Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gym Surprise

Gym Surprise
By Noakk

The six girls were waiting eagerly. After two hours of gym class the teacher had chosen those girls and asked them to wait in the locker room, while the others showered and went home. They were sitting on the benches, discussing what the surprise could be, that had been mentioned.

Finally they were called inside the gym hall, where the teacher was awaiting them. She was about 40 years old, had shoulder lenght blonde hair and a pretty good figure for her age. Although she kept in shape and had nice, firm breasts, she still had a round, yet well formed ass.
Like the girls, whe was still wearing her gym outfit and was sitting on a high, wooden box.
Once the girls had gathered around her, she smiled and said that she had a special surprise for them. With that she stood up and revealed the box she had been sitting on.
Suddenly a red face popped up. It was the face of Stuart, a mean spirited and spoiled classmate of the girls, who was always rude and teasing them and none of the girls could stand him.
He was trapped in the wooden box, with only his head peeking out of a hole, which just so happened to be the place where the teacher had been sitting on all this time.
Helpless he stared at the new arrival, his mouth taped shut.
The girls were speechless, a mixture between shocked and being a bit aroused once they remembered that their teacher had been sitting on this box throughout most of gym class. Every time she stood up, she just put a pillow over his face so noone really noticed him.

"I found him hiding in the locker room this morning, trying to sneak a peek at you, so I decided to teach him a lesson. " she said with a sly grin and added "I always wanted to try out my new box, and I have to say, Stuart's face is a really comfortable seat."

The girls were still quiet, until one of them, Sabrina asked "Can he breathe under .. you?".
"That's not for you to worry .." with that she sat back down on his helpless face.
She leaned back and said "I've planned a fun little game. I choose you 6 girls, because I knew that Stuart here (while emphasizing his name, she pressed her ass down hard on his face) had been teasing you, so I thought you might have some fun with him."

The girls suddenly realised that they as well might get the chance to sit on Stuart's face and some started to giggle, while others couldn't help but grin a bit.

"What's the game?" Veronica asked.
"First you have to get used to sitting on his face." The teacher said. "So now everyone gets to sit on his face for one minute."
She got off the box and revealed the beat-red face of Stuart again.
"Who wants to go first?"

The girls were still a bit overwhelmed by this and were looking at each other with confused faces, not wanting to admit, that they found the idea quite arousing. Annoying Stuart who had teased each one of these girls, helpless and having to endure each of their asses.

Finally Sabrina stepped forward. She was a tall blonde, with a beautiful face but a plump ass.
Stuart had teased her for being a bit chubby, and now was her chance to get revenge.
"I would go first .. but can I shower first? I'm afraid that I might smell too much."
The teacher just smiled and said "Don't worry about him, remember he's just a chair".
Sabrina smiled nervously and approached the chair slowly.
"I can just sit down on his face?"
The teacher nodded. Stuart looked at Sabrina with pleading eyes, but she tried not to look at him and slowly sat her ass down on his upturned face.
"Ok, one minute from now."
The girls all looked at her, excitedly, as she wiggled her ass a bit until she felt his nose being placed directly in her ass crack. His face completely disappeared under her ass.
She let out a small moan and closed her eyes. She couldn't deny feeling aroused at the idea of Stuart smelling her ass.
At first she sat down lightly, but after half a minute she tried sitting down with her full weight.
"Ok, the minute's up" the teacher said and Sabrina got off his face, dissapointed that the minute ended so quickly. "I could have stayed on his face much longer" she shyly said.
The teacher grinned and said "Don't worry, you'll have the chance to .. so who's next?"

Next up was Andrea. She was from Germany and Sabrina's best friend. She was tall, had dark-blonde hair and athletic body with a small but muscular ass and pretty big tits.
She calmly walked up to Stuart and without hesitation sat down on his face, with his nose pressing up her crotch. She remained in that position for a while and then started to move up and down, pressing his nose in and out of her pussy. She closed her eyes and whispered verbal tauntings in German.
It was clear that she was really frustrated when the minute ended, since she was really getting into it. That's why, more out of reflex, she slapped Stuart's face really hard, when she got off him.
The poor guy didn't know what hit him, while the others started to giggle.
The tension in the room had changed by now. You could almost sell the arousal in the gym hall. The rest of the girls couldn't wait to get their chance.

Next up was Maria, she was from Barcelona and had the biggest ass you can imagine.
She went up to the teacher and whispered something into her ear. The teacher just smiled and nodded.
Maria then approached Stuart grinning.
"You always made fun of my big ass, now I'll make sure you'll have the chance to fully enjoy it."
With that she slowly removed her gym shorts and her pants. Stuart watched in horror as her huge, naked ass slowly descended onto his face.
"It's nice and sweaty, just for you.." she said laughingly as you could hear his face slowly sliding into her ass crack.
The other girls watched in envy and amazement as his face completely disapeared into her giant ass.
Maria was enjoying her time on Stuart's face, verbally taunting him, while only giving just enough air to inhale the stench of her ass.
"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this." she said, slowly panting from excitment. "I could take a dump in your mouth and you couldn't do a thing about it."
Stuart was starting to panic a bit, realizing that these girls were in a state, where they couldn't care less about his wellbeing.
Finally the minute was up and Maria got off his face, which wascovered in sweat and juices by now.
Next up was Caroline, she was pretty, but had really pale skin. Her figure wasn't athletic but she had a beautiful ass and big thighs.
She walked up to poor Stuart and quickly plopped down on his face.
"I'm not going to let him breathe at all." she calmly proclaimed. The girls looked at the teacher, but she just smiled and nodded.
The next minute, Caroline didn't move at all, she had her ass firmly planted on Stuart's face and was talking to the other girls, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
After a while Stuart started to struggle, but she just ignored him. The struggling became less and less and after the minute, she slowly removed her ass from his face. Poor Stuart was near unconscienceness, struggling to get air.
Caroline got so aroused at this sight, that she had to keep herself from not sitting back down on his face.

Vera approached the teacher next. She had glasses, blonde hair, a very curvy body and a beautiful face. She explained to the teacher that while she enjoyed seeing Stuart get punished like this, she couldn't make herself sit down on his face. She insisted that her best friend, Veronica should be able to sit on his face for 2 minutes instead. The teacher just nodded, but added that Vera didn't know what she was missing.

