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the Monika saga

the Monika saga

By Matatron


She was beautiful, truly magnificent, in my eyes the peak of feminine beauty. Blonde hair, the tips of each strand splashed with red, blue eyes, a sexy accent and the most amazing size 6 feet I had ever seen. Countless times in lessons where I had sat behind her I had watched her dangle a shoe off her toes in that classic feminine fashion, watching her flex her feet and wriggle her toes was enough to make me harder than an under cooked potato. She was magnificent.

I, On the other hand, was not. I was a little overweight, had a less than handsome face and a personality that most would kill themselves if exposed to it too long. And I was shy. I couldn't talk to a hot girl without my heart beating a mile a minute. But for her I had to change, I wanted her so badly, not just for her feet but for HER. Our story begins the day I asked her out, our story begins on the 21st august 2010.

I looked up at the blue sky and breathed out, it was hot, really hot, like american summer hot.
And for an english guy like me that was a BIG deal. I wasn't used to over 25 degree heat and it was taking its toll, making me a little delirious, causing me to do rash things. Causing me to ask her out.

She stood under the bus stops roof, the shade causing little fragments of light to dance over her skin, she looked like an angel, like a picture right out off a story book. So I did what my brain thought was impossible and my heart had wanted to do for weeks. I walked up to her, my heart doing the regular speedy beat she evokes in me, my brain trying to fight against the mind numbing heat. Every fibre of my being told me not to go through with it. So I tapped her on the shoulder.

She span round, looking like she was going to punch me in the face, and then gave a cute little laugh when she realised it was me. We were alone, just me and her, so my irrational brain jumped at the chance.
"Monika, go out with me sometime?" I said, trying to act cool and calm whilst inside conflicting emotions were raging. She smiled, a dazzling smile, and squeezed my hand.
"Sure babe, I was wondering when you were gonna ask me that" she grinned, and linked her arm with mine. I gulped, and I knew that was only the beginning.

We sat at the back off the top deck on the deserted E1 bus, its an english route, and she smiled as i sat down next to her, it seemed like everything was going well, like i could finally be in with a chance of dating the girl of my dreams, but i wanted to push it further, to see how much i could actually get her to do, to see if i could get what i had been dreaming off scince i first saw her feet. to see if i could get near her beautiful feet.
"monika, i was wondering, now were together, could i maybe give you a foot rub?" i asked, my mind starting to reasert itself and realising what a potentialy relationship destructive thing that was to say.
"you want to do what to my where?" she asked surprised, an evil glint in her eye.
"maybe rub your feet" i murmered to her, my voice quivering a little. she squeezed my hand.
"sure, i dont see why not." she replied, a michevous grin on her face. she slowly and gently pushed me to the ground infront of her and dangled the her shoe off of her foot in that sexy way i adored.

the smell hit me almost instantly, a wave of undiscribable pleasure, some say it smells of crisps and popcorn, or vinegar. i just say that it smelt absolutely incredible,like a mix of all i could have ever imagined it to be rolled into one, and it sent me wild. i tore the shoe off of her foot and plunged my nose between her toes. she didnt move she just laughed.
"hey, that feels kinda good" she said as i inhaled her foot smell, my nose increasingly getting coated in her foot sweat. she scrunched her toes slightly over my noes, wriggling them so that the sweat was wiped over my nose thoroughly, and it had been a very hot day, meaning loads of the glorious substance. i raised my eyes to her face, she was smiling wildly, i opened my mouth to talk but she lowered the sweaty sole of her foot to my lips, so that i couldnt make a single word so instead i let out a moan of pleasure.
"if you like feet so much babe, why dont you suck on that sweaty sock of mine" she spoke, lust coating her voice as she slowly ground her socked sole into my lips. so thats wht i did, i sucked as desperately as i could like my life depended on it, it tasted as good as it smelt. totaly incredible. not only that but i had been gasping for a drink and this was better than water, coke or any drink i could think off. Monika sighed above me and moved her foot so that her toes were covering my eyes and all my senses were completely overwhelmed by her foot.


