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Tie and Sniff

Tie and Sniff
by Amber

Most of my foot experiences have been with other women ... but I have had
some with men. The one that pops into my head at the moment is something that
happened about two years after I got out of high school.
My best friend Becca has a brother, Josh ... and as far as I am concerned
he and all his friends are assholes. His buddy Aeron is the worst. Well, they
all went away to school while Becca and I went to the local State U... and
it was bliss except for holidays and breaks when they would all come home to
It was during Spring Break and both Josh and Aeron where slumming around
Becca's folks house giving us a hard time about one thing or another.
I guess I should include some background information about Aeron. I
discovered the pleasure of female feet with Becca while we were in junior
high School. One night when I was staying over, we were indulging ourselves in
each others feet. Becca was sucking on my big toe and I had my face buried
between her feet, smelling away. And of course in walks Aeron without
knocking. He hadn't let us live it down ever since. He didn't really care
about us being BI ... but the foot thing really threw him I guess. And
instead of being cool about it, he decided to poke fun. He would always
call us "The Foot Girls" (real original) and ask us if we've 'sniffed
any good feet lately.'
The older we got the more Aeron seemed to decide that he had his eye on me.
In public he would continue to razz me ... but in private he tried his best
at seduction.
Anyway, when he was home during that Spring Break he decided it would be
fun to pants me at the family picnic. I was thankfully wearing underwear, but
it still really miffed me. Becca and I put our heads together and came up with
a revenge plan. It seemed over the top and I didn't really think we could
pull it off. But after a few hours of drinking it became more viable and less a
joke. After that I started being flirty and coy ... and being such an ego
maniac he didn't seem to think that was weird after all the time I'd snubbed
Later that night I took him into Becca's folks' pool house. Its basically
a guest house ... has a bed, shower, all that stuff. He was pretty well
plastered by that point and after I kissed him for a while I persuaded him
to let me blindfold him and tie him to the bed. He actually has a nice body
and I was getting pretty damned turned on looking at it ... though the thought
of who he was kept me in check.
Becca was lurking around outside with her dad's camcorder and I motioned
her in. I then leaned over the bed and peeled back his boxers and tied his
ankles. When I turned around Becca was in the room taping. I looked back
to the bed and noticed his c--- for the first time. It was quite pretty and
I sat next to him on the bed and ran my fingers down his body. I stopped
at his c--- and tickled his balls with my finger nails. That pretty little
penis started to grow into a rather large throbbing cock. If Becca wasn't there I
think I would have wrapped my lips around it, sucked him for all I was worth
and then rode him for the rest of the night and said "screw the
plan." I mean I was really turned on by this point. After all I wasn't all that sober
But, I stuck to what we agreed and rubbed some Vaseline on his dick and
started to stroke him slowly. He moaned a few times and I stared to speed
up. I actually started feeling kind of bad at that point for what we were doing
to him. I told him he had a nice c--- ... then he smiled this shitty little
smirk and said "I know."
That was it! I had no reservations at that point.
"Remember when you walked in on Rebecca and I?" I said
"Little foot girls," and he smirked again. AHHH!
"So you think its weird, smelling feet." I asked
"Hey babe, whatever turns you on." And he smirked the shitty
smile again!
See what I mean!?? ... what a prick!
Now, I was wearing my little booty socks and tennis shoes. I'd had them on
since 8 that morning and had been out in the sun all day playing volleyball
and running around. My pretty little feet had done an awful lot of sweating
throughout the day. I knew my socks, and especially my feet, smelled. The
thought of Becca's feet, which had been under the same conditions, made me
wet. I couldn't wait to sample them later.
I kicked off my shoes as I continued to rub his cock. I nodded at Becca
and she set down the camera and pulled out the roll of duck tape we snagged from
her dad's workshop. She peeled off a strip. Of course Aeron heard that and
tried to sit up but he was quite tightly bound, I made sure of that! She
smacked the tape across his mouth and he immediately started trying to
"Well, 'babe'," I said "you are about to have a new
experience. You can tell me how weird it is after we are done. Now you are gonna know what really,
smelly feet are like!"
And with that, I swung around and plastered my stockinged feet across his
face. He took a gasp of air thru his nose, I could feel it being sucked
thru my socks and between my toes. He trashed around a good bit but I managed to
keep my feet firmly smothering his helpless nose. I sped up my hand and
jacked him faster and faster. He took shuddering breath after shuttering
breath, inhaling the strong smell of my feet while I jacked him off. He may
say what we do is weird but his c--- didn't get any softer ... if anything
it seemed to get bigger in my hand!
"Do those feet smell good?" I taunted.
"Do you like my stinky feet?"
"I bet you want to get a good whiff without those scratchy socks in the
way, don't you?"
I slowed down on his c--- a bit and pulled my socks off with my free hand.
I've always been proud of how pretty my feet look and especially how soft my
soles are. I looked over my shoulder at Becca to see her sitting in what
we've always called the "Bear Chair" ( don't ask me ... we made it
up when we were kids). She was still taping but with her free hand was rubbing her
clit a thousand miles an hour.
I turned back to Aeron and slid my feet back over his face and curled my
toes around his nose. I sped up my hand again. Rubbing that big c--- and
watching him smell my feet was driving me crazy ... and seeing Becca I decided
"What the hell!" and reached under my skirt. I finger f---ed myself harder
than I think I ever have. I was literally dripping down there.
"Don't stop!" I gasped "smell my stinky feet. You know you
love it!"
His body started to buckle and I knew he was going to cum. I had a brief
moment of cruelty were I was about to stop and not let him ... but I wanted
to see that glorious c--- of his explode. And explode it did! I kept pounding
him and watched jet after creamy jet fly all over my hand and my legs. I
rubbed my soles all over his face as he continued to cum. I did let a
little bit of cruelty sneak in though.
I know from past experience that just like a woman's clit, the head of a
man's c--- is really sensitive after climax. So I grasped the head even
harder and sped up my hand. I concentrated on rubbing only the head. Fast
and hard. Then his body really started trashing. My finger was already
sopping wet ... so I slid that up his ass and started pumping it in and out.
I figured I was going to have my way with him as much as I could. Besides,
f---ing a man's ass with my fingers really turns me on ... so I did it. To
my surprise, either he wasn't done cuming or he came again (which I can't
really fathom) but more c-- spurted out of his still throbbing cock. Not a lot but
more than I would have expected. I took the cue and forced three of my
fingers in his tight, virgin ass and continued pumping away at both c--- and
I finally decide to let me rest... I watched his c--- shrink back down as
we all sat there in the silence trying to catch our breath. Becca later told
me that she had c-- twice... I myself had only c-- once but it was a hell of
an orgasm. I was beat.
I then calmly explained to him that we had taped the whole thing. I also
explained that if he didn't mellow out we would show it to Becca's brother
and the rest of their dumb friends. I assured him that the sight of him
smelling my feet while I jacked him off and f---ed his ass with my fingers would give
them plenty of reasons to give him unending rations of shit. I pealed the
tape off as gently as I could (after all, he'd been thru a lot ... even if
he was an asshole). Surprisingly, he for once didn't have anything smart to
I then informed him that we would lock the door and he would spend the
night in the pool house. I for one wasn't going to untie him and have him beat
the hell out of me. We figured it would be safer during the day. It would also
give us time to hide our insurance (the tape).
After that he went back to school and was always very sweet whenever I saw
him. We never had to use the tape ... at least for the reasons we
originally gave. Both Becca and I have copies and I watch it every now and again. The
lighting is pretty dim but I can see what's going on. You can mostly just
hear Becca panting ... but it still gets me off whenever I see it.

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