As Veronica heard the news she got really excited. She was very tall and beautiful, had strawberry blonde hair, a nice, big ass and big tits. She also happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Stuart, until she caught him with another girl. So needless to say, she was enjoying what she was going to do to him.
She walked up to Stuart and slowly removed her gym shorts. She then removed her panties and rubbed them in his face. "You like this, don't you?" she tauntingly said.
Then she descended her ass onto his face, spreading her ass cheeks apart wide to fully engulf his face in her ass. Once she felt his nose directly near her asshole, she leaned back a bit, forcing it in even deeper.
"This is were you deserve to be .. under my ass at all time.."
She was clearly getting a kick out of this, verbally humiliating him all the time.
"I hope my ass smells, this is all you will be allowed to inhale."
After a while she got a bit more aggressive, rubbing his face up and down, from her pussy to her ass, leaving him small air pockets to breathe.
After a while the teacher said "One more minute to go!"
Having heard that, Veronica spread her ass cheeks again and let out a really smelly fart right in his face. The thought of him having no choice but to smell it, made her very horny. She then continued her verbal torture and kept rubbing up and down his face.

Vera got really aroused watching her best friend humiliate Stuart and regretted her decision not to sit on his face.
That's why, as soon as Veronica was finished and got off Stuart, Vera in a complete state of arousal rushed up to him, quickly pulled down her pants and descended onto his face. Poor Stuart didn't know what hit him, when he was nosedeep in another ass crack again.
The teacher just smiled. She also got excited seeing the girls abuse Stuart like this and couldn't wait to see how they would react in the little game she had planned afterwards.
Once Vera was finished, she also removed her shorts and panties. She spread her ass cheeks and slowly guided Stuart's nose into her ass.
After she took the seat, she looked at the six girls. Their gaze had changed completely. She had opened their eyes today, and they wanted nothing more than to humiliate Stuart some more.

The teacher leaned back and said: "Now you are ready for the next step.."

 "The rules of the game are simple ..." While she was talking, she clenched her ass cheeks together tightly, trapping Stuart's nose between them.
"you will be divided into teams of two and you get 20 minutes to humiliate little Stuart as much as possible. I will then decide which team did the best job." She got excited just thinking about all the possible ways the girls would soon be torturing him. "The winner will get a nice prize." she added snickering.
She reluctantly released her grip and let him breathe some air. She wouldn't want him unconscience just yet.
"But for that, we will have to release him from the box."
She stood up, and opened one side of the wooden cage, where Stuart was squatting, fully bound up.
She roughly pulled him out by his ears and threw him on the ground in front of the girls, who were staring at him, like wolves at their prey.

The girls then started discussing, forming teams and debating about techniques to humilate him, while poor Stuart just lay there on the ground, not knowing how this all had happened.

The first team was composed of Andrea and Sabrina.
The both sat down on his helpless body, crushing him. Andrea sat on his stomach, while Sabrina sat on his face.
"I always wanted a guy smelling my feet" Andrea said, as she slowly removed her gym shoes and socks. Sabrina lifted her ass a bit so that Andrea could then press her smelly feet in his face. She rubbed them around a bit, placing his noes directly between her toes, as Sabrina sat back down again.
Poor Stuart was now trapped between ass and feet. The girls started to giggle and play around, Sabrina rubbing her ass hard on his face, while Andrea squeezed his nose with her toes. After a while they decided to switch plaches and Sabrina stuck her sweaty feet in his face, while Andrea sat on him.
Finally the both agreed that they needed to remove their panties in order to humiliate him fully. They then proceeded to shove Stuarts face into each others asses.
"Ohh, I need to fart!" Sabrina called out and Andrea pressed his face roughly into her ass, while she let one rip directly into his tortured nose. All the girls started to laugh, which only increased his humiliation.
"I think now I have to go!" Andrea replied shortly after and Sabrina pressed his face in her ass.
This went on for a while.
For the last few minutes the two girls laid on their backs in front of each other and rubbed their sweaty feet all over Stuart's face that was trapped in the middle of them. They pressed their feet together as hard as possible, creating a lot of pressure. Poor Stuart's face went all red, while the other girls just watched an laughed.

Finally the agonizing 20 minutes were over and the two girls had to leave the "stage".
They both purposely stepped on his face while doing so, giggling all the while.

Poor Stuart didn't know how much more he could take, but there were still two more teams to go.

Stuart didn't have much time to recover - the next team consisting of Maria and Caroline already started removing their clothes.
Maria roughly grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face in her own huge ass, as she sat down.
She remained on his face for a while, not moving at all, while Caroline sat on his stomach.
She then slowly started rubbing her ass up and down his face, so that his nose went from her pussy right back into her asscrack. She then rhythmically started inserting his nose in and out of her asshole, all the while verbally humiliating him. "how does my asshole smell, bitch?"
She kept getting more aggressive, pressing his nose violently into her asscrack again and again, fucking her ass with his face.
The other girls just watched in amazement, as Maria started to lose control over herself.
"You are nothing more than a buttplug for me! You're only purpose is to pleasure me!!" her voice got louder and her rhythm more intense by the minute.
Poor Stuart didn't know what was happening, as his face repeatedly got pushed in and out of her asshole. Even Caroline hadn't planned on that happening and just watched in a mesmerized state.
As Maria was coming close to an orgasm, she just kept mumbling uncomprehensible words aggressively, moving up and down on Stuart's nose, finally pressing his face really deep into her ass in the final moment.
After that she leaned back, completely relaxed, letting out a long silent fart directly into Stuart's face, which was helplessly trapped under her giant ass.
She continued sitting on his face until Caroline, who was furious about Maria having taken up most of their 20 minutes, nudged her away.
Poor Stuart only had a few brief seconds of fresh air, until the pale ass of Caroline descended down on his face.
"Stupid bitch, you used up all our time!" she screamed at Maria, who was still a bit dazed. Out of anger she started doing butt drops on Stuart's face, dropping her big ass repeatedly down on his tormented face. Again and again, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK until he started seeing stars.
She then placed both her feet on his face and stood on him with all her weight. Stuart started to panic as his face started to get beat red.
She placed his nose between her toes and all he could smell was the cheesy odor of her sweaty feet.
Finally she butt dropped back on his face, leaving it trapped between her ass cheeks as she sat on him full weight for the final minute.

They left Stuart lying on the ground, half unconscience.
The teacher was grinning - "this is going better than she had hoped", she thought as she could feel herself get wet.

