Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smell My Feet!

Smell My Feet!
By Author Unknown

I was driving home from work in rush hour traffic. As usual it was bumper to bumper and moving fairly slow due to a minor accident up ahead. It was an unusually warm day and I was hot and dirty from working as an estate gardener. Because I use equipment that is dangerous at times I always wear work boots, even in the height of summer. Now I was feeling the effects of the long day and my feet felt like they were soak in sweat. In a way I actually enjoy having hot sweaty feet, or at least the fantasies it always invokes in me. Ever since my first experience with a foot lover at 15 I have craved foot attention. And then an ex husband who, although he did not have a foot fetish was inclined to pamper me and would massage my feet after work almost every day, dirty or clean. He would complain a little about the dirt, smell and sweat but he just loved me and would do it anyway. We kind of drifted apart and divorced after several years but I still appreciate his willingness to please me. After my divorce I met and lived with a true foot fetishist. I knew within a couple of days of meeting Tim that he had more than a casual interest in my feet. I didn't say anything to him but I was very excited to discover that I had somehow coincidentally met a true foot was an intelligent, thoughtful, kind person who I really enjoyed just as a person, but he was also very good looking and had a FOOT FETISH! As I sat in traffic I thought about Tim and thought about taking my boots off, traffic was moving slow and perhaps I could somehow untie them and remove then while I was driving. I saw a police car behind me and thought better of it because I would most likely have to unhook my seat belt to do it. Traffic finally started to clear out the further I got from the city and I finally arrived home. As I drove in the driveway I saw that Tim's truck was already there. I walked in the house and looked around. I saw him sleeping on the couch and look around the room and surmised that he had probably taken the day off. Here he was sleeping peacefully, probably spent from masturbating to foot and domination pics all day. I felt a little annoyed at that, I don't have a problem with self gratification but lately he had been very resistant to my approaches and acting very distant. He had said that he was thinking of going back to Maine, where we both are from originally, perhaps for good. He knew that I wanted to stay right where I am which would mean the end of the relationship if he went.
I stood thinking about these things while he slept and felt the hotness of my feet. I knew they had to smell, I had gotten up in the morning a little late and had just grabbed yesterday's socks when I got dressed. I went to the closet where I kept my toys. I got out my black leather bag. Watching him as I worked, I tied a couple of lengths of rope to the legs of the couch. As quietly as I could I carefully slipped one rope under his wrist and tied it. Still sleeping... I did the same with the other rope only when I had it so that I could tighten the knot I gave it a real hard yank. I love the look of surprise on his face when he is woken up like this and he did not disappoint me this time. "I told you I don't want to do this anymore!" He yelled. I ignored him and searched through my bag for the ballgag. "Please, let's talk about this, untie me" he pleaded. I continued to ignore him, I had located the ballgag. They do make those for a reason, I didn't want to listen to his arguments,negotiations, or whining. I sat on his chest and started to put the ballgag on him. He struggled to turn his head so I moved up closer to his neck and locked his head still with my thighs. I forced the ballgag into his mouth and with a little effort locked it behind his neck. I could see that it would be difficult to do what I wanted to do, he had too much room to moved around. I went out to the garage I got my new toy, a recently purchased smother box. When I came back in and he saw for the first time what I had bought a look of panic came on his face. I was really beginning to enjoy this. I walk over to him and placed the box over his head. It was perfect. Just the front of his face was exposed through the opening, mouth, nose, and eyes. I didn't really like the looks I was getting at this point so I went into my bag and got out the duct tape. I pulled off a piece a few inches long and put it over his eyes. I removed my other boot, I wanted to do this while my feet were nice and toasty warm. I sat on his chest again and this time put one dirty socked foot on his nose. He was lying very still now, knowing that it was useless to struggle. I could hear him inhaling deeply. As I said, he had been very resistant to me. He had said that he wasn't sure if he wanted to do this with me anymore. Something deep inside me told me he was being a little creative with the facts which he does occasionally, but there's one part of him that can't lie.
Keeping my foot on his nose I turned around. His robe had come open in the struggle and I could see that he was very aroused. Feeling confident to continue, I grabbed a small piece of leather rawhide from my bag next to the couch. I turned around again and tie the leather around the base of his cock, looping it under his balls then crossing it over so that it separated them and then tied it off with a few inches of leftover leather hanging down. I faced him again. "I'm going to take out the ballgag, if you say one word I'm going to yank this string so hard you'll be you understand?" He nodded. I picked up the smother box unhooked the ballgag and threw it aside. He took a deep breath. He started to say something and decided it wasn't a good idea and fell silent. I put the smother box back on his head, and still sitting on his chest I removed one sock and stuff it in his mouth. I put the other foot, still in a smelly sock back on his nose. "I think you need a little reminder, you are here to serve me in any way that I want, you seem to have forgotten that. I want you to inhale my scent and taste my dirty sock for a while and think about it. I'm sure you'll see the error of your ways." I saw a slight nod, as much as he could considering his head was encased in a box. I picked up the latest novel I had been reading. I might as well relax for a while and let my scent do it's work. I know the power of pheromones and he needed a good dose. I read for about an hour. I kind of lost track of time and it was only when he began trying to make himself a little more comfortable that I looked up from my book. I sat forward a little and pulled the sock from his mouth. I carefully removed the duct tape from over his eyes. Fortunately I hadn't pressed down real hard on it and it came of easily. I saw the slightly glazed looked in his eyes and knew that the hour of smelling my sock had done the trick. I turned around briefly and saw that his arousal had not diminished and there was a puddle of precum on his stomach. I got up and took the box off his head. I stood over him and lifted my foot up to his face. "Suck my toes feet are hot and sweaty from working all day while you've been laying around playing with that pathetic excuse for a cock." He didn't move. I picked up the string attach to his cock and balls and gave it a little tug. "ok" he said. I gave the string a hard yank and he yelled out. " I said not one word, did you forget? NOW SUCK MY TOES FOOTBOY!" As he suck and licked the sweat and dirt from both of my feet I had to sit down again, it felt sooooo good. It arouses me more than anything. Some women like their nipples sucked, I say, get down on my toes and soles. I wanted him to fuck me so bad now but I thought better of it.......this time.......let him know what it is to be teased and denied. I could get my satisfaction without giving him any. I looked at my feet..they were spotlessly clean. I got up and got the smother box again. I put it back over his head and got up to take my pants off. His cock was twitching now. I lowered myself over his mouth and sat down. "I want you to make me cum so hard that I scream, don't forget that I have your balls right where I want them. Your choices are make me cum or feel some pain, it's up to you. I laughed to myself at the ridiculousness of his choices but it was his own doing that had brought him to this situation anyway so now he would just have to deal with the consequences. As he licked and sucked my clit and fucked me with his very talented tongue I could feel the heat rising in my whole body and as I rode his face my head fell back and the waves of intense pleasure started building. I had an extremely intense orgasm and then fell back on his chest for a minute to catch my breath. I sat up and took the box off from his head and untied the ropes. "Ok, you can go now" A look of surprise and disappointment washed over his face. I could see that he wanted me very badly but I could see that he also understood what just happened and what I was trying to show him. He got up slowly and looked down at the floor for a minute. He looked up at me and I could see he was looking at me in a different way, the way he used to. He knew that I was determined and confident and would do whatever it took to get what I wanted. He loved it and hated it. "Are you hungry for dinner yet? I can cook us some steaks..........Mistress."

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