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Taught to Like Foot Sniffing

Taught to Like Foot Sniffing

by Stryker

As the van cruised the streets it parked near the bus station. There was the perfect target. A young male around 18 or so with his back pack and ragged clothes stood alone outside smoking all alone. He was not from here, that's for sure. The two women inside the van pulled up to him.

"Killing time between busses I'll bet," the smiling short haired blonde in the passenger seat asked smiling.

Peeking in to the window past the short haired blonde who asked him, to the long dark haired beauty he smiled brightly.

"You guessed it lady. My bus won't be here until noon tomorrow. I'm tired and starving. Two guys rolled me last stop. The got my wallet, Walkman, and all my cash."

His sad story was better than the two women had hoped for. This wasn't the first time they'd picked up unsuspecting guys to use and abuse. He looked pathetic enough. They decided to go for it.

"Well hon," the blonde soothed, "hop in, the least we could do is invite you to our place and let you wash up and rest. Who knows, you might even get a decent meal out of the deal."

"Wow," exclaimed the young man, "that would be the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you though, as I said, I got robbed."

"Don't sweat it," the dark haired woman smiled adding, "I'm sure we can think of something."

After climbing in the back the van drove off. The blonde said, "I'm Amy and she's Carol. We'll head to our place and chill." She lit a joint and handed it back to him.

"Alrighty then," he smiled. "I'm Jeff from Seattle." He drew heavy on the weed before passing it to Carol. "I'm heading for Texas, at least some day."

Carol pretended to smoke then passed the joint on to Amy. Amy was used to the added drug the joint had been soaked in. She should be, since Carol got her addicted. Amy was dedicated to Carol as her pet. She'd do anything to please Carol including seducing strangers with drugs into also surrendering control to become slaves to Carol.

By the time they reached the secluded ranch style house, Jeff was light headed. The women almost had to carry him in, each one with his arm over her shoulder. In his stoned condition it was a snap coaxing his clothes off. Once naked he was sat on a short piano bench. Amy cuffed his hand behind his back as he smiled at her. Next she tied his legs open at the ankles to the legs of the bench. Before he knew it, Jeff was completely helpless, much to Amy's delight.

Carol to Amy to prepare herself. That meant for her to strip, get some nipple clamps from the toy box and stand head bowed. When she did, Carol took one set of clamps from Amy and snapped them on the girls already hard nipples. "Thank you Ma'am" Amy whispered. She'd been tortured on her breasts before to amuse Carol. The clamps still hurt her, but she'd learned to endure.

"Now strip me slut," Carol ordered.

Amy slowly and carefully undressed Carol. She removed her blouse and exposed the bra less orbs. Knowingly she softly mouthed the breasts until both nipples were excited and hard. Then she unbuttoned Carol's shorts. Kneeling before her, Amy slowly tugged them toward the floor. She kissed Carol's hips softly then crawled behind her to spread and lick her ass. Her slave mouth continued south. She paid oral homage to those smooth shapely thighs and taught legs. She started to kiss the tops of Carol's well-worn sneakers but was forbidden. "Those are for him, my pet," Carol hissed. As each foot was lifted Amy removed the shorts. Carol sat on the sofa, spread her legs and simply nodded. Amy tongued Carol's pussy to a satisfying orgasm. All the while, Jeff watched through glazed eyes unable to do little else.

"Good girl," Carol sighed, "Now sit on the bench behind you new brother and we shall begin his training."

Amy sat on the bench with Jeff between her legs. She kissed and licked his ears. He responded as they all did, with total acceptance. Amy kissed his neck. She ran her fingers teasingly through his hair. As expected her advances soon brought blood to his cock head. She slid her hands down his body, tweaking his nipples as she did. Her small soft hands soon fondled his dick bringing a wanton groan from him.

"Feel good honey," she whispered in his ears. "Let me make you feel real good," Amy hissed. "Feel me close to you. Feel my hand stroke you lovely cock as I play with you bloated balls."