The final team Veronica and Vera had already gotten completely nude, as they approached Stuart. They roughly ordered him to get on his knees, pulling him up by his hair. Once he was in position they both smothered his face with their sweaty breasts from both sides, rubbing his face in deep.
After a while Veronica lay down on the floor on her stomach, lifting up her ass a bit. They then ordered Stuart to insert his face in her ass. He reluctantely moved closer to her ass, while Veronica spread her sweaty ass cheeks, Vera grabbed him by the back of the head and slowly inserted it, so that his nose pushed directly into Veronica's asshole. Vera then sat down on the back of his head, completely trapping him between two asses. After a while they lifted his head out, to get some air only to push it back in moments after. They then switched places, inserting his face in Vera's ass.
"I need to fart" Vera said after a while. ".. and I want to fart directly into his mouth." she added with a huge grin.
"No problem" Veronica replied. She grabbed Stuart by the hair and pulled him out of Vera's ass. Shen removed the duct tape of his mouth and ordered him to lay on the floor. Stuart was much to weak by now to say or do anything. He just fell down onto the ground and watched as Vera descended down onto his face again. She placed her asshole directly over his mouth and let one rip.
He immediately felt dizzy, feeling the gas moving down his throath.
"That looks like fun!" Veronica said, as she gently pushed Vera away and planted her asshole on his mouth, farting directly into it.
They started swapping places, taking turns fartin into his mouth, until the 20 minutes were up.

Finally they got off Stuart, who was coughing and had turned purple by now.

The teacher grinned and said: "Now let's see who gets to win the prize!" 

"Why don't you all have a seat, while I tell you about the prize." the teacher said with a smile. Her gaze went to Stuart., who was almost unconscious, lying on the floor.
Without hesitation, Sabrina walked up to him and dropped her ass down on his chest, with much force, as he started coughing.
"Leave some room for me!" Andrea said and sat down on his neck.
"I'll take his face!" Maria shouted and quickly ran up and dropped her ass violently on his face, before the other girls had a chance to.
After having secured the best place for herself, she lifted up her ass, spread her huge ass cheeks and slowly guided his nose in her asshole.
"Much better" she sighed and closed her eyes in delight.
The other girls also took a seat on his poor body. Caroline sat on his stomach, Vera on his crotch and Veronica on his legs.

The teacher truly enjoyed this sight and said nothing for a while, just watching the girls all crush Stuart's body together.

Finally she continued:

"There is one main prize, that one team will be lucky enough to win.
But since I was very pleased with all 6 of you, you will all get a special treat.
Seems like you all worked up quite a sweat over the last hour and as you know, our showers haven't had working warm water this week, so Stuart will personally help you out."
The girls looked a bit confused, though some already had a clue as to what the teacher was implying.
"Do you mean ..?" Sabrina started.
"You will use Stuart, or should I say, his tongue, as a personal shower. He will clean between every dirty crevice of your body."

The girl's eyes lit up.
"So what are you waiting for?" The teacher grinned "go and use him.."

With that the girls stood up and removed the little clothes they had left on and surrounded Stuart, who, had he been in different circumstances, would have really enjoyed the view.
But now he was deadly afraid, these 6 beautiful, sweaty girls all around him, staring at him with those sadistic eyes.
Veronica went up to him and ripped off the tape from his mouth.
What happened next, was a world of humiliation and torture for Stuart, as his tongue was in constant use, licking every foot, armpit, breast and ass in the room.
The girls were like maniacs, fighting over who could use him first.
He didn't even notice who he was cleaning and just felt hands grabbing him, shoving him up someone's ass or forcing feet in face. At one point he even had 4 feet in his mouth all at once.
And the smell was unbearable, a mixture of dirty ass and sweaty armpits all drowned out in constant laughter of the girls.
"I never imagined having a man lick my ass would feel so gooood" Vera said, as she had Stuart's face shoved in her ass.
"This is the way we should always shower - like queens." said Andrea, yanking Stuart away, pressing his face into her armpits.
"I want him sucking my toes!" Caroline shouted, grabbing his head and shoving her feet in his mouth.
Sabrina was the first girl who actually made him lick her cunt, riding his face to a orgasm, which didn't take long, since she had been so aroused all the time.
The rest of the girls all watched in envy and as predicted Stuart's face was then ridden by the remaining 5 girls. Some took a while longer, while other came after a few minutes.
After having made them all cum, things got a bit quiet, as most of the girls started to relax more.
This didn't mean that Stuart - who couldn't move his jaw anymore - got a break, it just meant that he licked the girls for longer periods of time, before another one yanked him away for her own pleasure.
Almost in trance, Maria was crouching down, rubbing Stuart, who had his tongue stretched out, up and down her asshole.
After about 10 minutes, Vera and Veronica grabbed him and forced him to lick their sweaty tits.
"I still have some grime between my toes!" Sabrina said, as she grabbed him and made him suck it out.

After watching all this, the teacher couldn't take it anymore. This was all turning her on so much, that she snatched Stuart from the girls and sat down on his face with his nose going up her hairy cunt.
"Lick my ass, if you want to breathe" she whispered to him, almost as if she was possessed. Poor Stuart didn't have any energy left, but he started licking her grimey ass, while she rode his face. As she orgasmed, she remained sitting on his face and completely relaxed, as Stuart, who didn't get any air, started seeing black.

When Stuart woke up again, he had no idea how much time had passed. It could have been minutes or hours.
But to his shock the teacher was still sitting on his face! His nose was pressed against her asshole, so that he could at least breathe, but still he could inhale the stench of her rectum.
The teacher was casually chatting with the other girls, when she suddenly noticed that Stuart woke up.

"Oh, our little slave woke up." She said and started repositioning her ass, rubbing it all over her face.

"So now the moment you've been waiting for. The prize is ... "
She made a long pause, to build suspense and suddenly let out a loud fart directly into Stuart's face. The girls started laughing.
"Having said that .. " the teacher continued, grinning " .. the winner team gets to take Stuart home with them as a personal slave. He will have to serve them and everyone else they choose for 24 hours!"
Stuart couldn't believe his ears, 24 hours? Hasn't he suffered enough. He's had enough, and tried to get himself free from under the teachers ass, while the girls all cheered.
"Oh, he's trying to get away, how cute .. " The teacher said and spread her ass cheeks apart a bit more, fully engulfing his face in her ass.

Meanwhile the girls started whispering, imagining 24 hours of abusing their very own slave.
"And the winner team is .. Veronica and Vera!"
The two girls started cheering and jumping up and down, while the rest seemed disappointed, yet still were happy for the two.
"Don't worry, you are all welcome to come over and we can all have fun with him." Veronica giggled.
"Ooh, let's have a smother party!" Maria cheered.
"I can't wait! I will make him lick my ass for hours." Vera said, more to herself.

"So when do the 24 hours start?"
"Well, I do want to have some fun with our little slave, before you get him. So you girls better get dressed. You can pick him up here in about an hour .. or make that two .. if that's ok." The teacher said, with a sadistic smirk.