all of a sudden i felt my body lurch, it was a sickening feeling, like the whole world did a flip flop and somehow, Monikas foot started to feel heavier, started to cover more of my body. her scent became stronger, more overpowering, more present. I tried to escape the smothering of the foot, tried to find some way out but i couldnt, the appendage fast covered my entire body, weighing me down to the floor.
"matthew, where have you gone what happened?" monika questioned, a playful tone in her voice. she leant forward, placing more of her weight onto her foot and in turn to me, i was crushed beneath her weight, feeling like i should be dead, as if my body should have flattened under her weight, but there i was still alive and breathing. she twisted her foot which evoked a scream of pain from me, the girl i loved had become my tormentor, the foot i had fantasized about my pain bringer.
"i can feel something under my foot, but i doubt it could be you" she said ad gave one last twist off her foot, scraping my body over the dirty floor of the bus and coating my entire body in her foot sweat, my screams had been reduced into pained sobs and then my world erupted into a flurry of movement and light.
my brain still hadnt caught up with the rest of the world and i hadnt quite gotten a grasp off what had happened so the sudden loss of gravity as i was stuck to her cotton sock through threads of the sock and sweat, when i saw monikas face loom up before me, 100s of 1000s of times bigger than it had ever been. she smiled, her teeth looked huge and only then could i begin to comprehend what had happened to me, i had been shrunk. god knows how she had done it, god knows why, but she had shrunk me.
"so it was you under there, i was wondering where you disapered too, i was a little worried" she grinned, and shook her foot so i fell off into her hand, as i came off my body made a strange detatching sound, almost like velcro detatching from a piece of fabric. i was so scared that i couldnt even talk, couldnt even fight, i just layed there in her hand.
"before you ask, ive shrunk you, it seemed fitting scince you liked feet so much i thought how better to serve them than be with them allways, oh and i never actually liked you, i've allways wanted a new pet" she smiled, her accent causing goosebumps to appear all over my skin despite the position i was in. the word pet hit me hard, made me realise what i was going to become, then i found my voice.
"why me?" i asked, tears flowing freely from my cheeks
"because no one will miss you, not ever, not in a million years would anyone ever miss the disappearance of matthew fucking harris, making you the easiest and most viable target of anyone in the school, even a homeless person would be more noticable than average matthew fucking harris. and thats whats happened you piece of shit, you disappered, no ones going to look for you with me, not ever, for all they know the bus driver kidnapped you, but now you dont exist anymore than to serve me in any way i choose, and theres nothing you will ever be able to do because now i own you, for all eternity."
and she was right, noone would miss me, noone would notice im gone, matthew fucking harris, all alone, at the mercy of a sadistic beautiful polish girl. As crazy as it was the situation evoked a primal reaction within me, a hormonal surge caused my cock to stand straight up and i didnt know why. i saw monika moving her tongue in her mouth, heard the sound of saliva sloshing around. she spat, it sailed through the air toward her hand, toward me, the ball of saliva was bigger than me, making me belive i could only be around 3 inches tall. the spit ball impacted me, coating me completely, smothering me entirely, i couldent breath, i opened my mouth to try and take a breath of air but instead got a mouthful of her saliva.
"look at how pathetic you are, drowning in my spit, how does that make you feel, that i could spit on you to end your life, but that would be too quick, i want my pet to be alive, for now" she added those last to words with an evil, venomous tone, i had to please her to stay alive. she casually dried me off on her shirt, ridding me off the saliva and allowing me to breath. i gasped in the air as hungrily as a starving man eating a warm home made meal.
--This is why I never ask girls out-- I thought to myself as monika slipped me into her pocket where I drifted of to a fitful sleep.


my "sole" purpose
ake up sleepy head" monika said, and I slowly drifted back into the concious world.
" I had such a weird dream" I murmured stifling a yawn. I realised we were in her house, I was normal sized but we were definately in her house.
"How did we get here?" I asked her and that mischevous glint returned to her eye. She stood up before me and took a bow.
"It wasn't a dream fucktard, you rode home in my pocket and I changed you back." She laughed, throwing her head back a little as she did so.
"Why don't you try to move?" She inquired.
And try I did, but, I hadn't counted on Monikas intelligence, she had tied me to the headrest of her bed, restricting my movement entirely, she had tied my legs together and handcuffed my hands together, wrapping a thick piece of rope around that bond and tying it to the pole of the headrest. She admired her handiwork, and it felt like she had done this sort of thing before.
"Enjoy your size while you can slave, because you won't have it for long." She let those words sink in, let them sink into my being, slave, that was what I was, a pet, a toy for her enjoyment, even at full size there was nothing I could do to oppose her. I sighed in defeat.
"Your right." I sighed, my body sagging in defeat. She rushed over to me and grabbed my face with her right hand, and slapped it with the other.
" When you talk to me, it will be when I give you permission, and you will end each sentance with either goddess or queen, understand."
"Yes" I replied, hesitating slightly "my queen." She smiled gleefully and sat on my chest, straddling it.
"Right, well, its actually the morning after you died, and I have school, there's just one problem, my school shoes are so uncomfortable and I need a new insole to help my poor feet out, and since you like them so much, I doubt you will object." She grinned. Her eyes locked with mine and I felt my body begin to change. It pulsed with energy, this was different from the first time. Sparks of electricity flew over my skin, burning my clothes off. I blushed as my shrinking manhood was exposed to monika. She snorted indifferently. My body continued to shrink and the with a crash as loud as thunder to me, my arms and legs shot into my body, I flattened out and in a moment of excruciating pain I changed. I was a size six insole.

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