aspire to please his Mistress in order to receive her bodily wastes as his nourishment.  You will eat and beg to eat our spit, used kleenex, toenail clippings, even our bathwater and the water we soak our beautiful feet in while you are giving us a pedicure.
"Turn on the light, Kandy."
Suddenly the inside of the makeshift toilet lit up.  There was a small bulb in the top corner which I had previously not noticed.
"Now, there is no reason for you to miss a drop.  I want you to watch my beautiful spincter muscles work while I give you your dinner."
As I watched her anus she first expelled a little gas and laughed. Actually, it didn't smell bad at all.  Maybe it was true that hers didn't stink.  Finally her anus began to bulge a little and a small brown piece of her eased out.  I lifted my head too make sure I would catch her offering. The first one was small and fell into my mouth.  It was somewhat bitter, but in no way totally repulsive and I was able to swallow with little difficulty.  Of course, her heels digging into my chest and the mental picture of her beauty didn't hurt matters.
"That's all I have for you now, slave.  I hope you enjoyed it."
"Very much, Mistress.  Thank you."
She reach back and wiped herself and dropped the paper on my face.  She then stood up, turned around and leaned over the toilet.  She got the piece of paper and stuffed it into my mouth.
"Excellent, slave, I'll be glad when we can dispense with this paper, however.  Maybe in the morning when I have more for you I can train you in proper toilet service for a woman."
She stepped down off my chest and clicked around to the side of the toilet.  She bent down and released my right hand from its hook on the wall. My other hand stayed firmly attached to the wall on the other side of the toilet.
"I want this mess cleaned up before you go to sleep." I noticed her putting something on the seat above me and adding a wad of toilet paper.
"I've put a nice flexible straw up here for you and some paper.  I've, you'll notice, also been kind enough to free your right arm.  Don't bother to try to get loose.  All of your other cuffs are locked with combination locks.  The only thing I want to see in the morning, when I come here to use you, is your toilet mouth ready to receive your breakfast!"
humbly yours,
slave shiteater

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