The girls seemed excited. "Alright, but the slave has to kiss us goodbye." Sabrina said.
"Alright" The teacher said and got off Stuart, who had a hard tim catching his breath.
Sabrina then bent down in front of him, exposing her big ass.
"What are you waiting for? Give me a goodbye kiss!" She demanded.
Stuart was too confused to react, so Andrea took his face and planted it in Sabrina's ass.
"Tongue out ... that's it"
he felt disgusted, having to French kiss her asshole, but he was too dazed to resist.
"Ooh, that looks like fun, let me!" Caroline demanded.
In the end he had to kiss the ass of each girl goodbye, before they finally left, leaving him on the ground panting.

Suddenly he felt a huge foot on his face. He looked up and saw his teacher, who was naked by now.
"Looks like we got 2 hours all alone." She said with a sadistic smile 

"You've made me so hot, those girls completely humiliating you has gotten me thinking of all the ways I'm going to humiliate you."
Stuart opened his mouth, ready to plead her to let him go, but before he could say a word the teacher slapped him hard over the face.
"You are not to speak - ever! You are nothing more than a toy to be used by anyone I want. You should get used to your new role.
If you do your job well enough I might smother you to death with my huge ass. Trust me, that would be a luxury considering all the things you will have to endure in the future. ..

Now, what to do with you first ... well we got all the time in the world, why not start by sucking my toes clean. I don't think I showered today, so after the workout this morning, they must be pretty rank by now. I want you to really suck them clean - if they're still dirty or smelly you'll get really punished .. and trust me, you don't want that."
Stuart looked up at her with horror at the thought of continuing this never ending nightmare.
"What are you looking at slave, get to sucking my dirty feet." the teacher replied and stuck her left foot in his mouth.
Stuart nearly gagged, the stench was unbelievable. But he didn't dare resist and started sucking on her toes.
"That's it .. nice and slow. And try to get all the grime out from between my toe nails. ." She said, closing her eyes and smiling.
Stuart tried his best, sucking and licking for his life. When he felt that her foot was clean, she stuck her right foot in his mouth and he had to repeat the entire procedure.
Finally both her feet were cleaned.
"Not bad slave - I didn't even have to punish you. Too bad, but don't worry, I'll find a chance to soon enough. Now lie on the ground and prepare yourself for a new smell."
With that she very slowly lowered her ass until it was just inches above his face.
It smelled even worse than her feet, he realized and tried to hold his breath.
The teacher noticed that and grabbed his balls.
"You don't like the smell? Inhale deep or these will get crushed!" she said and squeezed his balls for emphasis.
Poor Stuart had no choice and inhaled deeply.
"That's it! Breathe in the sweet aroma of my asshole!" she chuckled.
She remained in that position for a few minutes, letting him breathe in and out through his nose. "Here comes a present." she said and suddenly farted in his face. A slow, silent yet unbelievably smelly fart.
"Breathe it all in!" she laughed and squeezed his balls tight.
Stuart was in hell, having to inhale the incredible stench.
"How does it feel to be completely helpless? Having no choice but to smell every single fart that exits my ass?" The teacher said to add humiliation. Her own words actually aroused her much more and without warning she plummeted down on his face, his nose sliding inside her wet asshole.
She moaned out as she put all her weight on her face, pressing him deeper into her ass.
"That feels sooo good." she almost whispered.
She then remained that way, with his nose deep in her asshole, for a while, then started riding up and down his face.
First slowly, she really took her time, finally her rhythm got faster and faster, riding his face in a mad trance.
"You are .. nothing more than a slave. Your face belongs in my ass!" she kept almost screaming, grabbing his hair and really shoving his face in and out of her ass.
Finally she experienced the greatest orgasm she ever had. As a reflex she let out a slow and bubbly fart, and finally sacked down in complete relaxation, his face still trapped in her ass.
He didn't know how long she remained that way. He could only sneak a few breaths through her smelly ass crack and feared that she might have even fallen asleep.
Finally she slightly lifted her weight off him.
"Stick out your tongue!" she sternly said.
He did as he was told and she then slowly lowered herself down again, pushing her asshole down on his tongue.
She then grabbed his hair again "Now lick me!" and started to ride him again, this time forcing his tongue in and out of her asshole.
This time it took much longer for her to orgasm and Stuart almost couldn't take it anymore and thought his tongue would fall out.
After much verbal abusing and squeezing his balls, she finally managed to cum again.
Again she remained on his face, though this time he couldn't find a way to breathe.
After a while everything went black again ...

When Stuart awoke, he was still tied up and even blindfolded. He could sense that we was in some sort of confined space and he heard an engine running. He seemed to be inside of the trunk of some car.
"How could this be happening to me?" He thought, finally having time to actually realize what had happened to him these last hours.
Suddenly the engine stopped. Stuart could hear his heart race as he heard two people stepping out of the vehicle and approaching the trunk.
The door opened and someone roughly removed his blindfold.
As his eyes adjusted to the brightness he could recognize Vera and Veronica, who smiled at him.
"Don't you remember our prize? You're our slave for the next 24 hours." Vera giggled.
With that, they both pulled him out of the trunk and threw him to the ground.
He was in front of a house, somewhere in the woods.
"I'm so glad we could use the vacation house of your parents." Veronica said.
"I know, it's perfect - no one to disturb us -at least until later." she giggled.
Her voice then turned stern again:
"What are you looking at? Get on all fours!" she shouted at Stuart and kicked him in the stomach. He had no choice but to oblige.
"Come on, we'll ride to the entrance." she said, as she roughly sat down on Stuart's back.
"Oh fun!" Veronica shouted and planted her ass on his back as well.
Stuart could barely take the weight of the two, but he still forced himself to march to the front door of the house.
"Wait, didn't you want to show me your garden?" Veronica giggled.
"That's right, it's all the way around the house though. Ponyboy, take us there!" she said and pulled at his hair.
Stuart couldn't believe it, but he knew better than to shake the girls off. With all his available strength, he managed to crawl all the way around the house to the garden, hoping that they would get off him, which they didn't off course.
Instead they made him crawl to every flower in the garden, so that Veronica could look at them.
Finally Stuart couldn't take it anymore and sacked to the ground.
"Aww, looks like our slave is tired already - and we haven't even entered the house yet!"
"Well, if Stuart want to rest, why don't we rest here as well?" Vera said and moved forward, sitting on the back of Stuart's head, pressing his face down in the dirt.
"Looks like fun!" Veronica said and sat down on Vera's shoulders, putting even more pressure on his face. Luckily the ground was soft, otherwise Stuart thought that his nose might get broken from all the pressure.
The girls stayed like that for a while, finally Vera said "I preferred it the other way."
With that they turned him on his back and she sat back down again on his face, Veronica again sitting down on Vera's shoulders.
The girls were still wearing their gym shorts and still smelled really bad.
"With all our weight, his nose is really pressing up my asshole!" Vera giggled.
"Ooh, I'm sure I can increase our weight" Veronica said. She quickly stood up, looked around the garden, picked up a really heavy rock and sat back down on Vera's shoulders.
"This is working, I think his nose sunk in even deeper in my asshole - if that's even possible!"
The girls then started chit chatting a bit, forgetting about poor Stuart, who could hardly breathe.
"Ok, let's switch places!" Veronica suggested, which they did.
So she sat her sweaty ass on his face and Vera took the rock and sat down on her shoulders. After she positioned her ass so that Stuarts nose also sunk deep in her asshole, she let out a long, hissing fart.
"Oh wow, I guess that's the reason why you wanted to switch places" Vera said and both girls giggled.
The girls remained on his face for a while until they decided that Stuart had enough rest. The kicked him until he got up and then they rode back to the entrance on his back.
Vera pulled out the keys to the door and unlocked the door.
"I hope you're ready slave. Now the fun starts" she said and started to grin. 

