Friday, July 8, 2011

Eleanor and Stacey

Eleanor and Stacey
By bulls23
Eleanor and Stacey didn’t like each other. Every day in the hotel dining room, they would bicker and argue while bringing out the trays as they waited tables. "That’s MY table, bitch!" Stacey would snap, shoving Eleanor out of the way to clear the dirty dishes. "Fucking whore!" Eleanor would retort. They truly hated each other, and would routinely think of petty ways to inconvenience each other throughout the day. One day, after the restaurant had closed for the night and everyone had gone home, Stacey retreated into the storage room to have a bit of blow. As she bent over to snort, in walked Eleanor and her friend Patty. Stacey jumped up, spilling the white powder all over the rug. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Eleanor sang, easing into the room and shutting the door. Then she locked it. "Isn’t that highly ILLEGAL, Stacey?" Patty chimed in, smirking at the bewildered girl. Patty was Eleanor’s best friend, and therefore disliked Stacey just as much. "You-you’ll never prove it, it’s my word against yours!" Stacey shouted in a panicky tone. "But then, how will you explain all that coke on the rug right there?" Eleanor taunted, pointing at the floor. Stacey stood there, arms at her sides, helpless. Eleanor sauntered over to a chair, and sat down in front of Stacey. Patty sat next to her on one of the large cardboard boxes on the floor. "All Patty and I have to do is go up the hall and get Mrs. Caulfield, and you’re dead," Eleanor said slowly, crossing her legs, thoroughly enjoying the moment. "At best, you’re fired, and you’re probably headed for jail." "All right, look, what do you want?" Stacey asked. Eleanor and Patty looked at each other. "We want to see you go to jail, bitch," Eleanor laughed. "Look, I know we don’t really get along, but please, I don’t want to go to jail," Stacey said, her lips quivering as she started to cry. Her captors stared at her sadistically, watching her sob, prolonging her torment. Eleanor ran her hand through her wavy blonde hair. "All these years, you’ve been such a little wench, always mouthing off all the time," Eleanor said. "I think it’s time you showed me a little respect." There was silence for a moment as the words sunk in. Then, Stacey got down on her knees before her seated enemy. "That’s not good enough," Eleanor said, uncrossing her bare, tanned legs and placing her Keds next to each other on the floor. Stacey hunkered down and kissed Eleanor’s feet, one little kiss on each sneaker, near the toes. "Beg me not to tell," Eleanor ordered, staring down intently at her victim. Stacey folded her hands, completely cowed, and gazed up with doe eyes at the pretty blonde girl. Her voice shook as she spoke. "Please, Eleanor, have mercy." Patty giggled. "Call her ‘God’!" she exclaimed. "Hmmm, what do you think I should make her do, Patty?" Eleanor asked, an evil grin on her face. "I think she should take your sneakers off and lick your feet," Patty replied. Eleanor extended one foot towards the kneeling girl. "You heard her - lick my feet. Now!" Stacey untied her sneaker, and slid it off her foot. Eleanor lifted the other one, and Stacey took it off, too. Eleanor’s feet were pretty and shapely, but were soaked with hot sweat from waiting on tables all day long. "How do they smell, bitch?" Eleanor asked. "Please, Eleanor, anything but this. I can’t!" Stacey cried, recoiling from the repulsive odor. Eleanor reached forward, her blue eyes flaring, and grabbed Stacey by the hair, shoving her down towards her feet. "Do it! Now!" "Do it, or you’re gonna do five years, you little whore," Patty said. Stacey slowly forced her face towards Eleanor’s arch, moving it back and forth a little. Eleanor reached forward and slapped Stacey across the face. "Do it right! Stick your whole tongue out, and lick my feet clean!" Stacey pressed her whole tongue against Eleanor’s heel, and ran it along the sole, over her arch and the sticky ball of her foot, and finally up all of her toes, cleaning it of sweat and dirt. "That’s much better. Very nice," Eleanor cooed, laughing down at the poor suffering girl. Stacey licked her foot again, and gagged. The other two laughed raucously. "What’s the matter - doesn’t taste good?" Eleanor taunted. "Too fucking bad. I want them nice and clean, you little slut." Stacey closed her eyes, bracing herself, and resumed licking Eleanor’s sweaty foot, running her tongue along the course skin of her sole. "Mmmm, that feels so good, Patty!" she sighed, leaning back in relaxation. "I’ll bet it does," Patty replied. "I think she missed a spot there, between your toes." "Make sure you get between my toes, Stacey. I want that toe jam cleaned out before you’re done." Stacey’s tongue wormed between Eleanor’s slender, shapely toes, licking and cleaning. "All right, that’s enough, now do the other one," Eleanor said. "I don’t have all night." Stacey resumed the gruesome task with Eleanor’s other foot, gagging again on the fresh sweat. "Say, ‘Yes, Miss Eleanor’," Patty instructed. "Say it!" Eleanor commanded. "Yes, Miss Eleanor." "And thank me for the honor of bathing my feet." "Thank you, Miss Eleanor," Stacey replied, lapping at Eleanor’s contented foot. "You’re next, Patty," Eleanor said. "No, I have to get going soon, I have a date. But I’ll have her do it tomorrow night." "Stacey, from now on, you are our slave. You will do anything we ask, when we ask it. If I tell you to kneel and kiss my feet right in front of a customer, you are to obey without question. Is that understood?" "Yes." "Yes, what?" "Yes, Miss Eleanor." "Good, now dry my feet off with your shirt, and put my sneakers back on." Stacey did as she was told. "Stay on your knees until we leave." As they walked out, Eleanor said, "I could get used to that. I think we’ll make that a nightly routine, what do you think?" "Definitely," Patty said. "You hear that, slave? You’re going to lick our feet every night from now on. If you don’t, we’re turning you in. Keep that tongue nice and wet for tomorrow." Eleanor and Patty left, snickering. "I can’t believe she actually did it!" Patty whispered excitedly. "I know! But it felt REALLY good…" "It was disgusting to watch. She’s really desperate." "She’s going to do it every night, or I’m turning her ass in. Finally, I have that bitch right where I want her, and I’m going to take full advantage of it. My feet will never be sore again."

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