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Humiliation By Jackie

Humiliation By Jackie
By Joe C.

It was my senior year of high school and the final project from our Communications class was to use a video camera and film something taking place and document it for the entire class to view along with a presentation. While about one third of the class video taped a sunrise and another third taped some rainfall to quickly get their final high school assignment over with, the girl who was my most hated nemesis throughout my four years had other plans.
Her name was Jackie and she was about 5'5" and weighed about 135 pounds. She had curly brown hair and a size C cup bra but was a bit strange and was not as popular as she could have been. Also, she liked to annoy people and took pleasure in laughing whenever someone was down, especially when it was me because I used to call her a "cunt" very often and I also had it out with several of her girlfriends who were just like her.
Well, back to the assignment...Jackie had an idea and as usual, it was mean. Apparently, she had waited with one of her girlfriends, Jen, outside of the men's bathroom for quite some time waiting for me to go in and was actually brazen enough to follow me in without my seeing her. Jen and her damn video camera! Now back in high school, as most men can remember, I had just reached puberty and was often excusing myself from class to "clear the pipes", so to speak. Much to my surprise, the day before the final exam was due, I was sitting at home when the doorbell rang and when I answered it, there stood Jackie, Jen, and three other girls.
I said, "What the hell do you bitches want?" They said, "Ooooh, you're going to pay for that one," with big laughs. Jackie then showed me a blank video tape which read 'COPY' in big red letters on it and told me to flip it on real fast and that her and the girls would be waiting on the corner for any comments I had. She also said that if I wanted to, I could destroy it because each girl had her own copy of it. I was curious so I took the tape and flipped it in the VCR after I slammed the door on them. At first I was thinking it was them naked or in some kind of porno and that they were offering a five-on-one or something. Jackie was a bitch but she definately was a babe also. Oh boy was I wrong!
When I put the tape in I saw myself from a bird's eye view jerking off in the men's room at school and my jaw almost hit the floor. I immediately ran to the corner and asked Jackie to come in and she said "Come on, girls" and I realized maybe they all should be there since it wasn't exactly me and Jackie's secret alone. We came in my house which Jackie somehow knew would be empty the entire night since I was an only child to a single mother and she worked from 3-11 every day. Not coincidently, it was ten after three. I said, "How did you get that and what do you want?"
After threatening them and telling them that they could be expelled and possibly sued, they waited until their laughter stopped and said, "Go ahead. And you will have to move out of town due to embarrassment." I hated her but she was right. I felt sick in my stomach and said, "All right, what do you want from me? Money?" They all laughed and said, "When we need money, you'll give it to us. But also, we will get the respect that queens like us deserve from a peasant like you."
Jen stood up and said, "From now on get used to being on your knees when we're around," and she pointed down to the floor. Once I realized she was serious, I was even more sick and just as I got on my hands and knees, the five of them were rolling in laughter and high-fiving like they won the lottery. Jen finally stopped and said, "Now crawl over here and bow down to your queen and kiss her feet," meaning herself. This was the first moment of my humiliation, I crawled over to a girl whom I hated and began kissing her sneaker for the first of many times. She bent down and smacked the back of my head and said, "Do you see any dirt on that sneaker? I do, and I better not in another five minutes. Start licking."
After fifteen minutes I had licked the top of her sneakers almost spotless when she sat back and put her feet up and said, "Idiot, look at the bottoms, they're filthy! You are not done by a longshot!" For the next hour and a half I licked five pairs of sneakers spotless top and bottom when I heard Jackie's idea. I had cleaned her's last, hoping that the world would end before I got to it or something would have happen, like me waking up from a nightmare, and saved me from doing this for her. Jackie looked down and picked up my head by the hair and slowly and loudly brought all the spit up from her lungs, swished it around in her mouth and then casually spit it in my face as I had to stay there and accept it from her.
She said, "Slave, show me how much better than you that you think me and my friends are. Take of my shoes and kiss my feet or my presentation at school tomorrow will be about a boy becoming a man in a bathroom stall." With this I had to untie this bitch's shoes, take off her socks, and kiss every inch of her feet. She said that she had a fun game to play, if I could not convince every girl there to let me lick every drop of sweat off of their feet, tomorrow my tape would get shown to the whole class. Three of the girls said right away that they did not want me licking their feet because the were self conscious about their feet and they thought they were gross. Well, after Jackie let me clean her's, I had to bow down and kiss feet and beg the other four until they finally agreed to let me do it. For awhile I thought that one or two would not let me and that my tape would get shown, so without realizing it, I was honestly kissing the feet of people I hated and begging them to let me clean them with my tongue.
The ritual was the same for all five: first I sucked each toe, then I licked in between each toe and swallowed an unbelievable amount of toe-jam by the time I was done. Next I scraped under each toenail with my teeth and swallowed, and finally I licked the top and then the sole of each foot about fifty times each from heel to toe. Then, Jen, who was about 140 pounds and 5'10" decided that they need to dry my spit off of their feet and told me to lie on my stomach with my face sideways on the floor. She started at my calves and walked over my butt, back, and neck and eventually stood with all of her weight on the side of my face and started wiping off her feet like it was a doormat and didn't seem to be doing it hard or soft, but rather just casually as if I were simply there for her to clean her feet on.
The pain in my head did not even make me realize that the other four had begun to trace Jen's footsteps and were all standing on my body like it was some type of red carpet for them and after Jen they all just kept up their conversations as they took turns standing on my face and wiping off their feet. Jackie was last I found out because she stood on my face after she was done wiping and said, "Now, what was that name you used to call me? Cunt? Hmmmm, I think I deserve a better one for keeping this tape a secret. I'm going to stand here on your head until you give me a new, permanent title that is good. Take your time, I have until eleven o'clock and it is only five-thirty now."
I began to panic as it felt as if my head were caving in and I noticed that the other four were assuming their positions on the rest of my body and talking like as if they were standing on the street corner and not a human being. I started spitting out names like, "Your Highness. Queen Jackie. Mistress Jackie..." all to no avail. Finally I screamed out simply, "Master" and it seemed to strike her good, so she got off of my face and said, "Good job slaveboy. From now on if I ever hear ANYTHING but 'Master', you get a beating from all five of us." I said "Yes Master. Thank you Master" totally out of fear and the girls chuckled and sat back down.
The next five hours saw me stay on my hands and knees, serve food and drinks, massage feet while I sucked on toes, and had my face sat on about ten different times each time one of them had to fart. Thay had a contest to see who could fart the longest and loudest on my face with no particular prize other than being the one to humiliate me most. When ten thirty came and my mother would be coming home soon, I was instructed to put their socks and shoes back on after I kissed their feet, and lay by the door as the took turns standing on my face and grinding the sneakers into it, this time very hard. Jackie was last again and after grinding her soles into my cheeks she just stood on my face and calmly told me that this would be their new hangout for the summer and that everyday after three when my mother left, I was to wait by the door in this spot to recieve this type of greeting followed by eight hours of servitude.
She said, "What do you have to say about that?" With her full weightt on my face I managed to get out, "Yes Mater. Thank you so much for this Master." She just laughed at her accomplishment, stepped off my face after one last wipe, and left. I was enraged at how those bitches humiliated me but knew what I had to do, and that was follow every order they gave. I didn't sleep at all that night but was grateful that Jackie chose to show a sunrise for her project the next day.
Joe will write more stories if anybody is interested. Please email me so I can tell him.
By Joe C.
Diamond International 1998

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