They entered the house and made Stuart ride them up and down the stairs a bit.
After a while they got bored and made him ride them to the living room. There they got off him and Stuart almost sank to the floor. He was surprised that he could stay conscious for so long. He felt like he had no power at all.
"My feet are really soar from riding on our slave for so long." Veronica said.
"Why not let Stuart give us a foot massage - with his face."
"He's already in the right position" Vera said and laughed. They both kicked off their shoes and socks and started rubbing their sweaty feet into his face.
Stuart couldn't believe it - he was almost dying from riding those bitches up and down the stairs and now he was completely helpless, lying on the floor with their stinky feet in his face, while they sat on the couch comfortably, chatting away.
The girls kept playfully fighting with their feet over the position on his nose. Since both their feet were really sweaty, his face soon became slimy, as their feet slipped up and down his face.
"I have to go to the toilet. Don't kill him, until I get back." Veronica joked.
"I'll try not to, but if he suffocates under my ass, it's not my fault." Vera said and laughed.
As soon as Veronica left, the gaze on Vera's eyes changed. She looked at him with a feeling of lust.
"I've been waiting all day for this." She said and pulled Stuarts head up the couch.
She then pulled down her pants and panties and roughly sat down on his face, so that his nose was between her sweaty ass cheeks and his mouth directly over her pussy.
"You better start licking if you ever want to breathe again!." She said and started rubbing herself on his face.
Stuart didn't have to think twice and pushed out her tongue, sticking it deep in her vagina. She moaned a bit and thrusted herself forward, pushing his tongue even deeper.
With her one hand she grabbed his hair and roughly pulled his face deeper into her, while she kept pushing his nose in and out of her asshole.
Closing her eyes, she moaned silently, increasing her rhythm with each thrust.
Stuart had a lot of trouble breathing, his nose getting pushed deep inside her sweaty asshole, as his tongue moved in and out of her unwashed pussy.
Finally he managed to make her orgasm, while she pressed his face inside her as deep as possible. "Your nose is so deep up my ass now, you will never get it out .. not that I will let you anyway. " She whispered in in the moment she came. She then slumped down, his face still trapped in her ass, putting even more pressure on it.
Stuart thought he would go unconscious from lack of breathing until he heard Veronica's voice: "Vera, can you send the slave over to me. I have something I want to show him."
Reluctant Vera very slowly got up. Stuart could feel his nose slowly pushing out of her asshole.
She smirked as she saw his red face, then slapped him hard.
"You heard her! Get on your knees and crawl over to her in the toilet!"
Stuart, who finally got a breath of fresh air, got on his knees. He tried to figure out where the toilet was and quickly crawled over to a door, that stood upon ajar and shyly peeked inside. It was a tiny bathroom with Veronica sitting on the toilet. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and grabbed him by the hair. She stood up, pushed his head in the dirty toilet bowl, in which she had just shit in, and sat back down on the back of his head.
"I always wanted to do that." She said and laughed.
She remained sitting on his head for a few minutes, forcing him to smell the incredible odor of his shit.
"You're lucky I'm apparently finished, otherwise I would have shit on the back of your head." She finally said and stood up.
".. but I have one last duty for you .. " She said and smirked. With that she lowered her big ass an inch above his face.
He remain frozen in fear "She couldn't possibly ask this of me!"
"As you can see, my asshole is pretty dirty. We purposely didn't buy any toilet paper - why would we need that if we have a slave like you. ... Now either your tongue gets deep up my asshole, making it spotless, or ... " She suddenly paused, thinking
"Actually, I almost prefer the alternative .." she said, giggling.
She then sat down hard on his face.His nose, already wet, had no problem, slipping in her dirty, wet asshole. With her hands she then pushed his face in and out and started fucking her very dirty ass with his face.
Stuart couldn't believe it. Every time his nose got in and out her asshole, he could smell the rank odor of her shit.
She moaned out loud and increased her rhythm. After what seemed like ages of his face getting pushed in and out her dirty asshole, she finally had an orgasm as well.
She then stood up, looked at Stuart and laughed.
"Ewww, your face is al brown." She said, pointing at him like a child.
She then got an evil smirk, lowered ass over his face once again.
"Now you can lick it clean."
Reluctantly Stuart forced his tongue out as she rubbed her still very dirty asshole up and down his face.
"Get it all out, slave!"
After he was finished, she sat down on his tortured back and made him ride her back to the living room.
They then both continued rubbing their feet up and down his face for about half an hour.
Suddenly they heard a car park in the driveway.
"Shit!" Vera said .. "That's my sister ..."

Vera's sister Becky was 23 years old and went to college. Also blonde, with a pretty face, she looked like her sister, but being 5'11 she was much taller than Vera and also slightly more chubby. Especially her thighs and ass were a bit bigger. A few weeks ago, she caught her boyfriend of 2 years cheating on her and left him. After that she temporarily developed a bit of hate towards men.
Still Vera wasn't sure how her sister would react, seeing her and Veronica tormenting a boy they keep as a slave.

"Quick, what should we do?" Veronica whispered as she heard Becky's car coming up the driveway.
Vera looked around. "Let's hide him in the couch!"
The pulled him up and lay him on the couch, cowering him up with the cushions. Only his head was peeking out now, looking at them helplessly.
"You better keep quiet if you know what's good for you!" Vera whispered and sat down on his face.
"Can you see him?" she asked.
"No, luckily your big ass covers his entire face." Veronica giggled.
At that moment Becky entered the room.