Jeff moaned and his cock danced in her hands. Amy looked up to see Carol smiling at her actions. She poured it on. She got up, knelt between them and sank her lips to his straining dick. Slowly she bobbed her mouth up and down on it. Then she grabbed the base of it and licked the slit and the underside of his throbbing head. Jeff's stomach rolled and churned. Even in his drugged state, her cock sucking was more than turning him on. He tried to lift his hips to force his shaft into her mouth. His bonds prevented it. She teased him to near orgasm then stopped. As his breathing became normal, she'd start her oral tease again. Over and over this went on until she felt a gentle nudge of Carol's shoe on her back.

Again Amy sat behind Jeff on the bench. Carol extended a foot, and Amy removed the sneaker. The room filled with foot funk. Carol intentionally wore those nasty sneakers all day without socks. They both knew how much her feet sweated any way. Without socks, in these filthy shoes, it didn't take long to create the horrid scent.

Holding the warm sneaker hard over Jeff's nose, Amy again fondled is cock with her other hand. The smell invaded his nostrils. He twisted his head in defense. Amy released his cock. She put the foul sneaker to his face again and resumed teasing his hardness. Soon Jeff accepted the stink just to feel her hand. The training continued until she guessed he'd got used to the scent. She dropped the shoe, and his cock. He groaned for her touch. Carol raised her other foot and soon that shoe was held to his nose. This time he sniffed deeply awaiting Amy's hand on his cock. It didn't happen. Instead she began to kiss and lick his ear lobe. He sucked in air and shoe stink deeply as she did that. Then her soft oral instructions began to fill his ear.

"Good boy Jeff, that's a good boy. Sniff deep into that sneaker. Learn to enjoy that special scent. Carol worked hard today just to create such a wonderful treat for your nose. She's watching and listening to you right now Jeff as you sniff her foot stench. Make her pleased with your efforts Jeff. If you do, I'll reward you and play with your little dickie again."

That did it. Jeff sniffed hard and deep several times. Each time louder than the last. His head spun yet her voice somehow compelled him to want to please Carol, even more than his desire to feel Amy's touch at his cock. The women knew the training was going fine. After more than an hour, with some reinforcing teasing, Amy removed the shoe. It was then that Carol lifted her moist sweaty foot to his face.

"Sniff her foot," Amy whispered in his ear. "Please her by showing her you love the scent of her dirty feet." Again Amy added plenty cock teasing to reinforce her words. Jeff responded perfectly. Carol would hold her foot away from his nose and move it from left to right. Jeff twisted and his nose followed sniffing the air. Carol smiled at his devotion to her feet. She held her sole close to his face. Amy then kissed his ear and softly said, "Extend your tongue Jeff." The boy obeyed immediately and Carol slid her sole over it. The taste of her foot was salty but welcome. Jeff began on his own to lick the dirt and lint from her sole. Amy still played with him but less and less now. Jeff had taken the bait and was already dedicated to serving Carol's feet. As she spread her toes, without warning his tongue swiped up the moist toe jam there. Amy began to fondle and twist and tug at his nipples. He didn't flinch or stop eating Carol's toe treats. He merely whimpered when Amy snapped the sharp alligator clamps to his nipples. He was too involved in sucking each and every toe in his face.

His cock bobbed and throbbed but Jeff soon forgot its needs. His only concern now was obeying the drumming voice in his ear as Amy repeated, "You love Carol's feet, You need her feet. You crave to mouth bathe her feet at any time in any condition to please Carol. Your comfort or pleasure is of no matter, only Carols. You only way of pleasing her is to have your mouth servicing her feet. This is you sex life from now own Jeff. Her feet are you girlfriend from now on. You won't be able to orgasm or even attain an erection without having her feet in your slave mouth. You are in love with her feet. They are your life. Please Carol. Worship Carol's feet. Make Carol's beautiful feet happy. You love Carol's feet. You need her feet.

Soon Amy stood up and walked behind Carol. She knowingly began massaging Carol's breasts. She'd done her job. Another foot slave would now take over the oral worshipping of Carol's feet.

Meanwhile, Carol nearly didn't even notice Amy's hands. She was too busy using her own hand stroking her clit to orgasm.


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