"Becky, what are you doing here?" Vera asked, acting surprised.
Becky seemed annoyed "I could ask you the same. You know that I come here to study sometimes. What the hell are you two doing here?"
"Not much, just hanging out .." Vera said, trying to remain calm.
"Just watching TV." Veronica added nervously.
"What are you guys watching?" Becky asked and sat down between the two girls, landing heavily on Stuart's chest. A silent groan could be heard from underneath Vera, but she pressed her ass down hard on his face in hope that her sister wouldn't hear it.
"Nothing specific." Veronica said and zapped trough the channels, finally stopping at a cartoon.
"Oh I love cartoons!" Becky said, leaning back in a relaxed manner.
The three then silently watched TV for about half an hour. From time to time Vera - getting a thrill out of her "secret couch cushion" let out some loud farts. Becky giggled. "Not bad lil sis! But you know that you can never beat the pro!" With that she let out and even louder fart and the three girls laughed.
Apparently Stuart couldn't take it anymore and started coughing.
"What was that?" Becky screamed out, jumping up from the couch.
The girls tried to remain calm.
"What do you mean?" Vera said and violently pressed her ass down on Stuarts face, thinking about the horrendous ways of punishing her slave for making a noise, after her sister left.
"There was a sound coming from the couch!" Becky, still a bit shaken, stammered.
"I didn't hear anything.." Veronica said.
Becky then started looking more closely at the couch.
"Something is under there!" She said.
"What do you mean?" Vera stammered.
"Get up!" Becky shouted, pulling up her sister reluctantly.

"Holy shit! Who the hell is that!!" she screamed as she saw Stuart's agonizing face, where her sister had previously sat.
"Wait, I can explain!" Vera stammered.
"We won him!" Veronica blurted out.
"What do you mean you won him??"
"We won a bet and he agreed to be our slave for the day .." Vera added.
"Your .. your slave??"
"Yes, he has to do everything we tell him for 24 hours."
"Everything you want? Is .. is that true?" Becky said, looking down at Stuart.
Stuart who didn't want to think about what would happen if he disobeyed the girls, nodded his head in agreement.
Becky seemed a bit more calm now.
"And you've been sitting on his face all this time?" she finally asked, her tone suddenly changing.
"Well, we didn't know how you would react, so we had to hide him."
Becky nodded, all the time studying Stuart.
"Wha .. what else did you make him do?" she asked, curiously.
"Anything we want. We made him massage our feet, or ride us around the house."
"You mean like a pony?"
The girls nodded.
"Do you .. do you want to try him out?" Vera asked.
Becky thought about it for a second and started to grin.

"What should I do first?"
"Well, you could try sitting on him." Veronica who was still sitting on the couch said and grinned.
"I've been sitting on him this entire time!" Becky then said as if she only realized it now.
"But you can sit on his face now." Vera said. "Trust me, it feels sooo amazing." she added.
"Is that okay with you?" Becky asked, looking down at Stuart. Before he could even reply, Veronica interrupted him: "Oh don't worry about him. He's OUR slave now!"
Becky grinned. "I always wanted to have a slave" she said.
"Well, here it goes." With that she slowly lowered her giant ass down on Stuart's helpless face.
Once she sat down, she wiggled her ass around a bit, adjusting his face to her ass.
She was wearing tight jeans and Stuart was in a lot of discomfort from the weight pressing down on him.
"This DOES feel good!" Becky said enthusiastically and suddenly started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Vera asked.
"You actually farted on his face?"
"Oh, he should be used to my farts by now" Vera said and the three girls all started laughing.
"Well, I'll show him what a REAL fart smells" she said and let out a long, silent hissing fart directly in his face.
"My god, does that stink!" Veronica screamed, holding her nose.
Stuart started coughing again and the girls all laughed.
"This is great! What should we make him do next?"
Vera grinned "Oh, I've got some fun ideas." 

Becky's eyes lit up.
"Come on, let's all pile up on his face, make him feel all our combined weight!"
Vera smiled, she recognized that sadistic look on her sisters face. This should be fun.
"I suggest you take a deep breath, slave" Vera said and sat down hard on his face.
Becky joined in and jumped on her sisters lap.
"Is there still room for me?" Veronica giggled and climbed up on Becky's lap.
"Oh, his nose is wedged right up my ass now!" Vera said.
"Lucky you! Let me try next!" her sister said.
"Sure, just give me a minute, I want to enjoy this ..."
After a while Stuart stopped struggling, he seemed to be out of energy.
"Ok, I think we should give him some air now." Vera said and the girls reluctantly got off him.
Stuart was relieved. He couldn't take the pressure or 3 girls. But he didn't get much of a break, as soon as they all got off him, Becky pulled down her shorts. "I'm next, and I want to really feel him!". With that she spread her cheeks a bit and slowly sat down, his face pressing up against her well worn panties.
"Oooh, his nose is right in there, against my ass. Ok girls, pile up!"
The two girls then sat down on her lap, increasing the pressure, pushing his nose up deeper in her asshole.
She let out a small sigh. "Oh my, this really feels amazing! I could sit like this for ever."
"Told you!" Vera said.
Becky then started - as much as it was possible with the weight on her lap, to grind her ass up and down.
"I might have to borrow him for some hours if that's ok." said, her eyes closed, biting her lip.
"If there's still enough time for us to use afterwards, sure."
Because Becky was moving around on his face a bit, Stuart could sometimes get pockets of air. It also meant that he occasionally had to endure the smell of her used panties. But at least he could breathe, so that Becky could take her time.
She continued swaying back on forth, using her hands to slowly push him in and out of her ass.
She sighed again. "Why have I never tried that before.." she whispered almost to her self.
"Ok, I want to try now!" Veronica, who was getting impatient, shouted.
"Wait, just one more loooong minute."
With that she pushed his face in as deep as possible and then even deeper.
Her eyes still closed, her mouth was now open. A last small sigh coming from her.
"Ok, now we can switch" she finally said.
"Great, because I have a good idea." Veronica giggled and took off her pants and then her panties. She briefly thought about the awkwardness of Vera's sister seeing her naked from the waist down, but in the moment no one seemed to mind.
She then sat down on Stuart, whose face was red and sweaty by now, so that his nose slid up her pussy, which was already wet from excitement. She gasped as it slid in.
"Now Becky, get on my shoulders."
"Wow, why didn't I think of that!" Becky said as she climbed up. As she sat down on her shoulders, Stuart gasped. This was a lot more pressure now.
"Wow, he's really in there!"
"Should I go up as well?" Vera asked.
"Ok, but be careful, it might be too much pressure for me as well" Veronica said.
With that, Vera slowly got a chair and slowly sat down on Becky's shoulders.
"Grab my legs so I don't fall down." She asked her sister.
"Is it OK like this, she then asked Veronica.
"Oh, it's perfect! His nose is so deep up my pussy, this feels great!"
Unfortunately they couldn't remain in this position for long, since it was hard for Vera to keep a balance. And Stuart was probably dying down there with all the pressure on his face. So after a while they got off him.
He was panting like, being near the brink of suffocation.
Becky laughed. "That was so much fun! I want him in my bare naked ass next."
Stuart's eyes widened. Couldn't they give him a break?
Vera laughed "Go ahead, sis!"
Becky then removed her panties. "But I want to sandwich him between our butts. Vera, that means you bare butt as well!"
"Sure thing" Vera said and removed her pants and panties.
They then threw Stuart on the ground and ordered him to kneel before them.
"Maybe we can all press our asses against his face at once!" Becky suggested and the three girls tried it. Each one bent down on one side and pressed their ass against his face.
"Do we have him cornered?" Veronica asked.
Vera looked back and saw that he was completely surrounded by ass. "I think so."
"Ok, let's all press together now!" Becky shouted and the girls, with all their power pressed their asses against his face.
"We should grab each other's arms, to apply more pressure." Vera suggested, which they did. Each one grabbed the arm of the other and they then pulled each other with as much might as possible against his face.
Poor Stuart didn't know what was happening, from all sides of him he only saw asses pressing down on him, contorting his face.
The girls obviously had fun and played around like that for about 20 minutes.
Finally they released him from their ass-prison.
"Wow, my ass is really sweaty now." Becky giggled.
"Mine too" the girls chimed in.
Stuart fell to the floor almost unconscious.
"Do we have any food?" Veronica asked after a small pause.
"Hmm, not really, we could go get some." Vera suggested.
She then turned to her sister and smiled. "Then you could watch our slave while we're gone, right?"
Becky got a huge grin and looked down at Stuart. "Oh, don't worry about us. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun."

Stuart cringed at the sound of the two girls leaving the house.
Becky immediately sat down on his chest with such force that he had to cough out loudly.
"This is exciting! There's so much I want to do to you!"
With that she pressed her smelly feet against his face. "We will start with you smelling my feet for a while. They are especially grimy today."
She lightly pressed his nose between her big and second toe.
"Now inhale deeply 10 times!"
Stuart almost gagged, breathing in the sweaty smell of her feet.
After ten times, she squeezed his nose with the second and third toe.
"Now inhale deeply again for 10 times - this time more slowly!"
This continued until he had smelled between all of her toes. She then switched her feet and he had to do it all over again.
After he was finally done, she again placed her right foot on his face. "That was fun, let's do it 20 times now!"
After he also finished with this, she ordered him to open his mouth.
He systematically had to suck on each of her toes for 5 minutes. One he was finished he was ordered to stretch out his tongue and she started rubbing the sole of her feet up and down.
"Ah this feels amazing. I'll keep you her so that I will never have to wash my feet again!" she said, followed by an evil laugh.
"But now I get to do what I've been looking forward to all along!"
With that she slowly moved up on his body, till her huge ass was completely covering his face. He could tell that she was very excited, because she was extremely wet. She then very slowly pressed her ass down, gently guiding his nose into her asshole.
A small moan escaped her mouth as she started putting more weight on his face, forcing his nose up deeper into her wet asshole.
She then remained in this position for a little while, enjoying the weak resistance that Stuart was giving her.
"You must be really uncomfortable down there. I bet my ass smells really bad.
Well you're going to stay down there for as long as I want."
She got really aroused at the thought of completely controlling this wimp, deciding if he gets to breath or not, to live or die.
She lifted her ass slightly to let him catch a breath. it wouldn't be any fun if he died on her now. She still had so much planned with him.
She then really slowly started grinding up and down on his face, pushing his nose in and out of her asshole. Stuart could at least breathe, but it was the nauseating smell of her rank ass.
After a while her rhythm got a bit quicker, but she still took her time. Her breathing got a bit louder and his nose slid in and out of her greasy asshole quicker and quicker.
After about 15 minutes she aggressively grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face as hard as she could up her ass.
"you .. fucking assface ... you like this don't you?" She murmured more to herself than to Stuart who obviously did not enjoy this at all.
"You should be so grateful to smell my ass ... I'll keep you there forever.."
While she rode his face with more and more force she kept forgetting that it was an actual human under her and not some sex toy and she completely abused his face.
Pressing him with all her might deeply in her asshole, pulling him out again, riding up and down with no regard for his wellbeing.
Finally she had her climax, more intense than anything she had experienced before.
She almost felt like collapsing, but she just calmed down, still resting on his face, her eyes closed - and then she fell asleep!

Stuart couldn't believe it. That bitch had nearly killed, while using his face as some sort of ass dildo and now she just fell asleep on top of him. Her weight was really intense, and poor Stuart didn't have any might in him to push her off him. Her wet pussy rested on his mouth so he couldn't move it, luckily his nose was not completely inside her asshole, so he could at least breathe normally. But every time he breathed in, he had to smell her asshole.
He didn't know how much time he spent under her, occasionally having her fart directly into his nose with him having nowhere to escape the smell. It felt like eternity and he was almost relieved when he heard the car of the girls park into the driveway.

"We're baaack!" He heard Veronica say. ".. and we brought some company!" Vera added. Stuart felt a shiver run down his spine. His torture is far from over! 

"Hey Stuart"
Stuart , lying on the hard wooden floor cringed as he heard the voice. In came Sabrina and Andrea, the gruesome twosome that had tormented Stuart in Gym class, which by now seemed an eternity ago.
They were both wearing tight spandex pants and sweaty shirts.
"Oh hey girls!" Becky said, as she shoved all of her toes into Stuarts mouth.
Andrea went up to Stuart and kicked him in the balls as hard as she could.
He nearly choked from having an entire foot rammed down his throat and all the girls laughed.
"Looks like fun what you're doing." Sabrina said. "We've been jogging this entire day in the hot hot sun."
"Yeah, we must have been out there for nearly 4 hours."
"Without wearing socks" Sabrina giggled.
"And a tongue bath would be perfect."
"Me first!" With that Sabrina removed her shoes.
"Oh my god! I don't think I've smelled anything as repulsing!" Vera shouted, half laughing, half gagging.
"Yeah, they are quite rank." Sabrina giggled. "But don't worry, Stuart's face will preserve all the flavor of it, isn't that right Stuart?"
"He's all yours." Becky said and slowly pulled out her foot from his mouth.
Without warning, Sabrina plumped down hard on Stuart's chest with her fat ass, robbing him of all air. He gasped.
"Oh poor boy! Don't worry, before I force you to lick my smelly, stinky feet, you will have the privilege of inhaling them for a few minutes."
She then pressed her smelly left foot into his face, trapping them between her big toe and second toe.
"And don't you dare breath through your mouth!" Veronica added and sat down on his hands.
Stuart winced. He had never known that feet could smell that bad. A stale mixture of sweat, grime and cheese.
"Yes, breathe in, nice and slowly." She started panting more heavily as she said that. This was obviously very arousing for her.
After a few minutes had passed, Stuart thought he would nearly pass out, the smell was so bad.
"Nice job Stuart. I know this must smell really bad, but guess what? I've got another foot just like this one!" She then shoved her second foot up his nose.
"Oh, they're so greasy!" Andrea giggled.
"You're right, they are." Sabrina laughed and slowly rubbed her feet up and down his face. After a few minutes she got more aggressive and really pounded his face with them.
Finally she reached forward and grabbed his hair.
"And now suck them clean!"
With that she forced her left foot into his mouth.
"Ohh, that feels so good .." she moaned, closing her eyes. She still held on tightly to his hair and shoved her foot in and out of his mouth.
"It looks like your fucking his face with your feet" Veronica giggled.
Without saying a word, Sabrina forced her second foot into his mouth.
"Get them both in there, you piece of shit!"
Stuart started to panic. He now had almost two feet aggressively being shoved in and out of his mouth.
"Oh yeah .." Sabrina moaned and started slightly stroking her clitoris through her spandex.
"This is so hot." Andrea whispered.
After about 20 minutes, which seemed like an eternity Sabrina finally pulled her feet out of his mouth.
Stuart gasped for air. His jar hurt and he was seeing stars.
"My turn!" Andrea proclaimed.
"You want a foot bath too?" Sabrina asked.
"Hmm, that can wait. I would rather feel him pressed up agains my greasy asshole." she giggled.
With that she removed her spandex pants - she wasn't wearing any panties.
Stuart was still catching his breath. As he looked up, he saw her standing over him like a giantess. She very slowly bent down with his ass inches from his face. He could see some single hairs sticking out of her asshole.
"I took a huge shit today and didn't wipe. Just for you. And with the sweat I've been working up today, this will be a real treat for you." she whispered to him, with an evil grin. She then grabbed the back of his head and very very slowly guided it into her ass.
Stuart was too dazed to do anything, he just smelled the incredible stench of her ass and helplessly watched as it got closer and closer to his face.
As his nose finally pressed against her asshole, she let out a small moan and sat down with all her weight on the hard wooden floor.
"I forgot how good this feels!"
"I his nose all the way in there?" Sabrina asked .
"I think it is. But it can still go in further."
Sabrina, getting the hint, dropped down on Andrea's lap, who let out a loud moan.
Stuart could feel his nose sliding in even deeper into her asshole.
They then remained like this for a few minutes. Stuart could catch some small breaths, though his mouth was pressed up against her stale pussy.
Then Andrea started slowly grinding up and down. Sabrina got off her lap to leave her more room as she noticed that the grinding was beginning to get more aggressive.
"Oh yeah, I'm fucking your face with my rank ass." she whispered and the got more and more loud as she began bouncing up and down of his face, his nose sliding in and out of her asshole.
"You're my slave, you will suck the shit out of my ass if I want you to!" She now almost shouted between moans.
Becky started fingering herself as she watched the abuse, while the other girls just watched in amazement.
She fucked his face for about 15 minutes. As she finally came, she aggressively pushed his face as deep as possible into her ass. "You belong in my ass, you piece of shit!" she said and then closed her eyes, smiled and relaxed.
Stuart's face was still trapped in her ass.
"That was amazing" Andrea now almost whispered. She gently lifted her ass bit, let out a long wet fart and started laughing hysterically. The other girls joined in.
Poor Stuart had taken so much humiliation, his face was greasy from all type of juices by now.
5 rank women, all with the intent of abusing him as much as possible. When will the agony stop?
"I've got an idea." Becky proclaimed.
"But Stuart sure as hell won't enjoy this ..."

"Let's go out into the garden!" Becky proclaimed and grabbed Stuart by the hair.
The other girls helped dragging him outside.
"Get on your hands and knees, pony. I feel like riding you today." Becky said and kicked him in the stomach.
With the last bit of strength he had, Stuart got up and presented his bruised back to the girls.
The girls all cheered as Becky violently crushed his back with her bare ass.
"I want to go next!" Sabrina said.
"Why wait?" Becky said with an evil grin "He's going to carry all of us at once!"
The girls seemed a bit surprised at this but then grinned as well. The idea of him carrying all 5 of them at once seemed very appealing to them. Stuart on the other hand panicked. He knew he could never carry all of them - even Becky alone was heavy enough for him.
"In that case, make some room for meeee!" Sabrina shouted and sat down behind Becky.
"There's still some room left. Vera, come join us!"
"Don't mind if I do." With that she sat down behind Sabrina. They're naked asses were already covering up Stuart's entire back. His arms were shaking. He could still hold them, but the thought of running around with them on his back seemed impossible.
"Where should I sit?" Andrea said.
"If can sit in front of me, facing my direction." Becky said.
"I'll give it a try" She moved in front of Becky and sat down on Stuart's shoulders, her ass pressed against the back of his head.
"I can't take this" Stuart thought.
"That looks awesome, guys!" Veronica laughed. "I'll have to take a picture"
She then took out her cellphone and took photos, while the girls pulled faces. It was humiliating to say the least.
"We should have taken photos sooner" Veronica laughed. "To always remind our slave, what his new position in life is."
She moved in front of Stuart, still taking photos of him.
"I've got an idea." she said and with that pressed her bare ass against Stuart's face.
"Get your nose in there!"
"And don't you dare shake us off!" Becky threatened and pinched Stuart's stomach.
With all his strength, Stuart lifted his head, with Andrea's ass pushing down on it. He then pressed his face against Veronica's ass.
"Let me help you with that." she giggled and spread her ass cheeks.
"Now inhale five times." she said, pointing her cellphone at him. "I'm taking a video."
Stuart almost started to cry. He was so humiliated. But he had no choice, so he pressed his nose directly against her asshole and started to inhale.
"Ooooonnneee!" The girls all counted.
"Threee" He almost gagged. The stench of her ass was overpowering.
"Fooouuuuur" With that, Veronica let out a long, hissing fart and laughed.
"Keep going, slave. I might have another one for you."
Stuart couldn't take it anymore. The stench, the 4 girls on his back, it was all too much.
He fell to the ground, hit the grass hard. The 4 girls falling down on him.
They all seemed surprised bit then started to laugh, except for Becky who seemed pissed.
"I told you not to shake us off!"
She jumped up and down his back with her ass, crushing him even more to the ground.
The other girls all chimed in and started bouncing up and down his body, beating him to a pulp with their asses.
"You piece of shit. You still need to inhale my ass fumes!" Veronica shouted and kicked Stuart in his face.

"Our slave really messed up this time girls." Becky said. "We should think of a good way to punish him!" 

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